Saturday, February 27, 2010

Erotic Love in the Springtime Blog Tour begins

Starting today through Sunday night, take an erotic adventure through our blogs. From naughty thoughts with tantalizing photos to titillating excerpts- see what our writers have been fantasizing about and want to share with you.

Follow the links, comment on each blog and you can win ebooks and prizes from our romance writers who behave badly- and not always behind closed doors.

Here's your first stop

Here is the complete list of our authors who are participating this weekend (in order):

Jeanne St. James

We'll have a Grand Prize winner receiving Mary Quast's autographed Soul Series book and 6 more ebooks. First place will receive 5 ebooks, Second Place will recieve 4 ebooks, Third Place will receive 3 ebooks and four honorable mentions each receiving 1 ebook.  IMPORTANT: to win you MUST leave a comment on EVERY blog along the tour, including this one. Winners will be chosen on Monday. The blog tour ends Sunday at midnight EST.

The prizes:

Jeanne St James- Banged Up
Chloe Watts- Demon of Desire and Flesh for Fantasy
Elise Hepner- Check Out (3 copies)
Dawne Prochilo- Crape Myrtle
Carol Storm- Hunted Witness
Gem Sivad- Wolf's Tender and Breed True
Jacqueline Page- Behind the Mask, Book 1 in the Magic Seasons and In Our Dream
Sara Brookes- Flash of Dark
Lissa Matthews- Simple Need and Sugar Rush
Becca Simone- Midnight Treat
Keta Diablo- 2 ebooks (winner's choice)
Mary Quast- Soul Series autographed book
Raven Bower- Apparitions (2 copies)
J.A. Saare- A Kiss Before Dying
Christa Page- 1 ebook

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tell All, ladies. What's your fantasy?

My question of the day: What's your pleasure? A wild weekend getaway with whips and chains, a quiet night at home just the two of you or maybe a naughty threesome. Tell all.  

Just having a weekend alone is a fantasy. However, we once had a "Naked Weekend" - we shipped the kids off and... spent the weekend naked. A fantasy.... let's see. A good sale at Lover's Lane and another Naked Weekend! - Mary Quast

A wild weekend getaway with whips and chains, of course! Along with ball gag, toys, and handcuffs... Lissa

I'd looove a weekend away, somewhere warm where you could spend all weekend naked or in skimpy, silky clothes. Moonlit nights with wine and hot sex in the surf! ~Raven

A sexy dark, erotic stranger--pure alpha--showing up in my room to seduce me (hmm...could be the hubby) also sounds like the plot of one of my ~Chloe

I would have to say a naughty threesome. I would love to be the center of attention with two men who are there for my sole pleasure. It is one of the reasons I wrote Double Dare, my interracial menage. I had so much fun writing it and pictured myself in her shoes. ~Jeanne St. James, erotic romance writer

Answer: To have my hands tied with a silk rope while my partner seductively teasing me with his words and his touch bringing me just shy of my first orgasm. Anticipation of his words and what he'll do to me, then he finally acts upon his words. ~Dawne M Prochilo

My wildest fantasy... so many, so little time!!! *Right now* I want me a rugged real cowboy in denims who will makeout for a long time, slow dance with me, sweet and dirty... who can ride and buck all night long, who knows how to lust and love, and makes a woman feel like a woman because she’s his entire focus.~Savanna Kougar ~

Fantasy is such an odd word. The basic definition is something that is not true and possibly unobtainable. We live in a world of fantasy, as writers each day we explore new worlds and create in some cases new positions – they aren’t perhaps the reality we would like to live in but they allow us to explore our inner self for even just a small brief moment. To be able to share a fantasy with a loved one is the greatest fantasy of all…or perhaps dream. My wildest fantasy is to be able to grow old with my loved one and to always be able to share everything without feeling ashamed or shy about it knowing that my words wont be laughed at.

True that is not a sexual fantasy but that is my fantasy, and it is one that I hope I will be able to live, even more so then I am now. Nicole Gestalt

All my naughtiest fantasies never really are fantasies to begin with, they just roll of my tongue and my husband makes them happen a night or two later. He's good like that. I only have to wish it and it's granted.~ Elise Hepner Erotica/Romance Author

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday's Thirst Causing Question

Thursday's question is about seductive clothing or lack thereof.

