Sunday, June 30, 2013


After viewing all the names contestants posted on this site, my regular blog, twitter and Romance Divas, a name has been selected.

Let me introduce you to Dyami Schafer.
His name means Eagle.
This handsome Chippewa is an eagle shifter who works as a Conservation Officer for the Michigan Dept. of Resources. He uses his gift to help catch wildlife poachers in a top secret division of the MDNR.  His buddies call him Dylan or Dy for short.
He loves to dance and is looking for a woman who will dance with him for the rest of his life.
He will have to take a few steps into his past to dance into the future.
Watch for Dyami's story, Eagle Dance.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Name A Hero Contest

When I finished writing Crow Magic, a lovely story featuring a Shawnee Crow shifter, an eagle visited me. The large bird sat on my porch railing looking me over with golden eyes and flexed his powerful talons. Through a mist the creature shifted into an incredibly sexy man. His eyes were the same gold as the eagles. His appearance dominated my porch but he moved in a graceful manner. He stood tall with a barrel chest dressed in baggy jeans and worn boots. His shoulder length black hair tipped with grey and a bit of white brushed his forehead. He ran his hands through the silky layers and explained like the eagle, his hair will change to white as he ages but he is assured me he’s in the prime of his life. I couldn’t agree more. Wowza!

This hot Jay Tavare look-a-like comes from a Chippewa tribe and is currently a Conservation Officer for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in a secret division used to catch wildlife poachers. He is looking for a good woman to live in his heart, warm his bed and love him for who/what he is. A friend told him to fill out an application for 1 Night Stand. He is seriously contemplating the idea.

He has a story to tell but he needs a name.
When he was a kid he spent his summers with relatives at the lake. His uncle called him "Little Otter "because he would spend more time swimming than fishing.


Leave your idea for a name.
If it is chosen it will be the hero’s name forever and you will be acknowledged in the book. Thank you. I will send you a free copy of the book and a special handmade beaded bracelet.
When you leave your idea, make sure I can contact you if you’ve won.

Contest will run June 20-24.

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