Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sultry Sunday- A li'l Halloween fun

Tis the holiday for ghosts and goblins...for the kids at least. Here at the RWBB Blog, we're into more enticing moments of "trick or treating".

"Is someone under the weather...need a little TLC today? Let the good doctor have a look at that..."

"Did someone report a fire? Is it too hot in here for you?"

"Don't resist me...or I'll have to handcuff you."

"Is there any extra credit available to raise my grade?"
"I'd do anything to help my grade."

"Pirates Ahoy, Mate...the sea has never been friendly to a man...but I am."

Whether you're having a night filled with tricks or treats...enjoy...both can be naughty.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Saturday Sneak Peak Excerpt ~ Meet My Witch Heroine

Omy, I hope everyone is getting ready for some spooktacular-sexy celebrating. I’m betting this will be a Halloween/Samhain to remember for many.

Currently, I’m headed toward the finish line for my latest paranormal erotic romance. ~Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds~ will most likely be my next submission. I say ‘most likely’ because more than once life has done a one eighty on me. Still, that’s the plan, Sam. And, I’m sticking to it.

Oh! The good news. BRANDED BY THE TEXANS, my cowboy erotic romance menage, set in an alternate world I call the Three Star Republic of Texas, will be IN PRINT soon! I received the cover art file a couple of days ago. Wahooooooooooo...

But, back to my witchy heroine. She was inspired by all the *real witch* books I’ve read over the years, the first being The Diary of a Witch by Sybil Leek. She was also inspired by Samantha in the TV series, Bewitched. And of course, I added in, the three witches in the TV series, Charmed.

Yet, my heroine is none of those. Kandace, or Kandy Apple, is completely, independently unto herself. In appearance, thought, and in action.

Sneak Peak *Unedited* Blurb and Excerpt from my WIP ~ Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds

Blurb ~

What happens when two of Hades’ most mission-accomplished Hellhounds find just the right witch for Halloween?

Excerpt ~

“You’re an Enduoir witch,” they chorused together, their gazes eerily intense.

“What the hell is that?” Kandace’s anger sparked through her. Swivelling her head back and forth, she glared at them both.

“Before we explain I believe introductions are in order, don’t you?” Mr. Evening Suit arched a brow in the same style as Cary Grant. With debonair ease, he placed his martini glass on a nearby tray.

Kandace did a double take, emotionally. “Fine, introductions. Who are you?”

“I am Zindale David Victorre, or Zin for short, and this is my twin brother.” With controlled elegance, he gestured to Mr. Tuxedo Man.

“I am Zolivar Dean Victorre. Zol for short. May we know your name?” He placed his glass next to his brother’s. His gaze remained on her, polite, but volcanic.

The entire scene would have tickled Kandace silly, if she hadn’t been on guard and wondering if they did actually know her true heritage. Could it be they had the answers she hadn’t been able to find?

“Kandace Sylvia Winter.” She’d decided to tell them her real name. What did it ultimately matter with these two, anyway? It wasn’t as though they couldn’t find out.

Their gazes snapped together as if they’d been struck by a sudden revelation. Kandace almost giggled because of the cartoon-like absurdity. Course, she hadn’t been around twins much, so who knew how they behaved with each other.

“Is something wrong?” she prompted.

“Kandy. Is that your nickname?” Zindale’s gaze glowed.

Kandace swore she witnessed blue flames leap for a split second in the depths of his eyes. Okay, now she really wanted to know who and what they were.

“Yes, since you ask. Oh, I get it now.” After giving her hair a shake, she raised one shoulder in an attitude of indifference. “Kandy Apple, my nickname, especially around Halloween.”

“Is that why you’re wearing that deliciously sexy red dress?” Zol let her know by his slow perusal of her body, he found her attractive, to say the effing least.

“I like the color. I’m also fond of candy apples. Make of that what you will.” Kandace tipped up her glass, draining it. There really was no defense against their lustful imaginings. She certainly didn’t have to take a mental peek to know the direction of their thoughts.

“We want to lick Kandy Apple for Halloween,” they rasped together.

Their voices were such polished restraint, Kandace didn’t spin around and leave. She didn’t gaze directly at them, either. We, they’d said we. Nope, she wasn’t going down that rabbit hole by asking what they meant.

Dammit, hole. Obviously, they both wanted her sex hole. No wonder those women had dreamy expressions. Two, two, at once. Oh, Goddess, why was she remembering the stupid Doublemint twins? Okay, she had seen a YouTube vid of the old commercial recently because a friend had e-mailed it.

“No, you are not licking this Kandy Apple for Halloween. I’ll send you some real candy apples.”

Why were her feet super-glued to the floor? Hell, why did her skin burn with what could only be described as raunchy desire? Frakking-crap, why didn’t one of them say something before she crushed her glass? “I believe I’m in need of another drink.”



Savanna Kougar

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Borrowing Kayelle Allen’s great idea from her Wednesday post, I Googled the word “Flirt” and here are the first five listings. –Sexy clothes for women—Award-winning prom dresses—“is the naughtiest singles community by far”—they sell—what else?—cosmetics

Then I Googled the image of “flirt” and the images you see are a sampling from the first page of my search.

The word "flirt" has so many different connotations, as you can see from the web listings and images. It can be sweet and innocent, or naughty and sexy, and anywhere in between.

Other words for "flirt": Trifle with, toy with, tease, lead on.

Becca Simone writes FLIRTatious erotic romance for The Wild Rose Press. Her short story, Midnight Treat, is a Halloween tale, just perfect for this time of year. You can learn more about Becca at her website.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Picture a Blog

I'm sitting here, looking at the screen, thinking "what the heck do I say?" It's my turn to blog, and unlike many of my sister authors on this group, I don't have my article added already and scheduled to post. No... I jump on here at dinner thirty and try to think of something.

I've been working on book trailers lately, and have been perusing a really great site, so I thought I'd go over there and see if I could find an inspiring picture. On a whim, I typed "blog" into the search box, expecting "No results."

35 pictures came up. Most were icons or pictures of computers. They made sense in relationship to the word blog. And then there was this one. What the heck does this have to do with a blog?