What is your favorite way to dress your heroine or hero for those seductive, sensual scenes? And tell me how you like them removed.

Do you prefer your heroine trussed up in a corset that must be unlaced showing skin bit by bit?

Maybe your hero wears a pair of butt hugging jeans with the top button undone, making the heroine's mouth water as she pulls the zipper down revealing him to her eyes.

Or, your heroine wears one of those enticing g-strings her hero bites off to get underneath.

Elise Hepner
For some reason my character's never care what they dressed in as long as they can get out of it quickly!
Jeanne St. James
I love to have my heroes wearing well-fitting Levis, no shirt and barefoot. The top button should be undone just to tease the heroine... I want her to slide the zipper down slowly, sliding her hands into his denim and around to the back to caress his butt then slip those jeans down, taking his boxer briefs along with them...

Mary Quast
I love to dress the heroine in something soft & silky to accentuate her lovely skin and to move in a sensual manner with her body. I can't help myself but put my hero in black leather pants or tight jeans with a shirt unbuttoned to show off his tasty chest and his happy trail.

After she unzips his pants and pulls them to the ground with her, she will take her hands and place delicate kisses along his legs as she works her way to his mouth. He will give in return the same caresses up her smooth legs, but his hands will continue following her skin across her hips and slowly draw her gown off her body while kissing the exposed skin.

Raven Bower
Anything clothing can be made sexy with the right attitude! That said, I dress my characters more to their personality type than anything else and go from there.
Becca Simone
I like a hero wear a faded pair of blue jeans, with the top button undone, and unzipped enough that the heroine can tell he's wearing nothing underneath. She'll hook her fingers in the belt loops and slowly tug it down his legs until she's kneeling before him. You can guess what she'll do next.
Savanna Kougar
Unedited Snippet from ~ BRANDED BY THE TEXANS
The sight of him and the rough deep timbre of his voice twisted her insides in the sexiest way. Kylie paused to breathe and steady herself, since her passion threatened to turn her knees into useless goo.
"Now. Before I get out of this bed and lasso you."
"You don’t need a rope this time." Her legs moved of their own accord, as if he’d become a high-powered magnet. "Sounds like that blue stuff must have helped."
"Enough to appreciate you wearin’ my shirt."
"Who knew a great big t-shirt could be this much of a turn on?"
"Perfect attire for my bed slave."
"Damn you, Dillon, you enormous Viking cowboy. It’s not like I can let you ravage my all too willing body."
"Let me, bed slave." The growl of his voice was enough to let her know, the prowess of his cock wasn’t in question.
April Morelock
From Assistant's Secret
"I know exactly how you boys like to play.” She moved a hair closer, her breast now warm and soft against his arm, just inches from his hand. She arched her elegant neck; the silk of her hair sliding along his forearm. “The problem is… I play rough. Even if you weren’t my boss, you might not be up to it.”
With that she stepped away and looked him over before turning on her heels and leaving the room, her tightly encased backside swaying invitingly, a hint of black garter peaking out from the short skirt. Knee high boots caressed her delicate calves in black leather.
Yeap, definitely leather and lace in the boardroom.

Thanks to all the Romance Writers who behaved very badly with their naughty and sensual clothing selections. I love my hero to wear tight t-shirts that show off every dip and valley of his sculpted torso. My heroines are often wearing short, tight skirts with a hint of beribboned garters peeking out.

So what did we miss? Leave me a comment and let me know what you like to see a hero or heroine dressed in or being undressed from.

Christa Paige

Spank Me Twice Wins Award!

Squee!!!!! QUACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Spank Me Twice won Best Erotic Book of 2009 from Love Romances Cafe. Thank you so much! I am particularly humbled and honored since I edited this anthology and my story Lip Service is included in the anthology. You can find out more about SPANK ME TWICE by clicking on link below (if that's your kind of book - lol).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wicked Answer Wednesday

Today I asked all the authors my naughty question:  
What do you think is the most wicked sexy fetish that makes you want to behave badly?
Here are their answers!

Voyeurism and Exhibitionism.

Wow... a Wicked Wednesday!  Suhweet!    Give me two silk scarves, one blindfold, a feather, chocolate syrup and whipping cream!

