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Want a unique erotic spin on Hellhounds? ~ Sexcerpt


Blurb ~

Kandace doesn't know why she's a real witch. Despite her powers, she can't find her bio parents. When the Tuxedo Twins tempt her with knowledge about her heritage at a charity event, Kandace agrees to dance with the mysterious Supernaturals. Unexpectedly, they are threatened by the omnipresent evil she's been warned about in her dreams. To keep from being enslaved, Kandace brings forth her greater magick. But, to save her homeworld, she needs her hellhounds.

Zolivar and Zindale, two of Hades' most mission-accomplished Hellhounds, see a witch sliding down the bannister after her heist of a painting. Spellbound, they know they've found just the right Kandy Apple to lick for Halloween. With every passion, Zin and Zol woo their chosen witch. Yet, will their Triad mate stay once she learns they can't fall in love like humans? Or, will she return to her homeworld? Their very lives are at stake.



Grabbing a breath, Kandace crept toward the door. This time she expanded her awareness to the interior, checking for anyone else, before turning the knob.

The door cooperated as if she'd put a spell on it. Slipping inside, she closed the door so there was not the tiniest sound. She pivoted around and waved her hand, creating a soft illumination.

Paintings adorned all four walls of the private office. A mixture of modern, impressionism, and realism, they were all forgeries, to her utter astonishment.

That is, except for the painting Kandace planned to steal back. Of course, many collectors had forgeries done of their prize pieces, keeping the real art in secure underground vaults that were, more often than not, lavish showrooms.

Psi-detecting forgeries had become a magickal specialty of hers, ever since Kandace's sister, Meredith—also adopted by her parents—had opened up her own small art gallery, then been tricked by a man supposedly selling his original.

Curious, Kandace roved her gaze over the eclectic selection of paintings, unconcerned about surveillance measures. There would be none in this keep-all-deals-under-the-table office for the rich and famous.

While something pricked at her about the collection, something she didn't have time to figure out, Kandace moved toward the painting stolen from her friend. Valerie and her husband had found the early Frederic Remington painting at an estate sale.

Despite the layer of grime, Valerie had known. Since the age of twelve she'd had a love affair with the Western artist, and already owned every print available.

Kandace paused, studying the wall around the Remington for any hidden alarms. Discovering one, she disabled it with a point of her finger.

A slight hiss of sound alerted her. Inadvertently, she'd triggered another alarm and the mansion's security team would be headed her way.

Keeping her cool, Kandace aimed her finger directing the Remington from the wall, and onto the Georgian antique desk. Swiftly flowing her palm over the frame, she found the embedded RFID chip and GPS locator. Loosening the frame with more of her magick, she carefully removed the precious canvas.

Shutting her eyes, Kandace concentrated, then zapped the Remington to the trunk of her car. She followed it with her mind's eye, watching the painting settle within the climate-controlled container.

Rapidly moving toward the door, Kandace eliminated the illumination she'd manifested. Cracking open the door, she peeked out. An army of footsteps rushed up the main stairway. From the other end of the long corridor she heard the jogging run of another team.

"What's a witch girl to do?" she whispered, gently closing the door.

A whole lot of tricks so not up my sleeve. How easy peasy cool would it be to suspend them on the ceiling with a snap of my fingers?

Kandace battled her temptation to do just that. However, a blatant use of magick was never smart in a world ruled by science.

Plus, she'd already had a few astral run-ins with psychics working for the shadow government. They regularly searched for specimens like her to be rounded up or recruited.

Backing away, Kandace raised her arms, and focused on centering her force. Wiggling her nose like Samantha in Bewitched, simply for the fun it, she brought forth an invisibility cloak.

While it would only last for a few minutes, that should give her enough time to rejoin the charity event. Appearing to be innocent in the face of her magickal heist was crucial.

Hearing the tromping charge of security, Kandace retreated to wait beside the desk. The door flew inward and the lights blazed on.

Guns drawn, the guards entered like the professionals they were. Their gazes swept the room thoroughly, but fast. Splitting up into two-man teams, they began a systematic search.

The instant the doorway cleared, Kandace made a beeline for it. As she escaped, she wished she'd thought to take off her heels. Still, she'd worn her mid-thigh bouffant skirt since it didn't hinder her.

