Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Surreality of Snow

Earlier this month I talked about snow stillness on my own blog. With all the snow we’ve been getting some days it is a winter wonderland (well before the mush when everyone has been through it). Since I leave so early for my day job I get that snow stillness when it is fresh and coats the area in a white beauty that is creates a surrealness. Being out that early it feels like I am the only person in the world.

Being that it was my world since there was no one around at least briefly I walked reworking a scene in a book I’m writing. It involves lots of snow and a sense of urgency. The feel of the snow around me got me into the mindset of what the characters would be feeling. Alone with that feeling for being followed yet it is too snowy for you to be sure. Then a face comes out of the snow shocking you. Is it salvation or danger? Whew. My heart was racing as I walked. It all playing out in my thoughts as I walked.

I was looking behind my shoulder too. LOL. Even sped up a little to get away. This is what I was going for that sense of fear, pulse pounding and wanting to know. With the snow it helped me get into it. Get a taste of how it would feel. This I think will make the story read more real. The snow we had played a big part in my story. Setting the atmosphere for me. Hmmm… maybe I’ll need to give it an acknowledgement for it.

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Mary Quast said...

The other night a full moon shone through the trees casting shadows onto the snow covered ground. The shades of grey and the stillness of the night was mystical. I love living in the woods. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Nothing like experiencing something directly. It does add the realism to your story.

Mary, that's very similar to how it looked on my tame prairie on the day after the full moon. So lovely and mystical. I love living here, too.