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Cailin Briste's Current Giveaways

There's one more week left of the Maon: Marshal of Tallav Blurb Blitz Tour. One more week to enter and win a $10 Amazon/BN gift card. The tour will continue through April 7. I've been answering questions at each stop, so click on today's and ask me your most penetrating question. That sounds dirty!

The Archaeolibrarian has promised a review. Good luck on winning the gift card.

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March 31: Lock That Door!
April 3: The Silver Dagger Scriptorium
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April 7: Romance Author Hear Me Roar

The tour was organized by Goddess Fish Productions. They've done a smashing job on finding wonderful hosts.
March 31st is also the last day to enter the Kiss Me I'm Irish Giveaway.

I'm participating in the Kiss Me I'm Irish Mega Giveaway. Mega means the authors involved have combined their resources to offer the following prizes:
  • 3 Kindle Fires
  • $50 Amazon Gift Card
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  • 3 - $10 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Lots of goodies and lots of ways to enter. There's lots of fun planned all March long.

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Meet the Hero.

Welcome to the second to last day of March. Wow, where has time gone?

For me, each new month brings me closer to the release of  Mated in Treason, Book 1 in the Kan Asma Vampires series.

This new vampire romance is coming out in June, 2017 and I thought it would be fun to introduce you to a few of the characters. Today, is all about the hero.

Meet Gunnar Nakani:

The first time we meet Gunnar is in Bound By Obsession the third book in the Blood-Vine series. Bethany who is the heroine of that book, gives her impression of Gunnar.
Before long, the car pulled to a stop and Gunnar opened the door. Bethany hadn't been able to form any solid conclusions about the guy. A few times he stood with his shoulders tossed back, like a marine. The close shave of his light blond hair added to the distinctiveness of a soldier. He wore dark olive utility pants and a matching green T-shirt. She could imagine him in some special-ops corps. He never stopped looking around them. The way his dark eyes flitted from one side to the other showed his attention was focused on their safety. Or, her safety, really.

After she has a few moments to talk with him about one of the Council Sentinels, she realizes there's much more to him than her first impression:
The valet ran a hand over his flattop, and tapped curved knuckles at his temple. "He's short a few brain cells that are imperative for common sense. Little prick spends more time worrying if his silk shirt matches a certain haute couture watch. Who gives a fuck if it's Seiko, Casio, or a flipping Rolex. It tells the time, end of subject."
Tray grinned. "I'll remember that at Christmas." 
Bethany tried not to laugh, but hearing Tray shoot-the-shit with his valet gave her a glimpse of another side of him. "Don't worry I'll make sure he gets you something nice." 
Gunnar turned to her and the lines at the side of his eyes crinkled as he smiled. "That'd be real nice, Miss Miles. Komar here has a hankering for gift cards. In an envelope, mind you."

At the end of Bound By Obsession, Gunnar finds himself in a really dangerous situation. And, that's where Mated in Treason begins.

Here are a few things about Gunnar:
His boss, Traian Komar, is one of the princes in the Kan Asma aristocracy called the kraliyet. Gunnar started working for him as a valet back in the 18th century. That role has grown through the years and now Gunnar works as Tray's right hand man.
He is half Viking and half Turkish as well as a full-blooded Kan Asma Vampire.
He wears his hair in a flat-top which is not typical of the males in the Kan Asma society.
He has a sexy tattoo on his shoulder.
His special vampire talent is revealed in Mated in Treason.
He has a wicked sense of humor.
He loves the SyFy Channel.

All my vampire heroes pick a special endearment for the mate and Gunnar's is a very cool Viking word.

