Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday 13 - Sexy New Year Resolutions

So many New Year Resolutions are made and quickly forgotten. Not only are these promises easily forgotten when we are caught up in the hustle of everyday life, but also we can forget about the love in our lives. Try making a few resolutions that won't be forgotten and easily obtainable. Make your relationship with that special someone a priority, put pleasure first on your resolution list.

1. Plan to have more sex. We schedule time to shop, get our hair done, take the kids to soccer... Being spontaneous is not always easy and by some simple plans to be more sexual, you'll actually end up having more sex.

2. Get away from it all.
Send the kids away for the weekend or escape for a night alone. Grab a movie, dinner and a romp in a cheap hotel. Use this time to NOT talk about family, friends or work. Focus on each other.

3. Do some redecorating in the bedroom. Our surrounding have a significant impact on how we feel. Turn your bedroom into a sensual room. Add some sexy satins, new pillows, mirrors, incense or candles, artwork to create an environment to bring out your sexual animal.

4. Exercise more. I'm talkin' the horizontal mambo three /four times a week. Not only are calories being burned in a super fun way, but with each orgasmic session your endorphins (the chemical in your brain that makes you happy) will do miracles for your mood and zest for life!

5. Stop the sensory deprivations. Get off the computer, turn off the cell phone, put down the e-reader. It's time to get your hands into life! Cook with your honey and savor every tasty moment. Inhale life's scents and enjoy the fragrance of the world around you whether it be a sensual perfume or the way the air smells after a rain shower. Gaze into your partner's eyes and drown in the lipid pools of desire.

6. Save your money and give each other full body massages. Invest in some scented massage candles and let your inhibitions fly out the window. Pick up some edible massage oil and a How To book. Don't leave out the happy ending!

7. Eat in bed. Whipped cream, chocolate body paint, honey dust!
Decadent and suggestive foods coupled with steamy sex make a rather delicious combination.

8. Make food a sensual part of your life. Forget the chips and go for the juicy, creamy and succulent stuff. Fresh strawberries, ripe peaches, and bananas can be cut into bite sizes. Finger food can be very sensual; take your time eating to experience the textures and flavors. Savoring food can be great practice for savoring sex.

10. Make yourself feel more sexy every day. Go through your panty drawer and buy yourself some new sexier styles. Lose the flannels, the old rugby jersey and stop lounging about with holey socks. Try some sexy silk pajamas or simple lingerie you can wear under your clothes.

Treating yourself to sexier underclothes will help you tap into your sexy side. Indulge in a new fragrance that makes your partner hot. Wax, shave, work out... whatever makes you feel good about yourself and sexy.

11. Have an affair - with your partner of course! Here's your chance to have fun with a sexual fantasy. Share your fantasies with each other or create one together then act on them. Dress as a seductive stranger and meet at a secret location, hotel, or bar. Have fun with costumes, they can be just what you need to get started.

12. Get back to the basics. Rediscover the art of kissing. Spend a night simply "making out". Just be careful if you go "parking". Be open and honest with your partner by sharing what really turns you on. Be romantic by leaving notes with hints and sexy suggestions where your honey will find them. Take time to explore each other's bodies to learn likes and dislikes. Be open to pleasure.

13. Be more playful and creative. Try something sexually new. Play with sex toys. Visit a swingers' club. Get a book on sexual positions and try all of them at least once. For a more spiritual sex life, study Kama Sutra. Take a class on strip tease or belly dancing.Pick up a couple sex games and play. Feel free to visit your local adult store, the staff is very discreet and helpful.

What is your New Year Resolution?

My favorite shop is Lovers' Lane. I feel comfortable working with the staff and have enjoyed every purchase!

Mary Quast is the author of the Soul Series.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lower my inhibitions…

"I love it when a plan comes together." As Col. John Hannibal Smith from the A-Team would say. {yeah this is an old fav TV show)

I was thinking about the A-Team the other day. If you ever watched the show you know rarely did any of the schemes the team came up with worked out how they expected. Yet in the end they still succeeded in foiling the bad guy or alluding capture.

Now back to why I was thinking about the A-Team the other day and it lowered my inhibitions. I've been writing a book and it was giving me problems It wasn't going as planned. Yeah I knew I might have to throw out the notes and just go with it but I was hesitant. So I took a break and relaxed with the thought that it would help me with my story. There I was watching Iron Chef (yeah I love TV. LOL) then all of a sudden the phrase above popped into my head. It was very disconcerting to be watching Alton Brown talking about the action in Iron Chef and then hearing Hannibal’s voice instead.

It threw me for a minute then I went back to Iron Chef. As the day wore on and into the next I kept hearing the plan comes together line in my head. Then it dawned on me why I kept thinking of it. Although A-Team’s plans didn’t go as they planned they used some of it and then had to change it up to go with the twist that came there way.

My plans for my novel might not be working but I could still use some of it. So I lowered my inhibitions you could say and took out part of my plans for future use then went back to work. Now my story is flowing well and I’m working the twists in seamlessly. Yippee.

Since I was hearing TV shows in my head. It got me to thinking what other shows I could compare it to. I've talked about Amazing Writer Race on my blog. Now A-Team. Hmmm… which show will be next {laughing wickedly}.

Come on and share what show do you sometimes feel you can compare your day to day to.

Taige Crenshaw is a multi-published author with books available at Ellora's Cave Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, Loose Id, and Total-E-Bound. Taige has been enthralled with the written word from time she picked up her first book. It wasn’t long before she started to make up her own tales of romance. With novels set in today, in alternate dimensions, or in the future she writes with adventure, fun sassy heroine’s, and sexy hero’s. Always hard at work creating new and exciting places Taige can be found curled up with a hot novel with exciting characters when she is not creating her own. Join her in the fun, frolic, interesting people and far reaches of the world in her novels. You can find out more about Taige at her website: or blog:

Wilde Seduction - What happens when a woman who doesn’t know how to relax meets a man whose lust for life will change her and make all her deepest desires come to life?

