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Rada- Between Heaven and Hell

Meet Bullet
You can find him and his friends in
Rada- Between Heaven and Hell
Book 2


Moxie’s skill with a gun was valuable to the demons. Blood-covered bullets and a cold heart are her life.

Rada’s life was about protecting his family and his heart. The thought of finding someone who may be able to touch it scared him.

What happens when a former assassin and a hell beast come together? Fireworks and the shaking of the very foundations their lives were built on.

Together they would learn what it meant to stand outside of time. Would any of that matter when death was stalking them, intending to make their future a double coffin? Can love survive when their lives are on the line?


Moxie drove through what looked like miles of land that could be used to pasture animals, but there weren’t any around. Then she hit the woods. They were made of tall trees that seemed to repel the sunlight. When the trees gave way and the town appeared, all she could do was stop on the edge with her car idling while she stared in shock. It was like the past met the present and melded together to make the future. Everything from grass huts to modern buildings to futuristic buildings looking like it was made from crystal stretched as far as she could see.

None of it made sense, and yet together, it was in perfect symmetry. This really was someplace Between Heaven and Hell. She cruised down the mostly empty streets. Where was everyone? A woman was standing on the sidewalk. She slowed down to ask her some questions. When Moxie pulled close, the woman walked away, leaving behind a young boy.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” He smiled, showing the gap in his teeth.

She didn’t say anything. How was she supposed to respond to such a ridiculous statement from a child?

The boy shook his head in disgust then gave her another bright smile before speaking. “I have to continually remind myself that humans are slower to understand.”

Her mouth was open; the worry about a fly thinking it was a nice dark place to hide was real.

“Close your mouth. The things around here are worse than flies; you don’t want to invite them in.”

Her mouth closed so fast her teeth rattled.

“You need to go to the house of the beast. They will be waiting for you.”

Before she could form a question, the boy was back with his mother. She put the car in drive, wondering how she would find the house of the beast. After what felt like lots of wrong turns, she sat facing a grand house. The nicest one she had seen, modern but somehow nicer than the futuristic ones along the way. It could have been an old mansion or a fancy bed and breakfast. Whatever it was, she liked the looks of it.

On either side of the wide stairs was a statue of a beast. Her eyes slid off one, but the other grabbed hold of her, not letting go. She thought she saw it move. Taking the heels of both hands, she rubbed her eyes. The statue was staring at her holding her in thrall. There was no way for her to open the car door. Had she even put it in park? When the eyes blinked for a minute, she could get a good look at the beast. He was black with icy white tips on his fur. Then she was caught in its eyes again. This time she could see them. They were icy green. An inhuman green that promised to burn you from the cold.

She gasped, trying to force air through her lungs when the statue became nothing more than a statue. Her head hurt like she was in the middle of an illusion. One slow breath at a time, she closed her eyes, reaching for her equilibrium. Once she was calm, she got out of the car to see two men sitting on the steps. How had she missed them? Her eyes flicked to the statue, but it made a mockery of her by not moving.

“Hi.” She approached the two men. “One of the people in town directed me here.” Probably not in her best interest to tell them it was a little boy.

When neither of them said anything, she stumbled on. “They told me to come to the house of the beast.”

She looked at the two statues again. They were like nothing she ever saw before.

“I don’t have time for this.” One of the men stood walking up the stairs.

“You can’t leave me here with her,” the other still sitting called out.

Moxie felt lower than a piece of gum attached to the bottom of her shoe. The disdain in the man's voice told her everything he thought about her.

“I’ll find another place to stay in a nicer town.” She dusted off her pride before she turned around.

“You might as well stay.” The man’s voice was even more frigid now that he was addressing her directly. “The borders won’t open for you. They let you in but won’t let you out.”


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Rada - Between Heaven and Hell


Between Heaven and Hell
By: Serena Simpson
Coming July 8th


Moxie’s skill with a gun was valuable to the demons. Blood-covered bullets and a cold heart are her life.

Rada’s life was about protecting his family and his heart. The thought of finding someone who may be able to touch it scared him.

