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Hi, everyone! If you do the shopping thing for the holidays, here's wishing you great sales and safe travels to and from. 

I write a serialized story--Elizabeth's Waltz and post a new installment for my Dream Catcher Newsletter subscribers each month. It's a sweet historical western about the trials and tribulations four young women share as they husband hunt. Here's the Link to Elizabeth's Waltz.

I've posted the story (as written to this point) on my blog in book form. Check it out if you have time. I hope you enjoy. If you like it, the next installment will appear in tomorrow's December newsletter. Not a subscriber? Easy to fix by clicking the "subscribe" button on my blog.

Happy Holidays to you all~

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Excerpt Monday - Goldi by Kissa Starling

ISBN: 978-1-60435-350-1
Editor: Belle
Cover Artist: Shirley Burnett

A whole new lifestyle with bondage, whips, and leather lingerie–what’s not to like?

Goldi went for a walk in the woods and ended up at the home of the three bears, the three Burson Bear football players that is. She searched through the belongings of all three men but one drew her into his psyche. The things she found in his room made her yearn for things she’d never even knew existed. Their journey began with a football game, a parade, and a well-stocked dungeon. How it ends depends on Goldi…


The heavy, wooden door closed behind her and left Goldi in the dark. The hot whisper of breath touched her neck for only a second.

“Don’t turn around! Did you get all the items I requested?”

Being this close to Mark put a smile on Goldi’s trembling lips.

“Yes, I did.”

His next question stood her hair on edge and made goose bumps pop up all over her body. “Did you obtain the said items in the order that I directed?”

Goldi’s smile disappeared. “No, I didn’t. It seemed faster my way.”

“I do understand you are learning, my dear, but you must follow my commands with every detail in mind. Since you are so new, I will forgive you–once.”

Mark took her hand and led her through the dark and into the kitchen. “We were going to start slow, Goldi. I see now that we are past this. Set your items down and follow me. We will return for them later, defiant one.” he took her coat and cast it to the side.

A sadness overcame her. She’d disappointed him. Being tagged as the defiant one kind of turned her on though. She’d have to sort through these new emotions later.

Goldi followed Mark down the steep stairs and into a basement. She did not say a word.

“Stand here, dear, while I prepare.”

She looked around with wide eyes. The anticipation of what was to come welled inside of her. Goldi rubbed her arms. She was shivering, however, her nerves did not stop her pussy from becoming moist. She pushed her shoulders back and her tits forward. Her legs were kind of wobbly. She had waited for this to happen…She was ready for this.

Recommended Read “I loved this book! …The storyline is forceful; it pulls you in and holds reins on you until the very end. It’s a book you GOTTA read!” ~ Holli, Read the entire review- You Gotta Read Reviews

Kissa Starling started writing in a diary as a young girl. In school she passed notes and penned short poems to pass around the classroom. She even chased boys on the playground! Her adult writing evolved into a mixture of sugar and spice that begged to be let out. She sets aside time each day to write, read, and spend time with her family in her southern state of Georgia. Music, yoga, and meditation are among her many interests. Kissa currently has both ebooks and print books available with many more stories on the way.

Reviewing new books is another favorite past-time. You can find Kissa’s reviews on Romance Divas, Literary Nymphs, Dark Diva Reviews, and Fantasy Book Spot.

This author has many moods- sweet and sappy one day can turn into sizzling and erotic the next. She finds inspiration in everything around her: the changing of the seasons, sunsets, rides on the back of a Harley, and romantic evenings with her husband just to name a few. Dare to experience the imagination of Kissa Starling…

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A New Vampire Romance- Bound By Obsession

by: Christa Paige

ISBN: 978-1-59578-838-2

In his long life, Traian Komar has managed to escape the mating noose. Being bound forever to a female isn’t anything he is ready for. However, when he runs into Bethany, a woman from his past, every bonding instinct within him surges to life. Bethany is the one who got away and he’s never forgotten her. Traian’s sudden obsession with her is all-consuming. But, he can’t do a damned thing about it. Dr. Bethany Miles is a mere mortal, and Kan Asma aristocrats are forbidden to mate with humans.

For several long years, Bethany, a child psychologist, has devoted her life to her work. When a request for an appointment with an adult comes in, she is ready to refer the case to her colleague… until she notices the patient’s name, Traian Komar. Beset by memories, Bethany agrees to see him. When he shows up, she doesn’t count on the passion that he awakens within her.

The moment they’re face-to-face only intensifies the burning lust they’d always resisted. This time, Traian doesn’t hold back. His lack of restraint turns both their lives upside down and uncovers secrets that could jeopardize their growing bond. Because of his refusal to conform to his people’s traditions, Traian risks losing Bethany and any hope they have for love. He must conquer the threat to their mating and find a way to make her his…forever.

Want to read more? Click here to read an excerpt from the book!

Go to Liquid Silver for more information

Christa Paige is an up and coming author of contemporary paranormal romance. Her passion for love stories spans many genres. When she first became a writer she focused on the Regency historical and continues to work with a variety of novels from the early nineteenth century. Currently, she has crossed over into writing sensual, romantic tales involving a family of vampire refugees. The stories take place in present day Los Angeles.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Way to Cook Up Some Passion

I love autumn because of the wonderful food so I end up spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen. Anyways, while I was making some pumpkin spice bread my mind started wandering about other ways to have fun in the kitchen… without kids around that is.
1. Wearing only an apron will stop any man in his tracks.

2. Be silly and wear an apron that says “Hot Stuff”…. Ask him to undress and put on one that says “Grill Master”.

3. Check at your local “lovers lane” type of store for an apron style teddy. Oooo… how about a maid or chef costume!

4. If you are clothed, the kitchen sometimes gets a bit too hot so try stripping down to your birthday suit one piece at a time. Sometimes it can be fun to let him watch but not taste… uh… I mean touch until it’s done.

5. Better yet… imagine your honey walking in to see you at the stove wearing only your birthday suit!

6. Hmmm…. Try sipping a glass of red wine while cooking. How about some special food such as anything dipped in chocolate?