Buy here at Total-E-Bound.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wolf's Tender CAPA Nominee: Historical Erotic

          "You’ve been following me all over town.”  Charlie Wolf McCallister challenged her.
          The woman didn’t even deny it, leaning toward him instead, patiently waiting as he took her measure—thin face with brown hair skinned into a tight knot, straight teeth, and nose spattered with freckles across burned skin.  Deep exotic cornflower-blue eyes met his.
          “My name is Naomi Parker.”  If it weren’t for the unusual shade of her eyes, Miss Naomi Parker would be written off as old-maid material. She was a tall, skinny female, past the first flush of maidenhood, with prim and proper written all over her.  Charlie’s gaze came back to the eyes for a second look.     
             Not being a prize himself, nor considered civilized, he rarely came in contact with females of social standing, but he recognized one now. He intended to run this one off as quick as possible and get on with his bath. Knowing what he did of her kind, he didn’t think it would take much.
            She held out her hand and for a moment he wasn’t sure what she wanted. Then he realized she intended it as a greeting. He grabbed the extended limb and pulled hard, rolling her down his arm, and into his embrace before she realized she’d been captured.
            Holding her against him, he wrapped his arms around her like bands of steel, pulling her so close her chin brushed his bare chest. The contact sent a frisson of heat coursing through him which made no sense since her body was encased in iron, or at least something that felt like it.
            “What the hell kind of contraption do you have on, Miss Parker?” His hands automatically fell to her hips, holding her against the swell of his erection, stealing a moment’s pleasure.
             Accept for the slight mound of her breasts, she had the body of a fifteen year old boy—thin for his age—but a tall stripling.  He noted all of this unconsciously, surprised that his cock had roused with fierce interest. Jesus, I need a woman.
             His shirt and handkerchief were smashed between them.  She tilted her head to glare at him as she struggled against his hold. Her hips moved in his hands and in her struggle, she accidentally rubbed against his arousal.  She froze.
            “Stupid to offer your hand to someone you don’t know,” he admonished her even as he blatantly rubbed his swollen flesh against her hip.
            Her breasts that were, as near as he could tell, about the size of robin’s eggs, were nevertheless heaving, and she was pissed not scared, as he stared into eyes that had darkened. He wondered what color they would be when she came, and then flinched at the thought.
            Jesus, all pussy’s the same in the dark. What the hell difference if she’s a dried up old prune.  His body demanded, Fuck her.
            Old maid material or not, his cock was erect and urging him to make friends.
             “You’re lucky you survived the raid. Think about that, instead of wallowing in guilt, and let the law take care of your friends.”
            He had a cigar and the rest of a bottle of good whiskey waiting for him and minutes before he’d thought that was enough.
             He’d meant to scare her away so he could climb into that tub of hot water while it still had some steam coming from it. Instead he had a woman wrapped in his arms and his body seemed determined to keep her. His cock said this woman could service him just fine—and she could do it now.
            It was pleasing the way she fit up against him, hip to hip, thigh to thigh. His first assessment that she was skinny, gave way to new knowledge. She was a slender armful, her softness hidden under the iron casing she’d wrapped around her flesh. The thought of her long white legs sliding around his hips while he sank into her, filled his mind.
            He let his thoughts play over the impossible possibilities for a second, before he let her go, allowing inches between them and dropping his hand that had been stroking her back.
            “I’m planning on being in that tub of water in two minutes, naked as the day I was born, whether you get out of here or not.”
            He released her abruptly, expecting her to hurry from the barn. Instead, she continued the connection between them, pressing her body against his, her unwavering blue eyes staring up at him. 
            Miss Parker's lips trembled for a moment, and then she repeated her request. “I need your help.”

Brenda Talley @The Romance Studio says ~
“Ms. Gem Sivad has, once again, mesmerized me with her writing abilities. This, the first in a new series called The Bounty Hunters...a poignant love story, involves two totally opposite personalities. They do, however, mesh their lives together in a beautiful way.The ending was totally unexpected. The action was nonstop and captivating. The sensuality was through the roof…I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical romance with a lot of drama.”
Rating: 5 Hearts

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Grownup Version of the Night Before Christmas

For some holiday fun, here’s my grownup version of the popular Christmas poem ~
“Twas the night before Christmas”

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through my home
Only I was stirring, to pen my romance tome.
My best black silk stockings were hung, ready to wear,
In hopes, my miracle Santa stud would soon be here.

The pets are nestled all snug in their places,
With visions of holiday treats making them run dream races.
Their mamma has just slipped into her red lace teddy,
And is settling her brains to continue writing her fantasy.

When out on the lawn I hear such a loud clatter,
I spring up from my desk to see what is the matter.
Away to the window I trot in my boa-trimmed slippers
To take a peek through the curtains. Oh no, is that drunk Mrs. Kippers?

The full moon shines on icy slush, instead of new-fallen snow
Giving a natural spotlight to celebrating Mrs. Kippers below.
Yet, what to my wondering gaze does appear?
But an old-fashioned sleigh, and eight majestic reindeer.

With a Viking driver, so handsomely tall and magnificent,
I knew in a moment I must be dreaming this whole event.
More rapid than jets, his stags flew the midnight sky untamed,
His long mane blew wild as he shouted, and called them by name!

"Now Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!
On, Comet! On, Cupid! soar on Donner and Blitzen!
Fly to the top of each roof! Above the city walls!
Now race higher and faster! And sail over all!"

As autumn leaves that before the approaching blizzard fly,
When they meet with a whirlwind and spiral to the sky.
So up to my rooftop, the brown and white stags they flew,
With a sleigh full of glittering gifts, and Viking Santa too.

And then, after a blinking of my eyes, I heard on the roof
The precise landing, then the pawing of each jingle-belled hoof.
As I drew in my dreaming head, and spun around,
Down my fake chimney the Viking arrived, with an impressive bound.

He was splendidly dressed in red and faux fur, down to his boots,
And his garments remained perfect, despite all the ashes and soot.
A bundle of shiny presents he had flung behind his back,
And he looked like a romantic hero as he dashingly opened his pack.

His darkening eyes, how they naughtily twinkled! And at his dimples I gawk!
His features are sternly carved, reminding me of a beautiful proud hawk!
His full sexy mouth slowly turns upwards, a knowing grin,
As I continue to stare like a vixen at his strong virile chin.

With a saunter he approaches, making me weak in the knees.
His searing gaze travels the length of my body. And I freeze.
Without a word his powerful arm captures my pliant waist.
Crushing the lace against my skin, he has me tightly embraced.