What happens when a former assassin and a hell beast come together? Fireworks and the shaking of the very foundations their lives were built on.

Together they would learn what it meant to stand outside of time. Would any of that matter when death was stalking them, intending to make their future a double coffin? Can love survive when their lives are on the line?

Chapter One

Moxie adjusted the visor as the sun came in at a different angle. She was keeping an eye on the blue car that stayed behind two others. They, her, and the other cars were all on the highway, but the other car never passed hers. Sometimes it was far enough away that she could only catch a glimpse of it, but it was following her. Why? Because her father died several weeks ago. That meant no one had anything they could hold over her head. If she were smart enough, fast enough, she’d be free. The person or people following her didn’t want that to happen.

She dreamed of freedom from the moment she realized she and her father were slaves. She wasn’t treated too badly initially, mainly because she didn’t know the men in the room holding guns were there to kill her if her father refused to do as ordered.

When she got older, became more aware, they were moved out of their nice house to a monitored place. That’s when she learned somebody had to pay the price. If her dad said no, then she was beaten and threatened with rape. He learned quickly, not wanting to put her life in danger. The physical beatings stopped, but the mental torture ramped up. She never told him about that. He was doing the best he could to make her life easy, and she did the same for him.

Now he was gone. Wrong place, wrong time, or so the cops said. She didn’t believe it. Her father was still great at what he did. It was a set-up; the evil that controlled him wanted to move onto a younger, more lethal model, her.

Her dad taught her everything he knew about putting a bullet in a person’s brain. ‘Always go for the kill shot, Baby, or don’t pick up a gun.’ Yeah, she learned from the best. She also learned to endure mental torture from the best. Most of the time, physical agony stopped but not mental torture. It was always there banging at the back and even the front of your mind, demanding to be let in. It haunted you even when you were laughing with friends. Not that she knew what having friends was like.  It would send you to your room paranoid that someone or something was out to get you.

Unfortunately, her paranoia was real. There were people and things out to get her. One of them was in the car that was still following her.

It was time to do what she did best. She pulled over into the empty lane looking for the next exit. When she found it, she saw a hill the was backed up by cars. She merged onto it, knowing her stalkers would follow. She drove until a thicket of trees appeared on the right side of the road. She pulled over, leaving the emergency blinking lights on before she got out. There was a black case in her hand. She never left home without it.

The trees were beckoning to her. She slid between them, doing her best not to disturb any of the leaves. When she found a sturdy tree she could climb, she took the time to assemble her custom-made VSS vintorez high-powered rifle with the built-in silencer before climbing the tree. She might hate the people who tried to control her, but they provided pretty and expensive toys for her to play with. This was one of her favorites. The range wasn’t as long as she liked, but she had always been able to compensate for that. She had a pistol strapped to her waist, too, just for emergency use.

She laid flat on the branch, trying to blend in with her surroundings. Come to mama, she sent out her mental distress call. Two men came crashing through the woods. She almost wanted to laugh. Hadn’t anyone taught them to be stealthy? No, of course not. They believed that she was owned heart and soul. There was no need to be quiet. She would come like a dog when called kneeling at her master’s feet demanding a head rub or a treat.

In all fairness to them, they were almost right. While her father lived, she toed the line. They said beg, and she did. When the master said present, she did. When he said suck my cock and enjoy it, she did. Okay, she didn’t enjoy it, but she was good at faking it. Why? Because her dad’s life depended on it. She was thirty-one years old and had lived in hell since she was five. When she got the message her father was dead, she hadn’t run. She fell to her knees and lost her shit. Then she buried him. After that, everyone was watching her, waiting for her to make a break for it. She didn’t. Grief was a powerful emotion, and it took time to work through it.

Finally, her father’s message, the one he would whisper to her at night as a child surfaced. ‘When you get a chance, you run and keep running. They don’t want your life; they want your soul.’ She never knew if he sold his to keep her safe, but hers wasn’t up for grabs.

