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Thursday Thirteen - A Killer Site

No, Jack the Ripper doesn't have his own website (well he does, but that's not what I'm talking about here) I'm talking about the kind of author websites out there that just rock my socks off. Not always in a good way. I'm going to list my thirteen do's and don'ts for an author's website.

#13 - Do: Group your books by series. Please. If you love your readers, you will do this one simple thing for them, and they'll love you for it. Here's a great example of this on Cameron Dane's website:

#12 - Don't: Assume your visitor knows what series they are looking for, or the titles of said books. If your book page is links of series names, and I have to click from page to page to find that one book that my bestie told me about six weeks ago...I'm going to give up and find an Amazon freebie.

#11 - Do: Show all your covers! I'm a visual person. Sometimes I only remember a book by the cover. I probably won't remember your title, even though you did spend six months coming up with it. See what I mean? This is perfect (I scrolled down a bit on Trina M. Lee's site, she does the series thing right too)

#10 - Don't: Use a funky font. Yeah it's cute in moderation, maybe blog post titles or something, but if I have to work too hard to read your blurb, I'll probably click out of your site.

#9 - Do: Tell me how to get a hold of you. Don't make me work for it either. A contact page that's easy to understand, with a form or a simple email link is all it takes. If I loved your book, I just might want to tell you about it, but not if I have to jump through hoops. Here's my contact page. Can't miss me...I'm all over the web, right?

#8 - Don't: Have a contact form or email address that you don't check often, or it goes to an unreliable address. If someone takes the time to email you, please have the courtesy to respond quickly.

#7 - Do: Make sure your website theme is relevant to your writing style. I don't want to see an urban banner with dark colors for an author that writes frilly inspirational books, and vice versa. My first impression should be your style, your mood...your genre. Just look at Jeanne's website. You just KNOW she writes hot stuff lol

#6 - Don't: Have porn on your site. Lots of us have kids, and they might happen to walk by our computer while we're browsing, and ask, "Mommy, what is that man doing to that lady?" And then we have to come up with a leap-frog slash hopscotch game that we end up having to demonstrate....but I digress. Shirtless men? Yes. Hell yes. Nothing wrong with that ;)

#5 - Do: Make your home page the most visually appealing. Half the time (maybe more, I didn't study this stuff guys) your visitor will reach your home page, and only THEN decide whether to click on to your books page or blog. You never get a second chance bla bla. Here's my idea of a great home page by Gem Sivad. You can't tell by this screenshot, but the picture there fades into mini excerpts of each of her books.
#4 - Don't: I wanted to put this on as the #1 don't, but it ties in to the home page thing. Don't have music autoplay. Please. This is a personal plea from yours truly. I'm a huge music fan. So huge that as I browse your site, I've already got my own music blaring in my ears, and yours will rarely harmonize with mine.

#3 - Do: Keep your website updated. Got a coming soon? Your website visitor needs to know about it. If it says "New Release" and the book came out 18 months ago, it might be time to change it to "Latest Release" or just "Available". (Why yes I *did* just bust out the King.)

#2 - Don't: Flood me with links. You want your website visitor to stay on your website as long as possible. Don't direct me elsewhere as soon as I get comfy! (I'm guilty of this myself)

#1 - Do: Include a buy button! I can't tell you how many times I find a book on a new-to-me site and have to hunt down a way to actually pick it up. Books are impulse buys. Grab me when I want it! Shiloh Walker has a link to all my favorite stores:

Now, as I'm searching the web for some great author sites, I was going to show you the professionals. Turns out the "pros" don't quite get it yet, but 99.9% of the e-published authors do. Seriously, my favorite author of all time, a NY big-shot (who won't be named here) has a website that pretty much fails on all of my "don't" criteria, and I refuse to visit her site. Okay, that's my little instruction manual for authors, because I'm a reader too! Now it's your turn. Tell me what you like to see in an author's website. Bells? Whistles? Free chocolate?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Toys toys toys

I like toys. No, I'm not talking Matchbox and Polly Pockets. Am talking Hitachi and B.O.B. And talking about these things with me today is Brie Sheldon, who, as a Pure Romance representative, is kind of an expert on such things.

Viv: First the myths about toys and aids. Shall we start by blowing some of them up? Explode these, please:

Myth 1. If you have a great sex life (compatible partner, good sex drive, etc.) you don't need any toys or aids.