*Wrings hands and looks around for husband*

--- Mary Quast

Spanking, if it's done *just* right. If it is done sensually, it can be sooooo bad. And that's the good type of bad! A gentle smack against the ass cheeks is enough to get my juices flowing. Especially if done while in the doggie-style position. A little harder smack is nice too, as long as it is followed by my lover caressing my stinging skin. Spanking can definitely enhance sex if done properly...

Oohh good question. For me that'd be a man in cuffs ready to serve my every whim... yess... *drools*

---Raven Bower

For me when a man rubs my ass (before or during sex). The circular motion literally gets my juices flowing- wink, wink. Some find ass-play as taboo...but I LOVE IT. 

Fetish. I'm a good girl. I don't know what you're talking about (do you see my halo). Dang, the horns get me every time. Sexiest fetish??? I love any neck action. Honestly, I don't need much more than a good lick, suck or caress on my neck and I'm over the edge. Literally, it's that good for me. I'm eternally cursed - the slightest pressure gives me a hickey. Damn the Fates.
---April Morelock

A shaved head, and goatee and some body art would bring me to my knees!

---Chloe Waits

Whoever he was, the room remained dark as the moments following twilight, he had slipped off her clothing from behind... she’d come directly to the pleasure café from a long, tense day of performing her diplomatic magic with the corporate representatives of her homeworld... now, she heard the elevation of his deep masculine breathing as he, again, approached her from behind... only the force and heat of his breaths touched her shoulder until the delicate slide of satin rope taunted her lower back... he didn’t ask for her wrists, he claimed them with the boldness of his hands, then claimed them with the rope...

--- Savanna

I will be honest, my fetish knowledge is not very diverse. So, I went and did the most helpful thing. I took the MySpace fetish test. With a few clicks and selection of different items like favorite color and material, I hit submit and voila, my fetish. Blood Fetish!! Okay? I write vampires so maybe that bled out into my test. I really don't think I would indulge though. But, I did have a light bulb moment and I realized I do have one. It is called Algolagnia or the blending of sexual pleasure with the application of pain. For instance, I like biting. On the throat, the back of the neck and perhaps a few well placed nips on the inner thigh. Those stinging bursts of pain twined with the rising tide of passion can end up blurring the lines between pleasure and pain, sensation overload occurs. So, yes, I guess I do have a bit of a biting fetish, too. It is a good thing I have my vampires as an outlet. In my new release this week, the hero Luke bites his mate Katiya and holds nothing back when he does it. I think it is a scorching hot moment between them and maybe there is a hint of my fetish in that scene as well.

My fetishes are boring. So I'll tell you about my hero. The hero in my WIP has a thing for wet skin and sex under water. The wetter the better.
--- Becca Simone

Bondage is always a win-win for me. I love plaid skirts, tattoo's, piercings, and a man in a suit. Something about a man with a tie just does it for me.
--- Elise Hepner

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday's Tawdry Question

The question I posed to my fellow provocateurs for Tuesday is this one:

What is the most wicked, misbehaving thing your hero's ever done?

In my first full length novel, Star Spangled Kiss, the hero Tyler Mason has been waiting all day to payback the heroine Sophie. She was rather naughty earlier on, and teased him almost to the brink of his control. So, while they are driving back to Los Angeles he decides to turn the tables on her and get her completely aroused, while she is the one behind the wheel. His seduction is merciless, and a few times she veers into the other lane of the freeway, garnering a few horns blasting. He doesn't let up until she reaches the peak and finds release. Tyler is a very naughty detective and doesn't stop with just that scene. It was such fun to write Sophie and Ty's story.

~Christa Paige, Bound By Deception, and Bound By Rebellion

I bet it was fun Christa! Wink. How about you Mary?

My heroes are very bad so it's hard to pick the worst. But I'd have to say it's when Mike McAlister (shortly after meeting the one who will end up being the love of his life) grudge fucks his girlfriend after he finds out she's been two-timing him, dumps her after giving her the best big O of her life, then joins his buddies at a lobster shack.

But then again, Mike ends up showing his nasty controlling nature later when he tricks the heroine and gets her pregnant in an effort to keep her.

~Mary Quast, Painted Soul, Tormented Soul, and Lonely Soul

Very, very naughty indeed, Mary! One sexy fuck and run, and one controlling alpha. How about you Lissa?

I don't have an instance of it being the hero that does it. But the heroine in Simple Need answers the phone call from her ex while the hero is riding her from behind. Does that count?

