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Cover Reveal!!! Breaking the Fall a crazy-sexy, super-hot MMA erotic romance by @EmberLeigh

Breaking The Fall, book #5 in the Breaking Series by Ember Leigh, is coming NOVEMBER 30th!
This sizzling accidental pregnancy romance (set in the sexy MMA world of Holt Body Fitness) will be releasing right into Kindle Unlimited, too!

A weekend of passion. An accidental baby. A lifelong love she wasn’t looking for.
In the live music industry, Eddie Valenzuela’s seen enough bands to know what good really sounds like. During one wild night out, he collides headfirst with an up-and-coming singer who puts ‘good’ to shame. She’s got the voice, the look, and holy hell, the body too. But after a sizzling weekend together, the singer who seemed like Mrs. Right turns out to be Mrs. Not Quite Right when she disappears without so much as an Instagram handle.
Fiona Frank’s only goal in life was to make it big doing what she loved: playing music. And her hard work paid off, in the form a big-time record deal that has her doing TV shows, radio spots, and even her first international tour. Her career is built on spurning love and staying single, though she’s never been opposed to the occasional lover. As long as they don’t last. And she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that the world falls in love with The Sin Girl.
But she wasn’t ready for the positive pregnancy test on her first international tour. There’s only one man that could be the father: Eddie. While Fiona grapples with the next steps, Eddie is determined to make a family out of the three of them. But if the label finds out that she’s not only pregnant but seeing someone, then its goodbye stardom.
Which means she has to figure out how to break her fall.

BREAKING THE FALL is a stand-alone in the interconnected books of the Breaking series with no cliff-hanger and a guaranteed HEA (that will probably make you cry a little). Add it to Goodreads here:

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Melody Unchained

Book Two
Alien Sabretooth Shifters


Emerald (Em) has been in a tailspin since her best friend disappeared. She recalls bits and pieces of what happened, but nothing concrete. All this is pushed to the side when she realized someone is trying to kill her. Was it a dream, her imagination, or was she in real danger?

Jaydal has lived long enough to convince himself the only person he needs is Jaydal. When he uncovers a plan to kill Em, he must decide if being alone and lonely to pay a penance for a crime he didn’t commit was more important to him than Em’s life.

When a killer walk’s through Em’s dreams, will she ever wake up? Jaydal and Em must find out who is after her before she’s dead. If that happens humanity won’t be far behind.

Right, wrong, and self-defense battle it out for a chance to love the person you can’t live without.

This book is for 18 and older


If only Jade hadn’t spent so much time talking about living versus surviving. Now all Em could think about was living. Getting up going to work and coming home no longer felt like living it felt like one of those reality shows where she was surviving but there wasn’t a million-dollar prize at the end.

She shook her head as she readied for bed. Prize or no prize tomorrow would be here sooner than she thought. A good night’s sleep one that didn’t include dreams of Jaydel was what she needed.

There were no dreams of Jaydel or feeling like she was a princess at her best friend’s wedding and coronation. She sank back in time until she was meeting her ex for the first time. He was tall, stunning, he took her breath away. He smiled his white teeth flashing his blue eyes wrinkling in mirth. The women around her almost fell to their knees, she was with them. How she wished she had kept walking.

He wined and dined her until she fell madly in love with him. Moving in was a no brainer and where her happy story took a more sinister turn. He wasn’t what he seemed to be. It started with the occasional put-down.

‘Are you going to eat that? You’re wearing that to dinner?’

As with all things, his words escalated and were soon followed by actions. At first, it was a harder than necessary hit on the behind. Then it became the twisting of her wrist. Soon it was punches and kicks and she was scared to leave.

This was a dream she knew it was a dream and yet she was standing in a corner afraid to draw attention to herself. Her dream ex stood in front of her his head bent almost as if he was waiting for orders.

“Humans aren’t very attractive I find it hard to see what they see in you. Beggars can’t be choosy. Isn’t that a human phrase? My sources tell me you’re the human’s best friend. Look at me when I talk to you!”

There was a cut against Emerald's arm that had her straightening up as blood poured from the gash. The pain combined with the hot iron scent of her blood made her reevaluate the dream world she thought she was in.

