Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Release day: Epic fantasy quest erotica anthology

What Happens at the Tavern Stays at the Tavern exists. A book! A real book! And I'm in it!

Okay, I'm a little part of it and it is available only as an ebook, but still! Multiple end punctuation warranted here!! (Whoa, that was a little much. The editrix in me just threw up a little.) So, yes, this is super exciting for me.

And it's a good anthology besides. I've read all the other stories, and nothing in a long time has made me so desperately want to stay up till four in the morning eating snack cakes and playing AD&D. So don yer +3 pauldrons of doom and smite something! ... Or just read the epic fantasy quest sex.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Guest Author - Lani Rhea

We have a special guest who slipped into RWBB. Give Lani Rhea a warm spanking welcome. Lani is a hot romance writer who’s a lover of coffee, married to her high school sweetheart, lives in the heart of Oklahoma.

Sounds like your life is a regular romance story. So tell us what you enjoy writing.

Lanie:  Paranormal, erotic romance, suspense, urban fantasy, thrillers (I'm a mashable author. I like to mash several genres together.)

What's the kinkiest, sexiest thing you've ever done?

Lanie: Riding my husband while he was driving. I guess we should have practiced safe sex, huh? lol

I guess I should ask what he was driving… but I won’t. Let’s leave it to our imagination.  You are such a bad girl. Speaking of bad do you get with your writing, are we talking just suggestion or down right bondage?

I'm in a vanilla relationship, though we do every blue moon drag out the blindfold and he restrains my wrists with his hands.

Oh… we love blindfolds, silk scarves, and handcuffs here at RWBB. I bet you don’t just wait for a blue moon though. Heh, heh.

Back to your work, what's the best thing you've ever written--the best line?

Under Bonded Contract is by far the best story I have available and was co-written with my bff. You can go to Amazon here and purchase it today.

As for a story I had written on my own, Louisiana Moon, the first in the Rising Currents' series with Lyrical Press. Louisiana Moon is due for release Nov. 5th!

I tend to write erotic romance into almost every story I write.

If you could have any movie star take on a role as one of your heroes, who would it be?

Hmm, for Louisiana Moon, I met a male model while at RomCon who would suit Ryant Starga. So, if the book ever turns into a movie, I already know who to contact. But you're asking for a famous movie star, right? I would have to go with Joe Maganiello, though he's a bit taller than my hero Ryant Starga in Louisiana Moon.

Oh, now he’s HAWT!

Size counts… on average how loooooonnnnnggg do you like your (um, how do we put it delicately) manuscripts to be ;> ( in words silly, not inches) and how steamy?

LOL This is a very HARD question to answer. Heh, heh.  Each story is different. I can say I like my chapters on average 2K long. Hmm, if put into inches, how long would two thousand words be?

The steamier the better IMHO. Then again, it depends on the story and the characters.

What are the hardest scenes to write for you?

If the characters didn't already know each other, trying to get them to bond. That's the hardest part of writing for me. Now if they knew each other previously, it's a snap to write the scenes.

How close in real life have you gotten to one of your fantasies?

Just about everything I write. *weg* So, to find out what fantasies I may have…go buy my stories!

Girl, you are such a tease! What would you want other writers and your readers to know about you?

At first I'm shy, but once I get to know you I blossom.

And finally… anything you would like to share with us, an excerpt, a tidbit, or anything else about yourself?

I will give away two signed Under Bonded Contract bookmarks. Leave me you questions and comments. No matter what you ask or say, I'll respond with honesty. Please leave me your email address. In a couple of days I'll select the winners and email you for your address.

Thank you so much Lani for joining us today. Good luck with Louisiana Moon.  With Jimmy Thomas on the cover, nobody will be able to resist.  Yum!  Can you leave us with a sample?
Louisiana Moon 

Wanted: Royal blood. Bounty: An action packed, sexy, suspenseful tale. 

After losing her parents to vampires, werewolf Kristina Knight spends her life protecting humans from the bloodsuckers. Saving Darin James from the Truce Brotherhood adds fuel to the vampire coven's wrath. When Ryant Starga, her former lover, appears under the pretext of protecting her, Kris isn't ready to trust him again--especially not after he made his choice clear years ago. 

 As leader of the vampires, Ryant is driven to protect Kris not only because of their past connection but because, now, the Soulscapes are out for her blood. If they succeed, the soul demons will rule the Darkworld--and no one will ever be safe. Ryant has a plan to convince Kris she needs his protection, but it all goes badly awry when, in spite of the years separating them, he's unable to keep his hands and mind off her--or the human Darin James out of the picture. 

With Darin overstepping boundaries, will Kris and Ryant rekindle their love only to lose it again?

 Warning: Vampires, werewolves and humans--oh my!


Flipping the overhead light switch pulled the moth to flame, drawing him near. Her body stiffened. Relaxing would not be an option tonight.