~Lissa Matthews, Sugar Rush and Pink Buttercream Frosting

It sure does Lissa! That's one hell of a phone call. Reach out and touch someone. And yours Gem?

Charlie Wolf McCallister is a half-Kiowa bounty hunter. When Naomi Parker tries to hire him to rescue her students kidnapped by the Comanchero, Charlie's price-sex in exchange for hiring his services.

~Gem Sivad, Breed True and A Staged Affair

Oh my, Gem, what a hot- I mean bad, boy. Savanna, how about you?

Baron Zaggry uses the debt owed to him by the heroine’s brother to compel Lady Sheridan to become his slave lover for a year, an ancient tradition in their aristocratic, other-dimension culture.

~Savanna Kougar, All Shades of Blue Paradise, Red Lioness Tamed, and
When a Good Angel Falls

That's just truly terrible Savanna. I bet she hated every minute. I sure would like to read about her uh, debt repayment. (salivating) And Jeanne?

I would have to say when Logan (one of my heroes in my menage Double Dare) restrains the heroine Quinn in a t-shirt, blindfolds her, then bends her over the kitchen table and... well, you can guess what happens from there, I'll tell you it includes some spanking, too. And they had only met the night before at a wedding reception.

~Jeanne St James, Rip Cord, Double Dare, and Banged Up

mmmm (incoherently fanning self) And Elise?

One of my hero's in Check Out flips the heroine over the counter where she works and spanks her in front of her boss. Then the boss joins in for a little fun. The heroine is more than thrilled and a raise is on the way!

~Elise Hepner, Check Out, College Trouble, and Repossession

I think a raise and a good read are guaranteed, Elise. April?

Board room sex - definitely. I've had it in at least three of my novels because it's just so naughty and tauntingly erotic and forbidden. Does that make me a voyeur? Or is that exibitionist? LOL. Oh yeah, I think being a writer qualifies me for both :>

~April Morelock, Wicked Work in Progress

It definitely qualifies for both. And qualifies you as a RomanceWriterbehavingBadly! And Chloe? (talking to self in third person first sign of dementedness, but oh well)

I have a very bad boy demon who uses his considerable magical, uh, skills, to seduce my heroine into various forms of erotic abandon.

~Chloe Waits, Demon of Desire, and Flesh for Fantasy

NB: A few frisky felines didn't share so to not spoil the surprise of their book (winks)

So what about the rest of you out there? Share your fave moment with us!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Touch of Monday

Good Monday to everyone! Welcome to our new blog and our Grand Opening celebration. Please feel free to hop on into the conversations - be as nice or naughty as you wish.

I’m going to play editor here for a moment (muaha) and set a guideline for a scene - the hero’s touch must be above the waist line. Given that - What is the sexiest touch he could use to make your heroine weak in the knees?

“The rough pad of his thumb teasing her collarbone would make my heroine’s pulse spike!” - Chloe Waits - Demon of Desire and Flesh for Fantasy.

“That hero would have to be Erick McAlister, he can seduce a woman with a whisper. Standing very close but without touching, his breath can be felt on her skin. He runs his fingers across her check and down her throat sending shivers across her body as it demands more. Slowly dragging his finger tips across her collar bone, he splays his hand across her chest then lifts his fingers as they brush across a breast. Meanwhile, his lips promise sensual torture yet never touch hers, but only speak in deep tones of what his powerful body can do to hers.” – Mary Quast – Painted Soul, Tormented Soul, Lonely Soul.

“The nose. Really. It’s the sexiest thing. Imagine. Eyes connecting, bodies inches away from each other. The heat vibrating off him teasing every nerve on your body as he leans in to smell your hair. The musky scent of male fills your senses as his breath slides down your neck starting below your ear and settling on the sensitive skin of your neck. Then the first touch, just a soft caress of his nose, brushing your hair away from your neck, burrowing closer your scent, wanting to devour it. Close... the moment just before... all you feel is his closeness, his breath... the tension vibrates through the air. Yet the only thing touching you is his nose against your hair, his lips just centimeters away, full of promise.” – April Morelock

“My hero would take his tongue and lightly outline the outer shell of her ear, then leave a warm trail down her neck. When he reaches her collar bone, he would nibble it gently, ending with a brush of his lips at the base of her throat.” – Jeanne St. James – Banged up and Rip Cord

