Monday, June 14, 2010

One Author Breaking The Genre Myths and Carving Her Own Path: Carol Storm

A: I’m happy to introduce to you today Carol Storm. Anyone here at Romance Writers Behaving Badly should know Carol. She’s the hot author breaking stereotypes and preconceptions and the writer behind Hialeah Heat and Hunted Witness as well as Glory and the Clever Cat.

I can’t wait to introduce you to this erotic author and her style.

Welcome to my batcave, Carol. This is going to be sweet. I always like to get a good feel for who I’m talking to, so let’s start with the most revealing question: What’s the kinkiest, sexiest thing you’ve ever done:

CS: Nothing unusual, really. A bit of on-table sex with the masseur at a spa in the Bahamas – and then his bodybuilder boyfriend walked in on us!

A: Whaaaat? I’ve been to the Bahamas and I didn’t get that kind of treatment. You’ll have to give me the name of that masseur… you know… for research.

Well, now that we’ve established just how naughty you can be in real life. Let’s talk writing, just how bad do you get with your writing, are we talking just suggestion or down right bondage?

CS: Suggestion usually works best for me – but sometimes things get out of hand!

A: I love the art of suggestion :> Give us a hint… What’s the best thing you’ve ever written—the best line?

CS: Kick’s body had a mind of its own. (Just kidding!)

Her nipples were throbbing just from the way he unbuttoned her blouse. (Really!)

A: You must think of some pretty hot, steamy stuff. Sometimes the men in reality don’t measure up… so let’s go pure fantasy. If you could have any movie star take on a role as one of your heroes, who would it be?

CS: Antonio Banderas as Kenny Marigold in my Urban Phaze novella, HIALEAH HEAT.

A: I love Antonio Banderas. I especially love how he’s a family man. That makes him ten times sexier. But ahem… we must always take into consideration (when choosing our men) just how much size counts… I don’t know how large Antonio is but… on average how loooooonnnnnggg do you like your (um, how do we put it delicately) manuscripts to be ;> ( in words silly, not inches) and how steamy?

CS: I’m working hard to stay aroused longer – and write over 20K words! I like vanilla sex best, but I love to experiment with playful spanking and light bondage now and then.

A: Honestly, I’m pretty vanilla myself with a hint of raspberry and swirl of chocolate. Hmmmm…mmmm. What are the hardest scenes to write for you?

CS: The ones where the hero shows vulnerability and need. I like them hard and in control!

A: Me TOO!!! Showing vulnerability at any time in real life or writing makes us dredge up emotions we may not want to deal with. So now it’s time for truth or dare: How close in real life have you gotten to one of your fantasies?

CS: Not close enough! But it’s fun to keep trying, on and off the printed page.

A: I could ask another million questions but I guess I’m running out of time. What would you want other writers and your readers to know about you?

CS: That Carol Storm is more than just the author of steamy sex scenes – when you read one of my books, expect glamorous locations, intrigue, danger, and a little humor as well!

A: And finally… anything you would like to share with us, an excerpt, a tidbit, or anything else about yourself?

Just that you can always hang out with me at my blog, THE STORM REPORT, and find out what I’m up to next!

A: Thanks Carol!!! I hope everyone enjoyed learning more about our authors. Are there questions I’m not asking??? Things you’re dying to know about our authors. Let me know at and I’ll add them to my interviews.

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