Hastily, she minced her way to the staircase, and quickly descended. She huffed breaths because the bodice of her fire-red dress was tight as a corset.

Even though she remained invisible, Kandace felt relieved she saw no one. She wasn't without mass. Someone could definitely feel her.

Oh crap, oops. There had been no one on the stairway when she'd just looked.

Now, two brawny men in matching dark suits pistoned their legs, trotting up the stairs. Thinking, yet acting on instinct, Kandace clambered astride the banister. Thank the Goddess, it was a straight slide to the bottom now.

She whooshed downward easily because of her expensive pantyhose. As she whizzed past the two super security guys, her skirt brushed the thigh of one. Hardly breaking stride, he glanced back.

"Felt one of your damn ghosts," he growled to his partner.

"Told you the place is haunted," his partner replied.

"Yeah, yeah. Casper isn't happy tonight."

"No one's happy tonight with that painting disappearing right beneath our noses."

"We'll get the bastard, or fucking bastards."

"Yeah, no cat burglar is that good."

I am that good. For I am the notorious cat witch burglar.

Squinching her eyes shut, Kandace prepared herself for a collision with the Roman-style column at the end of the banister.

Her butt hit with a big ole thwack!

"Ow." Kandace briefly rubbed her stinging derriere. Scrambling to the floor, she hurried toward the women's lounge.


Kandace thought she heard the slide of clothing, and decided the other twin disrobed. In a lovely delirium of passion, she didn't move to find out for certain. Besides, Zol or Zin's lips tempted the small of her back, placing a beautiful-feeling kiss.

Kandace doubted any man had ever kissed her there. Certainly not like that. Not this feeling of I'm in sex paradise.

Sensually, he nuzzled her skin. The prowess of his mouth teased her, then pleased her with more long kisses. In absolute ecstasy, Kandace went limp.

She whimpered as his hands flowed down her arms. He palmed her hips beneath her skirt and his lips deserted her back. With clever fingers, he slowly eased her pantyhose downward and over her butt.

"Yes, naked," she murmured.

"Not yet, darling Kandy." His soft growl was a command.

The waistband of her pantyhose captured her knees. Smoothly stroking, he roamed his hands up and down the entire length of her thighs.

Goddess, they had the best, most sensually pleasurable hands in the universe. "What are you going to do to me, you bad hellhound?"

"Enjoying the shape of your bare ass."

His lips grazed one of her butt cheeks and languidly nibbled. When his incredible kisses claimed the curves of her ass, Kandace moaned, "Oh, yes."

Seductively, he nuzzled beneath the fullest flesh of her butt, then nipped her with his lips, his passion obvious. His mouth moved higher, tantalizing her with more kisses.

"I swear I'm a puddle of flame for you." Kandace had never felt anything like this red-hot insanity of need. Her pussy begged to be noticed -- it was so wet and wanton.

Raising her ass high, he seized her legs above her knees, and her bouffant skirt brushed her back. Kandace grabbed white satin, attempting to fist the bedspread, but it was too slippery.

A dark rumble of lust sounded close by. "Lick her. I want to watch our Kandy Apple blaze out of control."

"Oh lick, yes," she managed to say.

Was there any breath left inside her body?

"Red as sin and cherries, brother."

Kandace quivered inside. She felt her pussy folds swell in anticipation, an ultra sexy sensation. Unexpectedly, his tongue tip probed her slit. The gentle exploration sent a jolt of ecstasy through her mound.

"More," she whispered. "Please "

She hadn't finished speaking when he licked the length of her sex seam. The smooth finesse of his tongue made Kandace keen a long whimper. Desperately, she hoped for more.

Zin or Zol didn't disappoint.

He lapped her pussy slit in the same way, but with a steadiness that erotically pulsed her flesh. Her entire body melted, then pleasurably throbbed.

Near the edge of an orgasm, she dipped her back, thrusting her pussy as close as possible. His tongue struck her clit, nearly undoing her.

A fiery need enveloped her instead, and with each flick of his tongue, he stoked her higher. Suddenly igniting with rapture, Kandace screamed a moan.

Ecstatic sweeps of pleasure owned her, and only his hold on her kept her from collapsing onto the bed.

