Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Temtping Tuesday - A Tidbit from Painted Soul

Andrew watched her nibble on her meal and make a few loose sketches from some photos she brought. He assumed they were taken while she was wandering gardens with Lynn. He loved watching her work. Inspiration came to him. He placed his food on a clean spot of his paint cart and picked up a brush.

He felt the emotion coming from deep within. The brush felt natural in his stiff hand. His arm felt warm and loose as he made his brush strokes. He was working on canvas paper, not one of his favorites, but perfect for sketching with paint. He focused on her face as she worked and ate. A sheet was quickly covered with an image, torn off and laid aside.

He then was enticed by her hand as it placed food into her mouth. He was aroused by her lips.

Another sheet was pulled off the pad and cast aside. She glanced up from her work to look at him. He felt himself drawn into her eyes. His brush flew across the sheet.

“Andrew,” his thoughts were interrupted, “your fish is getting cold. You should eat something.”

Elizabeth pulled herself to her feet and walked over to view the painted sheets cast aside by their creator. Andrew watched her, waiting for a comment.

“You’re back,” she faced him with a big smile, holding the two pieces. “These look like they were done by you.”

“Thank you,” his heart swelled with her response, “tell me more.”

“So, you want me to feed your ego,” Elizabeth put the second sheet down and held onto the other with both hands.

The piece was a collage of various views of her face. Hard lines showed her concentrating and soft brush lines gave the sketch a sensual look. She was amazed by how he could take a simple moment and find something so provocative.

“I’ve always loved how you use hard and soft lines with paint. You take something so ordinary and turn it into something beautiful.”

“You are not ordinary to me, my lady. You are most beautiful, my angel.”

Elizabeth seemed slightly unnerved and exchanged the first sheet for the second. This time she laughed.

“I’m eating!”

“But look at it,” he begged.

The painting made her think of a movie scene movie where the woman seduces her man with her sensual way of eating. Andrew focused primarily on the relation between her hand and her mouth. The fact there was food held by her fingertips was not important. The linear way he painted was very sexy.

“So you like what I can do with my hand and mouth, eh?”

She caught him off guard that time. He laughed as he got off his stool and stepped back so she could see his third piece, a simple piece.

“Oh, my,” she was quiet for a moment. “It’s a reflection, what you see in my eyes.”

“What do I see, Elizabeth?” He cautiously stood behind her.

“Desire, passion, heat,” she answered nervously. “The soft lines show love and pain.”

“You love me, yet my past has caused you pain,” he caressed both her arms. “I believe you still want me.”

He turned her toward him, not letting her out of his grasp.

“Do you still want me, Elizabeth? Do you still think of how I used to make you feel when I touched you? Do you want me to love you again?”

She stood frozen in front of him. A glaze went over her eyes, while a pain shot through his heart.

“Do you?” he gripped her harder. “Tell me, Elizabeth, do you want me?”

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Savanna Kougar said...

Mary, beautifully intense excerpt!

I wish I knew that much about art and painting.

Mary Quast said...

Thanks. I was a professional artist for many years before picking up the pen to be a writer. Funny thing... I write like I paint... visually.