“My hero would trace his fingers lightly down her cheek, in between her breasts, and then trap her hands behind her back pressing her tightly against his chest.” - Elise Hepner – Check Out and College Trouble

“Standing behind her, his index finger slowly trailed the crook of her neck, sending uncontrollable shivers to her soul, The gentle touch was barely felt by her but her body reacted. She felt moisture building between her thighs as his finger continued its trek to her shoulder. Her body quivered as he looped around her shoulder.” – Dawne Prochilo – Cape Myrtle and On Her Own

“I have a thing for...fingers on my throat and neck. A caress or a grip.
Tender or firm. A hold so steady, the center of everything.” - Lissa Matthews – Sugar Rush

“His fingertips slowly grazed her cheek, followed by his large warm palm caressing the side of her face. His strong hand cupped, both sensual invitation and demand. She melted against him, offering her lips to his, not at all what she’d intended.” – Savannah Kougar - All Shades of Blue Paradise and Red Lioness Tamed

“There is nothing like a sensual nip to the tender flesh where the neck meets the shoulder.

Here is an excerpt of my favorite touch from Star Spangled Kiss:

Tyler opened his mouth, flicking the tip of his tongue as he painted an intricate pattern along Sophie’s shoulder and back up to her neck. When he closed his teeth on the sensitive spot, her breath whooshed out and she scissored her thighs together. Licking the place where he bit her, Tyler reveled in the way her body responded. The muscles underneath his hand flexed and bunched tight. “Don’t fight it, Sophie. Let it feel good. It’s burning now, isn’t it?” Tyler whispered next to her ear.” – Christa Paige – Star Spangled Kiss

Now your turn! Add to these or make your own touch :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Who ARE the Romance Writers Behaving Badly?

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to get to know us a bit better…

But for now here is a sneak peek:

April Morelock
Writes: Contemporary and Paranormal
Publishers: Soon to be published
Books published: Coming soon

Jeanne St. James
Writes: Erotic Romance, Erotica
Publishers: Phaze, Loose Id, Liquid Silver Books
Books published: Rip Cord, Double Dare, Banged Up

Madelyn Ford
writes: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Publishers: Loose Id, Samhain
Books: Faith Revisited, My Avenging Angel (coming May 25th, 2010 to Samhain)

Kayelle Allen
Writes: Erotic Science Fiction Romance, Erotica, Contemporary Romance, M/M Romance, Fantasy
Publishers: Loose Id, Liquid Silver Books, AudioLark, Shadowfire Press, Wolfsinger Publications
Books: Surrender Love, The Last Vhalgenn, Wulf, Tales of the Chosen, Alitus, Tales of the Chosen
Jawk, Tales of the Chosen Coming 2010: March 1 - The Last Vhalgenn (audio book), March 23 - At the Mercy of Her Pleasure, Summer - Surrender Trust, Fall - For Women Only

Chloe Waits
Writes: Paranormal and Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publishers: Phaze
Books: Demon of Desire, Flesh for Fantasy

Dawne Prochilo
Writes: Erotic romance writer
Publishers: Agora International
Books: Crape Myrtle, On Her Own

Madison Scott
Writes: contemporary erotic romance
Publishers: Liquid Silver Books
Books: Satisfy Me, Bliss

Christa Paige
Writes: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic-romance.
Publishers: Liquid Silver Books
Book: Bound By Deception

Savanna Kougar
Writes: Paranormal Erotic Romance, Sci/Fantasy/Futuristic/Suspense
Publishers: Siren-BookStrand Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, Aspen Mountain Press
All Shades of Blue Paradise, Red Lioness Tamed, When a Good Angel Falls, Tangerine Carnal Dreams, Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis (Print), Black Cat Beauty, Her Insatiable Dark Heroes, Stallion of Ash and Flame

Jacqueline Paige
Writes: Paranormal romance/suspense
Publishers: Amira Press , Class Act Books , Whiskey Creek Press
Books: The Magic Season series:
Beltane Magic, Solstice Heat, Behind the Mask , Jennah & Dominic's story: In Our Dream, From A Dream, Hidden Sense Trilogy: Mystic Perceptions (release date April 2010), Twice Cursed (release date pending)