Well, there's a quick glimpse of the hero of Mated in Treason.
Next month, I will post about his heroine, Nurse Nadia.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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He sped up and started hammering into me with measured and deliberate thrusts. Our bodies raged at each other. James thundered into me, and I bucked my hips to meet each powerful lunge, pounding my body against his, stimulating myself with the force of my own movements as much as with the fervor of his. His pelvic bone rubbing my clit into submission.
 I closed my eyes and focused on the connection between us, envisioning his thick cock, roped in veins, as it split me open and rammed into my aching core. I dug my nails into his muscular back and wrapped my legs around his hips resting my heels on his taught ass cheeks, feeling them flex and release with each thrust.
He kissed me again, hard, his tongue mimicking the pace of his hips, fucking my mouth as thoroughly as he was fucking my pussy. I could feel my climax building, and I was having a hard time holding on. My need for release was causing my legs to fatigue, and I found it difficult to match his powerful thrusts. The swift and deep pulls of his cock echoed the clenching within my core. I tightened myself around his rod like a fist, and let go.
“Oh, god, oh god, ah… ah, oh… god.” I came apart at the seams, and in a glorious wave of pleasure, my release rippled through me. I pressed my heels harder into his ass trying to push him deeper into me, biting his shoulder at the intensity of it all as he continued to nail me into the mattress.
He stilled for a moment and grunted loudly. “Oh fuck…ah.” Giving a final hard thrust before he poured himself into me, finding his own climax. I continued to clench my muscles, milking his cock for all that it was worth.

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Interview with a Debut Authoress

I am beside myself with excitement. Let’s say, literally.

Interviewer-me: So, person who has been writing for years and finally penned a book that sold and that will be released next Tuesday, April 4, 2017, are you excited about your book coming out?

Real-me: Sure.

INT: Are you having a launch party?

Me: I bought wine?

INT: Er, I guess that counts. How about smaller celebrations? I’ll bet your family is super proud of you.

Me: My mom asked about the book. I told her it has lots of sex in it. Mom’s whole face went pink with glee.

INT: No, but you really did something. Accomplished something. A thing you have wanted to do all your life. How does it feel?

Me: Do I get one of those Achievement Unlocked badges?

INT: We can make that happen.

Me: I really does feel nice. I wrote a book. Granted, it’s been a while since I read that book, and I’ve written several since then, so I hope it’s as good in reality as it is in my memory.

INT: What if it isn’t?

Me: Readers will hate it.

INT: What if it is?

Me: Readers will love it? And possibly buy the next one in November?

INT: What if they really love it?

Me: I can’t imagine. I mean, I literally cannot imagine what that would be like to have a gajillion people read my book. Not to mention, it would be stupid to sit around imagining such things, wouldn’t it? Because if I let myself do that, the reality would never compare to the imagining, even if it was a respectably good reality. Fantasy is always better. So I’m trying to clear my mind of expectation. Trying to wine at wine-able parts of this adventure and just breathe through the rest of it.

INT: Is there anything you’d like to say to readers directly?

Me: If you look at the blurb and think it sounds interesting, I hope you read this book. I hope you finish it. I hope you like it. If there are flaws in it, please know they’re all mine. I own those. Don’t hold it against the characters, because they've lived in my head for years, and believe me, they are awesome. I love them so much. And if you don’t love them after having read this book, that’s completely on me.

INT: Anything you want to say to them?

Me: The characters?

INT: Yeah.

Me: Don’t you worry. You guys stay together forever. This is the real deal. And thank you SO MUCH for letting me peek at your story and share it. I loved every second of writing you guys.

So, erm, thanks for letting me talk to me. (Which wasn't awkward at all.)

Oh, and this is the book:

Coming at ya April 4, 2017.

Pre-order at Amazon Barnes & Noble | iBooks 

Vivien Jackson writes stories with robots, grenades, pixies, and always, always down-home salacious kissery. She's an unrepentant fangirl of many fandoms and would love to discuss your favorite ships here or here or here.

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Virtual Book Tour - Nowhere to Hide by Louise Lyndon

I'm currently on a virtual tour to promote my third book, Nowhere to Hide (Justice Served: Book 1). I would love if you could come and hang out with me. Here are the dates:


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BRANDED BY THE TEXANS ~ Erotic Romance Menage ~ Excerpts

Happy Spring, everyone. I hope you are rolling in clover and reading lots of good romance novels. 

Since Kylie, Dillon, Dono, and Dash's love story is set in early spring, I thought I'd feature my paranormal western erotic romance. 


What can three Texans do to a woman’s body and heart? 
Kylie is about to find out. 
Beyond her wildest dreams.
On a parallel Earth.

It’s 2009... Kylie is on the run from the law for a crime she didn’t commit. A promising doctoral student, she’s lost everyone and almost everything, except for what she stows in her car. Now, Kylie has to salvage the rest of her life. But, where in this age of GPS tracking, TV’s Most Wanted and cameras everywhere?

