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Hope's Journey #Triadlove #ParanormalRomance

Book One


Was it love if it broke the rules? Hope was brought up to believe that love looked a certain way. It acted a certain way, hell it even smelled a certain way. So why didn’t she want the mother approved love she saw on her television screen? Her heart longed for something that she knew the world around her would not accept.

Seth was exiled to this planet for being something he couldn’t change. His option had been the right according to his family. All he had to do was die as he renounced the sin that was buried in his blood and marrow. That would allow others like him both male and female to renounce their wicked ways and to die with the blessing of the great one on them. He chose to keep living.

Logan had a choice, but to him, it was a non-choice. He could renounce Seth and all that he stood for or he could go through the turmoil of living life on the run until he was exiled along with Seth. He chose a life on the run fighting for what was right.

Three people one fatal meeting that will change not only their lives but the shape of the world they live in.

The world will tell you to be content as it steals your joy from you one breath at a time. This is the journey of Hope, Seth, and Logan as they travel to find a different kind of love.

This book is for people who are 18 and older. It is an adult book that features a triad union. It is mmf and mfm. Why? Because people in love touch.

Chapter One:

“Report.” Logan was sitting on the couch with Seth lying beside him, feet in his lap. They looked like the perfect couple, but they weren’t. Their penthouse held five other couples that looked perfect on the outside but were hemorrhaging on the inside.
Maverick gave his report without glancing at his notes. Their company was doing well, not that they doubted it or needed it. Independently they could live several lifetimes without thinking of money. Together they could buy and sell the earth and a few other planets.
“This is our life now,” Seth threw his hands wide to indicate the floor to ceiling windows.
It could be worse. It had been worse for them. “Seth, my love, what would you have us do? You’re a fierce warrior we all are, but the twelve of us aren’t enough to fight that battle.”
“I know, there are days I feel like we gave up.”
They led the fight for independence on their planet. What they quickly learned was there can be no independence if the people weren’t ready to stand up for themselves.
“It will be thousands of years before anyone else is born who looks like us,” Morgan told him. “We are too few and too far apart.”
Seth sighed. “I know you’re right, but it’s not fair.”
“Look around you Seth, life’s not fair.” Brice spread his hands indicating the same windows.
“At least here we have a chance,” Dax, Brice’s partner told them.
“You think so? These humans have no more leniency towards something they don’t understand than our people did. Besides, we don’t fit in with any of their letters.”
“We don’t have to. They at least have a subsection that understands it’s wrong to hate based solely on the fact that the other person doesn’t look or act like you,” Tate, Maverick’s partner told him.
“You’re right. You’re all right, today just isn’t my day,” Seth told them. They all nodded in agreement. They had been exiled to this ball of nothingness for more years than any of them wanted to remember. At least they were still alive.
“Logan and Seth either feed us or let us go home,” Dax told them. Everyone groaned, but they agreed it was time to eat. Their business was done for the day and remembering the past wasn’t going to help, an exile was an exile.