Keta Diablo
Writes: Erotic Romance and Gay fiction
Publishers: Noble Romance, Phaze Publishing, Dark Roast Press, New Concepts Publishing (under pseudonym), The Wild Rose Press (under pseudonym, Ravenous Romance, Amber Quill Press
Books: Boys of the Bite, Carnal Cravings, Crossroads, Crossroads Revisited, Crossroads: Showdown, Decadent Deceptions, Dust and Moonlight, Land of Falling Stars, Spank Me Twice, The Sin Eater’s Prince, Valentine's Vindication

Sara Brookes
Writes: Fantasy/Science Fiction Erotic Romance
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Books: Flash of Dark, Midnight's Ghost (Coming soon)

Elise Hepner
Writes: Erotica BDSM/Contemporary/Erotica Paranormal, Fantasy Romance
Publishers: Excessica Publishing
Books: Check Out, College Trouble, Repossession, Sex Tool

Becca Simone
Writes: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publishers: The Wild Rose Press
Books: Midnight Treat

Nicole Gestalt
Writes: Erotic fiction, Horror under Talu Briar, science fiction and fantasy under Heidi Morbannaon and general fiction under Heidi Cook
Publishers: Phaze, Coming Together
Books: Just Being Neighborly, Termination of Employment, Melting Point: Breaking the Mould, Rekindling the Spark, Cold Fire, Summer of Fire, Melting Point in Coming Together: Under Fire, Freedom to Serve in Coming Together: With Pride, Rites of Consummation in Coming Together: Al Fresco, Deep Sea Heat in Island Girls Tropical Lesbian Erotica

Crystal Kauffman
Genres: Urban Fantasy erotica
Publishers: Loose Id
Books: Guardian's Realm series: The Combat (book 1), The Collision (book 2)

Taige Crenshaw
Writes: Paranormal, Fantasy, Contemporary, and Romantic Suspense
Publishers: Ellora's Cave Publishing, Liquid Silver Books and Total-E-Bound.
God Style Temptation, Seducing A God, Carnal Awakening, Veils Rising, Shadow Dance, Golden Seduction, Rarities Incorporated, Naughty Nuptials, Onyx Moon Rising, Body Cravings, Forever, I Do
Wilde Seduction, Silk & Shadows, Burning Touch, Lay Me Down

Carol Storm
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publishers: Noble Romance, PHAZE books
Books: Hialeah Heat, Hunted Witness,
Glory and the Clever Cat

Mary Quast
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publishers: Vanilla Heart Publishing
Books: The Soul Series: Painted Soul, Tormented Soul, Lonely Soul, Fortunate Soul (2010)

Alanna Coca/Olivia Brynn
Genres: Western, contemporary, erotic romance
Publishers: Liquid Silver Books, Samhain Publishing
Books: Wyoming Solace, For a Price, Preja Vu, Retreat, Falling Star, Fine Print, Position Secured (June 22)

Gem Sivad
Genres:Historical western romance
Publishers: Liquid Silver Books
Books: A Staged Affair, Intimate Strangers, Breed True, Wolf's Tender

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Forget the laundry.

Put aside those little backyard projects.

Pull yourself up to the bar and put in your request.

Get ready for some fun.

Hang out with Romance Writers Behaving Badly.


Romance Writers Behaving Badly will begin celebrating the birth of our new blog tomorrow, Feb. 20th. All week long, you'll get the chance to meet the authors, pick up some sexy tips, have some sensual laughs, nibble on some tasty eye candy and pick up some prizes during the blog tour! Whoever comments on everyone's blog, including the RWBB blog is eligible for the prizes.

Relax and have some fun with a bunch of Romance writers behaving badly.