Oh, how stalwart he feels, his muscles like hot heated ropes
And I sigh, then softly pant as I give free reign to my hopes.
His half-lidded gaze takes in my face, then settles on my parted lips
While his palms slide in a caress and boldly seize my hips.

“Oh, Santa,” I softly exhale, before his mouth claims mine in a torrid kiss.
“Wear those black silk stockings,” he rasps. “I promise bliss
When I return from leaving presents beneath every sparkling tree.”
After plundering my eager mouth with another kiss, he spins from me.

I hear him spring to his sleigh, to his stags give a fierce long shout,
Then, from my window I watch them depart like a meteor flaming out.
Still, I hear him exclaim, as he disappears from my sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to my gorgeous woman, leave on the light!"

Have a very merry holiday...
May your most romantic dreams come true...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Holiday Blog Tour Winners

Thanks to all for participating and blogging this past weekend for our first RWBB Holiday Blog Tour.

All the RWBB Bloggers want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...and now, on to the winners...

GRAND Prize Winner- Gabrielle- Receives an autographed copy of a Mary Quast book, a chocolate bar (compliments of Mary Quast and her sweet tooth) and Dawne Prochilo's Crape Myrtle

First Place Winner- Beth- receives Gem Sivad's newest release 5 Card Stud and a choice of one of Savanna Kougar's books.

Second Place Winner- Sherry- receives Jeanne St. James' Banged Up and a choice of one of Christa's Paige's books.

Congratulations to all participating-

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Blessings and Proverbs . . .

I thought it more appropriate today to post about a topic that's on most minds this week -- Christmas. I can't think of anything nicer than reading during the holiday season, whether it's poetry, novels or proverbs. Today let's talk about the latter.

I’m a proverbs nut. I spend too much time surfing the Internet for words of wisdom from all walks of life. I particularly like holiday proverbs and international proverbs. In celebration of Christmas, I leave you with some of my favorites about the Holiday Season.

Whether you observe Christmas, Hanukah or another holiday, may yours be filled with wonder, and mostly love.


* * *

"Time was with most of us, when Christmas Day, encircling all our limited world like a magic ring, left nothing out for us to miss or seek; bound together all our home enjoyments, affections, and hopes; grouped everything and everyone round the Christmas fire, and make the little picture shining in our bright young eyes, complete."

~ Charles Dickens ~

* * *

"What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace." 

~ Agnes M. Pharo ~

* * *

"It comes every year and will go on forever. And along with Christmas belong the keepsakes and the customs. Those humble, everyday things a mother clings to, and ponders, like Mary in the secret spaces of her heart." 

~ Marjorie Holmes ~

* * *

"Until one feels the spirit of Christmas, there is no Christmas. All else is outward display--so much tinsel and decorations. For it isn't the holly, it isn't the snow. It isn't the tree not the firelight's glow. It's the warmth that comes to the hearts of men when the Christmas spirit returns again." 

~ Unknown ~

* * *

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Creative Unwrapping

It's getting to be that time. Scented candles, silk ribbons, wine...

Her lips are parted and slightly swollen from being kissed under the mistletoe, her eyes are soft, her hair is tousled. He's breathing heavier and realizes the only thing standing in the way to further enjoyment are a few layers of cloth.

Forget the "locker-room strip"; tonight clothing will be slowly removed and each piece of skin will be enjoyed as it is revealed.
To Unwrap Her:
Start at the top and move downward.
1. Unbutton blouse, exposing little by little the deliciously sensitive area above the breasts. Push it back off her shoulders and admire the curve of her neck using your eyes, hands, lips.

2. The bra can be a sexy toy; push the straps off her shoulders and kiss the spots where they were. Once the nipple is exposed, lavish attention on its sensitive circle and slide your attention down to the midriff.

3. Lovingly peel her pants or skirt down from the top, playing slowly as you do. Remove her underwear by pulling it down off her ass ever so slowly exploiting that sudden rush of vulnerability, tonguing the crease and stroking her cheeks.

The same principle apply to all other articles of clothing. Go slowly, avoid making her look awkward and show your appreciation of each new area of skin as you gain access to it.

To Unwrap Him:
Many men enjoy being undressed. The same principles apply to men when it comes to uncovering the body and finding those sensitive spots.

1. Remove his shirt in a slow manner. Admire what you have exposed then make a big deal of opening his shirt and pulling down his arms. Linger over the curves of his chest muscles. Caress his back and lick his nipples. For fun nuzzle the back of his neck and continue down his spine with your lips, teeth and tongue.

2. Caress him through the cloth of his pants before you begin playing with the zipper. Try this fun trick - Bend down until your mouth is close to his cock, open you mouth and take a deep breath, and blow all that warm air against his penis. It will take a second or two to penetrate, but you'll know when he feels the sudden warmth. Straddle him so you may have your way with him before sliding the pants and underwear down.

3. Imagine his visual stimulation with an excited woman sitting over him, her breasts in full view as she concentrates on the glorious sight of an erect cock emerging, strong and hard and ready for action.
Now's the time ladies... POUNCE!

Mary Quast is the author of the sensual Soul Series.

Friday, December 17, 2010

RWBB Holiday Blog Tour- Keeping It Sizzling in the Winter

Winter has arrived along with the cold temperatures but let's keep it hot, sizzling and full of passion. Take a few leisure moments and follow the RWBB romance writers as they take you through some of the naughtiest and sultriest blogs for your chances to win free ebooks.

Meet some of the hottest hunks, see some of the sexiest ladies please their man and read some of the sultriest excerpts to spice up your holiday fun.

The RWBB (Romance Writers Behaving Badly) Holiday Blog Tour, Keeping It Suzzling in the Winter, officially begins here with Jeanne St. James, let's see what holiday mischief she's up to...has she been naughty or nice

You MUST post a comment on each blog to be eligible for the prizes. Winners will be notified by Thursday Decemeber 23, 2010 via email so please make sure you leave you email on the final blog entry (Dawne Prochilo) to receive your prize if you're chosen in a random drawing of all participants.