Brie Sheldon: I disagree! Toys are useful for more than just people without partners or who feel they don't get the most out of their sex life (although they are certainly very useful for those people!). The key to using toys in a great sex life is using them to experience new sensations and make your sex life AMAZING instead! Toys can be good for mutual masturbation and for assisting oral sex, too. Ever hear of a hummer? They're amazing when you hold a bullet vibe to your cheek!

Many women don't experience orgasm from vaginal penetration only and need clitoral stimulation, so bringing a bullet vibrator into the bedroom to use in tandem with your partner can make it more likely that you'll have more orgasms -- good for the body, good for the soul! Not to forget the g-spot -- stimulating the g-spot can give women an orgasm that's completely different and even stronger. The more you stimulate it with g-spot toys, the more likely you are to orgasm from penetration, and the easier it is to orgasm in general.

It's also good for men -- stimulation of the prostate can make sex even better. Using anal toys (with the proper safety and sanitary measures in consideration) can really feel good for guys, and can change the dynamic in the bedroom.

Toys are good for couples who spend time apart, too. The male masturbation aides can help women feel a little more secure if their male partners travel a lot (particularly nice for soldiers), and it makes phone sex even better when you have a hand-operated partner to help you out!

Myth 2. Only porn actors or tramps use toys.

Very untrue! Toys are for everyone (of age). I have met people in many different lines of business and of nearly every age that use toys. They are helpful for people in almost any situation -- from young people still trying to learn about their bodies, to seasoned adults trying to learn about their bodies! They're good for improving your relationships both by experiencing new sensations and increasing communication. Often, bringing a toy into the bedroom will spark conversations about preferences and kinks -- something that every couple should talk about.

Myth 3. Playing with bondage accessories means you're into BDSM.

Not necessarily. Using a small whip or cuffs in the bedroom on occasion is just an enhancement -- it isn't a lifestyle or something that cements you as being into the culture of BDSM. It's something to spice things up. Some partners really enjoy having just something new, a new type of situation, roleplaying, that kind of thing. It doesn't mean you're a masochist or that you like it rough, from my perspective -- it's just something fun.

Myth 3a. And that's a bad thing.

When it comes to sex and sexual preferences, I don't really think there is a "bad" kink. So long as the people involved are consenting adults who both have agreed to the terms, and both parties know and use a safe word, I think it's a matter of what makes you happy and what fulfills you sexually and emotionally. Even in vanilla sex, a safe word is always a good idea -- sometimes you just need to stop doing what you're doing. Communication is key in that. BDSM is not, as a rule, a dangerous or bad thing. In fact, experimenting with bondage can really give an opportunity to exercise trust and learn boundaries with partners.

Myth 4. Using a toy means you're lonely or can't get a real live partner.

No way! Sex -- even sex by yourself -- is healthy! If you aren't having sex regularly with a partner, masturbation is a good way to learn your body, get your heart pumping, and increase all those feel-good hormones. The thing is, the more you have sex, the more you want it and the more your skin glows and your confidence grows. Even if that sex is with B.O.B. or P.E.T.E., you can bet that having a little "you" time before you head out dancing will make you feel more confident and sexy. Isn't that what people always say they want in a potential partner: confidence?

It's also really important to know that not everyone wants a partner, and even for those people who do, sexual activity still can help lower blood pressure and increase confidence in all areas of life. When you know your body and you know what you like, it makes a lot of things easier. That's part of what I get out of my job -- knowing that I am helping people feel better about themselves, helping them own their bodies and their sexuality.

And now a couple of general-purpose questions. First, what do you suggest for folks who are allergic to latex but don't want to use hormones or surgical prophylactics?

As far as other options for birth control measures when it comes to latex allergies, the best option (aside from avoiding actual sexual penetration) is polyurethane condoms -- they're just as effective and solve the problem with ease. Most female condoms are made of polyurethane, and they also have the benefit of putting birth control in the hands of the woman -- something I think can give women more security with sex. There are also options like contraceptive sponges, but they are less effective and have a risk of increased infections (yeast or urinary tract) and have no impact on protecting against sexually transmitted infections or diseases, and lamb skin condoms, which are reliable to prevent pregnancy, but again, not sexually transmitted infections or diseases.

Finally, I really hate that chemical smell of KY and other lubes, but I hear tell that natural lubricants like plain old oil or lotion aren't as effective. Solution?