They were getting closer; she looked through the scope. When she sighted the first one, she pulled the trigger. There was no remorse or second-guessing. The second one screamed and ducked. She waited patiently for him to reemerge. She could wing him, but she wanted a kill shot. Leaving anyone alive to report on where she was or what direction she was heading was nothing but a death wish.

He was much quieter now as he came through the underbrush, but she still caught the small noises he made. A flash of his shirt alerted her to how close he was. She flung her rifle over her shoulder and shimmied up the tree wanting a better vantage point. Had he realized she was up high when she shot his companion? He didn’t seem to be looking at the tree line, but she wouldn’t put anything past him. Quickly she changed her bullets, not believing for a moment her stalker was human.

When he came into view, he was frothing at the mouth, with wickedly sharp teeth showing. There was nothing human in the eyes that searched for her. When he looked up, she almost froze. Red eyes rimmed in black caught hers. They tried to mesmerize her. She knew that look. He was commanding her to come to him. They promised pain that he was more than able to provide. Her insides melted along with her will. She wanted to give up, to allow her master, the one who controlled her, owned her, to call her to heel.

She breathed through her desire to capitulate even as he let out a high pitch sound that drilled into her ears and festered inside her brain. She needed to take the shot before she couldn’t resist any longer. With shaky hands, she pulled the trigger. Her bullet was off trajectory. It was going to miss; she could see it like it already played out. She coached the bullet to change course with a strength of will she didn’t consciously know she possessed.

It jerked, slowing down, not giving her the velocity she needed before coming to land in his neck. She wanted a headshot. He roared, but she already sent a second bullet at him. This time her hands weren’t shaking. She hit him dead center before almost falling out of the tree as she climbed down.

Her hands were shaking again. It was taking too long to tear down her rifle and pack it away. When you killed something that wasn’t human, there was no guarantee it would stay dead. She took the long way around the two dead men to make it back to her car.

Once inside, she merged into traffic, looking for the first detour she could take that would get her far away from where she was. She traveled for several hours before she saw it. There was a small dirt road that seemed to break off from the main highway.

The small sign read welcome to Between Heaven and Hell population three thousand three hundred and fifty-four.

She smiled; they would never look for her in such a small place. She never saw the sign change to read three thousand three hundred and fifty-five.




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Lael - book one - Between Heaven and Hell - Paranormal Romance


Book One



Rose was on the run. She knew the demons of her past were chasing her. The minute they catch up with her, she’d be back living her old life, which was lived on her back or dead. So, when a little dirt road beckoned to her, she took it, hoping for a place to lay low for a couple of days.

Lael was in the form of a male. When was the last time that happened? Then, he was living, breathing, and walking the earth plane. His hell beast was rejoicing, but he knew that pain was around the corner.

When Rose showed up, he was forced to acknowledge that something had changed in his life. Together they agreed that demons were real and there was one out to kill her. Could they work together to find a way to defeat it? And if they fell in love, would that be so bad?

To be together, they would have to defeat a demon and pray the Mist didn’t come to reclaim Lael.

This book is for 18 and older

Chapter One

“The wards failed.”

Asa lifted his head, copper eyes blinking. “What do you mean the wards fell?”

Lael gave a deep sigh. He hated dealing with Asa when he was in the mood to be a dick. That’s what happened when you were blessed or cursed with older siblings.

“I mean the wards failed.’” He slowed it down in case his brother was suffering from age-related disease. “Should I call a healer for you?”

“Don’t be a dick, Lael.”

“I was thinking much the same.”

“How did the wards fail? Have you called the mage?”

“He’s coming along with Rada.”

Lael stepped out of the room, walking outside while he waited for the others. What was coming? Their small town had been shielded for centuries. Now the humans were getting a chance to peek at things that didn’t concern them.

The brightness of the sun made him shield his eyes. Now that the shield of invisibility was gone, the shine of the sun and the heat of it bore down on him. His neck stretched when a small breeze caressed him. He sniffed, enjoying the fragrant smell of spring. He never smelled anything as good as the sun-warmed green grass wafting around him.

When his brother and the mage came out of nowhere to stand in front of him, he stared at them before turning around.

