Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Can We all Say, Duh?

It's Wednesday, my turn to post a blog @ RWBB  and my mind is blank. I'm going to repost a blog written for  Sex Scheming Geniuses, a new blog for authors talking about writing issues, techniques and foibles.

Hi! I’m Gem Sivad and I’d like to say I write whatever I want to write and don’t worry about defining my work. But the truth is, if I don’t give myself some kind of tag or identity, potential readers might never find me. If you are at the beginning of your writing career thinking in advance about how you want your writing to evolve, here are two things to consider.
  1. Do you want to write in one particular genre? 
  2. Do you have a heat level that you’ve decided you always want to write up or down to? 
Once you know that, how do you inform the book-buying public who you are?  Branding.

  •  Genre selection. The first layer and simplest form of branding is the identifying label you include with your manuscript when you submit it.  Once your book is contracted, the publisher tweaks the genre tag to fit the appropriate line guiding the title into an established pool of readers who read that genre. 
  • But do you want to write a second book in that genre? If you do, then you’ve effectively begun branding yourself as a (fill in the blank—historical, western, ménage, contemporary, paranormal, science fiction, urban fantasy, male/male, BDSM etc.) niche author. 
  • What if you switch genres in your second book? Then you’re meeting an entirely new pool of readers who follow the new genre. The plus aspect of this is the chance to widen your reader base, hoping that you will pull first book readers to the second book. The negative aspect is that it frequently doesn’t work for an unknown author and you’ve risked losing the first set of readers in your attempt to expand.
  • Hot or Not? There is a second type of branding that also affects readers.  The level of heat you include and the degree of sexual explicitness you write defines you as either an Erotic or PG author.
  •  Readers have individual comfort zones for reading sexuality. If you’ve published erotic material and developed a following, your fans have a reasonable expectation that they’ll find that same heat level in the next book of yours, regardless of genre. The reverse is also true. If you wrote a PG western in the first book and write an erotic western in the second book, prepare to lose some of your followers because you’ve shocked some of them speechless.
  • Can you hear me now? The third level and ultimately (imo) the most important part of branding is your author voice. When you’ve found that magic ingredient that makes your writing style unique, returning readers start looking for YOUR work not a particular genre, because they like the way you tell your stories.  J
Call Me Miz, my most recent title, is available now at Ellora’s Cave and Amazon.  Genre? I’ve fondly labeled it PERR— Paranormal Erotic Rural Romance. What to expect? A drool-worthy shape-shifting hero, a kick-ass heroine who heals with her touch and my usual gritty story- telling style that includes the temperature turned up to High! J

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Uno… memories of the game

From the first time I saw it was intrigued. My first Uno game was when I was a kid. It was a Christmas gift and one that I to this day feel was the best gift ever. When I opened the deck, read the directions, explained to my family and then all my family present at Christmas sat down to play it was magical. It was fun, loud and exciting. When I won my first game and shouted “Uno” I was hooked. After that we played often. There was laughter, fun and teasing. I took my Uno game wherever I could and played with whoever was willing.

As the years went on I still played but not as often. In college I bought a new Uno deck so I could have some fun on those nights I had night duty as a RA for my college. And I found others who loved the game. During my night duty I would put out the word that an Uno game was on. People would come and we would have some cut throat games. Some with as high as 20 people with others waiting to take the place of the losers. It was a fun rotation of people to match Uno wit’s with. It was a great time. I even bought an Uno handheld game so I could play wherever I went.

But atlas time passed and I lost track of my Uno. At least until the last year or so. I noticed in the café at the day job there was a set of people playing Uno and my love of the Uno started to come back. Each time I passed the Uno players in the café I watched as they played and longed to join them. I didn’t but my Uno love continued to grow. Finally I asked to take part in a game and was accepted in. When I won my first game and shouted “Uno” it brought back memories of that first game. I was hooked all over again. Ahh Uno brought back so many memories or time spent with family and friends.

And since I love gadgets I also bought an Uno handheld game (grin). I love me some Uno. Now loud and clear. Come on and shout it with me “Uno”.

Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor
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Wilde Rapture - When a woman ducks into an alcove at a wedding she meets the man who is intriguing and will tempt her. Buy here at Total-E-Bound.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Power of a Woman

The Power of a Woman

The empowerment of a women begins within herself,
if that women loves herself;
she has that authority to love anyone she chooses.

The power of a women becomes even stronger
when she finds herself and knows who she is;
and doesn't let anyone tell her otherwise.

The power of a women can make her strong enough
to stand on her own two feet; and finally that women is independent .
She will not be afraid to ask for help or help herself.

The power of a women is stronger then the grip of a
lions teeth when his prey is in his mouth.

The power of a women is a power no man could live without ,
because without a women there can be no man.

The power of a women is endless;
so stand tall, and represent for all the women in the world.

written by Tiffany Mitchell
Dedicated to: Women all over the world

Friday, May 25, 2012

Flirty Friday

It's Flirty Friday and I'm sure there are some singles out there who need a few new lines.
Feel free to steal some of these.

1. Come live in my heart, and pay no rent.

2. I have had a really bad day today and it always makes me feel better to see a pretty girl smile. So, would you please smile for me?

3. Did the sun just come out or did you just smile at me?

4. I want to taste something sweet,could i taste your lips?

5. Excuse me, I think you have something in your eye. Oh wait, it’s just a sparkle.

6. If you don’t wanna have kids with me, then why don’t we just practice?”

7. I know milk does good for the body but DAMN how much did you drink?

8. They say Disney world is the happiest place on earth, obviously they haven’t been in your arms.

9. Your lips look so sweet, just one kiss and I swear I could give up sugar for life.

10. If you stood in front of a mirror holding 11 roses; you will see 12 of the most beautiful things in this word.

11. There’s so much to say but your eyes keep interrupting me.


When she’s not busy writing contemporary erotic romance novels, novelettes, and short stories, Mary Quast doles out sensual tips and yummy eye candy on her blog “Romantic Interludes”.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ShapeShifter Seductions ~ Look into the face of the dragon...

Late Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers, and happy Sun in Gemini.

With all the trademark-silly hoopla around the name, Adele, I thought I'd do my part to thumb my nose at the big corporate entertainment media. Their efforts to immorally crush any competition is beyond the pale. In this case, the pale horse shapeshifter.

Before I disappoint anyone, no, the pale horse is not the hero of this flash scene. I just get caught up in these off-the-wall tangents. That said, I am using the name, Adele, for my heroine.

Look into the face of the dragon and don't despair...

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the un-fairest of them all?" Adele scrutinized her face in the enormous oval mirror she'd inherited from her great grandmother.

"I don't see a problem." She swivelled her head from side to side studying her features. "I like how I look. And, I like who I am."

For long moments, Adele stared at her eyes, what her mother described as gold and violet sparks. "I mean, I'd date me if I were a man. I'd ask 'me' out so fast my head would spin a thousand miles an hour."

Sighing as the same old confusion plagued her yet again, Adele moved toward her bed. Dispirited to the max, she plopped down, and ignored the streaks of light flashing across the mirror's surface.

Men, even those who were supernaturals, didn't seem interested in her, and she'd never been able to understand why. Adele had analyzed it to death over the years. But, dinosaur crap, she might as well dig a grave and toss the whole mess in. Give it a decent burial and be done with it.

Whenever she'd confided in anyone, all they would tell her was the same old BS about 'someday your prince will come'. Maybe, just maybe, she didn't want a prince. Not that she would refuse one if...

Adele clenched her eyelids so hard they hurt. She blinked her eyes just to ease the pain.

Often, for the last month or so, it felt like her heart was being shredded, as if it'd been torn from her chest and tossed into a wood chipper.

Okay, so she couldn't do the aggressive-woman thing, and go after some hunky guy, ask him out on a date. Although, she never had any problem engaging a man in a conversation, a good soul-deep conversation at times.

