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Romances from a great collection of authors... AND a brand new eReader

Today I have a surprise for you!

I've teamed up with 25+ fantastic authors to give away a HUGE collection of Medium & Steamy holiday romance to 
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Good luck and enjoy!
~Whitley Cox

Thursday, December 19, 2019

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December 18-21

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

"Matchmaking at it's best! It had me hooked from the first and didn’t let go until I finished!"

"Matchmaking at it's best! It had me hooked from the first and didn’t let go until I finished!

Everyone should read Snowed In And Set Up! You won’t be disappointed!" ~#5star #Amazon #review.
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Monday, December 16, 2019

What could be better than a sexy single dad in a kilt on Christmas? How about that sexy single dad in a kilt on Christmas for ONLY 99 cents?

What could be better than a sexy single dad in a kilt on Christmas? How about that sexy single dad in a kilt on Christmas for ONLY 99 cents?

Grab Zak (in his kilt) NOW for under a dollar.
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Thursday, December 12, 2019

πŸ“šTOO HOT TO HANDLE ROMANCE ROOM GIVEAWAY!!! πŸ“š #toohotothandle #amazongiftcardgiveaway


To celebrate the holiday season, I've teamed up with some FAB author-buds to give away a $50 gift card!!!!!
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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Heaven Can Wait #sdcifiromance #triad

Book One
By: Serena Simpson


Neveah was on the run. Her parents didn’t like her lifestyle and were determined to put an end to it. What she didn’t expect was the purple guy with the bedazzled face who said he would help her if she went willingly with him.

Rale was looking for a needle in a storm. A mythical female who his people said didn’t exist and yet he found her on a blue planet. Now he needed her to come willingly.

Julze was the reason for the plan. The people on his planet would call him the wrinkle. He was dying and needed both his mates; a male and a female to save his life and form a stable triad.

Now that they were together, they needed to get to know each other while dealing with pirates and others that wanted to tear them apart. There was a computer with an attitude and more than a little mayhem happening. If they found a way to deal with it, then, in the end, they would find love. Was it worth risking it all for a chance to love?

This book is for people who are 18 and older. It is an adult book that features a triad union. It is mmf and mfm. Why? Because people in love touch


“This is against the law,” Julze paced the floor watching the viewscreen.

“And I care why?” Captain Rale asked him.

“Because it’s against the law. Because they are a primitive species. Because it’s a female!” He shouted the last part. His face turned a darker shade of purple. Then he stopped and pulled his tunic over his pants making sure he was the picture of an in-control second in command.

“Captain Rale, we can’t do this.” He waited but there wasn’t a response. “Rale are you listening to me? We can’t do this.”

“I’m listening to you, lover. If we don’t do this, then what? Tell me Julze, what will we do?”

Julze ran his hand through his hair knowing that it wasn’t regulation, anyway. What did it matter?

“Should I watch you die?” Rale demanded, “Waste away because you’re not getting something you need?”

“You can’t steal someone from their life and demand they make our lives better.”

“Then help me look. We can find someone who has been thrown away by society and we’ll take her.”

Julze walked over to Rale’s chair. They were the only two on deck. He kneeled in front of him. “Baby listen to me. Society doesn’t throw away its females. The only people that do that is us.”

“There has to be one, at least one they don’t want.” Rale was stubborn.

“They want them all. We can’t take someone who is practically worshipped away from her followers.”

“I should just let you die?”

“I wish I had a better answer for you. You know like I do that males like me were never supposed to live. Put the ship on auto and come spend time with me.” While I still have time left, was unspoken between them.

“Transferring ship to auto. Continue scanning the area, inform me if we have been detected.”

“Ship on auto. Orders acknowledged.”

Rale stood and took Julze’s hand. They walked to the lift that would let them out on the common deck.

“You need food,” Rale told him.

“I only need you to hold me. I’m not that hungry.”

“You’re wasting away in front of me.”

“It wouldn’t matter you know even if you found a female.” They walked down the corridor until a bright orange door opened for them. It was where the crew would spend time mingling and eating.