“What took you so long?” He threw his question over his shoulder as he took the stairs two at a time.

“You might not have realized it, but the barrier seems to be having issues,” Silas, the mage, told him, drawing out his words.

“What’s your excuse, Rada?”

“I don’t need one; I’m here now.”

Like Asa, Rada was used to doing whatever he wanted when he wanted. Something as life-changing or straightforward as their barrier disappearing wouldn’t make him move any faster. They were immortal, invisible to the eye of mankind. The barrier may be gone, but all anyone should see was a vast forest and some land for grazing.

Asa was sitting when they came in. His eyes were closed like he was communicating with someone.

“What happened to the wards?” Asa asked without acknowledging them.

“Not much.”

Lael turned to look at Silas, noticing that his brothers were now paying attention to the mage.

“Not much?” Lael discovered that the wards were down when a human stood staring at their land. He almost thought the human saw him. That was impossible. No one had seen him, his brothers, or the others who occupied their town. He couldn’t be sure what the human was looking at, but it wasn’t him. The sound that human-made was enough to bring a smile to his face.

“Something funny?” Silas asked.

“Yeah, could you imagine what would happen if the humans could see us?” This would be worse than the witch trials.

“All the wards didn’t fail, at least, not yet. The ward that hid this small hamlet is gone. There are still protection spells as well as several more in place.”

“Then we have nothing to worry about. You’ll renew the invisibility ward. The humans can’t see us, and when the ward goes back up, it will wipe their memory. It will be business as usual.” Lael headed for the door.

“Not so fast.”

He really hated the mage. When you’ve been around each other for centuries, it wasn’t unusual. If he weren’t immortal, Lael would put him out of his misery.

“What haven’t you told us?” Asa demanded. He was starting to get upset.

Lael nodded; he wanted his brother to get upset, that should keep him from attacking Silas. When you’re immortal, fighting to the death was a great blood sport while giving you something to do.

“None of you have a sense of humor.”

Asa went to stand in front of Silas. “Not all of us were granted the privilege to move around the humans.”

“Not that we’re complaining. Killing humans for sport got old a long time ago.” Rada and Asa tilted their heads, agreeing with Lael.

Silas took a seat in a chair while the other three made themselves comfortable on the thick carpet.

“Everything’s changing. I can’t reset the ward, not even with blood magic.” He took a deep breath. He had all their attention, finally. “Not only is the invisibility ward down but the look away ward is not working. Also, there are weak spots in the wards. Certain people, humans, will be able to cross.”

“We can retreat to the in-between until…”

The shaking of Silas’ head stopped Lael mid-sentence.

“What?” Rada asked.

“You’ll only be able to be in the in-between for seconds, maybe minutes.”

“You’re talking in riddles.”

Silas tilted his head towards Asa. He was talking in riddles. He stood going to the window that the brothers didn’t realize they could use.

“There’s a prophecy,” he chuckled. “You don’t understand how funny that is, but if I said that to a human, they’d laugh until they cried. There is always a prophecy.”

Three sets of eyes tracked him. It was a little unnerving to come under scrutiny from the brothers. All their lives, their futures depended on them. He made his way back to his chair before his knees that were visibly shaking betrayed him.

Lael felt the desire to bare his teeth. The mage stunk of fear. His heartbeat picked up as his eyes dilated. He moved a little closer to the mage. When Silas slowly opened a drawer and pulled out a water bottle, Lael snarled at him. They would battle later when he wasn’t threatening him with holy water.

“I love this stuff,” Silas said, petting the bottle like it was an animal. Not like an animal would survive around them.

“Enough,” Asa growled. He was at the end of his small amount of patience.

“When we were corralled several millennia ago and placed in this prison, provision was made for us to go free,” Silas told them.

Their eyes flared with brief hope before it was extinguished.

“Remind me, didn’t we do that and fail?” Rada said.

“No. You’ve been tested as the centuries passed. Supposedly, to give you a fighting chance when the prophecy came to be.”

“What are we to do? Become the pampered pet of some monarch?” Asa asked while he licked a fang.