“Who are you?” She placed her hand over the wound trying to stop the bleeding.

“I’m your superior that’s all you need to know.”

She bit her lips stifling the urge to roll her eyes. He wasn’t the first male she met who thought he was better than women.

“Are you her best friend?”

“I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

“The one who calls herself queen.”

He was talking about Jade. She was now the queen of the Porcoyan’s as well as Em’s best friend.

“Who wants to know.” She wasn’t selling her sister/best friend down the river.

This time whatever he used to hit her cut across her thigh. She gave a scream as her leg buckled and she hit the floor. Was it possible to die in a dream? She didn’t want to die in a dream of the house she used to live in that was a nightmare for her. Closing her eyes, she tried to envision the wedding again, dancing like a princess in Jaydel’s arms. That was a nice place to die.

“Let me kill her.” She heard the words from far away. The words belonged to her ex, but he sounded like a puppet.

“If you could have killed her, she would have been dead by now.” The evil one said.

“I’ll take care of it.”

She felt his hand wrap around her neck. Tomorrow she knew her friends would find her dead. Would Jade find out and attend her funeral? Would anyone care?

One last dance. She twirled until she was in Jaydel’s arms.

“Why so fast? We have all night.”

“Jaydel,” she said his name on a sigh even as she felt the hand tightening around her neck. He looked down at her with his coffee-colored eyes. Human eyes weren’t the color of his. Why? He wasn’t human. She wasn’t supposed to remember that, but she remembered everything she was supposed to forget. Jaydel’s eyes were the color of coffee after you’ve added both sugar and a little too much creamer. They were that color brownish beige that people called light coffee. That was her favorite coffee and his eyes were her favorite color.

She coughed gasping for breath.

“Em?” he shook her. “Emerald, what’s wrong?”

“Dying. Evil guy killing me.”

“Show me.” She didn’t want to show him. There was no way she wanted her last moments to be spent in the place she was tortured. His voice went through her like a command she couldn’t resist, and she trusted him. She knew better never trust a man, but she trusted him.

They were back. Her ex still stood there a pale imitation of the man he was in life. The other male was there also. He backed up when Jaydel appeared at her side.

Jaydel dropped her arm and hit the floor going to all four. In his place was the largest animal she’d ever seen. It had fangs that hung ten or twelve inches from its mouth. It roared scaring the shit out of her. Whatever was wrapped around her throat let her go. She brought both hands up as she gasped for breath.

The beast turned its coffee-colored eyes on her before turning to stalk across the room to the evil that was backing up.

“There is nothing you can do to me. I’m coming after her. I’ll kill her and anyone connected with the abomination you call queen. I will rid the galaxy of every one of you.” His voice echoed in the room.

Jaydel jumped at him but he disappeared leaving nothing behind except the words that kept playing over in her head.

Someone wanted to kill her. She passed out not able to deal with her new reality. 

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Snowed in for Christmas with a sexy single dad ... in a kilt? YES, PLEASE! #newrelease #singledadromance