“You don’t know that.”

“The one, if she existed would be like finding a needle in a thereon storm.” Julze’s sat hard on a chair knowing that Rale was going to try to feed him.

“Do you know why no one ever finds that proverbial needle?”


“They’re afraid to look.”

Julze’s laughed, that was his male.

“I’m serious.”

“I know and I love you even more because of it.”

Rale turned around and input his order. Within a few minutes, he had two plates of food.

“Try to eat please.”

“I will.”

Rale stole his plate before he could try to cut his food up. He slid it back across taking away one of Julze’s excuses.

“They’re going to download your Biometric DNA into a baby when you get back,” Julze’s said forcing joy into his voice.

“No, they’re not. I’m never going back.”


“No, I own this ship. I don’t have to go back. I have enough credits to hire a crew and live the rest of my life off-world. You’re already going crazy if you think I will stand by and watch you die because our world dictates it and then I’ll go back and play dutiful DNA giver for the next generation. Screw them and the next generation.”

Rale started pacing. It was his turn to look out the viewscreen and dream about what could have been.

“Don’t do this to yourself.” Julze walked up behind Rale wrapping his arms around his waist.

“Why can’t you see what I see?” Rale pulled him closer afraid to let go.

He saw it. The dream where males like him and Rale could live and love together with a third. Their planet saw it too as long as their third was a male. Females were forbidden on the planet. Now and then a throwback like Julze would make it through the birthing process. No one knew why.

No one knew they were throwbacks until after they were paired in a loving relationship like the one Rale had with him.

Usually, when it came to light, males like Julze were dragged through the city. It was watched by all the citizens. There was a trial where those males would be judged guilty of having immoral desires and then the punishment.

He had seen his first one at the tender age of ten. Even now he could remember how the male’s paired lover watched with a cold face as he was dragged through the streets. He renounced him as being immoral even as the male cried out for him. They beat him in the town square until they eventually killed him.

School had been so quiet after that. Everyone there scared that maybe one day they would grow up to be immoral. That should have been Julze’s fate. The ironic part was no one needed to do that to males like him. Males like Julze died without a female counterpart.

“Julze,” Rale turned around in his arms.

“I understand Rale, I truly do. How do we fight a system that’s as old as the galaxy we live in? How do we tell them that there is nothing immoral about loving the opposite sex? How do we explain that you and I want our female counterpart? Even if they accepted it from me. Do you think they would accept it from the Great Captain Rale? Defender of the Hasian nation. They would rather see you fall in battle than pair your life force with a female and me.”

“Too late, I’ve already paired my life force with yours. Now come to the table and eat. I think you're trying to distract me.”

Rale sat him back down and started feeding him one bite at a time.

“Why are we fighting this?”

“Because I am the Great Captain Rale. I don’t know anything else but fighting.”

“Captain Rale, do you think you can take me to bed? I’m tired.”


Nevaeh placed her hands on the bars and shook, like she had done a hundred times before, they held. She knew better. Don’t come home she had screamed at herself. Her mother had sounded so desperate and in need of help.

“Your fathers sick, I need your help, Julie.” That had been the message. Even though she had told her mom repeatedly that she had changed her name legally. Her mom never listened or cared.

She knew better than to come home, but she didn’t have much of a life. If she could help, she should. Or that’s what she told herself. She hoped on some level that coming home would give her parents a chance to make peace with her, to apologize for the way they traumatized her as a child. Didn’t look like that was happening.

“They’ll be here for you soon,” her mother walked into the room. She was so thin she looked like a walking corpse.

“Who will be here?”

“The men from the fat farm we’re sending you too. They had to get extra men since you're so…” Her arms spread out indicating how wide her daughter was.

“Let me out of here. You’ve had your fun. I’m going back to my life.”

“I quit your job for you and settled your affairs. No one will miss you. I also emptied your bank account. That will go a long way toward helping your father and me. You will go to the fat farm and lose weight. Then we will decide if we want you back.”

“And what happens if you don’t want me back?”