Celebrate with us!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Ways to Feel Sexy

1. Wear lingerie or sexy clothing that flatters you.

2. Wear silk boxers.

3. Work out. Do your makeup and hair. Pamper yourself.

4. Accept compliments regarding your looks and abilities.

5. Learn more about pleasing your partner.

6. Be the dominant one in your next love-making session.

7. Plan at least one sensual experience a week for your love.

8. Take a shower together.

9. If you're unsure about how to do something, become knowledgeable about it. Confidence is an incredible aphrodisiac.

10 Allow yourself to feel sexy.

11. Don't worry about your appearance. Everyone has flaws, just no one else cares about them as much as you do.

12. Love your partner without abandon.

13. Dance seductively with your partner.

Humpday Help - Dirty Laundry

Does anybody need help with their laundry? Today's tip is to spot treat those stains before washing.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


‘Cheyenne’ is every man’s fantasy—over the phone. Playing the popular fantasy mate, Cynthia Stewart seduces callers nightly, despite swearing off men in real life. Cynthia’s heart and libido are simply on the shelf. Separated and struggling to reclaim her career, all this talk about fantasies has little effect on her.
Until Cynthia meets a man who wants to know hers. All of them. Opening up her private thoughts is a big step for Cynthia. Yet she can’t resist the man who describes himself like the perfect tall, dark, handsome stranger. And his calls slowly push her personal and sexual boundaries open. But Cynthia starts to wonders if this is someone she can truly trust. Because she has been giving him the blue print to seduce her for real...


Getting into character Cynthia answered breathily, “Hello, this is Cheyenne.”

“Cheyenne,” the voice drew out the word as though savoring the sound. “That is such a pretty name.” The deep masculine tones were authoritative. “But, I would rather know your real name. I am sure it’s even better.”

This man wasn’t a fool. Unlike most men, he knew she gave him a stage name. Rather than denying the truth, she said smoothly, “How about you call me Cheyenne?”

“My name is Mark, Cheyenne. I am six-foot-two, well-built. Dark eyes and dark hair. Living and working in the downtown core.”

This call was really shaping up to be different. Usually they only wanted to hear about her looks. He actually wanted to participate, to be let in on the fun.

“Sounds yummy. I am a strawberry blonde with very long hair. Blue eyes, five-foot-five, curvy and tanned.” And I wear a bunny tail, too. She smirked to herself.

He chuckled. “That sounds like a playboy spread. I have a little more sophisticated taste. What would I have to do to get a real description?”

Her heart started to race. She got a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Yup, there wasn’t much of a bounce to this plain bunny.

“Okay, maybe you’ll give me a different description when you get to know me better. I would like us to know each other very well.”

In spite of herself Cynthia felt intrigued. She purred, “I would like to learn all about you Mark, like what turns you on.”

“Cheyenne, I would really love you to tell me what turns you on. I don’t want to hear just what you think I want to hear from you. This isn’t about what I want.”

Knocked out of her canned responses, Cynthia was speechless. Maybe someone should pay this guy to talk on the phone.

“Do you like to be made love to slowly, or fast, and urgent? Do you dream of someone who knows your desires? The true ones. Tell me.” She heard the soft seductive command in his voice. “Cheyenne, have you ever had a man that knew your wants intimately? That knew your true fantasies?”

Cynthia couldn’t block out the flood of erotic images that went through her head.


The acknowledgement came out almost as a whisper before she could stop herself.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Top Ten Sinful Pleasures for Valentine's Day

10. Frozen Chocolate Chips by the handful

9. Naked Erotica edited by Alison Tyler

8. Little Plaid Skirts

7. Candelight

6. Gilmore Girls

5.  Pin Up Girls

4.  Spoiling my Husband

3.  My Blackberry

2. Eliza Dushku

And number 1........

1. My writing

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Items on my V-Day shopping list

1. two cans of whipping cream
2. three bottles of chocolate syrup

3. two soft, small paint brushes
4. strawberries
3. bananas
4. spice scented candles or Amber incense
5. massage oil
6. sexy board game or dice
7. roses

8. one blindfold

9. two ostrich feathers
10. two silk scarves or handcuffs
11. two or three bottles of red wine
12. bubble bath
13. one large red bow

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Apparitions by Raven Bower

Hunted by a killer who knows no mercy.

Stalked by the vengeful dead.

Caught between reality and visions...will Bailey fights to piece the puzzle together before it crashes down on her. Is the man staying in her boathouse friend...or foe? And what part does he have to play in the macabre game unfolding around her?

Under the shadow of the murder's blade Bailey strives to discover the truth using faith and arcane knowledge. While at the same time the fury of the scorned dead creeps ever closer...

Bailey stopped swimming forward and turned back to the boat, treading water to stay afloat. "What is it, boy?"

Thor never went into barking fits while they were on the lake. He'd usually wait patiently for her. On occasion, he'd lap up the cool water. Other times, if she'd been in too long by his estimation, he'd jump in himself and swim with her.