As I like to tell my friends, we totally have something for that! If you're not into KY and you want a lubricant that doesn't smell or feel weird, you want to use a water-based lubricant like Just Like Me. Just Like Me is one of my favorite products -- I call it my Holy Hand Grenade of sex. It's water-based, so it works just like the natural lubrication in your body, and it has a unique rewetting quality so it keeps you lubricated longer. It's great for women with sensitivities, and it's an excellent "everyday" lubricant.

For longer "sex sessions" and shower fun, there are silicone-based lubricants like our Pure Pleasure and Pure Silk. They last longer, but still have no weird scents or flavors, and work well with your natural pH.

Another option is a playful lubricant -- if you love oral sex but aren't too big a fan of the flavor, we have products like Great Head (which really helps with the gagging for fellatio), Sensations -- a warming lubricant that frankly tastes delicious, and Whipped, which is great for the male masturbation aides and c-rings. Whipped also tastes fantastic!

Thanks for weighing in on all things Toy, Brie. You've certainly given me some good ideas for behaving badly.

Vivien Jackson writes about characters having sex. A lot.

Brie Sheldon is an official Pure Romance representative. Her online storefront is here, but she encourages folks interested in products to e-mail her beforehand, just in case there are any specials.

Monday, March 28, 2011

It's almost better than sex.

by Becca Simone

Some nights, I actually prefer this to sex.

No, I’m not talking chocolate. I’m talking a great foot massage.

Having someone rub my feet is the ultimate in luxury. It makes me feel pampered, special, and most of all it just feels damn good.

Here’s how to give the perfect foot massage.

Step 1: Make sure your lover's feet are clean. There’s nothing less sexy than stinky feet LOL. Soak feet in warm water for 5-10 minutes. You can include a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you want. While one foot continues to soak, lift the other one out and thoroughly pat dry with a fluffy towel.

Step 2: Have your lover sit in a comfortable chair and elevate his/her foot on a padded stool. Kneel in front of them.

Step 3: Apply a liberal amount of thick cream or mineral oil to your hands. Keep the bottle nearby for more application.

Step 4: Start massaging the top of the foot, with long sweeping motions from toes to ankle. Spend about a minute here.

Step 5: Move to the instep, with sweeping motions again at first, then use your thumb in small circles to apply deeper pressure. Spend another minute here.

Step 6: Move to the sole of the foot, rubbing the thumbs across the arch, from the heel to the ball of the foot. Focus on the arch for a minute or so, kneading and pressing into the tight muscles with your thumbs and knuckles.

Step 7: Focus for a minute or so on the ball of the foot, pressing into the area between each of the toes. Use a pressing, circular motion.

Step 8: Turn your focus to each toe, starting with the baby toe. Rub each toe between your fingers, then after all the toes have been massaged, slide your index fingers between each toe 5-6 times. Then, slide all your fingers between all their toes at once. Slowly slide your fingers in and out, 5-6 times.

Step 9: Wipe all the excess cream or oil from the foot, and cover the foot with a cotton sock or footie.

Step 10: Start again at Step 1 with the other foot.

Step 11 (THE most important step): Change places and have your partner give YOU a foot massage.

Whatever comes next is entirely up to you...

Becca Simone writes erotic romance for The Wild Rose Press. Mr. Simone isn't crazy about giving foot massages, but he sure likes to receive them. This unfairness is why Becca's heroes ALL love giving foot massages to her heroines. In fact, it's a rule. You can learn more about Becca at her website.

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Guest Paranormal & Contemporary Romance Author Jo-Anne Kenrick

Today's guest is paranormal and contemporary romance author JoAnne Kenrick-

Before we get started talking about your books, tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What is your occupation outside of writing?
Without giving the whole dramatic 'hi, my name is JoAnne, and I'm addicted to reading' intro, let me just say I read..too much. I write. I tend to my family. And I have a mad fascination with anything paranormal/supernatural. When I lived in the UK, I actually worked as A Ghost Tour Guide. But these days, my writing is my work.

What are your favorite books to read?
I will seriously read anything that has a fantastic cover, promises hot scenes, or has a unique paranormal-esk premise. Some of my favorite authors are Lara Adrian, Sara Taney Humphreys, Olivia Cunning, Ciar Cullen, Denise A Agnew...gosh I could go on. So many! I could have a list pages long if you let me carry on.

