Friday, January 28, 2011

Positions in Ménage a Trois

Position Dilemma

Vivien Jackson and I have written a scorching hot, little erotic novella that we hope will find a publishing home soon. It is a Regency ménage a trois, with two delicious lords and their lady. Each scene was a total blast to write, and imagining what would come next always made me giddy.

After writing the first draft, we hopped into the fun world of revisions. One of the things that cropped up was that we had both envisioned the actual “sex position” differently. It is the last thing left that we are massaging to perfection, prior to sending it out there to submissionlandia.

So, I thought I would come here to ask those seasoned ménage authors, and readers, what is realistic positioning in ménage, and what would you shake your head on, thinking no way! It would never happen like that! What’s the author smoking?

Up first is a scrumptious pose, where each of the males is reclining on either side of their lover. It’s the perfect lady–in-the-middle position. Legs aren’t so tangled up, and can find places to brace or use for leverage. Hands and arms have plenty of room to touch and enjoy. Weight is distributed evenly.
Second, is the classic- is it called ‘ménage a missionary’ or something- one man on top and one man on the bottom. This seems to have many possibilities. The top can be kneeling on the bed, standing on the floor, or lying atop the woman. This position could cause a bit of a tangle up with the legs. Inadvertent or purposeful touches will definitely happen. The guy on the bottom will have much weight to deal with, as he will have both the lady and the guy on him. Still, this entry point into her body could offer a whole slew of sensations. Plus, she has a strong male chest to lie upon.

Third, there is the straddle. This can be done with the lady sitting on the lap of one man, facing him while the other comes up behind her. If she gets bored of that---oh sure---she can turn around and face the other man. Since they are sitting up, all the legs and arms would have to be arranged for maximum space and pleasure. I think, in this position, one lover would have to be standing.

Which has me pondering….is there any way to ménage while everyone, or at least the guys, are standing up? Does it require a wall or something for support?

Is there even a doggy-style ménage position?

What about lesser used positions? I think I need to get my hands on a Kama Sutra Ménage-style picture book. I’m sure that furniture and mattresses can be used to aid each placement of a lover, too.

Have you read any really cool positions of ménage lovers?

Since Vivien and I have started plotting out the next story, featuring the same sexy lords, we surely could use some options to muse on, consider which works nicely, and choose from, so please, do share.

Have a wonderful Sensual Saturday.

All photos found at tumblr #smutclub


Mary Quast said...

Is it getting hot in here... or is it just me? *fans self*

Savanna Kougar said...

Sounds like you two have a great menage start. I've envisioned and written lots of menage scenes, and have two menages in ebook and print, and am working on my third. However, there is no way I can just list out positions. Logistics is important, but so is the emotion and passion of what is occurring.

I suggest reading the book you mentioned and what other authors have written -- lots of menage out there now. Why re-invent the wheel? Although, I just wrote from my very vivid imagination, and came from choreographing the scene I suppose like you would do a movie scene.

Okay, here's a little hint of one position I used from a scene I wrote recently for KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS ~

Chapter Forty-Five ~ How About Appassionato Magnifique

Zol earth-quaked inside with the power of his pleasure. Triad, he mind-howled, and shut his eyes.
Even though, they did not intentionally activate their force now, a supernatural conduit existed between them. Opening his eyes, Zol gazed at his Kandy’s enraptured face.
His precious witch bound him the same way he kept her wrists and ankles captured. He drank her in with his gaze, beast savage for her. And, yet, his esthetic senses were bewitched, as well.

Vivien Jackson said...

Good gravy, these positions have names?! You totally must have thought me a rube when I'd say something like, "Wouldn't it be cool if dude one were kind of upside down, but not really, and they were all, you know, touching things?"

Thank you for your tremendous patience. ;)

Christa Paige said...

Hey Mary- hot hot hot. Some of the pictures I perused for this post were so naughty, the positions were scorching and the lovers, fans self, eye-candy galore.

Thanks for sharing that excerpt Savannah. I totally agree with you on the choreography and looking at it from an emotional point of view.

Viv, I just made those position names up. We are both newbies, and I am sure I had my fair share of whatsit goes wheres. And, I do believe we have one hawt menage goin on. Can't wait to do Evie.

Savanna Kougar said...

Vivien, not at all! Please forgive me, if I gave that impression. I just meant sex positions do have names... say in Tantric sex, and in other sex manuals.

Vivien Jackson said...

Oh, right, Savanna! I just meant that Christa is a research demon, whereas I'm a little less disciplined. I had no idea, when we were writing the story, that she had all this technical information! Instead, I just visualized and made up stuff on the fly. :)

William Kendall said...

Opal Carew wrote a male-female-male threesome in her most recent book, Forbidden Heat.

threesome tips said...

Any position tips for a non-Devil's Threeway?