7. Yummy scents such as pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla or even a batch of fresh cookies can get that blood flowing.

8. Make something with oysters or chili peppers – items known for being aphrodisiacs.

9. Cook with your honey. Use your fingers to mix ingredients, lick each others fingers, or have a food fight.

10. Blindfold each other and taste test foods prepared with a variety of textures, tastes, and temperatures. Take turns feeding each other.

11. So the heat is on and you’re naked? Sit on the counter or lay on a table while he stands at the edge, wrap your legs around his waist.

12. Can’t stop stirring that sauce? No problem! You keep stirring while he snuggles up to your back for a rear entry position. Make sure you put in a request for extra neck nibbles.

13. Getting too hot? Oh, hell with it! Just throw him on the floor, poor the wine all over him and lick it off!

Excuse me…
I need to run to the market for some more red wine.

Do you have a kitchen fantasy?


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Salute to Anne McCaffrey -- RIP

Pern - First Fall
Anne McCaffrey

RIP Anne McCaffrey. This amazing author wrote nearly 100 science fiction and fantasy books. She inspired me as a writer and world builder. When I heard today that she had died from a massive stroke, I cried. Today's blog is a brief tribute to her.

Anne was a trailblazer. She was the first woman to win a Hugo and a Nebula. She was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2006, along with Frank Herbert, the writer of Dune.

She was often asked for advice about writing, and one piece became famous. On her blog, she posted this: "First -- keep reading. Writers are readers. Writers are also people who can't not write. Second, follow Heinlein's rules for getting published: 1. Write it. 2. Finish it. 3. Send it out. 4. Keep sending it out until someone sends you a check. There are variations on that, but that's basically what works."

Have you read her Dragonriders of Pern books? Has Anne inspired you in some way? I invite you to share with us.

It is a sad day for us, but on Pern, the dragons are rejoicing, calling their MasterHarper home...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Have a Perfect Stranger for Thanksgiving

                                               ISBN: 9781419935244
Available @ Ellora's Cave November 23, 2011
Lucy and Ambrose Quince share fiery passion in and out of bed; they love hard but fight often, both having opinions and tempers. But Lucy mysteriously disappears in 1874, leaving the Double-Q ranch and all she loves behind. Three years later, scarred in mind and body, Lucy is drawn back to Eclipse and the life she’s forgotten—including a snarling, lustful husband.

Although she claims she can’t remember him, Ambrose hasn’t forgotten a damned thing. Lucy left him and he owes her nothing. Trouble is—his heart remembers too, and Lucy’s the only woman who’ll ever own it.

Tasty Tuesday - A Delicious Review for Gem Sivad

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (138 pgs)
Other: M/F

Fresh from the post-Civil War salons and drawing rooms of Boston, Lucy McKenna considers herself a sophisticated young woman. But when she meets Texas rancher Ambrose Quince, she turns into a flustered girl. He’s too old, war roughened and unrefined—and she has no idea how to deal with the sensual hunger he inspires.

Ambrose falls fast and hard for the innocent debutante visiting Eclipse, Texas. Persuading Lucy to accept his pursuit becomes a duel of wits and passion as he awakens her desire.

Lucy leaves Boston and childhood behind when she becomes Mrs. Ambrose Quince. Her lonely days on the Double-Q ranch are filled with work and frustration. But the nights are spent in her husband’s arms, learning carnal awareness…one molten caress at a time.

Lucille “Lucy” McKenna only wanted to stay in Boston to keep living the life to which she had become accustomed, and of course attend the society functions that all proper young ladies of a certain age attend as part of their season. She would flirt and dance her way through until she found a suitable match for a husband, but a trip out of town soured those ideas. Lucy’s father decides to take on a new life direction that will involve bringing his only child with him. It was never supposed to be a permanent situation or at least that’s what Lucy thought.

Ambrose Quince wasn’t exactly looking for a wife, but there she was having just arrived in town. Love at first sight wasn’t expected either, but there it was all the same. When Lucy refuses his advances, it only fuels his need to have her. She is a challenge in so many ways, but he sees right through the exterior to the woman and ranch wife beneath. Now Ambrose just needs to convince her that there is something more to him aside from his gruff exterior.

The story reads like a young woman’s journal as she experiences working and living a Texas life back in the 1800’s. Lucy has quite an awakening as she travels from the sophistication of Boston society to the rugged and simplistic living of Texas. It is a somewhat painful transition that Lucy endures and reading it from her perspective creates an automatic connection with the reader. Along her journey, she learns what it is like to truly be free from societal bonds and live a more meaningful life. Lucy is a very naive character and most times others take her ignorance and treat her like a child, which only serves to make her more determined. They believe her to be petulant and spoiled and at times she is, but not to an extreme and they most certainly didn’t expect her gumption.

The interactions of men and women and the place a woman has in the home during this time period is very well portrayed in this story. The dialogue and character dynamics were also quite engaging. The pacing, however, was a bit choppy as it seemed to focus on certain scenes and then fast forward without warning through others. The intimacy between Lucy and Ambrose was very erotic yet sensually done in a way that transmits the emotions clearly. I very much enjoyed the well-roundedness of the story and the transformation of Lucy from girl to woman.

Being a fan of Ms. Sivad’s work, I would absolutely recommend this story to fans of historical western romance. And if you haven’t tried this author before, this story is an excellent place to start.

Visit Gem


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PreView from Alanna Coca

Architect Ryann Phillips lives a normal life—except for her psychic dreams. Few of her premonitions make sense, or even cause her to lose sleep, until she dreams about a vicious murder and is compelled to warn the would-be victim. Attorney Trevor Kearney doesn’t believe it when Ryann claims his client’s life is in danger. Nevertheless, he’s intrigued by her ability to hold up to his questioning, and by the unexpected attraction he feels for the beautiful woman. He reluctantly agrees to work together to keep his client safe…and to spend more time with Ryann. Ryann hasn’t met anyone who infuriates and arouses her like Trevor does. He may question her psychic visions, but there’s no doubting their sexual chemistry. As they grow closer, their relationship could put them in the path of a killer and inadvertently set the course of events in motion… Refreshed version of PREJA VU, newly revised by author.