"Kandace." His rasp moved through her body like liquid smoke.

The moment her knees could support her, he slipped her pantyhose down her legs. As he tenderly smoothed them from her feet, sparkly tingles danced inside her.

"My turn."

Somewhat coherent, Kandace asked what she wanted to know. "Which one?"

"Zin," he hoarsely growled close to her ear. He gripped both of her butt cheeks, rubbing caresses. "It's Zin, my beautiful witch."

"Goddess, even your voice gives me a mini orgasm."

"May I say, Kandy Apple, the shape and softness of your derriere is an inspiration for my erectly standing manhood."

"Such a gentlemanly confession, hellhound."

Goddess, when had she ever known this dreamy sort of passion, especially with her ass stuck up in the air? As Zin stroked, she felt like she drowned in the dreaminess, yet somehow kept breathing. "What about your caninehood?"

"Volcanically engorged as we speak."

"Mmmm engorged. I think my womanhood is still engorged."

"Should I naughtily entice your engorgement?"

"Oh, do naughtily entice me."
His large thumbs slid over the inner flesh of her ass, halting near her juicy sex entrance. Tenderly prying her cheeks apart, he thrust his tongue just inside her pussy.

"Zin." Her breathy gasp of pleasure lasted longer than saying his name.

The pointed tip of his tongue twirled strongly. Then he licked the inner rim of her passage. Basking in the sweet, wicked wildness, Kandace clenched her eyelids.

"Oh, yes, yes, that feels so good."

Zin drilled his tongue inside her repeatedly, his tempo languid yet forceful. He made her crave his cock. Goddess save her, she wanted him lunging in and out of her for the longest time.

Although, Kandace couldn't quite believe he took her this way, given this was their first time together. Still, her body burned like a blissful furnace.

She opened her core to him, whispering, "What you do to me."

Her orgasm began as a clench deep inside her passage, interrupted when Zin withdrew his plunging tongue. Kandace couldn't voice the no screaming inside her.

She panted like a wild thing. Sweltering and needy, she searched for a bit of relief by slipping her arms forward over the cool satin.

"I want your breasts, Kandy Apple."

Zin's roughened voice smoldered her, made her fiercer with need.

He stroked beneath her bodice, covering her breasts. The possessive feel of his hands made the entire length of her clit twist, pain and pleasure. "Zin."

"What delicious apples you have, Kandace, especially the stems."

Inebriated by her blazing arousal, she mumbled, "You did that on purpose."

"All the better to passionately devour you, my darling."

His words moved through her, sexy and sinuous as a dragon. "Devour me with your fire, hellhound."

The restriction of being halfway dressed crazed Kandace suddenly, and she cried out, a strangled yell of frustration.

"Naked." She clawed at the bedspread.


Have a wonderful Witchy Halloween Week... 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Kandace and her hellhounds, Zol and Zin, invite you to read their love story ~

Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds ~ ~ What happens when two of Hades' most mission-accomplished Hellhounds find just the right witch for Halloween? ~ Ebook and In Print.

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'Bring Your Own Wolf' for Wicked Haunt-o-ween

Happy Hauntings, everyone. Join me on Monday, October 15 -- and all the authors participating in the Wicked Haunt-o-ween at KM Books. 

Here's the beginning of my featured flash scene... 
‘Bring Your Own Wolf’ Costume Party
By Savanna Kougar

With her head pounding from a nerve-wracking day at her rotten stupid job as a bank teller... with her stomach growling and pressed against her spine because she’d skipped lunch to license her junker of a car, then pick up her Little Red Riding Hood costume for tonight’s Halloween party... Sapphyra jogged toward the entrance of the small shop that sold stuffed animals, many of them realistic looking.

That is, before Doris closed up -- only minutes away.

“Oh, hell, no.” The words burst out of Sapphyra as she glimpsed Helen’s silver Porsche parked nearby.


There's lots of contests happening and if you wanna win one of my books...  
***Contest for 18yrs and older only: Savanna is offering one PDF copy of one of books from her backlist. The winner's choice. Read on to find out how you may add this treat to your goody bag. CONTEST ENDS ON OCT. 22ND AT MIDNIGHT.


~ Have a magickal and wicked Halloween ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait... by Serena Shay

So an interesting thing happened to me as I worked on this week's blog...

