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#TuesdayTeaser - Excerpt from Crow Magic, Legend of the Spirit Series by Mary Quast

Crow Magic, Legend of the Spirit series 
Book 1
by Mary Quast
from Decadent Publishing

Birds chattering pulled her from sleep. She wiggled under the cozy comforter to steal one more moment of utter bliss before rubbing her face to wake up. Pushing flyaway hair past her ears, Lucy opened her eyes and stretched. Arriving late the night before, she’d unpacked then gone straight to bed. Her best friend had convinced her to try Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand, and now miles from home, she lay in the Rose Cabin on Cherry Lane, a private but exquisite cottage at the Castillo Resort in the Poconos Mountains.

She took a deep breath and rose to the beauty of a new day and the possibilities of the coming evening. Sunlight dappled the floors of her cabin. Finding the long terry robe the resort supplied, she pulled it on then pulled back the cream-colored curtains to allow the morning radiance to enter and spread its cheerfulness. The delicate scent from the white roses in a vase on the nightstand mingled with the pine and cedar cabin. She picked up a card next to the flowers.

May you discover the magical power of the mountains and their crystal clear waters.
May the life force of the woods stir your soul.
May you learn from the spirit of the crow.
Tecumseh will help you fly if you believe in him.
Madame Eve

He had only one name. Not Bob, or Roger, but Tecumseh, and without doubt, Native American. Names held power and his name sounded powerful. What kind of person had the name Tecumseh? Was he a real man, a shaman or a spirit?

“Enough worrying about tonight, time to enjoy the day.” She adjusted the sheets of the Queen Ann bed and smoothed the antique quilt bright with turquoise and shades of fuchsia. An impressive painting of a floral meadow and a large tree near a lake hung on the wall and she made a mental note to explore outside to discover if the meadow was local. She gazed at the bed, wondering what the night would bring and shuddered with anticipation.

Crow Magic Blurb:
Lucy Richards is tired of being timid around men. Hoping to overcome her fears and feel like a real woman, she turns to Madame Eve to find a man who will fulfill that goal. Eve arranges a one-night stand with a handsome Shawnee shaman who will teach Lucy to use her womanly power and take her to unimaginable heights.

Shape shifter Seth Crowe is a Keeper of the Spiritual Law who carries souls from darkness to light, and enjoys using his body to accomplish his magic.

Tucked away in the Castillo Poconos Resort, Seth helps Lucy find spiritual and sexual freedom, never dreaming he might find his own mate in the bargain.

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Romance Author and Artist Mary Quast lives in a log home affectionately named "Camp Run-A-Muk" located in the woods of Michigan with her husband, three sons, and a collection of animal family members. As a professional artist, Mary Quast answered the call to express herself creatively. With her descriptive writing style she has developed a knack for creating passionate characters and realistic settings. Quast is one of the original writers for the 1 Night Stand Series published by Decadent Publishing. When she’s not busy writing contemporary erotic romance novels, novelettes, and short stories, Mary Quast doles out sensual tips and yummy eye candy on her blog “Romantic Interludes”.

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How to Steal the Pharaoh's Jewels by Cailin Briste - Release Day!

Celebrate the release of How to Steal the Pharaoh’s Jewels: A Thief in Love Suspense Romance, Book #2 with me.

A life of crime won’t stop best friends from becoming lovers, but their pasts are another thing.
Cade’s fantasy is to seduce his best friend if he isn’t murdered first.

His comfortable routine as a member of Sebastian St. Croix’s cat burglar team is shattered the day he’s pinned in a crushed car. In a moment of clarity, before everything goes dark, he realizes he’s in love with his best friend, a woman who has sworn off intimate relationships for life.

It’s taken Bassinae years to overcome a past filled with physical abuse and embrace the truth that she is a powerful, capable woman in her own right. Tamping down a case of nerves, she’s ready to take on a larger role as a thief in Sebastian’s next caper. If only Cade would stop acting like a lovelorn idiot. She needs her best friend’s support to help steal the Pharaoh’s jewels.

Set in the distant future, this sci-fi suspense romance has action and adventure as well as a sizzling romance.

Steamy Excerpt:
He didn’t want to have sex with her. No, he wanted to make love to her. And that was different. She wasn’t a slot B for his tab A. If he could, he would assure her life was filled with goodness and joy, protecting her, standing by her, and… Fuck! He clenched the hair on the top of his head with his fist. No way was he going to use the l-word. Not even think it. Whatever he was feeling, he had to keep it from Bassinae until he figured out how to induce the stubborn female to recognize that he wasn’t like her former boyfriend. That men weren’t naturally given to abusing their girlfriends. That a special forces commando trained to kill, maim, and destroy, would never ever harm the woman he loved.