Here are the keywords from the picture: beach, sea, water, boat, man, sky, coast, ocean, fish, sport, outdoors, recreation, people, fishing, fisherman, hobby, male, trout, rod, bass, catch, catching, blog.

Blog. Why? Maybe this was on someone else's blog? Maybe it's a theme picture for a blog about sailors? I don't get it.

There were some other pictures that struck me as odd as well. One was a bright glowing snowflake made of plastic or something, that you'd put outside at Christmas. A snowman that looked like he was in the same yard was just down the page a ways. And a picture of lit up presents wasn't far down from those.

I found two pictures of wallets, each with a pair of reading glasses atop them. Maybe if you have a blog, you need specs and have money. Right...


A huge house with formal gardens sat in the middle of the page. Its sophisticated appearance made me wonder as well. What in the world is the connection that would make you think "I need a picture of a mansion with gardens. What keyword should I use? I know! Blog." Nope. Just can't see it.

But there was one picture that probably has no more to do with blogs than any of the others I've mentioned, but for this blog, it actually works pretty well. It's the guy on the beach. He's not bad looking and has a nice body. Here are the keywords: beach, sea, water, man, sky, sun, shore, coast, ocean, blue, nature, summer, sand, vacation, holiday, relaxation, relax, coastline, wave, sandy, vacations, blog.

I might not have found it if I hadn't typed "blog" and hit enter, so who knows? Maybe an "off" keyword isn't all bad. But I don't think I'll add blog to the ones I use here.

Keywords are supposed to be keys to unlock an idea. Hmm. I guess the word blog worked for me. Maybe I should just be happy. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"What do you want, bat boy?"

“Damn, no. Not what I need.” Karoline scowled as the traffic light turned red.

She nearly uttered a quick spell to change it. But, instead hit the brakes hard. There’d been a rain shower earlier in the evening and her tires skidded a bit.

Once Karoline came to a full stop, she glared at the ticket camera. “I’m making it my business to fry your circuits. Tomorrow.” Gripping her steering wheel mercilessly, she muttered, “I should have been speeding, I would have made the effing --"

Smack! Crunch. The loud dull sound that meant another vehicle had struck her bumper charged through her an instant before her car rocked back and forth like a boat.

“What the freaking crap now?” With anger streaking down to her toes and blazing out the top of her head, Karoline threw open the door.

Blown by the strong gusting winds, wet autumn leaves struck her face, and glued themselves to her black velvet cape. Hiking her gown’s voluminous skirt, she launched outward. Her loose hair danced wildly, the strands slapping her cheeks. Heedless of any danger, Karoline marched toward the back of her car.

“Oh, wonderful, some prize idiot thinks he really is Batman.”

For a split second, Karoline hesitated taking in the futuristic, sleekly styled, black-as-midnight car. “At least, whoever, might be rich enough to pay for the damage. If not, I’ll add his ‘bat wings’ to my cauldron, and throw some gasoline on the flames.”

“Please, beautiful witch, not my bat wings.”

Startled that he’d heard her since he appeared to be coffin-sealed inside his bat car, Karoline was even more taken aback by the rich-as-dark-chocolate timbre of the man's voice.

Still, propelled by pure fire, she firmed her chin and approached as he rose upward. Good Goddess did he ever quit? Apparently not. He had to be well over six feet. Agile as a ballroom dancer, he stepped from behind the door’s long gleaming curve, and closed it with an elegant flick of his wrist.

Her head tilted backwards at a ridiculous angle just to see his face, and Karoline stopped in her tracks. Not that she could see his features since they were shadowed by the large cowl of his vampire costume. “What?” she snapped. "No bat wings springing up. Just a regular door.”

“I must apologize for our abrupt meeting. However, it seemed the only certain way to gain your attention.”

“Attention!” Karoline sputtered, burning at the stake of her own fury. “You run into my car to get my attention. Unbelievable.” Letting go of her skirts, she balled her fists. “One good aim,” she derisively muttered.

“Ah, yes, your athletic spunk is quite renowned within my circle.” He took a courtly step toward her. The unusual glitter of his pale eyes had her taking a mental step back. “I recall,” he suavely continued, “betting on you to win the cage match --"

“How did you...?” she interrupted. “No one knows about my fights.” Jerking in several breaths, Karoline assessed him. “Except my manager...because...”

“Yes, Jahrundi. Because he is your kind.”

Once she’d absorbed the shock, Karoline countered by narrowing her eyes. “What do you want, bat boy?”

She caught the hint of a smile before he lowered his head. He swept downward, and bowed in some sort of French, old-fashioned manner. At least, from the period epic movies she’d seen, that’s how it appeared.

Rising with more elegance than any man had a right to, he extended a card. When she didn’t take it, he deftly slipped it inside a vest pocket. “Ah, yes. One never knows the sorcery that could imbue a card of introduction. Is that not so, my beautiful Egyptian cat?”

A growl rumbled up from her belly, but with practiced ease, Karoline kept her cat from clawing its way out, and leaping for his oh-so debonair throat.

“I am Viscount Zavoyon Dicarlo, recently of Vhulferth Court.”

Ignoring his sinfully sexy voice, Karoline arched her brows high. “Not Count Dracula?”

“Would you like me to be Count Dracula on this All Hallow’s Eve?”

Her heart stopped and started, all while it felt like bats flapped their wings in the belfry of her loins. Damn! That was so not a good sign.

“I have a date. And I’m late. No thanks to you.” Noticing she stood on the balls of her feet, Karoline clicked down on the moderate heels of her witch shoes, as she called them. “I asked you a question. Viscount,” she enunciated snarkily.

“Indeed, may I address you as Karoline?”

He leaned forward ever so slightly, and Karoline suddenly had a full view of his face. She swallowed, hiding her gasp of appreciation. He certainly looked like some otherworldly immortal designed to excite a woman’s deepest passions.

“Oh, great, the tall, dark and mysterious Viscount, knows my name.” Shaking her head vigorously, Karoline sought to fling her hair back, now plastered to her face by a blast of wind.