VISIT ALANNA COCA - Passionate Romance with a Tender Touch

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Sunday with Author, Pat Cunningham

Hi everyone. Have a happy Thanksgiving Day week. Here's a blog that was just featured at TITLE MAGIC. But, I thought you all might enjoy it too.

Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Central Casting


It took me long enough, but after close to a year of writing (and avoiding writing, but that’s another blog) I finally finished Legacy, my sequel to Belonging, and sent it off to Siren, who were kind enough to accept it. I’ve never denied my male leads were inspired by Sam, Dean and Castiel from Supernatural – or, in my version, Jeremy, Wallace the vampire, and the mysterious slayer known as the Preacher. (I chose that particular photo because the Preacher favors black. Tan trenchcoats tend to stand out in the dark.)

This isn’t the first time I’ve cast a favorite actor as the lead in one of my stories. Dialogue writing gets so much easier when you can “hear” the words spoken in a specific voice and rhythm. (Probably why I’ve never used William Shatner.) If you’re the kind who visualizes as you write, then hey, who wouldn’t want to imagine a naked Christian Bale or shirtless, Star Wars era Harrison Ford for weeks on end? I love romance writing.

Waiting patiently in my closet is a romance in draft I’ve been meaning to get back to. The lead, Sam McCollough, is a Texas boy and art thief looking to leave the biz, buy a boat, and sail around the world. The voice I heard when I started writing him was 1980s Don Johnson. Sam became a rough-but-tender guy with piercing eyes, a quick, boyish smile, and a perpetual five o’clock shadow. I’d sail around the world with him any day of the week.

Vin here was an accident. I wrote a flash scene for my other blog, Shapeshifter Seductions, about a dragon shifter. I described a tall, muscular male with a bald head and cavernous voice. After the fact I realized I’d imagined Vin Diesel. Picture that body covered in flame tattoos and that drifting-up-out-of-a-cave voice drawling at you and yeah, you’ve got a dragon. I’ve already seen Pitch Black and The Pacifier, so when I finally get around to expanding the flash, I think I’ll rent Fast 5 for research. That way I get both Vin and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. This job gets better and better.

Speaking of shapeshifters and wrestling, I wanted a menacing, no-nonsense Russian assassin, so I based Sergei on WWE’s Undertaker. Mark Calloway’s 7-foot, pumped-up frame was perfect for my white tiger. Picture that guy over there as an albino with icy blue eyes and that’s Sergei. Tough? Calloway has his wife’s name tattooed on his throat. Now that’s tough.

My current WIP concerns cat shifters. I haven’t quite decided on my lead yet, other than he’s blond, but I’ve got a good match for his romantic interest: Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries. Check out those eyes. Is that a cat or what? Mee-yow.

You’ll notice there are no pictures of actresses up there. I usually have only a vague idea of what, or who, my heroines look like. My mental image of their men is always more concrete. Can’t imagine why that would be … If I ever cancelled cable, I’d probably have to give up writing. Now, about that M/M/M ménage …

Pat Cunningham can be found hanging out at:


Her books are available at ~ ~

Friday, November 18, 2011

1 Night Stand Blog Tour - Mary Quast

With two months of holiday upon us, meals become important; not just for nourishment and friendly gatherings but also for

Most romantic evenings involve food. To share a meal together is an intimate act in itself. Meals are an important “tool” in romance. A carefully selected menu will sweep that special someone off his or her feet.

If the meal is served in public this give the couple a chance to be intimate in a safe environment while exploring each other’s compatibility. Eating in public gives the couple an easy out in case chemistry doesn’t happen.

If a meal is prepared by a person in a private setting this may be an opportunity to show off cuisine skills by creating a Seduction Dinner; a menu full of romance, candle light, soft music, bottle of wine and aphrodisiacs.

Sharing a meal is meant to stimulate the senses. Have fun during a meal; pick foods than can be fed to each other. Try to sneak in some foods with aphrodisiac properties. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have fun after the meal, too.

Romantic Meals Fact
Libidos are affected by diets. Incorporate any of these ingredients into your romantic meal to get into the mood a bit faster:
• Figs can boost libido.
• Curry is shown to make sexual organs more sensitive.
• Asparagus may make your urine smell, but it also helps with histamine production, which men and women need for orgasms.


In the1NS book Handcuffs & Silk my characters Hunter and Steph meet to “break the ice” over dinner. What they eat, how they enjoy the food and drink, the fragrances around them all add to the pleasure of the experience as well as add to the anticipation of their erotic one night stand.


A hostess quickly found them a discreet table. Hunter pulled the chair out for Steph. When he sat down, she reached across the table and with a beautiful smile, gave his arm a squeeze. A simple gesture causing his senses to wake.

Images of placing food on that delicate tongue excited him. “I’m new in town. What’s the best on the menu?”

“Well, you’re in the right place. If you like beef, they have the best filet mignon with a mushroom and wine sauce. Oh, and get the garlic and thyme-roasted asparagus to go with it. To die for.”

“Sounds superb!” He smiled. “I’m sure you have something in mind for dessert.”

“Ignite-the-Flames-of-My-Desire Bananas Foster.”


“That’s the name of the dessert.” Steph’s laugh rolled over him like a warm wave. “It’s rich with rum, creamy, and spicy with cinnamon. The waiter actually sets it on fire.”

“Hmmm... sensual.”

Enjoy the holiday with this romantic dessert

Ignite the Flames of My Desire Bananas Foster

It's rum-rich, creamy, and spicy with cinnamon. Also, the flames are sorta sexy (this works especially well if your man is a pyromaniac), as is the sensual combination of cold and hot, making it a great romantic meal idea if you want a sensual dessert.


1/4 C. butter
1 C. brown sugar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
4 bananas
1/4 C. dark rum
1/4 C. banana liqueur
vanilla ice cream

Cut peeled bananas in half lengthwise, then halve each length. Set aside.
In a large skillet combine butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon over med-low heat. Stir until sugar dissolves.
Add bananas. Saute, stirring gently, until banana pieces begin to cook and brown slightly.
Pour in dark rum and banana liqueur. Heat through, about 30 seconds to one minute.
Tilt skillet slightly. Using a long-handled lighter, ignite the rum and liqueur. Shake gently to spread the flames.
When flames have subsided, serve one banana (4 pieces) with one or two scoops of ice cream, to taste. Spoon over lots of warm sauce. Serve before it melts.
Serves 2-4 depending on pigginess factor.