Title: Christmas with the Single Dad
Series: The Single Dads of Seattle
Author: Whitley Cox
Genre: Single dad/erotic romance/ contemporary/ Holiday romance/ Christmas romance/ romantic comedy
Release Date: October 19, 2019
Will a Christmas love built on lies melt away just as surely as the snow?
Welcome to Seattle, the Emerald City and home to The Single Dads of Seattle. Ten sexy single fathers who play poker every Saturday night, have each other's backs, love their children without quarter, and hope to one day find love again.
This is Zak's story ...
Single Dad of Seattle, Zak Eastwood plans to spend Christmas with fellow lonely hearts. His kids are supposed to be at an amusement park with their mom. However, fate has other plans. When a woman from his club finds herself stranded in the snow, he takes her to safety.
Drowning in student loan debt and her father’s medical bills, first-year law associate Aurora Stratford allows herself but one splurge—a pricey membership to Club Z Fitness to watch the gorgeous Zak flex his muscles. Though out of her league, fantasizing about his blue eyes and tattoos is the only thing that keeps her sane these days, especially since her Christmas will be spent alone with her dead cactus and money woes.
When the snowstorm of the century moves in and the hero of her dreams offers her a ride and a place to stay, Aurora’s Christmas begins to look up.
However, Aurora is ashamed of her current financial state—she’s nobody’s charity chase—and her lies of self-preservation begin to take on a life of their own.
Can Aurora spend Christmas with the single dad and win over everyone? Or will her deceit get in the way of not only their happy holiday but her happily ever after?
**Note: This book can be read as a standalone. It includes lots of steamy scenes, cursing, and of course as with all my books, this has an HEA and no cliffhanger or cheating. If you like single dads who take charge, this book is for you.
“OMG! I so loved this book. Zak and Aurora were amazing.” ~Stephanie Ditmore (Amazon Review)
“What a story is this book Sexy Zak, with his muscles and tattoos and sexy red hair. This story pulled at my heart both Zak and Aurora have both had hard times for different reasons. Passionate and emotional tale, with so much love to go around this book keeps you turning the page to see how hot and steamy the story has got.~ Mel (Amazon Review)
This book is everything you could want in a Christmas love story!! Aurora has been lusting after Zak the buff work God at her gym for awhile. Well thanks to Mother Nature she get stuck in the parking lot during a snow storm. Zak comes to the rescue and offers her a ride home. Then you have to just read it because it takes your breath away! This books has laughs and makes you cry but it is so worth it!~ Mrs. Taz (Amazon Review)
He was about to ask as much when she moved toward him, her pace full of purpose. She grabbed his face and kissed him.
And it wasn’t just a peck on the lips. No, this woman knew how to kiss. She knew how to throw her whole body into it. A low and pleasant hum warmed him from the center outward.
Her soft, slippery little tongue pushed its way into his mouth. Then she started to suck. She started to fucking suck on his tongue. He moaned as his cock stirred beneath the towel, his hands moving to wrap around her back.
This had been so unexpected, and yet he couldn’t get over how much he suddenly wanted it—wanted her.
A shrill beeping sound from downstairs made them both still. She was the first to pull away.
Her light brown eyes were glassy, and her cheeks held an adorable pink flush. He dropped his gaze to her plump, wet lips and he swept his thumb over the bottom one back and forth. He stilled when she pressed the tip of her tongue to his thumb, then parted her lips and lunged at it with her teeth, nipping the pad.
He tugged it away, grinning.
Oh, she was a wicked little thing.
Grabbing her around the back of the neck, he crushed his mouth to hers, taking control of the kiss this time, forcing her lips to part for his, to mold to his. She gave over all the power and melted against him, her arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him down to her. He was about to push the hem of her shirt up to explore her lack of a bra when the loud beeping of the oven timer downstairs had them pulling a part once again.
Her ample chest rose and fell rapidly, his did too.
“Hold that thought,” he murmured, grabbing hold of his towel and heading downstairs toward the kitchen. “Be right back.” Then he took off as fast as his legs could carry him, hoping that his chicken wasn’t burning, but even more so that the woman in his bedroom would still be there when he returned.
A Canadian West Coast baby born and raised, Whitley is married to her high school sweetheart, and together they have two beautiful daughters and a fluffy dog. She spends her days making food that gets thrown on the floor, vacuuming Cheerios out from under the couch and making sure that the dog food doesn't end up in the air conditioner. But when nap time comes, and it's not quite wine o'clock, Whitley sits down, avoids the pile of laundry on the couch, and writes.
A lover of all things decadent; wine, cheese, chocolate and spicy erotic romance, Whitley brings the humorous side of sex, the ridiculous side of relationships and the suspense of everyday life into her stories. With single dads, firefighters, Navy SEALs, mommy wars, body issues, threesomes, bondage and role-playing, these books have everything we need to satisfy the curious kink in all of us.

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Raphael - The A'rouk Brothers #newrelease #paranormal

Book Five
Last Book in the Series


Raphael was a genetically engineered assassin which would have been great if the people who created him hadn’t screwed up. Unlike those around him, he knew his days were numbered.

Effie was living low-key, pretending to be like everyone walking the streets.

A chance meeting on a dance floor brought two people together that should have never met. They both chose to stay apart for the sake of the other, but fate doesn’t really care what you think.

