Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's Hot to You?

When I look at pictures of some of the guys my friends think are "hot" - they leave me cold. Why we're so different I have no idea, but I thought it would be fun to share a few pix I think are sexy and say why. I'd like to hear from you as well.

Hottie #1
This one is hot for several reasons. His body is toned. I like his skin color. The way his hand is placed shows that he's wary and ready to move. Because of the way he's posed, it looks like he's submissive to his female partner, and I find that incredibly sexy. Tie, no shirt, dark pants - I've used this picture in a couple of book trailers. This pic is perfect to illustrate the life of a Jade - a harem member belonging to the Empress in my Tarthian Empire books.

Hottie #2

 I like this guy - with the shirt pulled up over his head because without seeing his face, he could be anyone at all. He's a mystery, and I love a good mystery. Men say women are mysterious. To me, a man with a hidden past can be vey appealing. This pic symbolizes that for me. Also, who wouldn't like those abs? *wow* The pose also suggests he's playful, and what's not to like about that?

This man has a completely different appeal. He's fully dressed, right down to gloves.
Hottie #3
For him, there's that same air of mystery, but in this case, rather than a hidden face, it's because of the expression on it. Also, the way he's gripping his lapels. Is he about to take off his coat? Is he putting it on? Is he grasping it out of frustration with what's happening? Tugging it into place and being a bit on the prideful side? I like his windblown hair. Here's a secret for you. *shhh* My husband shaves his head, has for years, and I adore that look on him. But my favorite romance cover guys have long hair. *shrugs*

Hottie #4
Last but not least - a peek at a beautiful yet very naughty boy. That tiny bit of black cloth he's wearing accents rather than hides. It makes you want to see what's beneath it. The pose is unabashedly sexy. Is he a dancer? A stripper? A hot-as-hell married man who's seducing his wife? Or is he a worker in a brothel on an alien planet, waiting for the right ship's captain to come and rescue him? This picture is a piece of art, and so is the beautiful body it reveals. It really doesn't matter what he's doing. The pic is enjoyable just as it is.

Okay - what do you like about these pics? Do any appeal? Which one? You can pick by number and tell me what you think. Which one would you want to know more about?

Oh, by the way, clicking on the pictures opens them full sized. Yum!


Janice said...

I like the well tone abs. And the butt ain't too bad either. :)


Mary Quast said...

I would certainly love to tie up #2 and lick him all over.

Savanna Kougar said...

Nice looking guys/men... but give me Adrian Paul as the Highlander.

Kayelle Allen said...

When I scroll thru pix I always stop and look at the guys with great chests and abs. The back side is important too. Blonds grab my attention first, but long hair of any color will get me to look closer.

Adrian Paul as *anything* is awesome!

Scott Andrews said...

"The pose also suggests he's playful, and what's not to like about that?"

Or it suggests that he can't dress himself.