Monday, January 10, 2011

Adult Excerpt - Hardware by Sara Brookes

Since I last posted here, my first contemporary erotic romance, Hardware, released. So, today I thought I'd share an excerpt with you. Be warned, however, there is explicit adult content.


Just as Donovan opened his mouth to reply with what Patrick suspected was a snide comment, the cell phone in Patrick's pocket rang. A quick glimpse at the screen showed it was Allison. “Hang on, I have to get this.” Without another word, he exited the bar and pulled up the collar of his coat and stepped out in to soft rain that fell from the night sky. “Hey, I was just thinking about you.”

“Well then I’m flattered. Unfortunately, I can’t return the favor as I’ve been too damn busy to think about anything else but work.”

Frustration was ripe in her voice and he wished there was something he could do to ease it. He could probably duck out on Ryan and Donovan, but he’d already committed to them for the next few hours. Besides, she’d be fast asleep even if he were to show up in her apartment. While the prospect held promise because he’d already thought of several different creative ways to wake her, he didn’t want deny her the rest it sounded like she needed.

But he could make her rest a little more pleasant. It was time he pushed on her comfort zone again. “Where are you?”

“Home, thankfully. I’m about to collapse into bed and forget today happened.”


“I’m glad my exhaustion pleases you,” she responded wryly.

He nearly chuckled, but bit his lip to contain the noise. “Do you have a pair of shorts you can wear to bed, preferably ones that are made of denim and the fabric is a bit sturdier?”

“Uh, sure,” she stated, confused by his question.

“Get them, but don’t put them on.” Fabric shifted, a drawer closed and then he heard her mattress give as she sat down. He waited a few beats. “I suspect, like most women, you keep your toys in your bedside nightstand.”

“Damn, I hate being predictable.”

Patrick smiled at a couple who walked past and waited while they disappeared inside Rippers. It wasn’t because he was shy, it was simply because he only meant for Allison to hear him. “I also suspect you have a variety of toys.”

Her soft chuckle filtered over the line. “You know, I changed my mind. I do like you knowing me so well.”

Familiarity did have its rewards. “Remember the harness I had made? The piece that sat inside—do you have anything like that?”

“I do. It’s just a dildo though, it doesn’t do anything.”

Patrick wondered if that was a new procurement since the day he’d bonded her to the cross or if she’d had if before they’d met. It was a question for another time. “Actually, that’s perfect. I want you to slide it into yourself. Full tilt and nothing else. No moving it once it’s in place, just like before at the warehouse. You don’t get to fuck yourself, I’m the only one who gets that honor. Understand?”

His words were met by silence and then she gave a quiet sigh of satisfaction. He let the silence stretch out and made her wait because he wanted to listen to her measured breaths. He imagined her as she lay in bed, her long legs spread wide and holding the device in place. The image intoxicated him more than any liquor the bar behind him served. His body hummed with arousal and he shifted the seam of his pants so they didn’t press against his hardened cock.

It took everything inside him to resist going to her so he could finish her off himself. His name was a soft whisper over the phone line and he leaned against the brick wall behind him for support at the sound of it.

“Put the shorts on.” His voice wavered and he cleared his throat quietly. Never had he ever wanted to be somewhere else more than right now.

“What next?” Her voice was low and seductive. His eyes fluttered closed at the hum of heightened arousal in her voice. He swallowed hard and forced himself to follow his rules.

“Go to sleep, baby.” He ended the call abruptly and tilted his head back against the wall while his imagination kicked into overdrive. He saw her as she slept clad only in the shorts and watched as she shifted in her sleep. In his mind, she wore an expression of sheer joy and contentment.

He dug his fingers into his eyes, imagined himself climbing into the bed with her to find out how much time would pass before he allowed her to orgasm. His mouth salivated at the thought of that first precious taste of her release as she gave herself over to him.

The need to outright ditch Ryan and Donovan and go to her became a power struggle. His body nearly shook from the desire to have her in every way. However, the thought he would see her at the coffeehouse tomorrow, after a night where she slept with one of her toys placed securely inside her, was an alluring temptation.

Demands were nothing new for him. He’d issued them before. But he’d never done something like this and couldn’t for the life of him decide what caused him to do it in the first place. It had been highly erotic and knew without a doubt that he wouldn’t harbor one ounce of regret in the morning. If he guessed correctly, she wouldn’t either.

He wanted obscene dreams to plague her the entire night. Sexually charged dreams explicit enough in detail that she would awaken in an enhanced state of arousal come morning. Dreams he would ask her to describe to him in exact, highly explicit detail the next time they were alone. The thought of those kind of words spilling from those luscious lips of hers caused him to nearly shake in anticipation.




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Fascinating what does it for some couples.
Great erotic excerpt.

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Thanks, Naija & Savanna.

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Very intense!