“I must insist on escorting you out the arriving storm.” He offered his arm.

Gripping a swathe of her hair, Karoline stared at him as both of their capes billowed and whipped around them.

“Insist all you want. You know what. I’m leaving now.” She took several steps backward and prepared to dash to her car. Already drops of rain pelted her. Worse, he pelted her with those eyes that reminded her of perfectly cut peridot.

“I am in need of your assistance in removing a particularly vile curse from my sister.” His arm remained in position.

Karoline heaved in a breath, then shoved it out as fast. He didn’t lie. Not that she could tell, and she was good at knowing lies. Very good.

“Find another witch. I promised to help a friend tonight. I don’t break promises.”

Thinking she’d convinced him since he remained silent, Karoline pivoted toward her car door.


The name of the warlock shapeshifter who had almost possessed her sister’s soul caused Karoline to spin around. With her heart tripping painfully, she gazed at him. Keeping his arm in position, he approached her with the arrogant assumption that he had won her over.

“There is no need to break your promise. I will act as your date. Then we will depart for Vhulfeth Court.”

“I told you, Viscount. I already have a date.”

“Shall I use my powers of persuasion to dismiss him?”

Karoline gaped for a moment. Then, the force of a bonfire filled her, and livid, she snarled, “Bite me.”

“Never tell a vampire, ‘bite me’.”

He hauled her against him, his mouth crushing hers with such bold passion, Karoline didn’t fight. And, even as his fang slid down the side of her neck in a long slow caress, she clung to him.

“A small taste only, beautiful witch,” he rasped.

Dazed, almost delirious with desire, Karoline felt the needle-sharp prick of his fangs as they sank into her tender flesh, where her neck met her shoulder. As quick, the point of his tongue laved her wound, sensual and warm.

The Kougar’s news ~

I will be guest blogging at Fang-tastic Books ~ ~ this coming Wednesday, the *27th* ~ The Veil Between the Worlds... disappearing?


Savanna Kougar

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tiaras for tatas

I write erotica, so it should be no surprise to see me blogging about boobies. Boingy, bouncy, squishy, saucy boobies. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the U.S., which is why you might have seen burly football players wearing pink shoes or sweaty NASCAR guys driving pink cars.

In fact, there are a lot of ways to get involved in the greater effort to save boobies, but one of the funnest I've seen is this:

Tiaras for Tatas
“Fighting breast cancer, one sparkly headpiece at a time.”

Here’s the promo text lifted directly from the Tiaras for Tatas community blog:

Who we are: Five women who aren't afraid to wear a tiara in public, because we’re just that awesome, and because breast cancer is decidedly NOT awesome.

What we're doing: Using our powers of awesome and sparkly pink tiaras to raise money to support the ongoing fight against breast cancer by auctioning off special tiaras4tatas items. Who knows? We may even be able to get a photograph of your favorite celebrity in one of our fabulous tiaras.

All proceeds will go to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation through the Global Race for the Cure being held in Washington, DC, on June 4, 2011.

Note that I'm not actually on the team; I just think it's one of the funnest strategies in the greater push to save boobies ... plus, there's an outside chance that this effort will result (or has already resulted) in pretty pretty pictures of Ben Browder and Jason Momoa wearing tiaras, and I could go for that with a side of shirtless.

If you're keen to do it, you can follow Tiaras for Tatas on Twitter at @tiaras4tatas, spread the word, or donate directly to the tiaras4tatas team here.

Hooray for boobies. Boo for cancer.


Vivien Jackson is an erotica and erotic romance writer. This nibble has been cross-posted to her personal blog. Her erotic goodies are available at Paper Bag Press.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sultry Sunday- Room 11- new release excerpt

**Due to not feeling well this week, I have decided to make my Sultry Sunday post and easy one for me**
Here's an excerpt from my new release scheduled for February 11, 2011, called Room 11- I hope you enjoy

“Give me a second,” she said in between kisses. They parted slightly and she slithered out of her nylons. His lips were on hers immediately. He steered her backwards to the bed. When the back of her knees touched the bedspread he eased her down. She hiked up her skirt to her hips and scooted back on the bed to allow him room to stretch out his tall frame.

He knelt on the bed and lowered his upper body down to rest before her. She spread her legs and laid back ready for the pleasure and heaven of love making to start.
He slowly slipped his fingers between the silky fabric of her thong and her smooth inner thigh to ease the only barrier between him and heaven. Her essence was tantalizing his every sense. From the sight of her soft, pink lips to the trace of feminine moisture that was developing before his eyes, he instantly wanted to bury his face in the heat of her passion but he held off to heighten her arousal.

He heard her softly gasp when his finger brushed against her delicate inner thigh. The sound stimulated his arousal and he felt his cock throb with anticipation. But before penetration, he had other pleasures to offer her body. He wanted to bring her to the threshold of her first orgasm with his lips and tongue. He had visions of her back arching, her hips ellipsing to the rhythm of an unknown desire and her hands guiding his mouth to her button.

He removed her delicate thong and, starting mid-thigh, began kissing her exquisite skin. Her taste was like none he'd ever experienced before. Sweet and pleasing, inviting his attention. He felt her skin quiver, craving his touch.

With each kiss, he heard her breathing quicken . He began moving towards her center and the anticipation of where he was heading could be heard in the quiescent room.

From her erratic breathing to the gentle motion evolving in her hips, he knew she was getting lost in the need for him.

Room 11
will be available here.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Flirty Friday- The 3 T's of Sexting

I'm fairly new to texting and my husband is even newer. Since I first started texting last year I've learned a few tricks of the so-called trade. It's not only an easy way to stay in touch- it's a GREAT way to reach out and touch someone.

Touch their inner soul. Touch their rising libido.

Tease their imagination. Tease their already tempted sexuality.

And finally... tantalize their needs and desires.

From sending sweet little messages of love and admiration to down and out dirty sex talk- sexting is the ultimate way to arouse your partner.

Don't just send your partner the grocery list- send him or her your fantasy list.

Forget the "OK" and "Love you"- replace it with "I want you" or "I am so turned on right now".