“Maybe we’ll become the monarch's champion, killing any who try to betray him,” Rada threw out.

“With our luck, we’ll spend several centuries as slaves. Thanks, Silas, but we’ve been there, done that,” Lael told him. If he never saw another whip or executioner’s blade it would still be too soon.

“Wrong, all three of you are wrong. Before you ask, I don’t have the answer. Why would the gods give me information that will help you? I think this prophecy is just one of their ways of having fun at your expense.”

“They really are… ”

“Don’t say it,” Asa interrupted Lael. “The last thing we need is to remind them that we live.”

“Let me get this right,” Lael said, looking at Silas. “The ward is down. Humans can see into our town and may even be able to stumble their way in. We are living in some prophecy that you think is funny. We’ve been cut off from the in-between, and we have to figure this out while being visible to the humans. Did I cover it all?”

“No. You may have not realized it yet, but you are no longer invisible, and you’re in the form of males. Hot, sexy males.”

Lael jumped to his feet, ignoring Silas, who always preferred the male form to the female. He rushed to a mirror, his brothers on his heels. He had forgotten what he looked like as a flesh and blood male.

“What the fuck?”




Rose drummed her fingers against the steering wheel as she hummed to a song on the radio. She raised her eyes to the rearview mirror needing to assure herself for the thousandth time that no one followed her. Was she paranoid? A snort came out as she answered herself with a loud resounding yes. That’s okay though, it was better to be paranoid and alive than clueless and dead.

She gave herself a good pep talk as she decelerated, wanting to read the sign at the side of the road. She wasn’t sure why it caught her attention. There was a small dirt road that seemed to break off from the main highway.

It read Between Heaven and Hell population three thousand three hundred and fifty.

They called their town Between Heaven and Hell? Heck, that’s where she spent most of her life. Wondering if she was making a bad decision, she took the dirt road. She never saw the sign change to read population three thousand three hundred and fifty-one.

She traveled for what felt like a long time through the land that looked like it should be used as pasture for grazing, but there were no animals out. She shrugged; what did a city girl know about grazing? Then she hit the woods or the forest. It was beautiful with trees that reminded her of ones she’d seen on Facebook. They were as tall as the sky with trunks so big you could make them into a house.

When the town came into view, she had to pull over. It was a cross between a medieval village and a futuristic city. How could this place exist? Some stores looked like huts next to stores that were so far advanced she had never seen ones like them in the city. She drove the street slowly as people turned to stare at her.

“Excuse me,” she slowed down. “I’m looking for a hotel, motel, holiday inn.” Her bottom lip disappeared between her teeth when there was no lick of understanding at the old song lyric. “Maybe there’s a bed and breakfast? Some place I can rent a room for a while.”

A small child who she hadn’t noticed stuck his head in the window. “You need to go to the house of the beast. That’s where all new people go.” He flashed her a smile before taking the hand of the woman she thought was his mother.

The house of the beast. It would have been nice if he had pointed it out. She started the car as the desire to run sat on her shoulders. The last thing she wanted was to face another beast. Her life was filled with them. That’s why she decided to run.

She drove around aimlessly, enjoying how the old seemed to meld with the new. When she came to a structure that looked like the cross between a federal building and a mansion, she stopped. Along each side of the steps was a beast out of a horror movie. Pulling the car over, she got out like she was being pulled in. The beasts were cast in black material. They almost looked alive. She went to one, looking at its snarling face. It had fangs that were about six inches long. The statue was huge, and the beast was down on his haunches. How much bigger would it be if the beast were stretched out? The hair on it was wild. What caught her attention was his eyes. The pupils were a vibrant blue with a red circle around them that faded into pink before the white of its eyes took over. She shivered, looking at it. Not it, him. This statue had to be a male. She gave a laugh at her musings. It was apparent that she was feeling free for the first time since she’d been a child.

Her hand went to her throat when the air was cut off. She tried to slow her breathing as her airway was constricted. Please, she begged as her mind swirled, taking her back to another time. Sweat popped on her brow as her heart raged, her chest moving fast under her shirt. Her hand shot out to clutch the beast, trying not to fall.