Jeanne St James Blog

Banged Up

Mary Quast Blog
Autogrpahed copy of one of her books
and a chocolate bar

Gem Sivad Blog

Five Card Stud

Christa Paige Blog
Winners choice of Christa's books

Savanna Kougar Blog
Winner's choice of Savanna's books

Dawne Prochilo Blog

Crape Myrtle

Thursday, December 16, 2010

13 Things I Can't Live Without

I'm going to alter that title a bit here and say I "don't want to" live without... because technically, we can live without some of these things. The quality of life without them is up for discussion.

1. Coffee - however you take it, for me, it's an essential part of the day. I weaned myself (with great difficulty) from caffeine, so it's decaf all day.

2. Creamer - For those of you who drink your coffee black - feel free to skip this one and go to #3. I can't choke down a cup of coffee without this. I prefer half and half, but as my mother used to say, "people in hell in want ice water, too." In my case, no cream, creamer, or something resembling it, no coffee.

3. Chocolate - Now, I have to tell you, this was my #1 at first, but then I realized that coffee is something I use more of so I hemmed and hawed over this. But however you cut it, roast it, bake it, shape it, or spread it, chocolate is a daily necessity. For me, the darker the better. I reduced my weight by over 85 lbs over the last four years and have kept it off, but I still get my daily chocolate.

To keep this from becoming a list filled with the letter C, I'll pop this one here.

4. Hugs - I'm affectionate and cuddly, and lucky for me, hubby is too. I want my cuddles in small doses throughout the day, but I'm good with big ones too.

5. Hotties - On my blog, and on this one, there's a widget called Hunk du jour that gives you a new photo of a hot guy every day. Some famous, some not, all gorgeous. I love that! Purely for research purposes of course. *ahem* For example, the one at the left is in the video I made to showcase For Women Only. He plays Khyff, aka "the Machine" a former prostitute who could give hours of orgasms without having one himself. Of course, all good things must end, and a traumatic experience leaves him unable and unwilling to touch anyone, even family. Until a crisis forces Khyff to take drastic measures to overcome the issue. He must seduce an ambassador and appease the empress's wrath toward his brother. How he overcomes it and what happens when he does is what makes this book so hot. It's going in print early in 2011.

6. Nature - arguably, we really can't live without this. I love all the seasons, and my favorite is generally the one I'm in at the moment. Spring coolness and rain, summer heat and vibrant greens, fall colors and rustling leaves, and winter's barren trees with the promise of returning life in the next season.

7. Gloves - I don't like cold steering wheels in winter, or hot ones in summer, so gloves in the car are a must. But I almost always wear a fingerless glove on my right hand when on the pc for comfort as well as protection for my skin. Ah... no. Mine doesn't look like this one, but it's so pretty I wanted to share it. I had a sweater almost exactly like this and wore it to absolute shreds.

8. Did I say chocolate? Especially dark. Yum. Okay, that's probably cheating, but I love chocolate! Deal with it.

9. Blonds with blue eyes. Dark haired guys with brown eyes. Raven haired men with grey eyes. Curly hair, long hair, and oh btw, my hubby shaves his head and I love it. I have a thing for eyes, hair, and brawny chests. Smooth is #1, but a sprinkling of hair is good. I'm not that into gorillas, ya get me? But some is okay. This one is on the list as what is called in anime as "fan service" - meaning it's gratuitous to keep the fans happy. In this case, readers like me who love gorgeous men. *sigh* This guy plays Khyff's younger brother Senth in the video for At the Mercy of Her Pleasure.

10. Family and Friends - To me, this is a high priority despite the fact it came in near the bottom. I can only fit so much in at a time, you know? Family everywhere are vital to me. Nearby personal friends you can see and touch are great, but online friends are more abundant. The authors on this blog are among them, my beta readers, the critique group I manage, members of my yahoo groups... Okay, stopping there or I'll have a list a mile long.

11. Supposed to be a list of things I can't live without? Have to add S-E-X then! No detail here (I save that for my books) but I can recommend an excellent manual that I bought for research when I was writing about Khyff (#5 above). The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm by Drs Steve and Vera Bodansky. Oh...yeah! You can get it almost anywhere. Amazon definitely has it. Changed my writing and my life. Wowser.

12. Writing - I have to do this every day. I suppose sometime in the past six years there has been a day when I didn't write something, but I don't remember it well enough to be sure. If you start writing -- even throwing words at the screen -- you'll eventually have a coherent thought. If you don't have it, force it till you do, then edit out the junk and go for it.

13. Reading - I always have a book going. I read magazines constantly and go through them back to front the first time, then front to back, read different sections, and when bored, will even read the classifieds if they're in there. Shoot, I'll read cereal boxes. If it stands still long enough for me to focus on it, I'll read it. Once, I even read a sign posted in the back of my Literature classroom that said, "Warning: Do not read this sign." I can't help it! But my favorite things to read are books by my friends. The last book I read was Incubus, by Janet Elizabeth Jones. It's available in ebook now, and in print on Jan 1st. I got the ebook, but I'll be at the store on 1/1/11 to buy the paperback too. Is it that good? Yes yes yes. Not to mention, she's a dear friend, one hell of a writer, and Meical Grabian is a vampire turned incubus hero to die for. *sigh*

Your turn! What can't you - or would rather not - live without?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Social network promoting has worked for me...thank God

You've spent hours, days months or even years writing your novel, novella or short story found a publisher who offers a contract, the edits are complete, the cover is gorgeous and you're waiting for the release date. That date comes...and goes. Sales start off good (friends and family are all buying it) and then...sales slow down. Now what?

It's time to promote. Self promotion is not an easy task for writers. Since the evolution of the Internet promoting has become easier but it still can be a frustrating roadblock for writers.

So do you turn to a public relations person to...or do you venture off as a self-promoter.

When I received my first contract in early 2009, I was doing a major happy dance. The book came out, sales were great...and then...they almost stopped. I panicked. I almost cried.

So what happened? I joined facebook, twitter and myspace- but I was an unknown author. I had one book under my belt, little experience and nowhere to turn.

The steps I took were to contact the local newspaper, my old high school for exposure in their newsletter (hoping for a story about a local gal gone big) and posting all over the social websites. Article in the paper went off with a hitch...nothing from the old high school and social networks gravitated some traffic.

Forget writers' block...I had writers' depression.