Share brief sexual thoughts (ex. "Guess what I'm wearing right now?").

When the frenzy has built up make sure you follow through with it. Don't leave false hope...leave a lasting impression of pleasure and release.

**NOTE: Before hitting the send button- make sure it's going to the correct recipient.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday thirteen: Squicky sticky terminology

Was watching tweets squawk by the other day and noticed this gem:

@eroticawriter retweeting @rantyeditor: Phrases that shouldn't be used as euphemisms for vagina: womanly gash, secret garden, love nest, pleasure pit.

Right on.

I've been reading in romance and erotica for a long time, long enough to have my own personal list of Wince-Worthy Words (and Phrases). I'll just go on ahead and share:

Top 13 Squicky Sticky Words

-- heaving
-- turgid
-- creamy (as flesh; okay if you're talking about risotto)
-- orb
-- cup (as a verb; the noun is fine)
-- knob (unless you're talking about a door or a stereo)
-- helmet (unless mentioning protective headwear)
-- teat
-- weeping [genitals] (eek! get thee to a medical professional!)
-- grasping [female genitals]
-- sculpted [muscles/faces/etc]
-- satanic (as generally positive description of a man)
-- ministrations (perhaps my least favorite word of all time)

As an addendum, I contend that the phrase "to her very core" should be used chiefly when writing about sex among planets or apples.

Well, then. Yes, I do feel better now. Nice to get that out of my system.

How's about you? Got any terminology least-faves you'd like to ease off your brain before you dive into that next steamy novel? How about newfangled knock-your-socks off good phrasing that you've come across in your reading? Or, if you're a writer, have you turned one of these oldies-and-baddies into something fresh and new? If so, please share: my brain could use the happy of some well-done terminology.


In addition to being an avid reader, Viv writes erotica and erotic romance. This nibble has been cross-posted to her personal blog. Her erotic stories are available at Paper Bag Press.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

X-Cerpt: DOUBLE DARE by Jeanne St. James

What could be better than waking up next to a hot guy? Waking up sandwiched between two of them.

Quinn Preston, a financial analyst, is not happy when her friends dare her to pick up a handsome stranger at a wedding reception. What better reason to give up men when her previous long-term relationship had not only been lackluster in the bedroom but he had cheated?

Logan Reed, a successful business owner, can't believe that he's attracted to the woman in the ugly, Pepto-Bismol pink bridesmaid dress. And to boot, she's more than tipsy. After turning down her invitation for a one-night stand, he finds her in the parking lot too impaired to drive. He rescues her and takes her home. His home.

The next morning Quinn's conservative life turns on its ear when Logan introduces her to pleasures she never even considered before. And to make things more complicated, Logan already has a lover.

Tyson White, ex-pro football player, is completely in love with Logan. He has mixed emotions when Logan brings home Quinn. But the dares keep coming...

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme & content, male/male sexual practices, ménage (m/m/f).

Enjoy the following EXPLICIT scene from DOUBLE DARE, my best-selling interracial menage available from Loose Id in ebook here and also at Amazon in paperback here and for your Kindle here.

He crossed the room to snag her plate. “Good, because you’re not drunk anymore.”

After tossing her plate into the sink, he came to stand behind her chair.
Quinn’s heart skipped a beat before it resumed thumping furiously. Her breathing shallowed and her lips parted slightly.

“Your hair looks much better down.” His warm, deep voice sent a shiver down her spine. She refused to turn to face him. She was enjoying not knowing what he was doing, what he was looking at, how close he was, what he was going to do next.

She barely got out, “So does yours.”

His fingers curled over her shoulders, worked their way up into her hair, massaging against her scalp.

His hands flexed into fists, pulling her hair tight and he yanked her head back, forcing her to look up at him. Her neck was stretched over the back of the chair and she looked up into his serious eyes and was afraid.

No. She wasn’t afraid. She should be, but she wasn’t. She was titillated.

One corner of his mouth lifted and he let out a low growl. “Who said you could go into my drawers and borrow my stuff?”

Quinn opened her mouth to answer. But she couldn’t form any words. She didn’t know what to do.

“Did you have permission?” He gave her hair a slight yank and she groaned.
It hurt. But it hurt good.

Her breathing came rapidly and she whispered, “No.”

Quinn wrapped her hands around his wrists but didn’t try to pull him away.
It would be pointless anyway. He had to be three times as strong as her.
At least.

“How dare you touch something which isn’t yours?”

“I don’t know --” Her answer was strained, her neck was getting sore in that position and the blood was rushing to her head.

“That’s right, you like dares.”


“Yes, you do.”

Her chest rose and fell rapidly beneath the tautly pulled T-shirt, her nipples hard beneath the cotton.

“Do you dare me to make you pay?”


“Yes, punish you like this --” He buried his head into her neck, scraping his teeth along her strained throat, brushing his lips and tongue where his teeth had gone. His beard was too short to be soft; it was like sandpaper against her skin.

When his fingers loosened on her hair, she grabbed his biceps and pulled him toward her. Logan grabbed a handful of the T-shirt and pulled it up and over her head, covering her face, exposing her breasts.

She had never been blindfolded before. Especially during sex, if that was what this was.

She sucked in a breath and the cotton filled her mouth, she pushed it back out with her tongue and made herself calm down enough to breathe through her nose. His scent was infused into the fabric and she imagined his cock nestled in the same spot of his boxer briefs as her pussy was now.

Her nipples were tight and painful and her pussy pulsated. Yet, he did nothing. She sat in his kitchen, with a T-shirt covering her head, which was bent back over the chair, and she did nothing.

Only waited.

She tried to quiet her breathing enough to hear something, anything. She couldn’t.

She should move, leave, not just wait like the mouse being ready to be pounced on by the cat –

Something brushed her nipples. The pads of his fingers circled the hard points. The touch was light. Feathery.

She moaned and arched her back, needing him to do…


It was a rush, not seeing but just feeling. Not knowing what to expect.

He rolled both of her nipples between his thumb and forefingers gently.
Quinn twitched in the chair and she dug her fingers into his arms. He rolled harder and harder until he was twisting the hard nubs and tugging on her nipples.

