Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A good reason to cheat

I’ve always been a desktop computer person. I’ve had friends who swore by the laptop but not me. I loved my desktop. Well… until recently. I’m a cheater. A serial cheater. (sob) I’ve been stepping out on my desktop. I’ve done it briefly before but never like this. You see I have this problem. I love gadgets. I get all tingly when I see something new and shiny. Now sit back I have to tell you the whole sordid story.

Early last year when I was going to be away from home I decided to get a new laptop. The one I had before had to be replaced (or this is what I convinced myself of). Since I’ve had a laptop before I knew it would be a brief affair. And when I got back to my own house my desktop and I would be back together. After all our love affair was strong. Right. Well I was so wrong.

I saw the new shinny laptop I wanted and bought it. When I first booted it up my heart raced, palms and other places got wet. Did I mention I love gadgets? (Sigh) It’s one of a few addictions that plagues me. One I don’t ever want to get rid of. But I digress and need to get this out.

The laptop was so new and so sleek. I reveled in using it but… this is the part where I admit my shame and cheating ways. So bear with me. When I got home I didn’t even look at my desktop I continued using the laptop. I ignored the desktop. My love… my beautiful desktop. The one who had my heart…until now. As last year progressed I was steadily using the laptop and leaving my desktop untouched. The desktop would sit lonely for months as I happily used the laptop.

Well after some soul searching on January 1st I’ve told my desktop that it is no longer number 1 in my heart. It is relegated to my mistress (one I have kicked to the curb). It was a hard break to make but I had to. My new number 1 and partner my laptop and I are very happy.

My new number 1 asked me to promise that I won’t cheat on them but I could not. After all I’m a gadget junkie and may see something new and shinny. It may sway my affections. Which will lead me to another good reason to cheat. (grin)

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Mary Quast said...

Great post! LOL. I too enjoy my desk top but have only dalied with a laptop. You are so brave.

Savanna Kougar said...

I tried dallying with a mini laptop. No success, just frustration. But then, I don't have wireless. And that's one tech I don't want now, even if it's available. Some of us are sensitive to it.

Have a fun and lasting fling.

Vivien Jackson said...

I'm into computer polyamory: desktop, laptop, netbook, iPad: whatever's handy. Nifty post. :)

Taige Crenshaw said...

Thanks Mary. I was so faithful to that desktop but the sultry way of that laptop has won me over…. At least for now.

Savanna you just have to meet the one and you might find a nice fling too. For now we are happy. Don’t know how long we will last. I’m fickle when it comes to gadgets. (grin)

Vivien - (on my knees) I bow to your greatness. And my gadget junkie heart beats in envy. Man I need to get me a into a computer polyamory too. (having thoughts of it with a wide grin)