“You don’t leave, ever.” Her mom walked out with a smile that sent chills down her back.

She always refused to believe that her parents were evil. When asked she always said they were very religious. Gluttony was a sin, and they were always on her about it. It never mattered what she ate. It could be a pizza or a salad it was always too much. Her parents always talked about those homos, that’s how she knew it wasn’t just her. She simply fell under the umbrella of what her parents thought of as wrong, unlike her brother or sister.

Growing up they starved her. She never understood why she couldn’t lose any weight when they weren’t feeding her. When she got away from home, she ate everything and anything. She put on real weight and she liked herself even if she was self-conscious in public. Now she was going to pay for the crime of gluttony.

She settled back in her cage. She deserved this the voice of the preacher told her. He had warned her, her whole life, that no one liked a woman like her. Now she would get what she deserved. Women like her didn’t deserve love.

She closed her eyes refusing to acknowledge the tears that ran down her cheeks. Why dream of a different life?

The whip across the cage woke her up.

There were several men staring at her. The disgust in their eyes was awful.

“If you try to run, I will make sure you regret it.” The biggest man told her. He was bigger than she was. Why wasn’t he going to a fat camp?

They opened the cage, and she crawled out. It wasn’t big enough for her to stand in.

“If she was my daughter, I would have sewn her mouth shut.” They all laughed at that remark.

Nevaeh tripped when she stood. How long had she been in that cage?

“Earthquake,” a different man laughed.

She pulled on the soiled dress she was wearing as she followed the men out of her old bedroom. Her mother and father were standing outside watching as they pushed her into the back of a van.

“Remember what I said Julie,” her mother hissed.

Nevaeh stopped and looked at her parents. “I would rather die than see either of you again. You can take your religion and your God and shove them up your asses.”

The man with the whip cracked it over her back as her mother laughed. She didn’t care. From this moment forward she was alone in the world.

She stumbled into the van and started looking for a way to escape. Her whole life had been defined by her parents even when she left them behind. The laughs she received at home and then at school were the soundtrack of her memories. The fact that she spent so much time hiding instead of enjoying her life was a result of what she lived through. How many times had she said she was going to seek help, but hid in her apartment instead?

No more hiding. God, if you’re real and you love everyone like that bible says you do, then help me escape. Help me find a better life than the one I have right now. What did she have to lose praying? He was the only somebody who was supposed to be able to help her, besides herself.

There were no windows in the back of the van. She couldn’t see where they were going, but she could hear the rain when it began to fall. First, it was gentle, then it picked up. A storm then there was the first crash against the side of the van. What the…? Hail! It had been a long time since she had seen hail, too bad there wasn’t a window.

When there was a screech of the tires and the van skidded on the road, she looked for some place to huddle against. Then it rolled taking her head over head until it finally stopped on the roof.

Fear pierced her heart. She wanted to scream, to beat on the door to get free. Quietly she checked over her body to make sure nothing was broken before she took the odds and ends that fell on her off. She crawled along the hood of the van until she found the side door. It was locked or stuck.

She sat on her rear and used her feet to kick against the door until it finally opened.

The van was over the side of a hill, but it found a nice spot to perch on. She took one look through the window to see the people up front were either dead or knocked out.

She turned leaving them. There was nothing she could do since she didn’t have a phone. She’d flag down help for them before she disappeared for good.

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Searching for your next favorite military romance? Look no further! #militaryromance

Searching for your next favorite military romance? Look no further! These reads range from low/no heat all the way ultra hot and vary in sub-genre to ensure that you are able to find the perfect book for you! Happy reading! 

Here are my contributions

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It’s the holidays! That means a romance #giveaway that would make Santa blush! Check out the details, we’re picking FIVE winners!


What’s this time of year without some holly jolly celebrating?
I’ve teamed up with four amazing authors to bring you the chance to win a Santa-worthy swag bag. But not just that--we’re picking FIVE winners total!

Each swag bag includes a signed paperback and an assortment of holiday goodies that will deck your halls with boughs of romance! 



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