Quinn cursed at him and grit her teeth, she ground her pussy into the hard seat of the chair, wanting relief but not, all the same. She wanted this to last.

She wanted more of this, more of him –

More.” She didn’t even recognize her own voice.

One hand released her breast and slid along her belly to dip down into the loose boxer briefs. Logan’s fingers played along her damp pubic hair, close but not touching where she needed him.

Still blinded, she felt along his arms, to his chest and brushed her palms over his nipples. His were just as hard as hers. She smiled into the darkness of the shirt.

Punishment, her ass.

She tweaked both of his nipples and flicked the nipple ring with a finger and she felt him shift.

His finger found her hot button and she forgot everything she had been doing.

Her clit was hard and wet, peeking out of its hood. He circled it with his thumb while parting her lips with his index and middle fingers. Her hips surged forward. She wanted him in her. She didn’t care what part of him, anything… fingers, tongue, cock. She was very empty and was desperate to be filled.

His fingers played along her labia and continued to tease her clit, keeping a rhythm which made her rock her hips in time.

“Fuck!” exploded from between her clenched teeth.

His fingers found the small stretch of skin between her pussy and her anus and he stroked it with slick fingers. He stroked back and forth, back and forth, occasionally touching her anus, making it clench, then back again to the edge of her pussy. Her pussy opened for him, wanting him, needing him.

“I’m going to fuck you.”


“Not when you want. When I want.”


His thumb dipped into her pussy slightly, her hips jerked forward to meet it.

“Patience,” he murmured. She was shocked to find the heat of his breath right above her mouth. His lips brushed hers through the fabric. She’d never felt a kiss like this before. It was like kissing through a veil.

The shirt prevented her from touching her tongue to his, from tasting him. His lips moved over hers, the cotton dampening from the contact.

He pulled away and Quinn felt a sudden sense of loss. She wanted to taste him without the barrier; she wanted to explore his lips, his tongue.

He had other ideas for his mouth. He leaned over her to cup her left breast; he raised it until she felt the suction of his hot mouth on her nipple. His tongue flicked against the hard tip, making her cry out.

She arched her back more, raising her chest to him. He sucked and pinched and nipped her breast.

Words were coming out of Quinn’s mouth; she had no idea what she was saying. She didn’t even care. All she cared about was he not stop.

Logan slipped two fingers inside her at the same moment he bit down on her nipple. Quinn cried out and blindly reached out to him, making contact with his rib cage. She dug her nails into his skin as he plunged a third finger into her as far as they would go. Her nails raked against him and she felt him shudder.

Her hips lifted off of the chair, thrusting against his fingers; she was so wet and slick they met no resistance.

Unexpectedly, he was gone.

He had stepped back out of her reach and Quinn whimpered.

Before she could protest, he lifted her out of the chair and pushed it out of the way. Logan nudged her forward until the heavy wood table was jammed against her hips. With a hand on her back, he pushed her over. In one yank, his borrowed boxer briefs were pooled around her ankles and cool air tickled her heated skin. He grabbed the back of the T-shirt and slipped it over her head so it was now around the front of her neck like a collar, her arms still snared in the sleeves. Her head was free now but because he was pinning her down with one hand her sight was still limited. And she wanted to see him…

She wanted to see all of him.

As he was seeing all of her.

The rasp of his zipper was mixed with the sounds of their accelerated breathing. The swoosh of his denim against his skin, as he stripped out of his jeans, made her start to shake.

Hard thighs, wiry hair, pressed against the back of her thighs. She tried to push back against him, but he pushed down on her harder.

“Don’t move.”

His palm skimmed down her spine and over one ass check, then the other.

“Don’t move from that position,” he warned. “Not even an inch.”

Or what, she wanted to know. What would he do? What could he do to her
that was already more exhilarating than what he was doing to her now? The thought tempted her to move, but she wouldn’t risk it. Not yet. She didn’t know him. She didn’t know his limits, what he was capable of.

And that made her cunt clench tight.

“Do you know what happens to bad little girls who borrow without asking?”

Oh, wait. That’s right. She was still being punished. Somehow she had forgotten.

“They get punished,” Quinn answered, not bothering to disguise the pleasure in her voice.

Then he smacked her ass check with his open hand, making her jerk forward in surprise. “That’s right.”

“Ow!” She was not expecting to be spanked. And it stung, to boot.

Logan smoothed his palm over the stinging cheek to soothe it.

“Not only did you borrow my stuff without permission, my shit’s going to need washed. You got the crotch all wet.”

He smacked the other cheek and, again, she jerked forward from the shock of it.

“Jesus Christ!” She wanted him to stop. No! No, she didn’t. Oh, my god, what was wrong with her?

“No complaining or it’ll just extend your punishment.”

Quinn felt the sweep of his long hair against her rear before his tongue smoothed along her smarting cheek. He licked her again and again, long slow strokes, until both cheeks were damp.

He smacked her once more and it stung worse because her skin was wet, but the sensation was more intense to Quinn. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought she’d be spanked by an adult as an adult. But she realized now what she had been missing. It was naughty and exciting and every time his palm made contact with her ass, a shot of lightning went right through her, making her nipples harder and making her inner muscles contract.

“Your ass is so red. It’s so pretty like that. So fuckable.”

“Then fuck me… please.”

She waited to be berated for speaking out. But he said nothing. Instead, he slid his cock over her burning cheeks and between them.

This was the first time since the beginning she felt fear. He was large.
Not as large as some of the men in the pornos she had seen in college. But larger than her ex.

She couldn’t see him since she was still pinned on her stomach, her arms bound in the T-shirt behind her back, but he felt as hard as steel, thick and long. He would never fit.

His balls hung heavy, rubbing against her slit. He squeezed her ass cheeks together and slid his cock between them, thrusting against her.

Quinn raised her hips and pushed her ass towards him, encouraging him to take the next step.