Aside from your successes in the writing industry, what in your life has given you the greatest sense of accomplishment?
My children, and our family as a whole. We have gone through so many changes. Yet through out it all, we've stuck together and supported each other. Each and everyday, I see what wonderful human beings my children have turned into. They aren't mean, or selfish, and they don't act up as I see other children do. Aww proud Mum! As for personal accomplishments, my huge biggy is getting published; so hard not to mention that. LOL. The big bang, though, is me finally getting in the car and learning to drive. I have had a major fear of driving for most of my adult life. In the UK, and Oz, it just isn't necessary to drive. Since moving to the States, I've learned I can't live without a car here. So I'm learning. It's not going as bad as I thought it would, either. Heck, I was on the freeway last weekend, and plan on driving all the way to the coast for Easter Break (4hrs drive). So yeay me!

You write in the erotica genre. How did you decide this was the best genre fit for you?
My first book, When A Mullo Loves A Woman, has one hot kissing scene and one very beautiful sex scene. It was perfect for that story, and anything else would have taken away from the intricately plotted story and lessened the touching scene when they finally do 'unite'. Don't get me wrong, I didn't purple prose it. But it is more touching than smutty, and more romantic than multiple positions. Reviews came in. People LOVED the well plotted story with twists and turns enough to make a head spin, even gaining it five stars from many. But I do get the odd comment that it wasn't 'hot' enough. Well, rather than sit in a pool of 'ugh they don't know what they're taking about' I listened to my readers and added a hot hot hot sex scene into a story I was writing 'just to see if I could'. And then another. And another. Before I knew it, I had a very steamy book and it had come very naturally to me...and it's good if I do say so myself. Seems I had a hidden talent. Said book is now is submission, and I have many other equally saucy books in the making. So watch this space!

When you’re painting an erotic scene in your novels, how do you keep your ideas fresh and different from what everyone else writes?
I don't think about that. When I write sex scenes, they are unique to those characters – the characters tell me how that scene should play out. I might tweak it later on to choreograph it better. But initially, it's never a conscious decision to have them swinging from a chandelier or, as with my current book in submission (80s rock novella), sexing it up the Harbour Bridge.

How many books have you written and how many of those are published? And any exciting publishing plans for the New Year?
My debut book, When A Mullo Loves A Woman, came out December 2010, and is with It's a paranormal romance mystery based around the ancient gypsy legend of Mullo (undead) and past lives. It is snagging great reviews from the likes of Bitten By Books and The Romance Reviews! At present, it is available is all major eBook retailers, but it's going to print very soon. You can find out more about my debut book here:
Hopefully, I'll have news to share about my first super hot 80s rock novella soon! They'll be three in the series. I also have a full paranormal in the works with a hot hero that should be named Thor, he's so caveman! And I'm working on an urban legends type series using my days as a Ghost Tour Guide for inspiration. Yes, lots going on, and not to mention Mullo book two that is set in Pearl Kizzy's (and my father's) homeland of Liverpool.

How much character and plot detailing do you plan out before you begin writing a novel, or are you a “pantser” (fly by the seat of your pants)?
I get an idea. I run with it. When i've written the first draft, that's when I become the plotter. The story gets ripped apart, turned upside down and inside out. By the time I'm finished, it's almost a different story. It's my process, and it works for me.

How and when do you write? Do you keep yourself on a schedule or do you work while the muse is with you?
I write when the family are out. Usually in the mornings, until an hour before my daughter is due home. Then I'll run around the home and do half the jobs I should have done that day such as washing, cleaning etc... sometimes I write in the evenings, too, when the muse or plot bunnies strike. That's when I have to use headphones; to block out all distraction. Yeah, I get distracted so easily. Thor adverts are a major distraction at the moment.

If you could give one piece of advice to writers trying to get published, what would that advice be?
Just one? Hokay, kill joy!
Follow all the publishers and agents you apsire to be published with. Watch for their tweets, blogs and snippets of advice..because they do throw them out there...and reply to them, make note of them and put them into practice. Get your name known. It doesn't help them decide to buy your book, but it helps build a relationship with them so when they do receive your work, you will already have a connection. If it's a rejection, it may end up being a rejection with notes – that's always a plus! If it's a contract offer, then you will find it easier to communicate with them.

Where can we read more about you and your work?

My Website
My Romance eBooks Haul Vlog
I blog here along side other paranormal authors
I blog here along side other authors

When A Mullo Loves A Woman, paranormal romance /mystery
Available in all major ebook retailers, and soon print.