There was a growl when she touched the beast that forced her to her knees. Tears she refused to cry prickled the back of her eyes as her mind screamed; she was not free. She was trapped again.

A hand touched her. She threw her arms up to protect her face as she crawled along the steps.

“You’re safe.” A rough voice told her.

She looked up to stare into the eyes of the beast.


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Falling for the Single Dad is only 99cents in US/UK/AU/CA!!


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When a blast from the past could blow up the future.

Welcome to Seattle, the Emerald City and home to The Single Dads of Seattle. Ten sexy single fathers who play poker every Saturday night, have each other’s backs, love their children without quarter, and hope to one day find love again.
This is Liam’s story …

Single Dad of Seattle, Liam Dixon has a kick-*ss life. He’s a successful divorce attorney with a great kid, and an ongoing Wednesday night no-strings booty call. But seeing his fellow single dads fall in love and happier than ever, he begins to question his own life. He wants more with Richelle. A future. Finally ready to sweep Richelle off her feet, a woman who broke his heart over twenty years ago unexpectedly knocks on his door desperate for his help.

Single mom, Richelle LaRue might not be five-feet-tall, but her personality and strength are that of an Amazon. She takes no prisoners and gives zero f*cks. A damn good divorce attorney, she won’t let any man push her around, including Liam and his ridiculous idea of a “relationship.” If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. With her past behind her, life is finally good and she’s determined to give her daughter a bright and shiny future.

But when Liam’s ex shows up, her story rocks Richelle to her core, and she and Liam take the woman’s case. What should be a simple divorce suddenly turns dangerous. Richelle finds herself—and those she loves—caught in the crossfire while Liam is torn between the past and the present, with their future dangling precariously in the balance.

Can Richelle let down her walls and trust when everything she holds dear is threatened, or will finally falling for the single dad be more than her heart can bear?



He took another step forward, invading her space. “Were you jealous?”

“If I say I was, you’ll never let me live it down.” She blinked up at him, loving the way she felt in his arms, with his breath sweeping over her, his heat surrounding her.

“You’re right, I won’t.” The grin on his face was wily. He was back to being that asshole. But an adorable asshole.

She pushed out of his arms. “Well, then, I won’t be saying it.” The elevator doors slid open and she stepped inside. He followed her.

The doors weren’t even fully closed before he was on her, kissing her with a ferocity, with a need she hadn’t felt from him before. He palmed her breast with one hand and cupped her ass with the other, pushing her hard up against the wall.

She grappled, unable to decide where she wanted to put her hands. First, they were in his hair, then his broad shoulders, finally his ass. She squeezed the globes hard, loving the way they flexed in her palms as he contracted his leg muscles and hoisted her up onto his hips.

She needed this. Badly.

Not only did she find herself craving Liam more than she ever had, but she needed a new memory for an elevator ride.

Pausing just a moment, she pulled her mouth from his. “Stop … button,” she breathed. “On the wall.”

Glassy-eyed and a bit befuddled, he craned his neck around to see the control panel. They hadn’t actually even hit a button to take them anywhere, but the moment someone else hit a button anywhere, they would start to move—and could be interrupted at any moment.

With her legs still locked around his hips, he plowed them both forward. She released his ass and hit the big red button. The elevator made a clunk sound but didn’t move.

They both chuckled. Liam followed that laugh with a growl and took her mouth again.

She wedged her fingers between them and began to unfasten his trousers. She was in a dress—easy access.







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Torn Hart is available NOW! The steamy, romantic suspense thriller that will keep you guessing until the bitter end.

Title: Torn Hart
Series: The Harty Boys #3
Author: Whitley Cox
Genre: Steamy, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, romantic thriller, neighbors to lovers, friends to lovers, military, alpha male
Release Date: May 15, 2021

A torn Hart can only be mended by the right woman.

