Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sultry Sunday- Picture this

I came across this picture and thought, hmmm, I'm going to write a quick scene about this couple- What special thoughts are going through their minds

Selena- The night for Selena started innocently enough. She'd entered the banquet hall, saw a few familiar faces among the strangers and decided she'd make this an early night. After all, she'd only promised to make an appearance. She didn't have to stay into the wee hours of the morning. A quick jaunt around the room, shake hands with pertinent people then she'd be gone. There was nothing holding her here.

Except him. Selena saw him standing off to the side. Dressed in black, the look of perfection. Male dominance and sexuality like she'd never felt before. In that instant of seeing him, Selena wanted him. She wanted to feel his hands caressing her, his lips gliding across her silky skin and his mouth tantalizing her every desire.

She could almost feel his mouth on her breast, teasing her nipple. His hands gently grasping her breast bringing her to orgasmic relief.

Oh yes, Selena wanted this man.

James- The moment James saw the woman in the slinky white form-fitting dress, he knew he had to meet her. It was the very least he, and his body, wanted. She graced the doorway bringing an electrifying presence that no man could ignore. She turned heads, many of them were women. Not out of jealousy, more out of curiosity.

Her long black hair shone in the room's lighting giving her an angelic effect. But somehow he knew she wasn't innocent. He could picture her riding him hard, her long nails digging into his flesh as she released herself. He envisioned her hair hanging down enveloping them in a special moment shutting out the rest of the world. Their eyes mesmerized with each others'. Only they existed at that moment.

James' imagination taunted him with her essence. Even though he'd never inhale her scent, he knew she was sweet. He could see himself tasting her, pleasing her. Her ample breasts were inviting to his lips. What he wouldn't do to nibble, suckle and swirls his tongue around her nipples bringing her the ultimate of pleasure.

Oh yes, James wanted this woman.


Savanna Kougar said...

Dawne, HAWT scene on a cold day. Thanks!

Sharyn said...

Whoa! A hot scene to accompany a hot picture! Great way to start the afternoon.

William Kendall said...

Is it getting really hot in here?

Dawne Prochilo said...

*fans herself* Would love for a man to be into me that my face looks like that