Adam Flint's Gypsy visions always guide him to those who need his paranormal gifts. He gets more than he bargained for in Pearl Kizzy, a beautiful spitfire from Liverpool. Adam knows that to save Pearl, he must help her accept her own Gypsy heritage. Although Adam and Pearl fight their burning attraction for one another, a night of passion sparks memories of their treacherous former lives. Unable to face the loss of Pearl in this century, Adam scrambles for distance from the love of his life. A rejected Pearl falls into the arms of a Mullo -- a gypsy legend of the undead--who lays claim to her heart, and her life. To survive, Adam and Pearl must accept their tragic part, and find a way to kill the undead.
Mullo is a gypsy legend of the undead - read all about it here and here)

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Romance in the Rain

(This is a reprise of a blog I did for a tour last year. I decided to share again because I liked the pics so much.)

So glad you decided to take a stroll through early spring with me...

New beginnings,  the wildly orchestrated outpouring of exotic color, tantalizing scents, wet heat, raging storms, the  courtship of mating animals...
Hmmm...that sounds like an erotic romance.
Spring rainIs it seductive? Sensuous? Arousing?
What do you think?
Lovers touching because they must...
Elemental passion...
Tender looks...
Moments of surrender...
Heated lust...
Oblivious wonder in a dreamlike state....
Erotic hunger
Spring~ the urge to mate...
For western erotic romance, a little historical whimsy, contests, and author updates, visit me @ Gem's Place

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Fetish Friday

I started wring a sweet romance about a one night stand between a lady cop and a lawyer but somewhere along the line the characters took over the story and sexed it up. Bring out the leather and restraints... I'm off to write about something I have no idea about.

So what do I do?

What any good author does... RESEARCH. Here's where hubby has that Cheshire Cat grin. No, really... I've been pouring over books (fiction & non-fiction), interviewing various Doms and subs and letting my imagination go.

According to Wikipedia: BDSM is a consensual lifestyle choice, or type of adult role-play between two or more individuals. The compound acronym, BDSM, is derived from the terms bondage and discipline (B&D), dominance and submission (D&S), and sadism and masochism (S&M). BDSM includes a wide spectrum of activities, forms of interpersonal relationships, and distinct subcultures.

I found the best help on the subject (other than personal interviews) was the online site Seekers. This site states,

"D/s is a lifestyle choice, Domination and submission, where people live their lives opting by nature to be either Dominant or submissive. In a relationship the one complements the other and is based on the gift of submission, and absolute trust."

I must say this sight was not only helpful with my work, but I thought the owners handled the subject in a fundamental and considerate manner. As a "vanilla" person, I felt very comfortable thumbing through the pages of information.

Writing this book has become a whole new experience for me and has opened a door I always thought was best kept closed. Not only am I becoming a better writer because of my research but I've also developed a sincere respect for my friends who delve into this world.

Thank you to all who have opened their world to me.

Never be afraid to ask questions,
the answers may amaze you.

Mary Quast is the author of the Soul Series.
Check out Mary's
website and blog

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13 Ways to Recognize a Good Friend

I've always heard that the difference between a friend and a good friend, is that a good friend knows all about you and likes you anyway. In that spirit, I'll tackle thirteen ways to recognize a good friend. If any of you have a "good friend" story you'd like to share, please do!

1. They cover for you when you really screw up

2. A friend will bail you out of jail. A good friend will be sitting right beside you, going, "Damn, that was fun!"
3. If you were to jump off a bridge, a friend might try to talk you out of it. A good friend would be at the bottom to break your fall.
4. A good friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.
5. Many people will walk in and out of you life, but only good friends will leave footprints in your heart.
6. A friend remembers your birthday. A good friend knows when you'd rather forget it!
7. A good friend is cheaper than therapy.
8. A good friend remembers what we were,  and sees what we can be .
9. I asked God for a flower, he gave me a garden. Asked for a friend, he gave me you.
10.  Good friends don’t let you do stupid things alone.
11. A good friend can make up for a bad family.
12. Good Friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support.
13. But remember, a dog isn't *always* man's best friend. Especially if the man hasn't been that friendly himself!

I'd love to hear your quotes and of course, your stories!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jennifer Jakes & Rafe's Redemption

Historical and tine travel romance author Jennifer Jakes joins An Open Book today to discuss her upcoming historical romance book, Rafe's Redemption, and how her writing career began. Rafe in my opinion is sexy, "have to get me some of that man- candy" kind of a guy.