I was contacted by a friend/local author about a new blog for romance writers that was being formed. I jumped on it. I even volunteered to be the blog tour coordinator. I started to get followers on the blog. Next step, I saw a fellow writer on facebook who had a weekly blog that let other author post six sentences from their WIP on her site. I signed up...more blog followers.

I started responding to author's facebook comments...made friends. More blog followers. I did book reviews for new authors. Made friends and more blog followers.

From a press release by my publisher I was invited to do an Internet radio interview with the Author's Show. I was flying high.

Next up...two more erotic books picked up by a publisher. More blog tours coordinated with the first blog group. two more blog groups requested my assistance. I was swamped...but happy. happened. I innocently posted on the facebook wall of a local radio morning show's post. The head morning DJ invited me to be a friend.I accepted. He chatted with me and started following my recently started facebook fan page. He saw some of my online web content about sex and a married woman. He invited me to be a guest on the show and discuss my article. I JUMPED again. Feedback was great and am now a regular weekly guest.

It has taken me my entire life (42 years) to live my dream of being a writing and a little over a year to become this...popular? Successful?

Neither- just happy as ever. I feel I have succeeded...I am proud of myself, my writing and my local celebrity-ism.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Simple is Best

One of the things I enjoy most of any of my creative endeavors is coming up with the first idea. This is when it is only an inkling of what it will end up. When it is nice and simple. The first bloom in the mind that tickles the brain. Something that is just beyond becoming a full thought. Once it does become that inkling it is fun. The fun of letting it grow in you mind. Getting a concept. Discarding it as not right to go with your inkling. Then still thinking and then finally that concept that fits with the inklings (first idea). You slowly add layers to the idea and it becomes more. But it all starts with that simple idea first.

I was reading through my inklings (first idea) notebooks. As I read I could remember what I meant for that first idea. My mind filled with all the feelings I was having when I came up with the first inkling. From sad to overjoyed. It was such a journey of writing. The first inkling notebooks is a place I go when I’m working on a new concept. It gets my juices flowing. Makes my creativity go into high gear.

Ever so often I take one of those inklings (first ideas) and make it into a story. That is what I’ve been doing lately. Working one of my inklings (first idea) into a story. I’ve been having fun playing with the inklings (first idea). I think I have the right story to go with my inklings (first idea). I plan to let it get a more fully formulated before I start writing. I’m excited about it.

No matter what you creative pursuit – crafts, drawing, writing, songs and so on there is always that inklings (first idea). The first thing that gets you started. When you see the finished product for your inklings (first idea) it creates a sense of accomplishment. And to think it all started with a simple idea. After all simple is best.

Taige Crenshaw is a multi-published author with books available at Ellora's Cave Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, Loose Id, and Total-E-Bound. Taige has been enthralled with the written word from time she picked up her first book. It wasn’t long before she started to make up her own tales of romance. With novels set in today, in alternate dimensions, or in the future she writes with adventure, fun sassy heroine’s, and sexy hero’s. Always hard at work creating new and exciting places Taige can be found curled up with a hot novel with exciting characters when she is not creating her own. Join her in the fun, frolic, interesting people and far reaches of the world in her novels. You can find out more about Taige at her website: or blog:

Wilde Seduction - What happens when a woman who doesn’t know how to relax meets a man whose lust for life will change her and make all her deepest desires come to life?

Buy here at Total-E-Bound.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE ~ Aristocratic Fantasy

All Shades of Blue Paradise

Blurb ~

Destiny and love can be denied for only so long...
Except for her daring equestrienne competitions, Lady Sheridan lives a quiet life caring for her family's estate, staving off financial ruin and keeping her brother's misdeeds from ruining his marriage and the life of her beloved nieces. Despite all his desperate efforts, Baron Zaggry has never discovered why his Sherfantasy broke their engagement. Now, his ruse successful, Sheridan is finally his, his slave lover. He has ten years worth of denied pleasures to make up for, to savor however he erotic chooses.
[Erotic Fantasy Romance, OtherWorld, Aristocratic Intrigue]


"Lady Sheridan Kayla Woadeir," Clarence intoned in his best aristocratic voice. A broad smile broke over his face, brightening his countenance to near jolly. He widened the door, inviting her entrance.
She stepped into the cobalt and pearl foyer, smiling in return. "How are you, Clarence?"
"Sunny azure days ahead now, Lady Sheridan. He’s up in the grand office. Go on. I’ll ring up your arrival."
Her high heels clicking on the alabaster brilliant floor, Sheridan watched her image in the nouveau shimmer panels. The panels reflected the immense entry room’s light creating a crystalline ambiance.
Sheridan had resorted to dressing in the way he used to passion smolder over. She had no idea if that was still true.
Sapphire blue, gleaming sapphire. The luxury satin dress fit her curves, bared her arms, bared her legs from the knee down to her matching high heels. The pearls around her throat matched the moon’s color of last evening and provided a tiny touch of comfort.
Sliding her fingers along her pearls, Sheridan moved up the long curving sweep of stairs, low steps designed for a woman. Butterflies battled to escape her stomach once she stood at the top on the wine red carpet.
Keeping her feet moving, she glided toward the open office door, as if she moved inside a pocket of air. Reality seemed a horizon away.
He didn’t speak when she entered. He casually leaned back on his chair, one foot propped up on the dark shining wood of his enormous desk. Potent power and grace, he stood, silently moving to one side.
He motioned to a swivel cushioned chair before his desk. His presence had always made her feel sultry. Once his sultry woman. It was no different now. Her whole body was a sultry sizzle rhythm. She felt it to her core as she approached the chair and sat.
Her legs crossed, she steepled her fingers, watching him pivot. Lithe, powerful as a cougar, he returned to his chair. She’d seen the media’s view of him, unavoidable in her ‘horse show’ circle. Confronted with him, her breath demanded freedom from her body.
Like a cougar, the way he moved, his fierce intense nature, that was how she’d always seen him. Cougar in male beautiful form. Cougar spirit incarnated to man.
Goddess behold! She had loved him.
Sheridan didn’t blame the women who wanted him, not just for his status or his wealth but for the primal and the aristocratic blend he was as a man, as a lover, the way he made a woman feel.
Pure sensual desire. Pure sensual need. Pure ferocious passion for him.
She waited, knowing that was his cougar-and-prey game with her. She waited, her gaze fondling the burnished waves of his dark mahogany hair, streaked with wild sunlight.
The rough grazing purr of his voice made her shiver inside. She met his gaze boldly. Never flee before a cougar. Always stand your ground, even if faced with the most gorgeous eyes she’d ever seen.
Pale emerald, so ice crystalline, his eyes were always startling, always stunning.
"Baron Vettura," she returned, her tone icy cordiality. Sheridan knew her eyes glowed hot. She felt it. She shook back her hair. "It has been a while."