No, she'd never even had a problem working side-by-side with any male at a regular ole job. Of course, those pretending-to-be-normal days were over now that her magickal nature matured.

"Yeah, and here I thought my bad mojo would change once we moved to Talbot's Peak. Home of about every supernatural there is." Adele grabbed one of her pillows, and crushed it against her middle.

"And I hate the name, Adele," she spat. Angry, frustrated, she whipped her head back and forth. Her long straight hair slapped her face and shoulders.

With a sharp cry of despair, she let herself fall backward, smacking against the mattress. "It's not even my real name," she moaned.

But, she couldn't speak her real name. An enemy could use it to control her, and her magick.

"Stuck with a stupid name. Saturday night, and I'm stuck in my bedroom." Popping her head up, she glared at the mirror. "And stuck with an enchanted mirror who won't help me."

Oh yeah, she'd fantasized a million times about going to the Interspecies Pleasure Club. Disco dancing night in particular. However, without the balancing energies of a man, her powers could act up, or act out with disastrous results.

On pure impulse, Adele shot upwards hurling the pillow at the mirror. With her eyes mere slits, and her breath coming in bursts, she waited for something. Anything.

"Ouch, pretty one."

She waited a beat. "Ouch?" she demanded, her ire rising. Not that the mirror had ever spoken to her before. As in words.

More, it had been thoughts, impressions placed inside her mind. Or images appeared on the mirror's surface rather like looking into a crystal ball.

"How about? Look into the face of the dragon and don't despair," the deeply masculine voice intoned.

"Isn't that supposed to be 'look into the face of the dragon and despair'?" Adele snarked yet spoke in a serious warlock tone.

"Yes, pretty one. Merlin said that line in "Excalibur". What the humans here call a movie."

With no mercy, curiosity tugged at her causing Adele to rise from the bed. Still, she hesitated. "And just who are you? Oh, wait, I know. You're the man in the mirror. Instead of the man in the moon. Although, come to think of it, you could be the man in the moon, but you've switched to my mirror."

A hearty laugh emanated from the mirror. "Ah, yes, I was told your tongue is particularly clever and pointed."

Adele crept closer. She observed no image, and a heightened level of frustration gripped her. "You haven't answered my question, mirror man."

"I'll tell you my name if you tell me your name."

The intensity behind the ultra-deep sexy voice sizzled through her entire body lighting her up like a torch. "Adele," she quickly answered.

"Your real name."

"Your 'real' name first."

"Why don't we discuss it?" the voice gentlemanly seduced.

Adele halted in her tracks. A hypnotizing swirl of light covered the mirror's surface. Brighter and brighter, it gleamed.

She fell forward, a force pulling on her. Oh hell no! She was being sucked inside the mirror.

Disoriented, Adele crazily spiraled through some type of portal. A whirlwind seemed to seize her, and she wondered how her molecules held together.


Not in control of herself, Adele landed face down on a good-sized lap. Like a big doll, she lay across thighs that were masses of muscle.

"Finally, my pretty one, I have you." Huge hands wrapped around her waist, and lifted her upright.

In those moments, her faculties returned somewhat. "Djinn," Adele uttered, as he positioned her on his lap.

"Not only a djinn, my fire elemental, but a shapeshifter. As you are also a shape changer."

Even though, her eyes still felt as if they slowly spun in their sockets, Adele gazed into brilliant blue eyes flecked with silver. "Shapeshifter?"

"Look into the face of the dragon and don't despair."

Shaken to her core, still Adele's resilience asserted itself. "I am not telling you my real name, Djinn Dragon."

"Not even for a night of Saturday Night Fever at the Interspecies Pleasure Club?"

Adele started, but clamped her lips. She wasn't going to ask how he knew. Of course, if he possessed access to her mirror, then...

"Want to see the disco outfits I have purchased for you?" the Djinn Dragon tempted, his voice like devil-red velvet.

When she didn't answer, and shut her eyes against temptation, his hand stroked over her hair. "More beautiful than gazing at you through the looking glass," he rasped. "Your tresses are the color of a fire's heart."

