Friday, May 31, 2019

Melody Embraced #New Release

Book One

Mini Blurb:

When Jade walked into a new restaurant in town, she intended it to be just another day in the life. Meeting Lyrek wasn’t in the plans. Now she was thinking of a male that made her heart beat fast and her imagination soar.

Sneak peek:

“Lyrek? What’s happening?”

“We’re being followed.”


“Don’t turn around just keep walking.”

They were out of the parking lot for the restaurant and were walking down the street. It was a Friday night so there were people all around picking places to eat and running in and out of bars.

“How do you know someone is following us?” She turned to the side to miss a drunk who almost slammed into her.

He pointed to his nose. “I can smell the danger.”

“Umm, right?”

“We’re being tracked by two humans who are carrying a weapon specially designed to kill me. It will kill if they shoot you there won’t be enough left to get a DNA sample.”

She took a chance and looked at him. The look on his face was all business. He was serious.

“You can smell the weapon, can’t you?”

“I can. It uses a unique emulsifier.”

“Shit. They won’t fire as long as we’re in a crowd of people, right?”

“Run!” He took her hand and dragged her behind him.

The flip flops she had on came off her feet. She never stopped even when the rocks and other things she didn’t want to think about pierced her skin. If she was alive at the end of this, she’d call it a good day.

They ran down the street to people going woot-woot and catcalling. No one seemed to realize they were being chased. When they were free of the main drag, Lyrek took her through a deserted parking lot that led to an area of several trees.

“When I say duck do it.”