Logan leaned over her, grinding his hips into her ass harder while he licked along her lower spine, avoiding her bound arms. He nipped a shoulder blade. Her hands were free enough that, when she stretched her fingers out, she made contact with the head of his cock. It was slick and smooth and very, very hot.

She tried to wrap her fingers around him, but Logan pulled away.

“Don’t move,” he warned her again.

She didn’t. She didn’t want to miss this for anything.

At least she thought so until she heard the slide of a drawer. What was he getting? My God, what was he going to do with a kitchen utensil?

Quinn relaxed when she heard the ripping of a foil packet and the fleeting question of why he would have condoms in his kitchen left her when the tip of his cock was pressing against her entrance.

He rubbed the bulbous head back and forth, over her clit, up to her anus, making her wetter, slicker, more desperate for him to be inside her.

She was ready to scream in frustration when she felt him pushing her thighs wider with his own, nudging his cock between her lips, grasping her ass cheeks with his large hands, spreading her wide.

“Are you ready for me?”

Quinn had her forehead pressed against the table top, and she rocked it back and forth in a nod.

His fingers dug deeper into her ass cheeks. “I can’t hear you.”

She let out a shuddered breath. “Yes.”

“Yes?” The crown of his cock bumped against her pussy, not quite entering her. But so close…

“Yes, I’m ready.”

“Dare me to fuck you.”

She didn’t respond. She couldn’t. He slid his cock in only an inch. His head was wide and it stretched her. He was barely in her and she felt her orgasm already starting to build.

She tried to push back against him, to drive him home deep within her, but he restrained her hips in his grasp.

A shiver ran down her spine when he barked, “Do it!”

She clenched her fingers into fists and let out a long groan.

“I dare you to fuck me.”


She let out a long, low wail before screaming, “I dare you to fuck me!”

Quinn gasped as he drove his cock deep with a sharp tilt of his hips, deep enough to bump against her cervix. Her inner muscles clenched around him, not wanting to let him go when he pulled out. But before he pulled out completely he plunged into her again.

“Shit, you’re too tight. Relax.” His voice sounded strained but she couldn’t answer him.

She was tight, to the point of uncomfortable but he stretched her out more with every thrust of his hips. He released deep, soft grunts with each thrust.

“Your pussy is so hot.”

He smacked her ass cheek again, making Quinn cry out in surprise and jerk back against him harder. She wanted, she needed to grab on to something, but she couldn’t, her arms were still bound in the T-shirt, helpless. Her fingers wiggled, trying for something, anything to take a hold of.

“You’re so tight.”

Logan released her hips and leaned forward, pinning her fingers under his lower belly and he changed the angle of his hips, thrusting down. His cock brushed against her magic spot, making her knees buckle. She no longer held her own weight on the balls of her feet. He held her in place, held her where he wanted her. Took her at his own rhythm.

Her pinned fingers felt each bunch of his stomach muscles as he conquered her. Took her for his own.

She had never felt so completely under someone else’s control in her life.
Never. And she loved it.

Quinn realized she had been moaning the same two words over and over in rhythm with each surge of his cock deep within her.

Fuck me.

Fuck me.

Fuck… me.

He leaned his chest into her back, putting more of his weight on her, pinning her arms between them even more. He freed up one hand and slipped it between her and the table, pressing his fingers against her clit, making small, quick movements in contrast to his hips.

His other hand grasped her loose hair and he sunk his teeth into her shoulder as he ground against her, making small, quick thrusts, staying as deep as he could.

“Come with me.”

She did.

Quinn screamed as the spasms overtook her, rocking her whole body from the inside out. Her muscles gripped and released his cock in the hardest orgasm she had ever had. She didn’t even know it was possible for it to be this intense.

Logan cursed and she could feel his cock pulsating inside her, his hips moving uncontrollably as he came as hard as she did.

He stilled while she had some after-tremors. She felt weak and boneless.
Her muscles were loose and she didn’t know if she could even stand by herself.

But that could wait. She was still full of Logan; he was deep inside her yet and she wanted to take pleasure in the moment.

She had just had the best sex in her life and it was all because of a stupid dare.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A seemingly insurmountable problem

I was watching some movies the other day. They all had the common theme of facing that insurmountable problem. The one that you feel you have no way of overcoming. In one it was about a woman having an accident and ending up in a wheelchair. She refused to believe she was going to walk again despite people telling her different. Then she lost hope but her refusal to say quit came back to her and she kept at it. At it and at it until she made her goal. The insurmountable problem was conquered and kicked on it’s butt.

I’ve faced that insurmountable problem often. This is why the movie moved me so much. There has been some in my daily life that made me question why. I had to work my way through the problem. Find solutions and do all I needed to get to where I needed to be. Like the woman I kicked it’s butt and kept on going. It made me stronger than yesterday.

Now as for my writing and career. I’ve had the some insurmountable problems too. After having written so many books I still get that feeling in my stomach when I open the black page to start the story. That feeling of excitement and slight sickness. Will I be able to conquer that insurmountable problem of starting the story and I can’t wait to start? The two feeling combat each other. The fear and excitement. When I start it will I be able to finish it? After it is finished will it be any good? Will I get that contract? Will any readers buy it? If they do will they enjoy it or get it? These and many more questions fill me from blank page to completion and eventually publication. They are all a seemingly insurmountable problem.

In actuality they are not. They are what you make it. Just like everything in life. You are only limited by you. What you want to do. Your expectations and what you do to get them. Yes I do still get that feeling each time I open a document to write but I no longer see it as a seemingly insurmountable problem. I see it as a challenge that I will conquer and come out stronger than yesterday.

No matter what happens in life each seemingly insurmountable problem is nothing as long as you realize - everything can be handled one step at a time and with some belief that you will get where you need to be.

Taige Crenshaw is a multi-published author with books available at Ellora's Cave Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, Loose Id, and Total-E-Bound. Taige has been enthralled with the written word from time she picked up her first book. It wasn’t long before she started to make up her own tales of romance. With novels set in today, in alternate dimensions, or in the future she writes with adventure, fun sassy heroine’s, and sexy hero’s. Always hard at work creating new and exciting places Taige can be found curled up with a hot novel with exciting characters when she is not creating her own. Join her in the fun, frolic, interesting people and far reaches of the world in her novels. You can find out more about Taige at her website: or blog:

Wilde Seduction - What happens when a woman who doesn’t know how to relax meets a man whose lust for life will change her and make all her deepest desires come to life?

