Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love a man in uniform? by Jeanne St. James

I always say that there is nothing like a man in uniform – I’m sure most ladies agree. I thought about this one Memorial Day weekend when I was in New York City and it was “Fleet Week.” Amidst the crowds of people, who stood out the most? The men wearing sharp looking military uniforms (and I saw men, no women surprisingly, though I’m sure they were there). I think the reason why I like men in uniform so much is they appear to be “squared away.” Whether military or law enforcement, their uniforms are usually pressed and depending what they are doing, they may wear medals, etc.

The point of being “squared away” is to intimidate and to impress, to draw respect from the public. For example, a person is going to respect a police officer more if his appearance is neat: his duty belt polished, his uniform pressed, his hair trimmed neatly, his badge and/or nametag straight. It’s truly an officer safety issue.

By the way, I have the utmost respect for the men and women who serve our country either here on home soil or overseas, be it military or law enforcement. They truly help keep our great nation safe.

On more personal note, I have both my AA and my BS in Criminal Justice, I was an emergency dispatcher for four years, and also have law enforcement training. In addition, my husband has been a State Trooper for over 14 years. So my life revolves around police.

If you can tell, I love all aspects of law enforcement. I love to write stories about law enforcement males because they are usually Alpha. And I love Alpha men, how about you?

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Vivien Jackson said...

Uniforms also imply discipline, restraint. There's something very very sexy about a person who can be so in control of himself or herself. Plus, it's a challenge to those of us who are a little more chaotic. We want to lure the disciplined folks over to the wild side, even if just for a little while. :)

Mary Quast said...

Back in high school, my girlfriends & I would wander over to check out the other football team just to see how nicely their uniforms fit. LOL

But yes... a man is so yummy in a uniform that's why I married one. Ladies try putting your honey's uniform on and let him undress you. Fun, fun, fun!

BrieCS said...

There is something simply fantastic about a man in uniform. I married one, and it gives me no end to joy when I see him in his uniform. I'm rather sad he'll soon be leaving the service -but he still gets to keep the clothes. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

There is definitely something about some men in uniform that is very attractive, and a turn on. I have to admit I generally prefer the rogue, or the good man behind the mask like Zorro or the Lone Ranger.