Between desire and possible killers, can they learn that they are stronger than they thought they were? Can they live one day at a time or will they let the very real thought of life separate them?

And death, don’t forget death. If they can overcome their obstacles, the biggest being what they refuse to acknowledge. Then there’s a chance happily ever after will apply to them after all.

This material is for those who are 18 or older.


How could she be hurt at the thought of losing someone she just met? She was though. There was an ache deep inside of her that wouldn’t go away.

Her hand kept going to her heart while the other hand fluttered around her chest. Heart and soul? She didn’t know for sure, but she was invested in Raphael and she knew that every day she’d become more invested. She knew the rules, don’t put too much stalk into it. It was the first blush of a new rose that was shiny but could wear off fast. People don’t care that soon; they were cautious and disbelieving which makes sense with all we go through. Knowing all this she was throwing the rules to the curb, some people they helped, she wasn’t one of those people.

Raphael stopped when they got into the living room. She was still holding his hand, so she led him to the stairs. When they reached her bedroom, she released his hand. It was his decision whether he wanted to come in or not. It was chilly enough for the fireplace. She turned it on before going into the bathroom. A shower seemed like the next step to her.

“A shower sounds like a good plan.” Raphael was sitting on the bed when she came out wrapped in a towel. He got up and passed her before coming back. “There is nothing about you that I don’t like.” He leaned down catching her lips in a gentle kiss before he went into the bathroom.

“Right back at you Raphael.” She went to the closet, Rena told her that they brought clothes they never took back to the store and placed them there in bags. Whatever she could fit and wanted was hers. It felt like having the best sisters in the world.

All it took was going through the lingerie to decide she needed to go shopping with them. She put on a purple lace teddy with flowers embroidered at the top. It was hot and purple just seemed to be appropriate.

Raphael came out with a towel wrapped around his slim hips. His hair cascaded over his shoulders in waves she might be jealous of and his eyes snapped with fire. Her tongue licked her lips in an effort to hydrate them.

“You look good in that towel.”

“Not as good as you look. We could just sleep.”

“Is that what you want?”

“I thought if you wanted that it would be okay with me. Then I came out and you’re like… like the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Come to bed Raphael. What will be will be.”

He dropped the towel climbing onto the bed. Effie grabbed the remote and turned the lights off. Neither of them talked about the very large and hard erection he was sporting.

She was lying on her side. Raphael came close using his hand to encourage her to flip to her stomach. He kneeled over her massaging the muscles in her shoulders until some of the tension flowed out of her body.

“That feels good.”

“I like touching you. I love the scent of your skin, it’s feminine mixed with the faint scent of roses.”

“I love your scent to it reminds me of the trees mixed with a touch of mint.”

“Do you like mint?”

“I do, I like the tree scent too as long as you’re not taking me hiking or camping.”

“Note to self no hiking or camping for the little minx.” His hands went lower getting a sigh of pleasure from her.

“I like that you have a nickname for me. No one has really ever called me anything but my name.”

“They couldn’t do you justice, so they waited on me.”

“Thank you for showing up, better late than never,” she teased him.

“I wish I would have found you earlier.”

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Julian - The A'rouk brothers #newrelease #paranormalromance

Book 4


Aliya wasn’t the type to stumble through life blindly. She tiptoed gently with blinders on allowing her to only see what was in front of her. It was supposed to keep her safe.

She forgot when evil came after you it didn’t care about your desire to be safe. It was easy to be in the wrong place at the right time. Now she was paying the price.

They said they wanted her blood, but they really wanted her life.

Julian was getting away from it all. Sometimes there was such a thing as too much family. He dare not say that to his. When you were an alien on an alien planet you were expected to stick close together.

The Earth has been his home for hundreds of years, it no longer felt alien. He struck out on his own and did the last thing his family expected of him—short-order cook for a hole in the wall restaurant—a hole in the wall he loved.

He might have spent the next ten years there if Aliya hadn’t stumbled in starving and looking for a hero. He was no one’s hero, but Aliya could make him believe when she looked at him.