When Romance author and Artist Mary Quast is not busy writing contemporary romance novels, erotic novelettes, and short stories, Mary doles out sensual tips and yummy eye candy on her blog “Romantic Interludes” where her Thursday Thirteen lists have earned the nickname of “Dr. Ruth of the Blog World”. She also can be found lecturing college classes on the importance of Journal writing.
Visit Mary's website  or her blog

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday 13 Guest Post: Heather Thurmeier

Hey gang, it's my pleasure to welcome Heather Thurmeier here to Romance Writers Behaving Badly, and she's here celebrating her new release with ways to stay warm this winter!

13 Tips to Staying Warm This Winter

Now that we’ve had our first major snowstorm of the year, I’m remained about how much I hate the cold. Burr! I grew up on the Canadian prairies and I should be used to this kind of cold, but I’m not anymore! For those of you who can’t picture where I’m from, think Fargo. Think flat. Think something like this…

Pretty, isn’t it? That’s my parent’s backyard.

It is pretty in a certain way and while I can love the beauty of the snow twinkling in the sunlight, I can’t help but shiver. I don’t like to shiver. I don’t like to get all bundled up. I don’t like to shovel. And while I’m a good winter driver—thanks to lots of winter driving back home—I can’t say the same for the others on the road. Yikes! (Get all-weather tires!)

So here are my 13 tips cto staying warm this winter.

1. Buy a good knit toque, scarf and mitts. Don’t know what a toque is? To us Canadians it’s just a fancy-shmancy way to say that thing that keeps your head warm in the cold. And I’d invest in a good pair of boots too. I prefer Uggs. These are my new babies…

2. Drink lots of hot chocolate. Or even better, drink mint mochas. I love those…

3. Light a fire. If you’ve got a fireplace, use it. There’s nothing cozier on a cold night. Someday I’d like to make S’mores in my fireplace, but I haven’t attempted it yet. Is that even possible or safe?
4. Always have an extra fuzzy blanket on the couch for snuggling.

5. Find another warm body to cuddle with under the blanket. J

6. Watch something that will really get your adrenaline pumping so you don’t have time to feel the cold. I recommend checking out The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I’m usually too tense during those shows to think about how cold I am!

7. Instead of going out for a night on the town, settle in for a night in bed…with a good book of course! ;) Get your minds out of the gutter…

BUNNY HILLS AND BIKINIS is perfect for a snowy, wintery night. Amelia is stuck in Lake Tahoe for a four long days in the cold, but she heats up her nights with Nate Miller. And the hot tub scene is steamy enough to warm you up on even the chilliest night. ;)

8. Invite your friends over for game night. This is win-win. You get to do something fun for an evening, and you don’t have to venture out into the cold since your friends come to you. Things is a hilarious game to play if you have the right group of friends with the right dirty minds.

9. Invest in a margarita machine. Best. Appliance. Ever. It will not keep you warm. In fact, it will give you a good chill while you drink all that frozen strawberry goodness. Seems counter-productive, I know. But by the time you see the bottom of your glass, the tequila will heat you up from the inside out and the cold will be the last thing on your mind. Seriously. Best. Thing. Ever.

10. See #9, then make the most kick-ass margarita you’ve ever had. This recipe has been well tested in my kitchen. Friends and family all agree we make the best margaritas in town. Not to brag or anything, but I think they might be right.

Heather’s Kick-Ass Margaritas:

3 shots tequila
2 shots lime margarita mix
3 shots strawberry margarita mix
Blender full of shaved ice (easy if you buy the machine.)
Blend and enjoy.

11. Do some baking. This tip is good for three reasons. One, you’ll warm up the house by heating up your over. Two, there’s nothing better than fresh-out-of-the-oven pie or chocolate chip cookies to warm your tummy. And three, that special someone in your life will probably reward you nicely for hard work. Hubba-hubba.

12. Run a bubble bath. Light a candle or two, find a good book, and just relax. Don’t like the tub? Take a steamy shower and indulge in some yummy-smelling body wash. Be sure to stock up on your favorite body washes and bubbles before the snow comes!

13. Book a vacation somewhere warm! There’s nothing better than daydreaming about a vacation somewhere that involves lots of sun and sand—and hopefully hot cabana guys.

So if the snow finds you this winter, now you have a few ways to stay warm. What are your favorite ways to heat up when the chill starts to set in?

Heather Thurmeier

~Heart, humor, and a happily ever after.

Twitter: @hthurmeier

Facebook: Heather Thurmeier, author

Buy from Amazon
by Heather Thurmeier

Amelia Brooks agrees to a weekend retreat in California, thinking it will be held in sunny Malibu only to find out she’s stuck in chilly Lake Tahoe for four long days—just what a girl from Minnesota wants to hear in the middle of winter. Now instead of wiggling her toes in the sand, her feet are squeezed into her new manufactured-by-Satan-himself-uncomfortable boots. If that’s not enough, Amelia’s obnoxious colleague William has decided this is the weekend they’ll finally be together and he won’t keep his thoughts—or his hands—to himself.

Amelia’s ready to kick off those boots and peel off her wooly sweater once she meets Nate Miller—the workshop’s hunky presenter. But Nate’s not ready to settle down. He’s seen his workshop buddies fall in love then fall out of the running for being promoted to the big city workshop circuit and he’s not about to let that happen to his life’s dream—until he gets involved with Amelia. Now he’s not so sure he can walk away at the end of the weekend with his heart intact and his promotion in hand.

Now Amelia’s got four days to stave off William’s persistent advances long enough to fall in love with Nate and possibly…learn to ski the bunny hill.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I think I want to be a romance novel heroine...