Buy here at Total-E-Bound.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Excerpt Monday - Fortunate Soul

Here's a little teaser from my WIP.
BLURB:He's gone from living on the streets of London to being a member of a powerful family and a partner in the family business. While Duncan focuses more on his career and leaves too much unsaid, he may lose the one woman who was always a friend and the chance of true love.

Duncan draped his jacket over the seat of his bike while he pulled his hair into a pony tail and tied his bandanna around his head. Weariness was revealed in green eyes. He winced when Chet slapped his back walking past him.

“Does your back still hurt, Dunc?” Max asked quietly.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “I think I bruised it when you took me down.”

“You want me to check.”

“Suit yourself.” Duncan raised his shirt over his head and raised an eyebrow at her.

Max knew he had scars on his body but seeing them this close gave her a knot in her throat. Some of the scars looked like they were made by fingernails others as if they were the result of a whip. One scar wrapped around his tight abs, over his hip and trailed into his pants. Disgusted with the thought he might have been telling the truth in his story of kinky sex that got out of hand but secretly hoping it was the reason. He was too nice of a person to be actually hurt by somebody.

She noticed the brown hawk birthmark on his shoulder; the same mark he shared with the all the McAlister men. Her eyes noticed a large blue-green bruise splayed across his back. She winced remembering how had Duncan had landed on the sidewalk.

“You have a nasty bruise. Do you want me to get some sports cream to put on it? It’ll help with the pain. You are going to be super tight when we get to Chicago if you don’t.”

“No thanks.” He pulled his shirt on and turned to face her. “I took some time-release capsule thing already. I should be okay. If it starts to tighten up, I’ll have you dig into your bag of voodoo and give me some mumbo-jumbo.”

“Fair enough,” then lowed her voice, “I’m sorry for flipping you like that.”

“Don’t worry about it. I figure if we ever get attacked by a vampire, I’ll dodge behind you.”

“Ha, ha.” Max faked a laugh. “Dunc?”


“How did you really get those scars? And don’t give me the usual story again.”

Duncan’s beautiful green eyes turned black, his face went pale. At first Max saw pain then anger; she had never seen such a change in his easy going demeanor. His eyebrows drew together, his jaw set. Looking over his shoulder to see Matt was sitting on his machine ready to ride.

“Let’s ride.” His voice was deep and he turned with a start.

Max quickly gathered helmet and frowned at his shadow before mounting her bike.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sultry Sunday- New Release Room 11

My newest release, Room 11, is scheduled to be published February 2, 2011, and here's an excerpt. Two high school classmates who never dated meet up on a social network website. Neither are looking for a relationship or commitment...until the finally meet up.

She was so excited when he'd first contacted her. It was like a dream. He sought her out. He connected with her. They'd been friends on the social network site for months and she'd been tempted many times to send him a message or chat with him but sometimes the timid Paige conquered the now outgoing Paige.

That was all about to change in a matter of minutes. They'd discussed for weeks about meeting. Meeting and have sex. Great sex all day. She mentioned a term she'd heard while shopping in the mall awhile back between to teenage girls. They'd used the phrase friends with benefits and the term struck Paige with a determination.

Friends with benefits. She mentioned it to him later that night and her idea was welcomed by him. He was recovering from a divorce a year earlier and wasn't looking to get involved but he missed sex. He was willing to be her friend with benefits. No attachments. No jealousy. And if he decided to sleep with someone else in the interim, she was okay with it. She understood.

Friends with benefits. Sexual benefits but no commitment.

It was perfect.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Covey Award Contest

My book cover for Breed True, done by Amanda Kelsey, is in this month's Covey Award competition. If you get a chance, I'm begging votes. Smile

Here's the link: Covey Award

Breed True is #22

Gem Sivad 


Friday, October 15, 2010


What's world building? Constructing an alien lab on Mars? Maybe a wolf's den where shapeshifters thrive?  How about 1878 Texas?
     Too dumb to understand the impossible task (thank God!),  I researched 1880's Texas fashions, customs and word usage. Then I found a site offering accurate 19th century maps, bought one, and chose a spot for my mythical town of Eclipse, Texas.
     When I wrote my first historical novel, I had no idea how difficult it would be to capturie the essence of an earlier time.
Intimate Strangers, my first novel, emerged from that process. Since then, I've written Wolf's Tender, Breed True, The Journal Of Lucy Quince, Five Card Stud, and Sweeter than Honey-- all set in Eclipse, Texas starring the people who live there. 
Intimate Strangers Blurb: Lucy Quince returns to Eclipse, Texas, a scarred woman with no memory of the family she left behind. Her quest to find her past, leads her to a hard-faced husband accused of her murder and children who think she ran off and left them.
Ambrose Quince is no fool. Second chances are rare in life. He vows to find the men who kidnapped and brutalized his wife. But first he has to regain Lucy's trust. She's the only woman he'll ever love...if he's a stranger to her, than by damn, he'll be an intimate stranger.
Excerpt Snippet:His chest brushed her shoulder and Ambrose leaned over her closer than necessary. Head even with hers, resting one hand on her back, he retrieved the slice of cake and inhaled deeply. “My God, I’ve missed that smell.” 
Rattled at his proximity, Lucy demanded defensively, “What smell?”
Ambrose paused, bending closer to her neck to breathe deeply. “…Salt …Sugar…Cinnamon…" 
“I thought you said I didn’t cook before. Did you hang your nose over the shoulder of somebody else who quit?” 
He stopped to consider, almost brushing his lips against her neck before he continued. “No other cooks, no other women. I guess I must be remembering you … the scent of Lucy Quince. That’s what I've missed-- the smell of my woman.”