He was fine with letting the Earth battle their own monsters until those monsters came for Aliya. Now he would move not only the Earth but the heavens to keep her safe.
Adult content 18 and older


That was the life she lived constantly on the run. There was no way she was bringing Julian with the soft lips and his eerie green eyes into the hell she lived through.

“You have a right to protect me, I can’t even argue with you. So, I won’t. I also won’t leave you. Wherever you go, wherever you run, I’ll be right there by your side.”

“That’s not how this works.” Her voice that should have been loud and boisterous was soft, calm, gentle. The last time someone cared was her parents. There had been others, both male and female that tried to get close to her. They wanted her to believe they cared. Insincerity came with its own smell an aura that you couldn’t deny. The stink of it was usually polluting her nose long before the actual snake showed itself.

She picked up none of that from Julian. He was different, an enigma she wanted to get to know and understand. Would his eyes flash before he kissed her? Were his lips as soft as they looked? Was his body so hard she’d hurt herself or was his skin like the finest silk? There were so many more questions her now horny body wanted to ask, but she didn’t have time for this.

She took the last bite of her meatloaf and mashed potatoes. It was a lot better than she thought it would be.

“I have to go to the bathroom, um the woman’s room.” Why anyone would want to claim a public bathroom as the woman’s room was beyond her.

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

She gave him her best smile and wished she could have stolen a kiss. She really did have to go but made short work of it. Once her hands were washed, she waited for a large family to be headed out and blended in with them. This was one of the times being vertically challenged would help her. Her hands were hot and sweaty. She had already run them against her pants three times, and she wasn’t at the hummer yet.

When she got there, she expected to see Julian leaning against the bumper, legs crossed, eyes twinkling. There was no Julian, her stomach dropped. She was doing this, stealing his car and leaving him behind. Bile tried to come up bringing with it her delicious lunch. She stamped her foot on the ground in an effort to gain control over her body.

Leaving him hurt. She didn’t know why it just did. Seeing him bleeding out and dying would hurt worse. She had to protect him. It took her several tries to mount the step that would get her into the hummer. Don’t steal hummers, she told herself as she changed the seat to make it easier to drive.

Tears poured down her face as she drove off. “Stupid,” she sniffed. “You had to save his life, and he’s so stubborn. How else were you going to leave him behind? He’ll be okay, he’ll catch a ride to wherever he lives, and he’ll be safe, safe, safe.” The word kept echoing in her head. It was the one thing she would never be.

“Or maybe he’ll just climb into the backseat of his vehicle.”

She screamed jerking the wheel. His quick reflexes kept them on the road without hitting anyone. There was an angry procession of cars that hit their horns, but they ignored them in favor of continuing their journey.


“I laid the keys out for you to pocket. I planned to wait before I revealed myself but the tears…”

She nodded and carefully pulled over to the side of the road. There was a distinct possibility that she would have gone back for him. Never had she felt like her heart was being ripped apart except for the night she lost her parents. No pain should ever be that great. To suffer like that again even for a minute had done something to her. Everything inside of her body had rearranged. She was different now; she didn’t know how she just knew.

“Since you are here, you can drive this monstrosity you call a car.” She crawled over to the passenger side as he came from the back to rearrange the driver seat.

“Don’t ever do that to me again,” she demanded with a huff. Her eyes closed as she pulled his heavy coat over her getting warm.


“Make me think I’m all alone.”

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Lucca - The A'rouk Brothers #paranormalromance #aliens

The A'rouk Brothers
Book Three


Lucca knew enough to protect his heart. He wrapped it in ice and told anyone that would listen he didn’t want a mate. To get his point across he went back in time to what he called an “easier life.” The last thing he expected was Tempest to fall into his lap. Now he has an arm full of female, and he doesn’t want to let her go.

Tempest woke up before she was supposed to. She was running from an enemy that wanted her dead. The more she fights, the weaker she gets, then she falls into Lucca’s lap, her mate. She knows that to protect him she’ll have to leave him.

They are being stalked, and the only chance for victory is working together. First, they will have to deal with their past and put to rest the evil that makes them shy away from having a mate. Then they will have to move quickly because the ones that want them dead won’t wait for them to fall in love.

18 and older


“I think a bath would be better, as long as you can keep from slipping beneath the water.”