Adele didn't dare open her eyes. Goddess, but he smelled like every pleasurable sin she'd ever thought of indulging in. "Where are we?"

"Where else, my sweet flame? The Pleasure Club, inside my rooms."

Her tongue finally won out over any common sense. "Take me dancing, and I might...might tell you my real name."

"Ah, the wielding of power. So it shall be, pretty one. Your wish is my command"


Have a shapeshifter kind of day!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Mojo

It's rather sad that Monday always gets a bad rap.  It's not Monday's fault. We play hard and stay up late on the weekend and when the alarm goes off at 5:45am on Monday... it's moan and groan time.  After fighting with the kids to get them to the bus stop on time, I grab a cup of coffee and attempt to start my day.

What do you do to kick start your Monday?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Crow Magic

Today's six sentences come from Crow Magic.

Lowering his head with a chuckle then startled by a sudden tapping at the sliding glass door to the balcony. He rose from the chair thinking of how unusual his life could be and moved to the door. With a tug the massive frame groaned open. A large black bird sat on the railing, glaring at him.

“What a sad sight you are, brother.” He waved to the bird. “Please come in.”

Crow Magic will be available in June from Decadent Publshing.
Check out Handcuffs & Silk from the 1 Night Stand series and Decadent Publishing.

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Squeee! Release Day!!

Call Me Miz debuts from Ellora's Cave, today!

Missouri Hess doesn’t like to be called witch, though shecan heal with her touch and pull truth from a liar every time. Her gifts are a curse. She can’t choose who she helps and after a healing,she radiates pheromones and burns with sexual energy.

Thomas Hunter is a government agent and a member of SpecialForces, emphasis on the word “special”. In human form, Thomas is amouth-watering hunk of muscle wrapped in dark chocolate. As a golden-furred jaguarhe prowls the woods wearing fangs and claws. He’s been sent to Bitter CreekHoller to investigate the local werewolves
When Miz rescues the bigcat from a silver-coated conibear trap, he bites her. Claiming her as his mate,the jaguar leaves his man to work out the details. Now Thomas has to convincethe bewitching healer that she needs a familiar by her side


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ShapeShifter Seductions ~ Alliance, Shere Khan's Offerings

Late Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

It's the middle of May... can you believe it?

So, this flash scene stars that omnipresent villain, Shere Khan, leader of the Tiger Yakuza in Talbot's Peak.

Dugger, the dingo man, also stars in the lead role as the hero. With a common, take-no-prisoners enemy threatening The Peak, will a temporary alliance be formed?


Alliance, Shere Khan's Offerings

As tiger, Shere Khan muscled his way through the night forest. Uncaring about who or what heard his approach, he thundered a roar without a pause in his stride. Shere Khan listened with satisfaction as the sound echoed around him.

Because of their agreed-upon mind connection, for now, he knew Dugger, the dingo shapeshifter, had been alerted. The negotiation for their tête-à-têt had been quite the mental challenge, and by the end, Shere Khan had gained a new respect for the crafty down-under canine.

Several of Shere Khan's top ninjas followed in his wake, soaring above the treetops. The inept fools who had allowed Ravi's future bride to escape had been placed in disgrace -- shipped back to Shere Khan's cousin, a minor player in the Yakuza empire.

Shere Khan curled his lips and loosed a snarl that struck terror in the hearts of his many enemies. While the use of magick assisted him in the subtle dance of gaining and keeping power, his raw strength suited his purpose and his mood now.

Ignoring the scurrying panic of rodent species and ground-nesting poultry, Shere Khan smashed through a thick web of entangled limbs. He had yet to choose a particularly severe punishment for the girl's father. His false tongue about his daughter's willingness to be a debt payment, was not to be tolerated.

Yet, on the grand chessboard of life, Nilambari's escape offered Shere Khan a bargaining chip. Of late, he had spent many a restless night pondering on the current times -- this ferocious and pivotal Dragon Year of 2012.