What the Reviewers Said: 
                           Carol @ Love Western RomanceRating: 5 Spurs    
" compelling three-dimensional characters, an absorbing plot, intriguing suspense, a sizzling hot romance, and an insightful exploration of the building blocks of marriage. Definitely a keeper to be read  again and again."
Read Full Review
Buy Ebook  . Buy Print  .  Buy Kindle 
To find more of my Eclipse western erotic romances, visit me
 @ Gem's Place. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

13 Things Guys Find Sexy:

1. Wear a sundress… without a bra!

2. Use inappropriate vocabulary words in sexy situations.

3. Bake him something. And then feed it to him.

4. Text him exactly what you’re going to do him later.

5. Text him exactly what you want him to do to you later.

6. Take your clothes off without apology.

7. Order an ice cream cone – for two.

8. Forget to wear underwear. Then find a fun way for him to discover it.

9. Encourage him to go out with the guys and have a good time – then mention what you’ll be wearing when he gets back.

10. Become a rabid fan of his favorite sports team.

11. Buy him a drink.

12. Brush your lips across his neck.

13. Read him an erotic scene from a romance book. (You can read to him from any of the following books! *wink wink*)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Surfing the Galactic Internet

Model: Wulf Gabriel
 I spend a lot of time online, catching up with friends, contacting my editor, critique buddies, checking out blogs, and general networking. I also like to shop when I get the chance. That's why I created Imperinet.

Just like us, I figured that people in the Tarthian Empire, a futuristic society across the galaxy, would have an Internet as well. Since everything in an empire is imperial, I decided to call it Imperinet.

In my books, the characters use Imperinet to shop, watch entertainment, sports, concerts, and so on. Although the mock up on my website isn't nearly as functional (or holographic) as the "real" one, it's still fun. In fact, clicking on some of the ads will take you the "company" website. There are also art galleries with art by various Tarthian artists. The fact that these also happen to be cover artists of my books is a mere *cough* coincidence.

For example, in the empire, you pay for things with a deb. Not a type of money, deb refers to a debit device, worn as a bracelet (like a watch), a pin, a necklace, or other jewelry. It's also a GPS unit. In the empire, your deb has a holographic screen that pops out, and you tap the name of the place where you want to go. It then signals you regarding direction, and will guide you to the right trains, hovercars, or transits. Alternatively, you can talk to it instead. This is handy for people from other worlds who aren't native speakers. Each company has its own keyword. The ad shown in the upper left is for Life on the Beach, a franchise that specializes in beach wear, equipment, travel to and from the beach, and all things related. Their ad says "Tap Beach on your deb." By the way, the model in this picture is Wulf Gabriel, who at the time it was taken, was one of the top ten supermodels in the empire. You can read about him in almost any of my books, as he's a recurring character.

click to open as a gif animation
 One of the places where characters hang out is Batchelors. It's owned by Trink and Yvan, two lovers who used to be pleasure slaves. When they gained their freedom, they used savings (and a private investment from Luc Saint-Cyr) to build a restaurant/club. Opening night, Wulf Gabriel dropped in, bringing a group of his model friends and several people from an advertising agency. He had attended on advice of his agent, who was putting Wulf in a potential hotspot and using it to gain him recognition. That worked great for Wulf, right up until his boyfriend at the time broke up with him, right at Batchelors. Trink and Yvan befriended Wulf, let him stay the night at their place, and a lifelong friendship was born. Little did they know that friendship would reunite Wulf and Luc Saint-Cyr, as well as bring Luc back into their lives. There are now four Batchelors locations around the city, all partially owned by Luc, aka the Harbinger.

We Tell You the Truth

One of the facts of living in an empire is that it's possible to piss off the wrong people -- namely Empress Destoiya, aka the Conqueror. The Droid News Network's slogan is "We tell you the truth" which is not always what the Conqueror wants to be heard. Therefore, most of the time when you drop in on DNN's website, you'll find the site sporting a rather unique "under construction" sign and a lament about being repaired due to damage from Imperinet "upgrade" searchbots. You can't win them all. Notice the helmets on the workers.

Mariah's Realm of Pleasure

And of course, there's the local Mariah's Realm of Pleasure. Prostitution is legal in the empire, and tightly regulated. Although there are cases when money in certain pockets goes the wrong way, if you get my drift. Especially in the Antonello Brothers books At the Mercy of Her Pleasure and For Women Only. However, Mariah's is an empire-class establishment. Click the ad to see it full size.

The purpose of my website is to blur the line of reality between the Tarthian Empire's reality and ours. Is it bad for me to admit that sometimes I can't really tell the difference either? Hmm. Maybe I better just keep that off the record. ;)

Check out the links in this blog for some of the fun spots on the "net".

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tempting Tuesday - Gimme Chocolate

Chocolate or sex? According to a recent poll 59% of the women polled chose sex over the 41% who chose chocolate. I say, "Gimme Chocolate!" Not that I'd prefer chocolate over sex, I just feel that when used correctly, chocolate can be used as foreplay.

From the time the first coca beans were harvested by the Mayans, there has been the belief that chocolate has a euphoric impact on the body's senses. The conquistadors saw the Emperor Montezuma of the Aztecs consuming a large quantity of cocoa in the form of a beverage before entering his harem. The invading Spaniards spread the Emperor's belief that cocoa was an aphrodisiac and brought it to Europe. This belief was also shared by one of history's most famous lovers, Giacomo Casanova.

More recently it has been shown that not only does chocolate increase the sexual appetite but also produces a sense of elation similar to an orgasm. It is in fact the rush of endorphins produced by eating chocolates, particularly dark chocolates, which is most similar to the bliss associated with a healthy sexual relationship. Chocolate also contains phenyl-ethylamine which is known to stimulate the release of dopamine into the pleasure centers commonly associated with an orgasm.

According to behavioral research studying the sexual behavior of women has come to the conclusion “Women who have a daily intake of chocolate showed higher levels of desire than women who did not have this habit. Chocolate can have a positive physiological impact on a woman’s sexuality.”

Some might argue, however, that women who like chocolate are simply more sensually attuned. What do you think?

Here's a book I highly recommend.

Mary Quast is the author of the sensual contemporary romance Soul Series.