She skimmed for an image in the window. Taking precaution, she gripped the firearm on the counter. A whisper of wind blew his unique scent to her. The devil himself, her former lover, Ryant Starga, revealed in the windowpane. He leaned against the doorframe between the kitchen and dining room. Even with the glass preventing a clear picture, his stance showed confidence and a bothersome lack of concern.

She refused to turn around, but glanced over his manifestation in the glass. Silent, she waited for him to make the first move. He gave nothing except a blank stare.

Looking at him still sent pleasurable quakes of delight through her core, yet she wanted to stake him for her parents. She took the opening strike. “You used to be good at sneaking up on me. Getting rusty are ya?”

“I should ask the same. The boots were a dead giveaway.” His Italian accent flowed through the room, sending enjoyable chills up her spine. His simple words produced were beautiful.

She rolled her eyes and shook her head. Dammit, she loved those boots. She should have known when she bought them she’d given up stealth for style. Now she had to reconsider her fashion sense and treat herself to some new flats.

He wavered in the reflection. Arms crossed his chest, stretching his sleeves over bulging biceps. With him at her back, several things could happen. His arms could envelope her like they used to, and she would fondle his muscled frame. Or like many occasions, he’d spread her wide, bent over a counter or table. Her stomach clenched as she remembered his hands on her sensitive skin.

The scent of warm bread and steamed vegetables fluttered to her nose. The aroma bloomed and lingered in the room’s empty space. She glanced into the next room, to the meal laid out like a Thanksgiving feast for her vegan preference. Did he care? She couldn’t decipher.

Command radiated in his sleek stance. Ryant moved his hips, shifting his strong legs, switching the balance of weight between his ankles. Her legs had once wrapped his lean waist and burrowed heels in his hard, round ass. She cursed her body for wanting him again. How sad that some things never changed.

“Have dinner with me.” His voice flowed over her like a rich Tuscan wine, smooth and full-bodied.

What the hell did he think she’d do? Fuck him? First a vampire came to her office and now her home. Too tired to play his games, she sighed. She wished Ryant and his kind would disappear.

“Come here.” Once upon a time he’d commanded her with his beautiful voice. Not anymore.

She turned on her heels to face her nemesis and glared. Fifty years had passed since their last encounter in Los Angeles. Some memories weren’t erasable--the worst lingered. Kris refused to let his tawny, starburst eyes capture her soul again.

He snapped his fingers.

Candles flickered to life. The dining room warmed with a soft glow. Pale yellow waves rippled across the room, ending beyond the silver tips of his black alligator boots. The shine caught her eyes.

She clanked the glass on the counter. “What do you want? It’s been decades.” She grabbed the gun, then folded her forearms under the swell of her breasts to conceal the weapon beneath her left bicep. One hip balanced against the counter, she waited for his response.

He smiled in reply.

Her gaze narrowed when she traced his body from his boots to his face, absorbing the visual glory. He presented himself as the type of man--vamp, whatever--to show off his powers and wealth. The show wouldn’t work this time around.

A couple of buttons were undone, leaving his shirt open for her viewing pleasure. Staring at his smooth, golden chest, she swallowed hard. Her body ached to touch his. She forced back the desire despite the heat pooling between her thighs. Hells bells. Why couldn’t the longing for him stay in the past?

He’d made himself comfortable. He shouldn’t have. Kris sniffed. A citrus scent mixed with the aroma of food, and her stomach grumbled. Ryant had passed his time in her home drinking himself into intoxication. This reunion didn’t bode well with the combination of alcohol and angry werewolf.

“What do you want, Ryant?”

“Ooh, you say my name with such ferocity. It rolls right off the tip of your tongue.”

Her chin thrust out. “Oh, bite me.”

“Been there, done that. I could again if you’d like?” He licked his full lips, as his stare lingered her throat. His hungry gaze slid to her midsection. Self-conscious and aware of the other things on his mind, she shuddered.

Bite me. The wrong thing to say to a blood and sex-starved vampire. “At the risk of sounding like a broken record, what do you want?”

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Love Coupons

Today is my 21st Wedding Anniversary.  The secret to our marriage is simple... always take time for fun.  My dearest hubby is a pilot and gone often so I've learned to tease him over the miles.  (We'll save that for another post....heh, heh)  Today he is several hundred miles away so before he left I hid a card in his luggage.  For fun I left a printable coupon  on his Facebook page. 

I thought I'd share some of my favorite printable coupons.  Feel free to download and print.
Erotic romance author Mary Quast lives in a log home affectionately named "Camp Run-A-Muk" located in the woods of Michigan with her husband, three sons, and a collection of animal family members. She is currently writing for the 1 Night Stand series from Decadent Publishing and her short stories can be found cheap on Smashwords.

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website or her blog