Pulling her wet hair off her face with her hand, she squinted at the water between her and the boat.


A stringy mass floated just at the surface of the water, barely visible under the light blanket of swirling mist. It looked like a clump of thin seaweed. The lake boasted a few species of aqueous plants, so a mass of them rising wasn't all that discomfiting, not nearly enough to have caused such a reaction out of Thor. Until she realized...

It was moving.

The warmth leached out of her. The floating mass steadily struck a course towards her. That was...impossible. There wasn't enough of a wind to cause anything but the slightest ripple in the water. It was an enclosed lake with no currents. Seaweed didn't move on its own. Unless it wasn't seaweed at all.

It moved closer.

Andy found the spare oars under the seat of the second rowboat just as Thor had started barking out on the lake. He cussed and roughly pushed the boat from the dock.

Why couldn't she have a motor boat?

He plunged the wooden oars into the water and paddled. He hadn't manually propelled a boat in years. Thankfully, it was an ability that, like riding a bike, came back quickly after a few moments.

He could see Bailey - frozen, her eyes glued to the surface between her and her boat. He was too far away to see what she was looking at without his binoculars, and he didn't want to stop rowing to pull them out. Better to get there in time and deal with a surprise than get to her too late. He'd already let down Erika. He couldn't stand by and let Bailey be harmed. She turned suddenly and started swimming towards the opposite shore. Her movements were strong, determined and frantic with none of the fluid grace she'd had earlier.

He paddled harder, faster.

He pulled alongside Bailey's boat, grabbing the towline and tying the two boats together.

"Quiet." He glared at Thor.

The dog's deep, guttural barks resounded across the lake and ricocheted off the trees, increasing their volume beyond what his ears could handle. The dog refused to stop. He kept right on at it, staring ahead of them, eyes fixed between them and Bailey. The coat on his neck bristled upwards, nails screeched and clicked on the boat as he pranced in place.

Between the added weight of the dog and the drag of the second boat, Andy's progress slowed. Pumping his arms ever faster, he was able to close the distance. As he did he saw a dark, writhing clump floating...moving directly behind Bailey, going right towards her.

He opened his mouth to call out a warning.

She jerked under the water.

A cold hand clamped onto Bailey's leg, sharp nails gouging deep into the flesh of her calf. Pain radiated up her leg clear to her waist. Rushing water cut off her yelp, flooding her mouth and nose as she was yanked downward, the thing hanging on to her leg like a lead weight. She gagged on the influx of warm, gritty lake water that forced its way down her throat. Panicked, she flailed towards the surface. She could see the glimmer of the morning sun pierce through the fog and dance on the ripples of the surface. A pale, crystalline light that faded as it reached down towards her.

Thor's barks were muted and surreal, echoing through the water, as if he was everywhere and yet nowhere at once.

Her lungs burned and strained. It felt like they were about to burst. She had to reach the surface, had to breathe.

The creature below her yanked her downward yet again, its dark hair fanning out in the water�floating, undulating, seeking�the strands reaching towards her like tapeworms in search of a host. With its eyes glaring with malice, images of the demons she'd been researching flashed through Bailey's mind. This thing wasn't unlike them. Its mouth leered at her, its pale hand dragging her further down into the depths.

Thor's barks dwindled, bubbles from her frantic thrashing rose soundlessly towards the surface. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears.

There was no air left in her lungs to scream, and even if there were, the attempt would kill her. Her silver crucifix pirouetted gracefully within the bubbles, its chiseled edges gathering light, reflecting the soft rays, and with them came a glimmer of hope: she had to fight.

Pummeling, twisting and kicking, she fought desperately to break free. The blow from her foot caught the creature flat in the face. Its grasp loosened. Their decent slowed for a moment, just enough. Swiping her arms upwards, she propelled herself towards the dimming light. Her mind grew fuzzy, barely able to focus on anything except for the vague notion that she had to reach the end of the light shafts or die.

The strength of her arms and legs dulled. Her limbs felt numb, weighted.

Focus. Light. Go up. Kick.

Her mind repeated those simple commands but failed to rationalize why. The edges of her vision blurred. A large shape loomed over the surface, blocking out the light.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Yeah! It's the weekend. Drinks are on me!

Monday, February 1, 2010