“Because sometimes in life, Ken didn't always choose Barbie. (Jane Alcott)” ― Rachel Gibson, See Jane Score

Then he bent his head and kissed her – a long, sweet kiss under moonbeams that caressed them both lovingly.” ― Kelly Curry, Happily Ever Afton

Today, as I balanced the checkbook, watching the cash diminish, I realized sometimes it would be nice to live as a romance novel heroine. So, I thought I would make a comparison of the things heroines do or have that would make life so much easier—fictionally, of course.

First up is money….

A heroine might be born into a family of wealth or marry a hero who is rich as Midas. If those options aren’t available, she has a great job that provides for all her various needs. She rarely struggles with money, bills, overdrafts, or going without to make ends meet. I’ve never read a heroine who has clipped coupons or is a staunch club-card user. If she needs something, there is always a way to get the things she requires even if it means waiting until the end of the book for her HEA.

Normal, ordinary me and those like me, have a stack of coupons and look for deals to save a dollar or more. They have honest jobs, making a living by clocking hours at their workplace. She’s middle-class, is frugal, and puts away just enough for a decent nest egg. She might have kids to put through college or is paying off ginormous student loans. Any which way, it would be nice not to have to worry about the daily cost of living.

Next is beauty….

There are many types of heroines. They are tall, thin, small, curvy, plump and short. Some are tiny and vulnerable, while others are lithe and strong. The heroine’s make-up rarely ever runs unless she’s cried. Her hair is perfectly coifed whether in a pony tail or worn loose. She doesn’t have to deal with a home dye job that leaves dye on her skin in unsightly blotches. If she chips a nail, she might just have her favorite nail salon on speed dial. Her clothes look great on her no matter her body type. When her wavy hair gets frizzy, it is inevitable that the hero will think it’s charming. She has gorgeous eyes, perfectly arched brows without that darned straggler that the tweezers or wax missed.

Some average ladies struggle with gray roots that seem to come back way too soon after a visit to the beauty salon. They might have a few unsightly hairs growing on places where they are not happy to see them. Some of them had botched hair cuts that are awkwardly growing back. She might be happy to fit into a 12/14 or be a tiny petite that the stylish clothes won’t look fabulous on. Boots and high-heels pinch her toes and make her feet ache like hell. Her only pair of stockings has a run in one side. She prefers yoga pants and a comfy tee-shirt, with a beat-up pair of Toms on her feet. She could bite her nails or even have some callouses. All of these things are rarely seen as a heroine’s issues. To be pretty from the moment I awaken would be awesome.

Then we have the houses….

Heroines live in pretty, nice places. The abode might be an apartment, flat, condo or mansion but their décor is stylish, the place is clean and tidy, and everything accentuates the space precisely. The counters are shiny. Laundry is out of sight. Even the bathroom counters are germ free.

I have two kids and a puppy. My house will not look like a heroine’s no matter how hard I try. At some point in the day, there will be a pile of laundry waiting to go into the washer, dishes stacked in the sink, crumbs I missed from the breakfast sweeping, dog toys everywhere, and one mismatched sock on the floor in the hallway. Though I keep the house clean and we have a wonderful woman who comes and helps out with the heavy duty scrubbing, this house is going to look lived in. Perhaps if I was single and kidless, I could happily Swiffer my home until it sparkled. Since those options are null and void, I’m going to live vicariously through a heroine with a spotless kitchen and weekly maid service.

So what about you? What does a heroine have that you would love to include in your own life? Beauty, riches, a dream house? Or maybe we should do one on her hero’s attributes. I wonder if he steels the covers, flips channels obsessively and eats raw onions on everything. Lucky heroine always wins big in the hero department. Have you ever read a book or written a story that has a heroine struggling to make ends meet, beauty that isn't classic and endearing, or lives in a hovel? I'd be so interested in reading about Average Joe-(anne).

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Guest Author: Michele Zurlo ~ Her New Release: Yes, Justin

Oasis: Adult Fantasy Fulfillment

Think about what you want more than anything in the world. It isn’t out of reach. Oasis is an adult fantasy fulfillment service that specializes in making your dreams come true. Anything from a weekend getaway with someone you love to an erotic encounter with a stranger -- or strangers -- can happen. Call us today and make your fantasy a reality.

*Oasis reserves the right to reject any application for any reason. Oasis is not an escort service. We match people on the basis of their fantasies and arrange for those fantasies to be fulfilled. Fantasies are fulfilled at the discretion of management.

Oasis is an adult fantasy fulfillment service. The Safe Word: Oasis series consists of novellas. In this series, people make wishes about what they want most in the world, and Oasis delivers. A little bit magical and a lot intuitive, it fulfills each wish in the way the wish-maker most needs. The first three novels in this new BDSM series, Safe Word: Oasis, have been contracted by Loose Id. The first, Yes, Justin, comes out today. It’s about a woman who is tired of her lackluster marriage. She wishes for a weekend with a Dom who will do all the things she’s never asked her husband to do. In this excerpt, she finds out that Oasis didn’t quite set her up with a stranger.

Excerpt from Yes, Justin

The light turned green, and the SUV turned the corner and disappeared. Patricia’s shoulders drooped, an outward sign of her nervousness and disappointment.

Suddenly, the world went black. A hand clamped over her mouth to muffle her impending shriek. Her heart beat fast, but she willed her body to calm down. This was what she wanted. She had asked to be kidnapped by a dominant stranger. He was going to spend the weekend using her body for his pleasure.

The paperwork she had filled out specified the kinds of things to which she consented: kidnapping, bondage, spankings, and a whole host of sexual things she had always wanted to try. These were things she had been too ashamed to share with Justin. Even if he still cared for her sexually, he wouldn’t understand this side of her desire.

“Patricia?” The gruff voice sent shivers down her spine. His chest pressed against her back. He was roughly the same size and build as Justin, just as she had specified in her application.

His hand remained over her mouth. Wordlessly, she nodded. Her head didn’t move all that much, but she knew he felt the motion of her confirmation.

“I’m going to release you. Don’t turn around or move until I tell you to do so. Do you understand?” He whispered the words in a sexy, husky voice.