Scene note: Zag and Sheridan attend a dinner hosted by Lady Moehnigua where the guests discuss commerce while having sex.

Sheridan pressed hot desperate kisses down Zag’s muscle-beautiful torso—remembering, more and more, what she had forced herself to forget, their passions. Her hands stroked downward over the fabric of his pants, stroked over his brutally hard cock.

Feverishly, she kissed him. She stroked, holding his strength with her bound hands. Stroking up and down rhythmically, she pressed hard as she knew he once enjoyed. As he had once allowed, teaching her to touch him.

She stroking-tempted him from his tip to the base of his cock, feeling him stud-harden even more.

“You remember,” he harsh and hoarse blurted the words.

“You make me remember,” she challenged between her kisses, her furious pants of breath.

Zag seized her hands. She gripped his ache-pulsing cock harder. Devil-wicked, he was torn between sweetest ecstasy here, this moment. With her. Or continue his horrible need for her until later, a planned fiercer ecstasy with her.

“Zaggry, you will owe me.” Lady Moehnigua’s coy tone penetrated. Suddenly, he inhaled the pungent odor of a carnal-lessening candle. “You will favor me with the pleasure of you and your slave lover as my dining guests. Soon.”

“Your favor,” he guttural agreed, grateful for her assistance.

“Sheridan, dearest,” Lady Moehnigua invited softly, waving the pungent candle near his slave lover’s nose. “He cannot mount you until you release his impressively raised sword for you.”

Sheridan jerked, a measure of sanity returning. Her fingers loosened. She felt Zag lift her hands from him. He placed her hands back on his chest, held rule over her hands.

“Sher, come with me.”

“Duke Westerworth has requested your company, Zaggry. I will send Nebulia to you when your tableau is ready.”

“My special debt to you, Lady Moehnigua.”

“I will collect most pleasurably,” she assured, a vixen smile beneath her words.

Zag lifted his woman from the dais, feeling her crazed need for him—the sultry slide of her body down his.

“Duke Westerworth?” she murmured up to him.

“A possible ally.” Zag moved slowly toward the Duke’s salon area, raw enjoying his woman’s swaying curves against him.

As they approached, Duke Westerworth fondled his wife’s mountainous, alabaster breasts. He lapped berry meringue from her enormous bosom, his wife’s head was thrown back as she stood before him, offering up her breasts.

As her husband licked her nipple with the full length of his tongue, she cried out, carnal trembling. She lifted her breasts more to him. He suckled her nipple, pulling savage demand. Then he sucked meringue from her other nipple letting her whimper for more.

“You will wait,” the Duke ruled her. He gripped her nipple between his fingers, twisting.

“Husband,” she pleaded, wriggling her breasts for him.

The Duke pulled, rhythmically twisting her giant pink nipple.

“Baron Vettura,” the Duke greeted, his jade green eyes hooded with passion. “Know the pleasure of your slave lover’s breasts while we speak.”

Zag brought his woman before him. Pressing the base of his cock against her luscious ass, he stroked her nipples free of her bodice, his thumbs circling over her blatant burst nipples.

Wanton, Sheridan arched her ass up against his cock’s arousal. She softly moaned her pleasure and her wild embarrassment as his thumbs circled her nipples. When he leisurely plucked her fire raw nipples she burned blazes of ache and bliss.

“Duke Westerworth, your commerce goes well.”

“Well enough, Baron, due to your timely advice. Assist me with a new venture I am planning and further profit is yours. Also, I have the long-time ear of Duke Strovanoph. He can be persuaded against the transportation triad’s addictive lust for more of our land. Especially persuaded upon the victory of your slave lover in the wager-anticipated Braverth.” The Duke twisting-seized his wife’s other nipple. She carnal-happily cried out.

“Your new venture, Duke Westerworth?” Zag smoothed caresses over his woman’s breasts, lust-adoring the thrust of her ass to him.

“Feature improvements to the line of antique coaches produced by Gorrunts. I own a third share of the enterprise. I have the opportunity to own the controlling share.” Briefly, he teased his teeth over his wife’s nipple.

“I will research the favor of such a venture, Duke. Your time limitation?” Zag fondled his woman’s breasts to his pleasure, listened to her tiny stifled whimpers, carnal-enjoyed her desire to be mounted.

“Four days would be ideal. May I burden you with further contact, Baron? The Lady Moehnigua’s messenger arrives for you.”

“The afternoon, Duke, I am available for further details.”

Zag gently caressed his woman’s nipples beneath her bodice. She trembled, moaned, crazed to know more of his fondling touches. Leaning down, he listened to Nebulia’s instructions.

“Follow me.” Nebulia beckoned them.

“What decadent now, master?” Sheridan murmured, her legs not cooperative, her gaze filled with the Duke’s fondling assault on his wife’s giant willing breasts.

“Slave lover,” Zag growled. He stepped in front of her, passionately hoisted her up over his shoulder. His hand claimed her ripe ass as he followed Nebulia.

Zag carried his woman inside the small secret room, entirely dark, from where they would witness the tableau. Swiftly, he closed the door, allowed her to slide down his body, her body more than sizzle lust against him.

Happy Holidays and Winter Pleasure Kisses


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~
Lady Sheridan & Baron Zaggry invite you to read their love story ~
ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE ~ an aristocratic fantasy of fiercest passion ~ *5 Stars* from ReviewYourBook ~ available from Siren-BookStrand Publishing ~ ~ ~
An Author Discovery by Lindsay Townsend ~ ~ ISBN:1-60601-013-1

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The Rights of Sexual Assault Survivors

We talk about a lot of different things on this blog, and I thought this would be a good time to step out of the fiction element and look at the real world for a minute. Many people have been sexual assaulted during their lifetimes. I was not surprised to read that boys and men have been sexually victimized -- I did research on the topic when I wrote For Women Only. In that book, the hero is a former prostitute who was also a survivor of sexual molestation as a child, and rape by three females as an adult. I did a great deal of research for that book so that I could present an accurate picture of a man who had dealt with these issues. We tend to see sexual assault as against women, but men are also affected, and not all are assaulted by other men.