It’s 2009... Dillon, Dono and Dash are three brothers desperate for a wife to brand as their own. The Union made women scarce in the Three Star Republic by releasing a bio weapons’ plague during the border wars. These tough-as-leather Texans will do anything to keep the right woman, even if they have to lasso her like a wild filly and love on her until she loves them back.

[R] Excerpt ~ 

Dillon hitched his boot on the first rail and leaned forward, resting on his crossed arms. Swishing their tails, four of their year-old fillies munched on the fresh hay they'd been given in the morning. They were part of the next generation in the ranch's breeding program to create the hardiest and best-looking stock.

Joining him, Dono and Dash keenly studied his expression, once they'd planted themselves.

"I don't want to know," Dillon forestalled any explanation. Looking away from his brothers, he eased himself by watching the fillies, yet kept Dono and Dash in his peripheral vision.

"We need more of a plan than just the garden," Dono began.

"What kind of plan?" Dillon kept his tone neutral.

"You know that hole in the dimensional wall near Pine Springs at the gas station? I hear tell it's still open." Dash propped his boot up.

"Talked to Craig last Saturday," Dono continued. "He says they still get vehicles with license plates and the people want to pay with credit cards. When they ain't single women, he pretends to take the information and tells folks to make certain they get back on the main road the same way they came through town because a bridge is out."

"Craig keeps a whole dang list of bachelors like us—"

Dillon shook his head, stopping Dash. "I'd lasso a woman for us quick as a rattlesnake strikes and bring her home. That's accepted here. It don't seem right when the woman is from a parallel world."

"Hell, you could be doin' the woman a favor," Dash persisted. "Pamela says there were all sorts of women from her Earth who were looking for what she called their `soul mates' and having no luck."

"Talk about wanting a woman, big brother. How long will it take us to lure a woman here, even with the niceties? Right now, unattached women are scarcer than hen's teeth." Dono punched the fence plank, emphasizing his frustration.

"Yeah, and the fallout from the plagues has caused a low birth rate." Dash kicked the dirt, barely stirring any dust from the low mountain ground of northwest Texas. "Besides, I don't want no close-to-the-cradle bride. I want a real woman."

Dillon dropped his head, staring at nothing. "Yeah, I agree. I want a woman not a child that still needs raisin'. What does Craig want from us?"

"Stud service for his two mares," Dono quickly answered. "I know he's been after our line for a long while."

"Shoulda known. Dang it, they're poor stock. What's he offerin' exactly?" Dillon raised his head and eyed his brothers.

"We tell him our general preferences, and he puts us at the head of the list for that type of female. One of us has to be within ridin' distance of his fill-up station or someone else gets the call." Dono's gaze glittered with his desperate hope.

"It's still faster than tryin' to lure a woman here or canvassing the whole republic for a bride." Dash used his most convincing voice.

"Let me guess, you two already told Craig our preferences."

Dono and Dash nodded as one. "Just like we discussed," Dono seriously replied. "And how is this plan supposed to work? There are no roads to drive the Tesla or the trucks into Pine Springs. And the ranch don't take care of itself."

"We all take three day shifts," Dash answered too enthusiastically. "It's only half a day's ride down our mountain path."

"Besides it will give us a chance to make more barter deliveries to the general store." Dono slightly grinned.

Dillon figured he knew that he and Dash were winning their big brother over. "You two got this all worked out, have you?" Turning at the waist, he leaned on the top rail again.

"We've been talkin' a lot, figuring it out, yep." Dash tossed back his long auburn hair. An unruly forelock had fallen over his eyes. "You're not the only one loco and longin' for a woman around here."

"Must be true." Dillon heard the dry retort of his voice. "Since you two got stud hormones that won't be eased by pounding fists on each other. Promise to stop, and I'll go along with this plan." Dillon drilled them with his gaze. "Act up again, and I'll stop it deader than a border raider's blasted ass."

"Wahoo!" Dash leaped straight up.

Dillon scowled. "This doesn't get you two out of garden duty."

Dono jabbed Dash's ribs with his elbow. "Come on. She's not gonna want a steady diet of meat, canned vegetables, biscuits and beans."

Watching his brothers gallop toward the fenced-off plot with Maisy and Wayward hot on their heels, Dillon briefly shook his head.

One of the fillies, a chestnut he called Stargirl because of the marking on her forehead, approached and nuzzled his chest. He rubbed her gleaming neck. Her winter coat had fallen out mostly and she shone with a deep red color. "You'd make a good mount for a woman, my Stargirl."