“Buck up, lionceau. Things aren’t that bad.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him into his apartment, shoving him toward the bathroom. “Now go get clean. You’re getting aromatic.”
The twitch her ass made when she walked away from him brought his cock back to full attention. With a groan, he stepped inside, closed the door behind him, and leaned against it, knocking his head against the wood. How the hell was he going to be around Bassinae sporting a non-stop erection. He’d dropped weight, so his pants were roomier, but with a cock the size of his they might not be big enough to hide the true nature of his affection for her. If not, he’d have to invest in something baggy. Meanwhile there was one certain way of taming a hard-on.

He set the shower to hot, stripped, and climbed under the pelting water. The massage setting was his favorite, but he switched to soft rain. A hand planted on the cool tile above his head, he leaned into the spray, letting it soak his hair and drizzle heat down his back. He sighed, wanting Bassinae so bad he could almost taste her. But until he did he would never experience the flavor of sunshine. Or the sensation of her gliding around his cock while he whispered dirty words in her ear.

Fuck all. The dispenser plopped a generous dollop of soap in his hand. After smearing it over his erection, he fisted it, pulling in long strokes from root to tip. A manly pine-forest scent wafted up to his nose, nothing like the flowery aroma that trailed after Bassinae. His Bassinae. The woman he needed beyond anything, needed to strip, to explore with his mouth and teeth, and to discover all the shades of brown that colored her delectable skin. She would open to him, tender and responsive. The heat generated by their give and take would fuse them, make them one, and he would find the home he’d always longed for, hidden in the depths of her heart.

“Bassinae.” Her name slipped from his lips part worship part plea. Lightning speared through him, bursting through his balls and up his cock. A strangled cry ripped from his throat. His cum spattered the shower wall to drip in milky tears under the gentle fall of water. Physically he was sated. But that other ache, the longing, hadn’t subsided with his release. What the hell am I going to do?

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#SnippetSunday: TEMPTING HIM (An Obsessed Novella) by Jeanne St. James #BDSM #EroticRomance

Tempting Him (An Obsessed Novella)
By Jeanne St. James

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, BDSM

Add it to your Goodreads TBR list:


It’s not just a love story, it’s an obsession...


Every time my neighbor jogs past my house, I do my best to tempt him. Washing my car, watering my lawn, doing yoga in the grass with all my assets in the air. I’m not sure if he notices me, but I sure can’t miss him.
Then one day he falls... into my arms and into my bed. Surprisingly, we’re better matched than I would’ve expected. But when he reveals who he is, my world comes crashing down around me because if he finds out my secret we’re finished before we’ve even begun.


Three days a week, I put myself through hell by jogging through my neighborhood. I suffer through it simply to catch a glimpse of a woman I don’t know. Every time I pass her house she’s outside tempting me. Until one day I fall... over my feet, over my heart, over this woman and into her arms.
I know nothing about her, but I want to discover everything. Even her deepest, darkest secrets. However, little does she know, I have one, too. One that may sever the tie that binds us.

Snippet Sunday:

My luck couldn’t be any better right now. Him falling in the street was my ticket to not only talk to my neighbor, AKA Cade, but invite him into my lair (I mean house).
I figure getting right to the point and mentioning ass play would be a good test to see if he scares easily. He didn’t run out of the house screaming, so that’s a good sign.
As I move down the hallway, I hear him following me (willingly) and goosebumps break out all over my body.
I’ve been watching this man for the past couple of months and my appetite for him has grown to epic proportions. (But again, I’m not desperate or anything, I swear!)
Oh, wait. I forgot something important...
“Have a family, Cade?”
“Should I be worried that you’re luring me farther into your house to murder me, bury me in your backyard and now you want to know whether anyone will come looking for me?”
I stop abruptly at the entrance to my kitchen and he runs into me, his erection (by the way, he’s definitely not lacking in that department) smashing into the small of my back. He quickly backs away and mumbles, “Sorry.”
“No, I was just trying to get to know one of my neighbors,” I say as I turn around to confront him.
“Sorry,” he says again and it looks like he means it. “I have family, but no one nearby.”
I hope that means he’s single. My gaze drops to his left hand. He lifts it and wiggles his ring finger, which is empty, thankfully.
“You?” he asks.
“Nope, it’s just me and my pussy.”
His mouth opens, then snaps shut and I smile at his reaction.
I clarify. “My cat. Meowsers.”

About the Author:

JEANNE ST. JAMES is a USA Today bestselling erotic romance author who loves an alpha male (or two). She was only thirteen when she started writing. Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine. Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages. Want to read a sample of her work? Download a sampler book here: BookHip.com/MTQQKK

To keep up with her busy release schedule check her website at www.jeannestjames.com or sign up for her newsletter: http://www.jeannestjames.com/newslettersignup

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