Changes in the balance of power were on the near horizon, a balance that no longer favored the Tiger Yakuza. Further, one vital truth had emerged during his deep investigation of the Global League.

Their plan for world dominion would mean the extermination of not only the Yakuza as a fearsome competitor, but of his tiger shapeshifter kind.

Shere Khan uttered a long rumbling growl against such an unacceptable fate.


Already shifted to his man form, Dugger lounged against the barrel-sized tree trunk. He listened to the smash-crash arrival of Shere Khan as he cleaned beneath his nails with his large throwing blade. Mother Moon shone like a spotlight overhead.

'Yeah, see 'em before my mind's eye. Several black pajamas,' he telepathed back to Symone, his beautiful, dimension-hopping sheila.

So far, it'd been painful as a roo's kick to the gut gaining her trust. But he was finally winning her over.

Earlier, he'd nearly jumped for bloody joy when she agreed to be his lookout, watching out for his ass during his summit meeting with the Yakuza leader. Given the Global League's invasion of their territory, he, Dante, and White Fang had agreed it was the best course of action for the sake of Talbot's Peak.

Even now, Dante, as werewolf, was positioned to his right, hidden by the deep shadow of a rock outcropping, a good two stories in height. On his left, White Fang observed from atop a high waterfall, ready to swoop down -- be the superhero to the rescue.

Dugger had discovered right quick that Symone's sharpshooter skills were as bang-on deadly at night as in the daylight. As she'd explained, some of what was labeled junk DNA by the looney scientists on this side of the dimensional curtain had been activated in her. Both by her desperate need to survive impossible circumstances, and later by specialized lab technicians.

Lifting his gaze, Dugger watched Shere Khan halt at the edge of the large clearing. Without a glance his way, and within moments -- hell, like a damn magical spell out of a storybook -- the Yakuza morphed from white tiger to his human form.

Yeah, just as he'd figured, the old gods ran in the tiger shifter's veins from the looks of him. Confirmed, when one of his ninjas floated a silk-thread, ornate robe around his shoulders, as if from on high.

Dugger sheathed his blade with a flip of his wrist, then straightened away from the tree trunk. "Spit and polish duds for out here in the woods, don't you think? But, I guess you are king of the crime mountain."

Shere Khan offered him a wan smile once they faced each other in the center of the clearing. His eyes, however, sparked with fire-devouring intelligence, the type Dugger respected as downright, run-for-a-cave dangerous. If he was in a runnin' mood. He wasn't.

"King of the crime mountain," Shere Khan formally intoned. "A title I find quite acceptable. My apologies, dingo, my wit does not extend to such cleverness with titles. May I address you as Dugger as you originally introduced yourself? Or perhaps, you wish to be addressed by what would be called your last name, here in the states."

"Dugger'll do. What's on your mind precisely? Thought we'd agreed on a meeting of the minds during the dark of the moon."

"So it was planned, yes. However, I suddenly find within my grasp an offering of good faith. Two offerings, perhaps."

"Is this about the brave young woman who escaped your clutches -- as they used to say in the dime pulp novels I read?"

"I know you will dismiss my words, dingo. I will state them for the record, as the politicians say in that useless body known as the congress."

"Yeah?" Dugger raised a brow. Since his hackles weren't giving him fits yet, Dugger didn't snake a hand toward his blade. "What is it?"

Shere Khan drew in a yoga-like breath, and his features became serene, reminding Dugger of a decorative pond on a fancy estate. "I was under the impression the young woman wished to come to me as a bride for my son. Her father deceived me. Or should I say his words deceived the one I sent as representative to settle a rather large debt."

For the bloody life of him, Dugger couldn't smell, hear or see a lie. Maybe, he hadn't daggered beneath the tiger's enigmatic gaze, though. "Listening," he growled.

"I will cease any effort to recover Nilambari to demonstrate my interest in our mutual alliance against the Global League."

"You said 'two offerings." Dugger's inner dingo ears pricked at the near-silent movements of Shere Khan's ninjas. At the same time, he heard Symone power up her science-fiction rifle, preparing to shoot. "You better warn your black pajama boys to stay still as a tick havin' a right good blood feast."