Despite his misgivings over the whole dang scheme, Dillon shrugged. He could kill two birds with one stone. They could all be on the lookout for a woman while increasing their trade with the general store. Their ranch's tanned hides and smoked beef were always in demand. To their benefit, they'd stock up on needed items as well as purchase more of the luxuries. A woman would appreciate that.


...She slid against him in a dang erotic way he surely relished.

"How about your ankles, darlin'?" Dillon swirled his thumb over her outer ankle.

"Please." Her voice was barely above the sound of the water.

Continuing to massage her foot with one hand, Dillon smoothed his other palm over her ankle. Dash watched him languidly stroked the sweet shape with the length of his fingers. Dono followed his lead using his thumb to lightly stimulate her sexual point, the one located below her inner ankle.

"I should be dreaming." She sighed luxuriously. "I'm keeping my eyes closed just in case I am dreaming. Besides, those cowboy cocks of yours are looking for love already."

All three brothers locked gazes with each other. "Lookin' for love, like the song?" Dash fondled her ass with small squeezes.

"Yeah, the song. From a John Travolta movie."

"John Travolta?" Dono cupped her ankle between his hands and massaged.

"He's a well-known actor on my Earth. Oh, I like what you're doing, musketeer cowboy. Both of you, what you're doing."

"There is no John Travolta, the actor, here." Dillon gradually smoothed the heel of his hand up the water-slickened flesh of her calf.

"Mmmm…Viking cowboy. Who did sing it? I can't recall on my Earth."

Dash watched the shower spray strike his wife's body forming rivulets that flowed over her delectable round shape. Heaven had definitely found him, and he wanted to stay. "Lots of artists here, honey. I've been known to belt it out now and then."

"Mmmm… a singing prince cowboy." Kylie moved against him, sensual as a big cat. "Oh, yes," she moaned, "your hands are driving me so sexy-insane."

Dono braced her foot against his solar plexus, then slipped both of his hands up her leg. Sweeping longer strokes, he massaged her calf, gradually including her knee.

Clenching her ass tighter, Dash slipped his thumbs over the tender inner flesh of her crack.

"Three against one. I'm liking this more and more." Arching her back, Kylie pressed her butt against his loins.

Dash groaned. Of its own accord, his shaft nudged her twat's petals, steamier than inside the shower stall. Controlling himself, he gently rubbed his cock's head back and forth, and ached mightily to plunge inside her.

"Such a nice tease, prince cowboy," she throatily crooned. "Yes, oh God, my thighs have never felt this good…Dillon, Dono."

Nestling the crown of his shaft between her carnal folds, Dash took a look at what his brothers were doing. They massaged in different ways, fondling the entire length of her thighs.

"Kylie," Dono darkly purred above the sound of the shower. "I'll bet you'd like me pleasurin' your nubbin." Dono eased his hand over her curls. Cupping, he kneaded her woman's plump mound.

Tightening her hold on his neck, Kylie uttered a strangled whimper and rocked her sex rose on Dash's cockhead.

Dono slipped the side of his hand between her thighs. Teasing the cleft of her mound, he fingered open her female flesh. "I'll bet you'll like Dash puttin' his big cock inside you at the same time."

"Come here, Kylie," Dillon commanded. "I'll hold onto you and suck your teats."

A needy cry escaped her throat, and Kylie let go of Dash's neck. Leaning forward, she reached for Dillon. Her arms flew around his neck and she clutched him like a lifeline.

"That's it, my sweet thang." Dillon roved his hands over the voluptuous swells of her hips and the slender dip of her waist. "Dash'll keep himself reined in till you want him real bad."

Gripping her thighs near her ass, Dash spread Kylie as her legs loosely surrounded Dillon's hips. Rearing wild with ache, he jabbed his cock's head inside her slick little hole. Not wanting to take her too fast, he fucked her entrance and waited for Dono to do his special magic with her feminine bud. "She
wide enough for you, brother?"

"Yep. I feel her. You've got the most exquisite nubbin, Kylie love," Dono crooned, coaxing her to let go of any inhibition. "You like me squeezin' it this way? Strokin' this way?"

"Oh, please, yes…keep doing what you're doing. Dono, yes, pinch me."