Women are the most targeted, statistic wise. This may be reflected by the fact that so few men will admit they have been assaulted. Men have been taught that they should "tough it out", think of themselves as "lucky" to be "initiated" into sex by an older woman, or have think that if they were "real men" they'd never have been assaulted in the first place. When a man says "no" it means the same thing as when a woman says "no."

Today, I want to present the rights of sexual assault survivors of more than one gender. These are straightforward and make a lot of sense. Tell me what you think.

Every sexual assault survivor should have the right to:
  • be protected from future assault.
  • to be advised of the option of a civil suit
  • have legal representation that is supportive.
  • be provided with information about their rights.
  • to have the best possible collection of evidence for court.
  • have as much credibility as a victim/survivor of any other crime.
  • have access to support persons (advocates) outside of institutions.
  • have a preliminary hearing in each case when an arrest has been made
  • be believed, no matter what choices were made at the time of the assault to survive.
  • be treated with dignity and respect by medical, mental health, and legal personnel.
  • be considered a victim of sexual assault when ANY unwanted act of sex is forced on them through any type of coercion, violent or nonviolent.
  • be considered a victim of sexual assault regardless of the relationship to the assailant (including marriage, kinship, and long-term partnerships).
  • be treated in a manner that does not take control away, but that empowers the survivor to determine their own needs and how to meet those needs.
  • be provided with information about all possible options related to legal and medical procedures.
  • receive medical and mental health treatment, or participate in legal procedures only after giving one’s informed consent.
  • receive medical and mental health treatment without parental consent if the survivor is a minor.
  • be asked only those questions that are relevant to a court case or to medical treatment.
  • NOT to report an assault to the police.
  • NOT to be asked questions about prior sexual experience.
  • NOT to be exposed to prejudice against gender, race, class, age, lifestyle, experience, financial status, or occupation.
If you'd like to do some research, look up information for a friend, deal with your own abuse, or help someone who is a survivor, here are some links where I found information.

Right click on this link and "save target as" to download a 27-page pdf handbook created for survivors of sexual assault, or click it to open the document.
I want to end by reminding everyone who reads this that you are not alone. If you have been the victim of abuse, you are not at fault. You were not the one who did wrong. You were the victim. You can break out of the mindset of a victim, become an advocate for others, help yourself heal, and take charge of your recovery. I urge you to visit the sites listed here for more information.

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Sultry Sunday- Dr. Grace excerpt

My newest WIP is called Dr. Grace (tentative- till I can come up with a better title) is about a call-in sex therapist who deals with people's sexual issues. On a personal note, her and her husband experiment with all the ideas she shares with her fans and callers. From positions to locations... lots of humor and sexual tension.

I absolutely love the first sentence-

“It's perfectly natural to want to touch yourself,” Dr. Grace's sultry voice filled the radio station's broadcast booth as well as millions of kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms across the country.

“Go ahead,” she continued talking to the caller known as Ray from Cincinnati, “If you want to stroke yourself while thinking about two women having sex together...then do it.”

“But,” Ray's voice was low, barely above a whisper, “Isn't it a sin?”

“A sin,” Grace Daniels voice raised an octave. “According to whom? Your priest, who's been sworn to celibacy? Your great grandmother from another era? Who says it's a sin, Ray?”


“Pshaw,” Grace scoffed. “Over four decades ago, Alfred Kinsey, an American professor of zoology and entomology proved that people can masturbate with no ill effect.”

“Masturbation or self-stimulation is normal and healthy,” she added. “So stroke away, Ray.”

“Really,” his whisper sounded intrigued.

“Absolutely,” Grace smiled, “Stroke yourself, feel yourself grow hard under your touch and most importantly, won't go blind and it won't fall off.”

Ray chuckled on the other end of the airwaves, “Thanks Dr. Grace, I knew I could count on you.”

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SiNful Saturday ~ A Little Holiday Cheer

Or, maybe a ‘large package’ of holiday cheer.

Here are the latest flashes from my X-Serial Flash Story.

Happy Courtship on another Earth

Sylva and Zeke’s love story...

November 27, 2010

Part 699 ~

Sylva wrapped herself more tightly around her long tall cowboy, her husband. Her Zeke. Their languorous, incredibly long kisses ignited her almost unbearably, and she was struck with passion’s fever, her whole body burning. When their mouths eased apart, and their breaths burst against each other, she murmured, “You ever plan on using that torch you call a cock, handsome. It’s so hot I’ll bet my thighs have turned red.” His whiskey-colored eyes darkened more, becoming black as smoke. The raw dangerous power that he was as a man flared in the depths of his eyes, fascinating Sylva. She stared.

Zeke witnessed the soul of his woman, and felt utterly mesmerized by the facets of wisdom, strength and beauty he saw. More, she bewitched him. Her. Who she was as a spiritual and flesh being. “Sylva,” he finally rasped. “Zeke,” she breathed out his name, as if he were her very breath. Their mouths fused tenderly, then their lips blazed against each other. Keeping their lips sealed, Zeke nudged his woman’s thighs open with his knee. Her sheath’s entrance warmly welcomed the thrust of his cock, and he smoothly penetrated his wife. She moaned against his lips and he lunged.

November 28, 2010

Part 700 ~

Sylva met Zeke’s thrust with the rise of her hips. Slower than slow, she undulated, in rhythm with the long lazy pumps of his cock. “Oh, cowboy, you’re driving me crazy in all the right ways.” He framed her face between his palms, his fingers stabbing into her hair. God, Sylva loved the way he handled her. Their gazes fused for a several moments, and Sylva witnessed his love for her. She saw his insatiable passion. For her. She saw the pleasure she was giving him. His lips brushed hers, even as he plunged deep, and she sang a moan.