He rode into town to buy supplies, not a woman.
For hunted recluse Rafe McBride, the raven-haired beauty on the auction block is exactly what he doesn't need. A dependent woman will be another clue his vengeful stepbrother can use to find and kill him. But Rafe's conscience won't let him leave another innocent's virginity to the riff-raff bidding. He buys her, promising to return her to St. Louis untouched. He only prays the impending blizzard holds off before her sultry beauty breaks his willpower.
She wanted freedom, not a lover.
Whisked to the auction block by her devious, gambling cousin, and then sold into the arms of a gorgeous stranger, outspoken artist Maggie Monroe isn't about to go meekly. Especially when the rugged mountain man looks like sin and danger rolled into one. But a blizzard and temptation thrust them together, and Maggie yearns to explore her smoldering passion for Rafe.
But when the snow clears, will the danger and secrets that surround Rafe and Maggie tear them apart?

Before we get started talking about your books, tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What is your occupation outside of writing?

I live in the Midwest -- Missouri -- land of changing weather. Our saying is: You don't like the weather in Missouri, wait a minute.

Occupations...........well, there have been quite a few. My mom used to call me the, Jenn of all trades. I guess I'm easily bored.

My most exciting occupation has been driving a dump truck -- and not just because of the perks (otherwise known as bare chested construction workers).

What are your favorite books to read?

Historical romance. They don't have to be erotic *grin*, but I do prefer them to be "hot". Historical westerns are my favorite, but I enjoy some Regency authors.

Aside from your successes in the writing industry, what in your life has given you the greatest sense of accomplishment?

Taking the opportunity to learn (and enjoy) the different jobs I've had. My husband taught me to drive a truckwhen we opened our business.

You write in the erotica genre. How did you decide this was the best genre fit for you?

Whenever I read "sweet" romances or even those slightly hotter, I felt there was something missing. While I love the sensual tension, the build up

of non-erotic stories, I also want the pay-off;) When I started writing, there was no other path for me to take; there was never a question in my

mind as to whether or not I would write erotic.

When you’re painting an erotic scene in your novels, how do you keep your ideas fresh and different from what everyone else writes?

That is the million dollar question;) There are so many great erotic authors and . . . there are only so many ways to do "the deed".

I think building the characters is the key. If readers feel something, feel each emotion of that character, that makes an erotic scene

stand out.

How many books have you written and how many of those are published? (Please list the names of your books here). And any exciting publishing plans for the New Year?

I started writing novellas. I think I have 4 or 6 of those. RAFE'S REDEMPTION was my first full length and my first published work. My plans for 2011 are to

take a few of those novellas and polish them for publication. I'm also working on another full length set in 1898 during the Alaskan (Klondike) Gold Rush.

How much character and plot detailing do you plan out before you begin writing a novel, or are you a “pantser” (fly by the seat of your pants) ?

I'm a recovering "Pantser". With my WIP I know all my character's background from childhood to adulthood, and I've done a

rough time-line of events for the story to keep me on track.

How and when do you write? Do you keep yourself on a schedule or do you work while the muse is with you?

If I don't keep myself on a submission rotation with my critique partners, then my writing resembles binge/purge. I do work better

under pressure, but I'm trying to develop good habits.

If you could give one piece of advice to writers trying to get published, what would that advice be?

Study the craft!

Where can we read more about you and your work? (websites, blogs, facebook, twitter, fan email address, etc)



TWITTER: @erotichistory

EXCERPT from Rafe's Redemption

Maggie wanted freedom, not a lover…

Oh, Lord. He was going to kiss her. She shouldn’t want this. She was confused enough.
Respectable women didn’t kiss men they barely knew, certainly not men who made them have wild,
exotic dreams.

It was crazy. He was making her want crazy things. Making her not give a damn about her reputation
or her virginity. Or her long-awaited freedom. All she could think about was that dream, and the way
his sinful mouth had felt. The table was only a step away, and honey was just as sweet as peach juice…

She swallowed hard and looked up into his hooded eyes.

“Maggie,” he groaned. “Don’t be scared. I’d never hurt you.”

Her mouth parted to object, but firm lips covered hers, hungry, demanding. She gasped, shocked at his
hunger, but even more at the illicit response coursing through her. An aching heat unfurled low in her
stomach, pulsed between her legs. Oh, yes. It started just like in the dream.

He deepened the kiss, coaxed her lips with his warm tongue. Long, languid strokes teased the inside of
her mouth, encouraging, tempting before he pulled back to nibble the corners of her lips.

Oh, God. Is this what all kisses felt like? Hot, lethargic? Melting her like molasses over warm bread?

“Kiss me, Maggie,” he breathed.