Kylie squirmed on the hot poker that was his cock and danced in that cat-like sinuous way of hers. Dash stroked her inner thighs with his thumbs. More and more, he fell in love with the way his wife moved, with the feel of her body.

"Dang, princess," he growled. "I want to melt the cream in your sweet pussy."

"Yes, do it!" she cried out.

Happy Ridin' and Ropin' and Readin'... 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ ~ 

A Siren-BookStrand #1 Bestseller ~ ~ ~ Rated: SEXTREME 

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Sex, Heat and Hunger: Part 1

Sex, Heat and Hunger: Part 1
Book 3 of The Dark and Damaged Hearts Series
Coming March 29, 2017
Available for pre-order NOW!!!
He was her addiction; she was his everything…
Emma Everly is ready for her happily ever after. James Shaw doesn’t know happiness. But Emma knows that there is more to the brilliant and sexy millionaire project developer. Yearning to experience the world of pleasure that James is offering her, with no strings and no future, Emma agrees to the parameters of his proposition. No love, just sex  —and lots of it. After only one weekend, Emma feels her heart begin to bind to the man, and she knows she needs more, only James’ walls are up and he remains guarded and distant. He’s hiding something. As Emma falls hard and fast into his intoxicating world of sex and passion she fears that her own checkered past and James’ secrets may be what’s keeping their happily ever after just beyond their grasp.

In the midst of my phone conversation with Steve, the bar stool to my right had been vacated and re-occupied without my noticing. The thick as molasses voice came from a guy in a three-piece dark grey suit, black leather dress shoes, and an understated but non-the-less impressive Rolex which peeked from beneath the cuff, to reveal a light dusting of dark hair at the wrist. His hands were huge, like super huge! You can tell a lot about a person from their hands and these were capable hands. Hands of a man who worked hard and didn’t just push a pencil all day, trimmed nails with plenty of calluses, and the occasional scar to show he dove right in when it came to dirty work, a man’s man in gentleman’s clothes.
But more noticeable than his big hands, which at that moment I suddenly ached to have on me, was the most intoxicating scent of the man; an alluring mix of spice, woods, and confidence, like he’d just chopped down enough trees to make a log house and then swiped Old Spice under his arms —it was hot! I looked up from my phone, straight into piercing cobalt blue eyes and flicked down to a cocky but adorable smirk on an even more adorable mouth —scratch that —a sexy, delicious and unbelievably kissable mouth. My core clenched as I envisioned that mouth traveling down my body and ending between my legs. Holy shit! Where did that come from? More to the point, where did you come from Mr. Sexy Mouth?


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First Chapter Friday: Brothers in Blue: Marc by Jeanne St. James

Book 2 of the Brothers in Blue Series...

 The Brothers in Blue Series, book #2
Jeanne St. James
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Meet the men of Manning Grove, three small-town cops and brothers, who meet the women who will change the rest of their lives. This is Marc’s story…

Officer Marc Bryson doesn’t believe women should be in law enforcement. Ever. When his older brother, Max, is promoted to the small town’s police chief the first thing he does is hire a woman fresh out of the academy. Then makes Marc her Field Training Officer.

Determined to follow in her late father’s footsteps, Leah Grant has the moxie to break any glass ceiling that stands in the way from becoming a police officer. Even if that means proving to her coach—who only wants her in his bed and not in the field—she’s worthy of being a permanent member of the force.

Working in a man’s world, Leah challenges Marc’s misconceptions about women in the line of duty. But as they struggle to separate their work life from their undeniable chemistry, things continue to steam up and get a little kinky. These two officers of the law must toe the line after being caught red-handed.

In the end, can Leah prove to Marc that she is good as backup as well as in bed?