Zeke had never felt so dang relaxed, yet so tense with his carnal pleasures, as he slow-danced his shaft in and out of his woman. The taste of her lips, his cock buried inside her, her sweet passionate moan, Zeke kept his rhythm. He stroked the length of her sheath with such ease, it somewhat surprised him. What didn’t surprise him, was the stinging bliss taking over his body, rising from the base of his cock like fiery lava. “Crazy,” he growled. “Darlin’ mine, I’m crazed.” His wife smiled, rolling her hips higher in concert with each of his thrusts.

November 29, 2010

Part 701 ~

Sylva wanted to delay the orgasm blooming inside her. Her cowboy husband’s cock, and the slow rhythmic way he lunged, felt so, so good she wished she could prolong it. And prolong how beautiful it felt to meet his thrusts with the belly-dancing move of her hips. Still, her eyelids squeezed shut and she yielded to the inevitable. “Zeke,” she whimpered. “Don’t stop.” Her words seemed redundant since he’d never stopped before. Yet, it was just her need to express the ecstasy building, a gradual rise that promised to consume her. “Oh, Zeke.” His mouth clamped onto hers briefly. “God.”

Zeke pumped deep, momentarily stiffening with his climax. With his stud bullets firing up his cock, he plunged inside his woman again, riding her faster, but as smoothly. Pleasure ripped through him then, endless tides of pleasure. “Sylva,” he ground out. His love for her flowed out of him, and when he finally stilled again, his rapture seemed to own even his skin. With his jaw still clenched, and his eyes still closed, he carefully lowered himself. Her arms wound around him and he felt her tremors of bliss. He looped his arms around her, rolling them on their sides.

November 30, 2010

Part 702 ~

Sylva clung to her Zeke, the feeling so delicious, she rested her head against him and basked in her dreamy satiation. After stroking his hand into her hair and circling caresses, her cowboy settled them a bit more comfortably. When he moved, she mumbled, “No, I don’t want to let go.” She heard his deep chuckle and felt the vibration of his chest. “Not letting go, Sylva mine. Just pulling the blanket over us.” With easy efficiency, he draped them, then embraced her. She drifted down fast. ‘Too fast’, she thought. ‘I want to enjoy.’ Aware of his body, she slept lightly.

Zeke couldn’t ever remember feeling this happy. Not this constant state of happiness. Given most of his life had been a good one, with times of extreme joy, and with a sense of deep accomplishment, still, he knew being with his wife was more. Special. He’d seen this between his parents, this overall happiness, even when they fought with each other. Or simply disagreed. As he sank into sleep, he reviewed his life, especially those peak times when elation had seized him tighter than his foes during sports competitions. He smiled like a dang prize idiot before sleep caught him.

December 1, 2010

Part 703 ~

Sylva awoke to a strange high-pitched buzzing. Zeke let go of her rolling fast. She felt the bed give as he launched to his feet. Reluctantly, she opened one eye, and finally blinked. She must have been sleeping much deeper than she realized. “Emergency, darlin’.” Her cowboy’s sleep-roughened voice answered her question somewhat. Jerking up to her elbow, she saw him hauling on a pair of work jeans and a denim shirt. Grabbing his gun belt, he whipped it around his hips, then buckled the two holsters to his thighs. “Emergency?” Sylva asked, realizing real life on this Earth intruded.

Zeke acted on pure training and reflex. The moment he’d heard ‘the buzz’, as it was called, he’d leaped out of bed and threw his clothes on, then slid on his gun belt. Now, he perched on a low stool, jerking on what he called his ‘runnin’ boots’. “Sylva, darlin’, you’ll be okay and I’ll be back soon, Lord willin’.” With not even a moment to snatch a kiss from his bride, Zeke planted his Stetson on. “Mother will take care of you.” He gave her a last longing look, then rushed out his back door, trotting down the stairs.

December 2, 2010

Part 704 ~

Sylva said a silent prayer for Zeke, then slowly eased down on the bed. Trying in vain to comfort herself, she pulled the coverlet up to her chin. Nightmare imaginings of what could happen to her husband stalked her as she attempted to rest. Restlessly, she moved kicking at the covers. Still, there was no reason to get up. In truth, she was still tired. Her worry over her cowboy and her weariness battled it out. Then, it struck her. If she did sleep, maybe she could do her psi thing and check out what was going on. Sylva shivered.

Zeke raced alongside his dad toward their third barn. A fire crew made up of the men working in the stable aimed high-arcing streams of water over one small section of the roof. In the meantime, the horses stalled inside, mostly mares ready to drop their foals, were being led outside, and corralled. “An explosion,” Nevada panted out, once they joined the crew. “All the horses are safe,” Samuel hollered. “Keep watch over ‘em. Keep ‘em calm,” Zeke shouted back. “It was an air missile,” Van hollered, moving beside them. “Caught a glimpse of the robo aircraft. Flying due south.”

December 3, 2010

Part 705 ~

Sylva settled herself more comfortably, closing her eyes. A part of her felt reticent since she had no clue what she might find. As she took deep relaxing breaths, a mishmash of images crossed before her mind’s eye. Drowsiness had begun to claim her when she heard tapping on the door to Zeke’s suite of rooms. Her eyelids popped open, and her adrenalin kicked in. Rising, Sylva found the first robe she could, and quickly slipped into the elegant dressing gown. The color of pale blue pearls, it could have come from a thirties noir movie. “I’m coming,” she hollered.

Zeke scrutinized the damage done to the barn’s roof, even as it became clear, the flames had been defeated. “Must’ve been the size of a dart. How the hell did --” His dad interrupted, “The robo plane was the size of an eagle, and not loaded for bear. That’s how it penetrated our defenses.” Zeke nodded. “Any chance of recovering it?” He gazed at Van. “We got it on Locator. And, the Speeder is hummin’, ready to go. Just give the word. We’ll --“ Zeke spun on his boot heel. “Let’s go take a look. See who might be waitin’ for it.”

Happy Ridin’ and Ropin’ Holidays


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Savanna Kougar is the best-selling author of ten ebooks, with five books in print. She pens love stories because that’s her deepest heart. She writes in the futuristic/fantasy/paranormal subgenres because that’s her fiercest passion. And, she writes erotic romance because she ferociously enjoys ripping the damn doors off.

You can find her at her personal blog ~ Kougar Kisses