Fired from her dream job, Lydia Sullivan loses hope. How else do you drown your sorrows than in a cheap bottle of rum? Seems like a good plan until she runs smack into the hard chest of her dreamy neighbor Rex. Despite her not-so-adorable drunkenness, they strike up a friendship that quickly turns into more. But just when Lydia’s life is starting to look up—she’s got the job, the great guy with deep dimples, and the sun is shining—weird things begin to happen that make her question whether she’s losing her mind ... or someone is out to get her.

Retired special operative and now security specialist Rex Hart normally falls in love with a new woman every night, but not this time. His neighbor with the hazel eyes and thin filter has him under her spell. He’d like to think she’s the one, but the way she’s acting has him torn between his heart and his head. He wants to believe she’s innocent, but instinct has him questioning everything—including his feelings.

Is Lydia who she claims to be? Is she the one … or the one he needs to turn loose?

“So what’s your name?” she slurred, appearing to be bored or perhaps just too upset to want to continue talking about her job or lack thereof. “I’ve seen you around the building a bit. You have the big black truck and the pit bull puppy, right?”

He nodded. “My name is Rex. What’s your name?”

“Lydia.” She yawned. “Rex, eh? Like T. rex.”

He rolled his eyes. “I suppose.”

“Is it short for anything? Like Rexworth, Rexwell or Rexington … Rexthalomew?”


She shrugged again. “Rexly?”

He simply snorted and smiled, ignoring the grumble of his belly. Man, she was drunk. “It’s not short for anything.”

She shrugged again. “Do you have any siblings?”

“Three brothers.”

“And do they all have weird names too?”

“I personally don’t think Rex is weird, but no, they don’t. We all have one-syllable names, though. Brock, Chase, and Heath. And our dad was Zane, and our mother is Joy.”

She made an interested pout. “And what’s your middle name?”

“You looking to steal my identity? Want my social insurance number next?”

She stuck her tongue out at him.

He grinned. “My middle name is Barry.”

That had her nose wrinkling like a cute little bunny. “Why Barry?”

“What’s wrong with Barry?”

She shrugged, and her eyes lost focus for a moment, reminding him of her inebriation. “Nothing. But why? Is it like a family name or something?”

He exhaled through his nose. “My parents—in their infinite wisdom—thought it would be fun to give my brothers and I the middle name corresponding to the artist they were listening to while we were conceived.”



“So you’re Rex Barry after … Manilow?”

“White. You know, ‘Let’s Get It On …’” He made sure to drop his voice to baritone level when he sang that little bit.

She nodded in understanding. “And your brothers?”

“Brock Lionel, Chase Marvin and Heath Leppard.”


“‘Pour Some—’”

“‘Sugar On Me’!” she finished with a wide smile. “That’s hilarious.”

“At least it’s our middle names and not our first names.”

“True enough. What’s your last name?”


She rolled his name around on her little pink tongue like foreplay. “Rex Hart … Rex Barry Hart,” she murmured, cocking her head to the side and giving him a once-over. “I like it.” He continued to watch her, wondering when the bottle of whatever spirit she’d chosen to numb the pain was going to hit her like the freight train it inevitably was and send her rushing to the bathroom to go and vomit.

“What’s your full name?” he asked. “Fair is fair, right?”

“Lydia AndrĂ©a Sullivan.” She tipped back her booze bottle, then frowned when she realized it was empty. She set it down on her coffee table, and her eyes darted to his case of beer. “So … sexy Rexy, how are you going to make me forget about my jobless woes?”


A Canadian West Coast baby born and raised, Whitley is married to her high school sweetheart, and together they have two beautiful daughters and a fluffy dog. She spends her days making food that gets thrown on the floor, vacuuming Cheerios out from under the couch and making sure that the dog food doesn't end up in the air conditioner. But when nap time comes, and it's not quite wine o'clock, Whitley sits down, avoids the pile of laundry on the couch, and writes.

A lover of all things decadent; wine, cheese, chocolate and spicy erotic romance, Whitley brings the humorous side of sex, the ridiculous side of relationships and the suspense of everyday life into her stories. With single dads, firefighters, Navy SEALs, mommy wars, body issues, threesomes, bondage and role-playing, Whitley’s books have all the funny and fabulously filthy words you could hope for.