My character jumped in and changed everything up.  Who knew Leo and Cami went to school together.  Who knew he was a geek turned alpha and who really knew he was a Dom!

A lot of my Talbot's Peak family is leaning heavily into the BDSM lifestyle...a total, but welcome surprise.

As an author, I would love to have the plotting ability down cold, however, the voices in my participants in my writing journey, don't want to let me.  Too boring, they say...not enough freedom, they whine.

I gotta tell ya, if this crew is allowed anymore freedom, I just might find myself locked away!  Pads on the very white walls.  Just make sure I have a computer at my disposal, or a marker...I can make it work.  ~wink~

It took everything Leo had to hold back the chuckle bubbling up inside him.  Cami Ann Wilk, the quietly sexy, shyly searching wolf who’d overlooked his geeky nature all through school, here in the office with Kennel cough.  Fate was being incredibly kind to him today.

“Well, what do we have here?  I see you’re a shapeshifter, canine breed wolf, with a nasty sounding cough.  How about we get you on the table and have a listen to those lungs.”  He squat; readjusting the kilt as he went, and scooped up the lovely wolf.  “Such soft fur, lots of protein in your diet?”

A sort of cough/snort erupted from her muzzle and drooly snot ran down her lips.  She looked away and whined.  The sound was pure embarrassment.  In her human form a blush would spread across her pale skin—a visual reminder of how close to the surface her blood flowed and the pleasure she’d find his brand of love.  Over the years he’d spent an inordinate amount of time watching her, hoping she would see him back.

He ran his hands over her head and down her back, both to sooth and steady the beautiful animal before reaching for his stethoscope.  “Okay, sweetheart, deep breath in…and out.  Once more…” 

The nice thing about working with shifters was that they actually listened to what you told them while in their alternate form.  Well, some did.  There was this smarty pants squirrel who didn’t listen to anyone and a snake that was forever trying to peek under his kilt, but both were so amusing he didn’t mind playing along.

“Sounds to me like kennel cough.  Can I assume you were out on Jack and Jill’s hill last week at the monthly free-for-all?”  Once again she issued the cough/snort and lowered her eyes.

Yeah, she was there wandering—though not participating.  Hers had been a familiar expression, he’d seen it all through school; she wanted to join the group she was just too submissive to make the attempt. 

“Cami Ann,” He said, tipping her head up so he could look into her crystalline blue eyes.  His use of her name shocked her into skittering and nearly falling from the exam table.  “Careful now.  Go ahead, shift and get dressed.  You and I have much to discuss.”

Leo walked to the door, looked back and smiled.  His years away had taught him more than veterinary science; he’d perfected his technique under many of the best Doms across the country—though none better then Talbot Peak’s very own dominating duo, Mistress Penelope and Master Dom.  All in preparation for his return to her…his perfect submissive.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Stay warm and dry, or cool and wet...whatever trips your trigger.  :D


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Serialized Stories And All That

I got an idea to do a serialized story on my website blog. I've scheduled it to start today because October is my favorite month! I love the spooky decorations, the music, the costumes and even the food. Halloween is like the everything goes holiday, don't you think? Back to the story idea. I met this awesome, hot model named Luna Love and she's agreed to let me post a few pictures of her that kind of go along with my story. Fantasy Inker is the title of my lesbian erotica short and guess what? Luna is inked and sexy!
Look her up on Facebook- Luna Love. What a groovy name! She has so many hot pictures. So that's my idea. Five hundred words and a new picture, every Wednesday until the end of the month. I've recently gotten into reading series, which got me into writing series and hence I got this idea. Kind of a mini-series if you will. Tell me what you think about series? Long or short? Do pictures make it that much better or would you rather visualize in your own mind? Thanks for stopping by and giving up your reading thoughts.

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Promo ~ Cover Contest at Sizzling Hot Reviews

Cover Contest at Sizzling Hot Reviews 

Hi, everyone, just in case you're in the mood to vote October 1-3, I have entered this contest with the cover art for Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds. Just click on the banner.

Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds
Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered ~ What happens when two of Hades’ most mission-accomplished Hellhounds find just the right witch for Halloween? Shape-shifter bestseller. Ebook and now IN PRINT.

Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


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