 Available on Amazon for $2.99 for a limited time
Or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Chapter One
“What the fuck do you mean a woman?” Corporal Marc Bryson all but sputtered over the chief’s desk and the too-tidy piles of paperwork, which were perfectly spaced apart on the spotless surface.
The chief, who just happened to be his older brother, lifted an eyebrow. “I would hope you would know what a woman is by your age, Marc. Though, now that I think about it, you never did bring any women home when you squatted at my house.”
“Oh, very funny. And I wasn’t squatting. I gave you money every month.”
Max Bryson snorted.
“Anyway, let’s get back to this discussion—”
Max cut him off at the knees. “There will be no discussion. Period. I hired her and you’re going to be her FTO.”
Marc didn’t want to be some woman’s Field Training Officer. No way, no how. Women shouldn’t be cops. Ever.
“Why do I have to train her? Why not Dunn?”
“Because I said so.”
What the fuck. Big brother says so and that’s all, folks. Fellow officer Tommy Dunn wasn’t going to be the new rookie’s FTO because he was too easy going, he would coddle the female, not train her for the real world in policing. And Marc would. Plus, Dunn wasn’t certified to be an FTO. Though that was just semantics. Right?
Shit. Marc wouldn’t give any slack to a woman fresh out of the academy. Max knew how much he opposed women in law enforcement. If she wanted to be treated as an equal, then Marc would have no problem being tough and inflexible with the rules just because she was a w—new recruit. Right.
Fine. But he didn’t have to be happy about it.
“Let me just remind you that you’re a corporal now. I warned you when you accepted the promotion that with the buck more weekly salary increase you’re getting”—Max snickered—“comes more responsibility.”
Max was obviously enjoying this, not giving a flipping fuck how Marc felt about this new “responsibility.” If his older brother could find a way to bust his balls, he did it.
Fighting this would be pointless. Marc exhaled loudly in defeat. “When does she start?”
Max glanced at his black G-Shock wrist watch. “As soon as Dunn is finished issuing all her equipment.”
Marc’s head snapped up and he thought he’d have to shove his eyeballs back into their sockets. “Today?”
Max laughed. “Got a problem with that, Corp?”
Marc took another deep breath. He kept playing into Max’s hands. He needed to act like this whole thing didn’t bother him. Otherwise, Max would ride him hard until he broke. Big brothers were assholes like that. The power of becoming chief had gone to his head. He didn’t know how his wife put up with him.
Oh, that’s right. Amanda didn’t take any of his shit. One misstep and that woman brought him to his knees. Whap! Marc looked down at the floor while he chuckled.
“Something funny, brother?”
“Nope. Max, you interviewed her, so what does she look like?” He hoped she wasn’t someone prissy, more worried about breaking a nail than doing actual police work. Nor did he want a beast. A woman who would look like she could break Marc in half.
“It shouldn’t matter what she looks like. Get your priorities straight. She graduated the academy at the top of her class. That’s what’s important.”
“Chief, we’re done,” Tommy Dunn called out from the hallway as he turned the corner. His large, lanky body suddenly filled the office doorway and Marc couldn’t see the new officer.
Apparently neither could Max. “Why don’t you get the hell out of the way, and let her through? Get back out on patrol. I’m sure Mrs. Johnson needs her cat rescued again.”
The redhead shuffled his feet. “No problem, Max.”
Marc shook his head and chuckled softly just waiting. Dunn never learned.
Max cleared his throat loudly and gave Tommy the stink eye. “Excuse me?”
Dunn’s face paled which illuminated the countless freckles that covered his face. “I meant chief. Sorry, Chief.” With a mumble, Dunn backed up, then jerked forward as he bumped into the person behind him. He excused himself and rushed off.
Marc leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms and ankles and waited, a frown front and center on his face.
After a few moments of no sign of the rookie, Max barked, “Grant, get in here!”
A figure appeared in the open doorway and she stood at attention, her body stiff and tight. Marc did a preliminary inspection, starting at her feet. She wore black tactical boots, the dark blue summer uniform of the department, a full duty belt that looked like it weighed more than she did, and as his gaze rose, her torso looked out of proportion. What the hell?
There was something seriously wrong with her Kevlar vest underneath her uniform.
Marc jumped to his feet and stood with legs apart, pointing at her chest. “What’s wrong with your vest?”
A blush rose from the tight collar of her shirt into her cheeks as she stared at his finger. “Sir, it’s too big, Sir.”
Fuck that double sir shit. Academy bullshit that was drilled into you. While attending the academy, you could be at the grocery store on the weekend and have to ask a stock boy a question and you’d start and end the question with a sir. Sir, where are the kumquats, Sir? The teenager would look at you as if you’d grown two heads.
“I’ll order you a new vest,” Max said. “Just bear with that one for now. I don’t want you going without. It’s in our Field Regulations.”