Did he think she was a baby? She looked down at the shirt that hid her small breasts. Well, maybe she looked like she was ten. Her lips drew up into a frown.

“I just want to make sure you’ll be okay in here without me. I can stay if you want me to.” He gave her a suggestive look and raised a brow.

She broke out into laughter. Already he was making her life better.

“I think I’ll survive. You can take your lecherous gaze into the other room.”

He exaggerated the frown on his face that had her giggling. Already he was pulling her into his masculine trap. Truly, it was unfair. How dare he walk around without a shirt allowing her to see his thickly muscled chest, and his arms that made her want to put both hands on them to see how wide they were.

The worse part, he reminded her just how feminine she was.

“Hot water or cold?”

“Hot of course.”

“Bubbles or Jets?”


She looked around the bathroom until she spotted something suspicious sitting on his sink.

“What’s that?”

“Ignore that.” He flushed and went back to checking the temperature.

“Tell me what they are, or I’ll crawl over there.” Might as well be specific, she didn’t think she could walk right now.

“Bath bombs.”

She blinked and then hit the side of her head thinking she heard wrong.

“Bath bombs?”

“Yeah, a couple of my sisters use them, and they swear they love them.”

“So, you wanted to try them out?”


She frowned at him. He was confusing at times.

“Then why are they sitting on your sink?”

“I bought them for you.”


“I was walking down the street on the way to my restaurant when a street vendor showed them to me. She said my female would love them. I knew she was wrong I didn’t have a mate, but the longer I looked at them, the more I couldn’t resist them. So, I bought them for you.”

“But you didn’t know me.”

“Doesn’t matter I bought them for you.”

She lassoed her stupid heart it was trying to jump out of her chest. I need more than bath bombs, witty conversations, and good looks to give away my heart, so stay in place.

“I want to put one in the tub.”

He brought two over to her. “The saleslady said these two should be used together. One’s fire and the other one is ice.” They were red and white, and she couldn’t wait to see what would happen when they hit the water.

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It's FREE! #singledadromance #freeforalimitedtime #freebook

Hired by the Single Dad is FREEEEEEE!

Start this super sexy single dad series now!


"You fall in love with both Mark & Tori’s story but you truly fall in love with Mark’s son Gabe and learn so much about children on the spectrum and the daily struggle they have with the ordinary things you & I never give second thought to doing & how parents feel trying to do the very best for their special needs child."

"There is nothing like a book that sucks you in and doesn't let up until the last page. I discovered Whitley Cox about a year ago and she knows how to spin a tale with fabulous characters that you can't forget! I loved Tori and Mark's story, I loved how their story played out. Their attraction is so passionate and intense, you can feel the heat between them. Mark's friends in the single dad's club are awesomely represented and I didn't feel like they were just there to tease for future books. Thankfully, this is the start of a series as I fell in love with all these characters! 5 stars for Whitley Cox's Hired by the Single Dad!"

He needs someone to work with his son, she needs a job. They need to keep their hands to themselves.

Welcome to Seattle, the Emerald City and home to The Single Dads of Seattle. Ten sexy single fathers who play poker every Saturday night, have each other's backs, love their children without quarter, and hope to one day find love again.
This is Mark's story ...

Single Dad of Seattle Dr. Mark Herron can't believe anyone would celebrate their divorce. The dissolution of his marriage left him and his son with a huge hole to fill in their home--and their hearts. So when he overhears a lovely stranger and her friends celebrating the end of her marriage, he's mystified--and then intrigued--by her determination to put the past behind her. But when he learns that Tori Jones needs a job, he knows this can't be a coincidence.

Tori might be telling the world nothing's got her down, but the truth is she's hit rock bottom. Her husband didn't just cheat on her, he took all her money, including her college fund, which means her marriage is over, and so is her dream to go to grad school and help children with special needs. So when a handsome stranger offers her a job caring for his special needs son, she knows she can't turn it down--

Even if what she's feeling for Mark is far from professional.

Now Mark's finding it hard to keep his hands to himself and Tori's struggling to keep her thoughts from straying to dangerous territory. Will they be able to keep their distance from each other or will being hired by the sexy single dad be Tori's biggest problem of all?