"Ah, yes, your sharpshooter partner. I am in awe of her efficient ability to eliminate our common enemy." Shere Khan unfolded his arms, and slightly waved his right hand. "For the sake of time and trust, and before one of my ninjas becomes too zealous in their duty to protect me, my second offering--"

Shere Khan's next words were lost amid the sudden bedlam of an attack. Super soldiers by Dugger's nose. Dante's blood-chilling growl shook the air, and Dugger heard his short running charge, his leap, then the crunch of his fangs. The ripping began.

In a tornadic spin, White Fang arrived. He fought side-by-side with the ninjas, battling twenty -- by Dugger's count -- of the bio-machine enhanced Global League squad.

He and Shere Khan had spun and stood back to back, their weapons raised. Like stuffed dummies, soldiers began falling around them, all courtesy of Symone, his sheila sharpshooter.

"That's my girl," Dugger whispered. "Won't even let me use my big bad blade."

'Not yet anyway,' he added to himself, thinking of his 'big bad blade' down under.

"You were saying?" Dugger spoke over his shoulder, once the few remaining soldiers were being mopped up.

"If your sharpshooter wishes to return to her time, to her earthly dimension, I am in possession of a proto vortex unit."

Dugger didn't question, for now, how Shere Khan knew. Bloody hell, his every particle screamed against telling Symone. But tell her he would.

He would also use every dingo trick in the book, and on Earth, to make her stay with him.

Have a shapeshifter kind of day!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Mojo

so who doesn't need a little Mojo to get motivated on Monday? 

How about a little bit of Jon Passavant? 
This supermodle from Pittsburge is the Renaissance man  in the fashion industry; his classic good looks with a touch of modern cowboy are the most popular subjects of countless designers, fashion houses, and romance writers' imaginations.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
to all our readers and fellow writers who are Moms!

6 Sentence Sunday - Love Knot

 Today's six sentences come from Love Knot.

The breath from her words bounced off his lips back onto her. His lips were so close she heat radiated from them. Her arms locked around his neck as she stood on her tip toes. His mouth set fire to her body as he placed soft kisses along her jaw. Wonderful sensations swirled in her body as he enveloped her in his embrace. Soft lips brushed over hers then he gazed at her with a smirk on his face.

Happy Mother's day to my mom
who taught me the love of reading and encouraged me to become a writer. 
I love you!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Writer's Block

The power of pictures is undeniable. Take my recent case of writers block--please do, and don't bring it back. lol.

For days I sat in front of the laptop's a lie.

I followed the crumpled paper trail crawling out of the office and--looking for things to do, I found dishes, laundry, dusting and grocery shopping lurking beyond the cave door--things I'd ignored for months and wanted to continue in that mode. But I simply could not justify being in front of the laptop--staring at it--completely brain dead.

So-- :) *beaming*  I went picture trolling, a delightful pastime guaranteed to make me forget about my writer's block and...

I found it.

...and I wrote:
Reluctantly, Miz unlocked the ward, watching it shimmer down allowing Thomas entry into her territory. In two leaps he was on the porch. She held the door open and the blanket waiting, ready to wrap it around his shoulders and cover his nakedness from her view. She grimaced at his forlorn appearance and stepped away from him.
I won’t be seduced senseless this time. Of course, Thomas immediately had to test that theory.
He pulled her into his embrace, wrapping her in the blanket and molding her to his wet skin at the same time his aroused cock fit snuggly against her belly.
“I’m hungry for you,” he growled against her neck as he nipped his way to her jaw and lips. Miz felt the truth of every groaned word he uttered.
“Shouldn’t a gone traipsing off to parts unknown, then, Sunny,” she drawled, trying to sound indifferent. But she tipped her head, excited by the way his lips explored the point between her shoulder and neck. 