A thrill ran from her belly to her pussy. She craved this kind of danger. She nodded again. He removed his hands.

Light flooded her eyes, blinding her to the empty road in front. She took a deep breath through her mouth, and the darkness returned. This time, a silky blindfold pressed against her forehead and cheeks. He adjusted the elastic strap behind her head.

“Can you see?”

Patricia shook her head. No light peeked in from any point. The swatch of silk hugged the curves of her cheeks and molded to the bridge of her nose.

“I’m going to guide you to the car. Follow my directions exactly. From this point forward, you are slave, and I am Sir. The safe word is ‘oasis.’ Do you understand?” He spoke this directive in a gravelly whisper, telling her things she already knew. She had chosen the safe word and the terms by which they would be known. He had obviously studied the paperwork.

She wondered if he would ever use his real voice. The force and strength weren’t disguised, but she still wanted to hear what he really sounded like. “Yes.”

“Yes?” Now he growled.

It did the trick. “Yes, Sir.”

Without using more words than necessary, he guided her to the car and helped her inside. Strong hands aided her in securing the seat belt. He leaned across her, and Patricia inhaled his clean scent, looking for any clue that might tell her something about her mystery man. From the few times he’d brushed lightly against her, she knew she liked his build, but she wasn’t able to discern anything more.

The door closed, blocking out the distant sounds of traffic. The opposite door opened, then closed. Patricia listened to the small noises that indicated his movements as he latched his seat belt and started the car.

Silence filled the SUV. No music played on the radio to distract her from thoughts about what might happen in the next few hours. Minutes stretched. The dull sounds of other cars faded, and she guessed they were heading out of the city.

She hoped to God he wasn’t going to murder her and dump the body. Oasis promised thorough background checks. They had certainly checked out every aspect of her background.

Nothing about this man seemed overly dangerous or threatening. Though his voice had been gruff and low, he didn’t sound cruel, and he had been gentle and courteous as he loaded her into the car. She wished she could see his eyes. The eyes revealed so much of a person’s soul, and Patricia had always found herself attracted to eyes. Her husband had gentle blue eyes. She used to get wet just looking into his expressive baby blues. How long had it been since she had taken the time to actually look at him?

“Take off your shoes and socks.”

The directive, like the ride, was quiet and controlled. This man exuded strength, which she liked. However, her panties remained dry. Her body didn’t respond the same way as the myriad heroines in her favorite erotic novels. So far, the experience interested her. Except for that first moment, no sense of excitement had rushed through her veins. She had thought waiting would increase her sense of anticipation, but she found waiting while blindfolded to be highly overrated as a method of increasing anything other than her frustration and impatience.

Patricia toed off one sneaker and then the other. She peeled away the plain white ankle socks.

She wiggled her toes against the floor mat. It was clean, scratching gently at the bottoms of her feet.

“Good girl. Lose the jeans.”

Patricia hesitated. “We’re in public.”

“No talking, slave. Remove your jeans or you will be punished.”

She knew they were well outside of the city limits. She knew the countryside boasted very little population. The chance of anyone seeing her was slim to none. Still, she couldn’t bring herself to unbutton her jeans. Nobody but Justin had seen her naked in more years than she could remember. She wasn’t young and svelte anymore. Two pregnancies and the passage of years had left their marks.

More than that, Patricia wanted Justin. This fantasy was doomed from the start because Justin was the only man she wanted to see her naked, to touch her, to kiss her. She couldn’t do this. The fantasy had sounded so wonderful on paper. Oasis promised the fulfillment of her deepest desires -- but her deepest desires involved her husband.

Tears soaked the back of the blindfold, pressing hot against her eyelids. “I can’t do this.”

Silence greeted her declaration. This fantasy belonged to him as much as it belonged to her. Patricia’s heart beat faster. What if he didn’t let her out of her agreement?

“Please take me back. I can’t do this.” She choked on the words and begged with every fiber of her being.

“No one is around, slave. No one will see you but me.”

There was something in his throaty whisper, something familiar that reminded her too much of Justin. Her heart broke as the reality of what she was doing crashed into her consciousness. She was cheating on Justin. She was cheating on the man to whom she had pledged her fidelity and love. Her tears came faster.

“Oasis. I can’t do this. I’m married. I love my husband. This was a mistake, a huge mistake. I don’t know what I was thinking.” She didn’t care that he heard her sobs.

The car slowed, and Patricia breathed a sigh of relief as she anticipated the U-turn that would take her home. She could be back before Justin ever knew she was gone.

Gravel crunched under the tires as the car stopped. Patricia yanked away the blindfold. It wasn’t that she wanted to see this mystery man as much as that she wanted to apologize for ruining his fantasy.

She turned to him and gasped. Unreadable blue eyes stared at her. Tiny, familiar laugh lines edged them, though no smile lit his face. His lips were drawn tight against his teeth in an almost grimace. Several expressions -- anger, hurt, determination -- suggested themselves, but nothing definite manifested.



Humiliation and shame fought to be her dominant emotion. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t know why I did this.” She reached for her socks.

“Leave them.”

Yes, Justin is available right now from Loose Id. Here’s the buy link:

Check out By My Side (Safe Word: Oasis #2) and Out of My League (Safe Word: Oasis #3) check out my website at ~

BDSM & Burnout

Would you believe I sometimes get burned out writing BDSM? It’s true. The psychology behind the lifestyle is very intense and I’ve found I can only stay in a character’s headspace for a certain amount of time—regardless of the genre I’m writing. Don’t get me wrong, I love that aspect about translating BDSM scenes onto paper for the characters, but it can be very powerful. So much so that I can’t write it all the time because it’s sometimes emotionally exhausting.

Since I’ve spent the better part of this year working on various projects dealing with BDSM, I’ve actually had to step away from writing them for the moment. Everything I have working now is still erotic romance, just without BDSM. No worries though, I have two projects I’m slated to start work on at the beginning of the year that both deal with BDSM. So it’s back into the thick of things I go!

If you are interested in mixing a little sci-fi/futuristic with your BDSM, check out my newest release—No Restraint. It’s the 3rd short in the Sypricon Masters series and all three books are completely standalone. The 4th book, Slow Break, will release on December 16th.  