“Wake up sleepy, you said you wanted to go for a run today.” Logan ran his hand through Seth’s hair. It never failed to amaze him how beautiful it was. His black hair sat on his shoulders with rose highlights. All-natural, although they never told anyone that asked.
“I’d rather be kissed by you.”
Logan leaned over pressing his chest to his partner's chest, sad that he couldn’t call him his mate. At least they had this. He took Seth’s mouth in a deep kiss, winding his tongue around his like a serpent.
“So good, how could I live without this?” Seth breathed out as Logan began to make his way down his chest to his nipples. The first touch made his cock hard and needy. “Please Logan.”
Logan teased him allowing his fingers to play with his other nipple as Seth writhed under his body. There was something about seeing Seth give himself fully in pleasure that made Logan crave all they couldn’t do. He switched nipples and Seth’s whimpers were music to his ears. His partner, best friend, the person who nursed him back to health when needed. He would give him the fantasy if only he could.
“Stop, I can hear you thinking. All you have to do is love me.”
Logan kissed his body, licking, and nipping along the way. Seth was hard with a layer of softness that covered his muscle. There was nothing like feeling both at the same time. He stopped at his abs to pay special attention to them before going on.
When he reached his cock, he stroked it with his tongue and then his finger. This is what all the fuss was about. How could what he did in the privacy of his bedroom that caused no one pain or shame be the subject of so many mouths?
“Hand or mouth?” Neither would ever use the other in a way they felt was natural between males. They both had been raped too many times to talk about it.
He opened wide taking Seth’s cock to the root. It was thick and long. but his people had no problem swallowing one whole. He sucked and worked his throat until Seth was begging for release under him. Seth’s hands found his hair tugging. Taking pity on his partner he stroked the sensitive area between his balls at the base of his dick. Seth came with a scream that was probably heard in all the other penthouses unless they were too busy pleasing their partners.
“Logan that never gets old.” Seth laid on the bed like he ran a marathon.
“It doesn’t, but I think you’re getting old. You used to have more energy.”
“Crawl over here and I’ll show you energy.”
“Nope, you begged me not to let you miss your run today.”
“I hate when I get obsessive about things.”
“That obsession has saved our lives more than once. Go run, it’s probably nothing, just another person speculating on why our group is so weird. If it’s a rumor we need to kill, having a heads up would be nice. If it’s a human, it’ll give us time to plan the hunt.”
“I’m going, I need a shower, the urge hasn’t hit yet.” He rolled out the bed. Logan laughed as he took a minute to make sure his legs were steady before walking to the bathroom.
“Laugh it up Logan your turn is coming.”
Logan applied pressure to his cock, it was ready to go now. If he didn’t Seth would miss his run. If Logan had learned anything it was to listen when Seth said I have a feeling.
There was a knock at the door. He slid on a pair of boxers and went to answer it.
“Has Seth gone on his run yet?” Maverick was standing there with Tate at his side.
“It’s Sunday,” Logan stepped away from the door. “I thought you’d be sleeping in.” Which of course was code for having sex.
“We can sleep in whenever; Tate says whatever is going to happen on this run will change our lives.”
“I didn’t want to hear that, whatever you do don’t tell Seth. No need to put pressure on him.”
“Who’s putting pressure on who? Hello, Maverick and Tate, what got you out of bed so early?”
“I was determined to see you in a towel. Those legs sweetie.”
Seth rolled his eyes at Tate’s antics. The only person Tate was interested in was Maverick.  “Right, since no one is going to tell me what is going on, as usual, I’m going to get dressed.”
“What if the human’s found out about us?”
“You’re borrowing trouble Tate,” Logan told him. They didn’t need that.
There was another knock at the door. “It’s open,” Logan called out.
Standing there was the rest of their squad. “Come in, don’t stand in the hallway.” Not that it mattered they owned the building, and they were the only residents that lived there.
“It’s that serious?” Maverick asked as the others took a seat.
“Yeah,” Ender said. “Uri can’t sit still he keeps saying revelation.”
“It’s something that we’ve been waiting for. I know what I want it to be, but we’ve thought that was going to happen before. Right now, I’m scared it’s a death contract.” Uri jumped up to start pacing until Ender pulled him down onto his lap.
“Then we’ll fight as we’ve fought in the past,” Logan told them.
“There is no need to put a contract out on us. We’re so many light-years away it’s not even laughable,” Morgan said stroking Gray’s back.
 “They’re assholes and we all know it,” Seth said coming into the living room. “Stop worrying all of you. First, it’s a Sunday. What can happen on this day? It’s the day the humans go to church and play nice with each other. I’ll probably run into another couple like us that needs to be taken in or some poor human that’s been kicked out of their family. They’re all over this planet and we’ve helped more than one.”
“Seth’s probably right we’re worrying for no reason,” Gray said. “I for one could use some one on one time with my partner. You coming, Morgan?”
“I’m following that sweet ass wherever it leads.”
“And that’s why I keep him.” They walked out telling everyone farewell until later.
“The rest of you get out. I need to snuggle until it’s time to run. I’m getting too old for this,” Seth pointed toward the door.
“You haven’t reached a thousand yet, I don’t want to hear that,” Knox pushed against his arm before leaving with Jasper. The rest leaving them alone.
“Tell me you didn’t listen,” Logan said as Seth sat on his lap.
“I didn’t, I learned from the last time. Logan, I am worried.”
“Don’t worry. Maybe we will adopt a child.”
“Absolutely not. If we can’t bring them into our bond, I won’t do it. I can’t watch them grow up and die.”
“Maybe we’ll have a child.” Seth rolled his eyes at that.
“Have you been sleeping around on me?”
Logan snorted, “like that would happen.”
“Then neither of them is the reason for my unease.” They sat in silence for a while.
Logan put him down and went to get him a bottle of water to drink as well as a bottle to hang off Seth’s shorts.
“Drink, you’re not as young as you used to be.” They were still considered young on their planet, but that civilization had been left behind years ago.
Seth drank as the first stirring hit his system. “I’m going to go. I want to be in the right place when the desire hits.”
“You sure I can’t come?”
“No, I need to do this alone.”
“Wearing that shirt?”
“Yep, don’t you love it?”
“I do. Call me if there is any trouble.
 “You’re on speed dial.” Seth gave him a kiss before leaving their penthouse. All he knew was that he needed to be in the park. It was where he spent several days of the week running. Finding the park was easy finding out where he was supposed to be was harder. It hit him in the gut like fire when he found the right place. He sat on a bench that was close to a trail that circled through the park several times. If he ran it all, it would be a 5K jog. He sat waiting for the right time to start.
Standing he went through a series of stretches until his muscles were nice and loose. When that feeling he couldn’t deny hit him he took off in a jog. It was time to find out what all the fuss was about.

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