“Sir, yes, Sir.”
“Oh, for fuck’s sake, drop the sir echo,” Marc barked. Okay, maybe a little harsh for the first day, but he was annoyed. Just a tad. This whole FTO thing was a flaming bunch of bullshit. And now he was stuck training someone who probably would faint at the sight of blood and hide when shit went down. “And stop standing in the doorway. Get in here front and center.”
She rushed to the center of Max’s office, heels together, fists clamped to the sides of her thighs, head up, eyes staring forward focused on some spot above Max’s head.
“By the way, Grant, the corporal here will be your FTO.”
Marc narrowed his eyes at the wide smile his brother wore. Then he caught the quick flick of her gaze toward him before pinning it straight ahead again. He circled her closely, looking her up and down. He checked the tuck of her uniform shirt into her pants, he checked the crease on her sleeves—it had to be centered from her shoulder directly through the patch to the hem. It was. He moved around to stand directly in front of her, less than a foot away. By being in her personal space he was testing her. Would she step back or stand her ground?
He flicked her name tag with his index finger. “Your tag is crooked. Fix it. Did you even read the regulations?”
As she repined the black and silver tag that said GRANT straight with trembling fingers, Marc wondered if Max had even provided her copies of the department’s Administration and Field Regulations as well as their SOPs—Standard Operating Procedures—yet.
“Corporal,” Marc corrected her sharply.
“Corporal…” Her eyes jumped to his nametag. Confusion crossed her face, but it was hidden in a flash. “Bryson. I have studied the SOPs, the FRs, and the ARs as required.”
Well, well, well. Max was on it. Good for big brother. And good for the recruit. But she’d have to do a lot more than that to impress him.
“Every day while you’re in field training expect to be inspected like this. Get used to it. And make sure you’re squared away before beginning your shift.”
He studied her from head to toe one last time. But this inspection was of her, not her uniform. She stood about five-six. She probably weighed a hundred and twenty pounds at best. And she was young. Maybe twenty-five. Young enough to think she could make a difference out in the world. She may be disappointed.
He sucked in a deep breath, steeling himself for what, he didn’t know, but it turned out to be a mistake. A big one. He inhaled her unmistakable scent. Not perfume, no. It was light, floral. He couldn’t help sniff a little more, trying not to be obvious. It was her shampoo, or her soap, or her body lotion. Something that caught his attention. Her dark hair was pulled back into a thick, tight bun, not a stray hair to be seen. It made him wonder how long it actually was when let down. Her thick eyelashes surrounded amazing hazel eyes. It had to be his imagination when they flashed different colors, from gold to brown to green, all within a dark outer ring. Had to be; irises didn’t change colors. Her nose was thin and straight, her cheekbones high and blooming with color from his detailed inspection. And her lips…
Fuck. Marc stepped back and cleared his throat.
Max cut into his thoughts. “Grant, why don’t you go and wait in the patrol room. Your FTO will be with you in a couple minutes so he can start showing you the ropes. Close the door on your way out, would you?”
“Thank you, S—Chief.” She spun on the ball of her right foot and marched stiffly out of the office.
Polyester uniform pants were never flattering on anyone, man or woman, but somehow she managed to make her tight little ass looked good in them. A sigh almost slipped past his lips.
“Was it good for you?” Max asked him.
“You stripping her bare in your head.”
“I didn’t,” he grumbled. Was it that obvious? He didn’t want to check for it, or even look, but he might have a chubby.
“Keep it professional. Don’t make me have to write you up, or worse, for doing something stupid.”
“Why did she have to be so—”
Max slammed his palm on the desk top, making Marc jump. “Don’t fuck this up, Corporal. We’re already shorthanded and I need her. We need her. With Matt still overseas and since Chief Peters retired, there’s been a gaping hole. Unless you want to work constant doubles, then do everything you can to make sure she’s trained properly and is an asset to this department. As for you being stuck with all sixty days of her training, I have no other option. You’re it until our baby brother gets his feet back on American soil. And even then, I don’t think his head will be in the game enough to train another officer.”
Once their youngest brother gets back from his stint in the Marines, it could be possible that he would need refresher training anyway.
Like it or not, Marc will have to spend the next two months as their new female recruit’s shadow. He was so screwed.

JEANNE ST. JAMES is an erotic romance author who loves an Alpha male (or two). She was only 13 started writing when she started writing since it gave her an escape from teenage angst! Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine. Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages.
She has a few new releases coming up in 2017. So keep an eye on her website at or sign up for her newsletter here.


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