No Restraint (a Sypricon Masters book)

Decadent Publishing
All Romance eBooks

For years, Kegan Riley has been under the intense scrutiny of the public eye. The demand of competing on the Aeronautical Racing Circuit has forced her to tuck away her lifestyle choices and put her racing first. But when the opportunity for a quick break from the chaos presents itself, she detours to Tawse, a BDSM club on the frontier planet, Sypricon.

Walker knew something was special about the gorgeous hot-shot racer the moment she stepped through the club’s doors. He doesn’t care about her fame and fortune; he just wants her underneath his control. Before long, Kegan confesses the dark secrets of her soul and Walker is certain it won’t be long until he shows her how unrestrained submission can heal her damaged heart.

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable including but not limited to: D/s, spanking

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ShapeShifter Sunday ~ Sheriff Bunny Welch and the Horse Thief

Sunday purrs, everyone. Here's my latest flash scene at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS. For more shifting goodness from the rest of our authors, come on by.

This flash was partly inspired when I heard the name of a real woman sheriff. Yep, Sheriff Bunny Welch. This is my Sheriff Bunny’s story. So far, that is.

Sheriff Bunny Welch and the Horse Thief

On the trail of her perp, a suspected horse thief, Sheriff ‘Bunny’ Konejita Welch slammed on the brakes of her beat-up SUV. She blinked once, then put on her surveillance hat fast. With her eyes squinted in concentration, she gazed through the tinted windshield.

By gawd, it was a white tiger. Her eyes didn’t lie. A huge ole beast of a tiger frolicked in the snow, apparently rolling his own snowballs.

Well, do tell...she’d heard things about Talbot’s Peak...strange rumors that belonged on one of those popular paranormal radio shows. Oh yeah, she listened while patrolling at night -- just for entertainment.

But witnessing for herself was far different than hearing about it. Until this moment, Sheriff Bunny had never given the bar gossip, or the intel from other officers about Talbot’s Peak, more than a mental snicker. She’d promptly forgotten the warnings about packs of ravenous werewolves and other frightening creatures that went bump and hump in the night.

Dammit! Now all the details smacked her upside the head, and hard, especially since others nearby acted as if nothing about a white tiger playing in the snow was particularly unusual. Not only that, a beautiful woman seemed to fondly welcome the black-striped, monster-pawed beast.

Several loud complaining honks behind her caused Sheriff Bunny to pull herself together enough to continue driving, even though her hands shook. The last known sighting of her possible perp had been at a saddlery shop on a small ranch not ten minutes outside of Talbot’s Peak.

Hell, now she couldn’t wait to get through the bizarro, give-her-the-willies town.

Only a day ago, Janelle, one of Sheriff Bunny’s cowgirl posse and a good friend, claimed she’d seen a man who resembled the only artist’s sketch made so far of the suspect. One of the cowhands employed by the cattle baron, Charles O’Fallon, had spied a man among a herd of their breeding mares.

Next day six of the pedigreed mares had vanished, as if lifted away by a helicopter. No vehicle tracks were found, or any other evidence of how the horses had been stolen -- or spirited away. If the same MO hadn’t been happening for the last four months, Sheriff Bunny wouldn’t be so doggedly determined to catch the bur-under-her-saddle thief.

After all, she had her dang hands full enough taking care of her county’s people as it was. However, the icing on her cake -- Charles O’Fallon had promised a big donation to her reelection campaign if his mares were returned.

While Sheriff Bunny didn’t give a fig about throw-his-weight-around Charley, she did care about the people of her county. Plus, so many of them were family and friends. And a few of them had lost horses as well. With current times gettin’ real rough around the edges, Sheriff Bunny was all too aware folks needed her more than ever.

So here she was, chasing the elusive son of a gun into another sheriff’s territory, which was why she traveled incognito. If she found any solid evidence, she’d contact the local sheriff, and go from there.

Used to driving in all kinds of weather, the falling snow didn’t particularly concern Sheriff Bunny -- certainly not like that gigantic white tiger. The highway out of town remained clear enough, and her trusty SUV was tough enough...except when she turned onto the ranch’s gravel drive and hit the snow and slush-concealed ruts.

Jarred by the uneven ruts, Sheriff Bunny pressed on, her nose telling her she was on the right trail, alright. Mentally, she rehearsed her spiel about wanting a new saddle for her ropin’ mare.

Ahead of her, the Old West style, but modern-spiffed up saddle shop looked picturesque and serene covered by a half foot of fresh snow. To her right a large horse barn sat surrounded by several corrals that she could see, and by open pastures.

From her vantage point, Sheriff Bunny didn’t observe any horses. Likely, they were all sheltered. Still, something seemed mighty odd, and she glanced at her handgun just inside her open purse.

To her left, on a high rise of ground there was a low rambling house that appeared to be well maintained, and much larger than she would have thought for a small working ranch.

After pulling up to a hitching post and parking, Sheriff Bunny drew in a large breath, then stepped out of her SUV. The kind of quiet only created by a thick layer of snow greeted her.

Drawing her sheepskin jacket closer together, she scanned the area as if only interested in her surroundings, but turned at the soft creaking of a door.

“Something I can do for you, ma’am?”

The owner of the low-key, raspy-sexy voice met her gaze. His coffee-brown eyes didn’t own an ounce of back-down as he continued gazing at her. Yep, he was definitely the man she hunted, a match for the sketch.

“Yeah, name is Bunny. I was told you make a real good saddle. Didn’t plan on all this snow, though, when I started out. Forecasters got it wrong again.” She attempted a little smile.

“Come on in before you freeze...Bunny,” he invited. He’d twanged her name in a way that tingled her middle deliciously. That hadn’t happened in a whole hell of awhile. “My handle is Racer.”

As he widened the door, and stepped back, Bunny clutched her over-the-shoulder, leather-tooled purse, and moved inside. Dammit! Why did he have to smell so downright masculine, so fresh-hay good -- like he’d just come in from the barn. Just like her dream cowboy would have.