Snippet is from Cat's Play, (working title) the second story about Miz and Thomas. Their first book, Call Me Miz, releases in one week on May 18th @ Ellora's Cave. 
C) 2012 Gem Sivad, LLC. All rights reserved 

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday 13 - Bedroom Boredom Busters

1.     Learn more about aphrodisiacs.

2.     Give your love a sensual massage.

3.     Buy a few love making technique books and read them together.

4.     Compliment your honey on how they look and while making love.

5.     Do a strip dance for your big daddy.

6.     Spend a day teasing your partner.

7.     Make love somewhere other than in your home.

8.     Experiment with different types of kisses.

9.     When casanova comes home, take control and make love to him right when he walks in the door.

10.  Share a bottle of champagne while laying on blanket in your backyard looking at the stars.

11.  Take a bath or shower together and slowly wash your partner.

12.  Leave hidden sensually, teasing notes where only your sweetcakes will find them.

13.  Experiment with food during foreplay.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Now who would have thought that something as simple as food could increase or decrease the benefits of sex?
            What foods get the female hormones going?
The 3 C’s - Caffeine, Calcium, and Chocolate:
Caffeine: Even a small caffeine buzz can help increase blood flow to the genitals, making nerve endings easy to access and stimulate.

Calcium: is also known to increase blood flow in the body especially for women.

Chocolate: this sweet has a ton of chemicals that can help lighten your mood – including anadamine, and phenylethylamine, which help produce an amazing euphoric feeling.

 For a bonus, ladies, add Cranberry Juice to your must have list.  Cranberry Juice is a life saver can really help keep your sex life safe. Twenty percent of women suffer from urinary tract infections in the world today. Urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria from sex being pushed up into the bladder, and can further cause kidney infections. You can rid yourself of this risk though, by drinking half a cup of (unsweetened) cranberry juice each day. Researchers have proven that cranberry juice can help prevent the risk of urinary tract infections by thirty four percent.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Plot Bunny Breeds - The Lopearred Sitting Around Talking Shorthair

A plot bunny is a story idea that refuses to go away until it is written. The term's origin is unknown but is known to predate NaNoWriMo. Because plot bunnies tend to multiply quickly, the term is thought to be related to the oft-quoted John Steinbeck quote about ideas and rabbits. Various writer forums offer several resources for the care and handling of plot bunnies. Unwanted bunnies can be put up for adoption in the Adoption Society forum.

There are various breeds, thousands of them, and many aren't even tied to writing. Let's explore a well known plot bunny that has been positively identified.

The Lopearred Sitting Around Talking Shorthair

Physical Characteristics: Lop ears, short brown/grey flecked fur

How to identify his presence: When your characters inevitably come to a point where the plot simply won't advance, so they sit on a couch/the ground/ a golf cart/ a pirate ship and start talking about nothing in particular. Some couple thousand words later, a plot bunny pops up, grins, and heads off! It can always be discovered in this kind of plot stall, and it's known for waiting until the last possible moment (the moment when you are about to throw your laptop across the table) to come and create a diversion.

Plot Bunny Fields Forever A Study in Plot Bunny Care and Husbandry NaNoWriMo Edition

Sunday, May 6, 2012

6 Sentence Sunday -

I've selected six sentences from Love Knot. 

Stepping around several women patiently waiting for the craft store to open and begin a quilting class, Robbie flashed a smile at them. He loved traveling but his heart would always remain at home in this small town. During the last month spent in Ireland, he had plenty of time to look closely at his life. As a marine investigator, he enjoyed beautiful beaches around the world and women where ever he went. High time had come for him to settle down with a good woman and he already had a woman in mind.

Without pausing, he flung open the door to the coffee shop.

Love Knot is a short story now available on Smashwords.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 
I don't have a drop of Latin in myblood but I enjoy holidays. 
At my house we celebrated with a large pot of chili and some homemade Cinco de Mayo bread (which is basically spicy corn bread in loaf form). 

 How did you celebrate?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Addendum

May updates: 

Call Me Miz will release from Ellora's Cave on May 18th. 
Gem's May Newsletter is open-read this month for newbies who've never enjoyed before.
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