Beautiful, hand-tooled saddles and other tack, in various stages of being completed, filled the shop -- the smell of top quality leather was only outdone by the big pot of coffee brewing on an old wood cooking stove.

“Racer. That’s an intriguing name.” Bunny turned around to face him. “How did you...” Her words ended because his gaze could only be described as a stud who wanted to breed a mare bad. Real bad.

Now what? She was supposed to be chasing his tail. Not the other way around. Not that he didn’t look worthy of a long night’s tumble. He sure as shootin’ did. Especially with that high rise bulge tightening his denims.

Bunny gulped. No use letting her desires run loose and wild. Not with a perp.

“Racer,” he hoarsely began. “Nickname I got when I used to run track.” He eased the door closed, and took a step toward her. “Bunny?” He quirked a dark brow, then angled his head like she’d seen stallions do when prancing up to a mare.

Before she could stop it, the truth spilled from her lips. “My first name is Konejita, Rabbit in Spanish, only spelled with a ‘K’. And, if you want the down and dirty, I was an exotic dancer during my early twenties. So,” she drawled, “most everyone knows me as Bunny.”

Appearing to restrain himself, Racer crossed his arms and leaned a shoulder, one broad as the land shoulder, against the door frame. “What type of saddle were you lookin’ for, Bunny?”

“Got a top notch ropin’ mare,” she began. After hauling in a breath that only seemed to leave as heaving breaths, Bunny continued, “Anyway, saddle is gettin’ worn thin... and, I’m in the market for a new one.”

“I’ll make you any saddle you want.” He paused, and tensed, tightening his arms over his chest. “My specialty is makin’ the horse real comfortable. Can I offer you a cup of coffee?”

Bunny watched as his nostrils flared. “Yeah,” she answered. “Sure. I could use some warmin’ up. How many horses do you have?” she added as if it was only a matter of curiosity and conversation, once he peeled himself from the doorframe and moved toward the stove.

Grabbing a holder, he picked up the old-fashioned pot and poured the black liquid into two white porcelain mugs. Lordy, lordy, did he have the sexiest butt -- buns she wanted to personally butter.

“There’s ten of us. Right now.” Pivoting, he asked, “Take sugar and cream in your coffee, Bunny?”

Us? Bunny felt immobilized. Like the time she’d spotted a Big Foot. There’d been no mistaking the giant hairy creature. He’d strode right in front of her high beams during one of her patrols through an isolated area. Given many in the county had seen them also, Bunny didn’t doubt their existence.

“A little sugar and a lot of cream,” she managed through lips that felt frozen. Bunny watched him stir in sugar then add cream to both cups of coffee. When he turned, powerful and smooth as a wild mustang, holding the mug out to her, she forged ahead. “Uh, you said ‘us’. You identify that closely with your horses?”

“Gotta identify, if you’re gonna make a saddle feel good,” he answered. His intense gaze changed to enigmatic. Yeah, she had her perp. She just knew it.

As Bunny took hold of the mug, their fingers met causing a momentary electrical storm that surged up her arm. Damn! Here she was falling like a schoolgirl for a horse thief. Admittedly, a good one since she didn’t have a hat’s worth of real evidence. And how in ever-lovin’ hell had he left no tracks of any kind?

To gather her own wits, Bunny took a careful sip of the steamy brew yet observed him from beneath her lashes. He swallowed down about half the mug, his gaze steady on her. If Bunny gauged his expression correctly, he’d come to a decision about how to handle their interaction.

“Ever hear of shapeshifters, Bunny?” His serious tone threw her, as if she’d been suddenly thrown and hogtied like a calf.

“Of course.” With a careless shrug, she continued. “Heard about ‘em being in Talbot’s Peak. Didn’t believe it, of course.”

“Believe it,” he gravelly returned. Seconds ticked by. “I am one. I’m a horse shapeshifter, Bunny.”

Only aware her mouth hung open from pure shock at his words, Bunny didn’t move as he seized the mug slipping from her nerveless fingers.

“I know who you are.” He placed both mugs on the stove, then faced her. “Recognized you after a bit. Can’t forget a fine riding ass like yours, Sheriff Welch.”

When she did nothing but stare at him, her eyelids wide as the Montana sky, her body stiff as if he’d stuck her outside to freeze, he combed his fingers... at least, it wasn’t a hoof... through his admittedly impressive mane of bay-colored hair, then continued speaking. “I had to rescue my own kind. You see. I know you ain’t gonna believe me. But, they been stuck in horse form for too long to change without help.” He paused. “I know how to help ‘em.”

Bunny spun around, only wanting to flee this not-to-be-believed situation. She didn’t deny her sheriff instincts or years of experience, though. He didn’t lie. Of course, crazy people believed in their own fantasy world. Although, how did he know her last name?

“Gonna snow through the night. Don’t want you gettin’ hurt, Bunny. I’ve got a spare room you can bunk down in.”

Whirling around, Bunny pressed herself against the wood plank door, her hand automatically gripping the butt of her handgun. “I’m going to forget this ever happened. Far as I’m concerned this part of the investigation is closed. Just... just stay out of my territory... whatever you are.”

“Your ‘territory’ looks all too invitin’. I told you up front what I did, and what I am ‘cause I intend to get to know you better. A whole lot better.” He strode toward her, a stud scenting for her acceptance or non-acceptance of him.

“Look. I don’t want to shoot you.” Her gumption returning, Bunny snapped, “Even if you are an admitted horse thief.”

Whipping around, she jerked the door open. At the same time, he took hold of the door above her, his lean rugged body corralling hers. Through the cracked door, icy snow slapped Bunny’s face, and she could barely see her SUV.

“Perfect timing for a blizzard.” His husky whisper warmed her ear, even as he eased the door shut. “Ever rode in a saddle while being rode, Sheriff?”

Before Bunny knew it, he’d seized her purse, and given it a toss to the side. Then she’d been turned, and was now crushed against the door. His sinfully sexy mouth hovered above hers.

“Gotta frisk you for concealed weapons,” he rasped just before his lips fastened on hers, and staked a claim she didn’t want to deny.

Have a Magickal Shapeshifting November!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~