Friday, June 4, 2010

Five Card Stud

I just signed a contract with Ellora's Cave for my bounty hunting bad boy, Sam McCallister. The story involves a lady gambler named Eden Pace, who has Sam's attention even before he discovers she's wanted for murder.

Here's a snippet from my coming soon:

What can it hurt...a little mindless pleasure. Eden's body tingled from the brush of his arm across her chest. Her nipples itched under the silk of her chemise but there was no way to get relief. The motion of the stage became erotic torture.
She peeked through lowered lashes—the other three men who sat across from them were engrossed in a card game. Her lashes drifted closed and she focused on the flavor of the man next to her. Tobacco, sage, gun oil, and sweat, his scent was pungent, male, and delicious. 

Eden inhaled deeply, teasing her nipples as they brushed against soft cloth, at the same time she savored the thigh riding her hip. Not for the first time she bemoaned her nature. She’d been gifted from birth with acute senses. Eden’s ability to hear, see, and smell were far better than the average person, and her response to touch sometimes overwhelmed her.

Desire curled in her belly. She looked at the strong legs, stretched so long that his big feet jammed against the other bench and still forced him to bend his knees.  He would fill me. Her sex flexed hungrily as need burned through her. 

The already jarring motion of the stagecoach ratcheted up a notch when they hit a patch of ground rougher than before. All of the passengers but Eden were thrown helter-skelter. A big arm slid along the back of her seat and held her firmly in place. 

She opened her eyes enough to see feet encased in soft leather boots still braced against the bottom of the bench across from them. His size kept him immobile as the rest of the passengers struggled to remain seated. He turned so that his erection rode her hip and telegraphed his own desire. 

Eden closed her eyes again and let her body sway with the jolting motion that thrust her against his shaft.  So close…her internal muscles tightened and her thighs squeezed tight around the liquid heat that pooled between her legs. 

His fingers brushed her neck and the tickle of sensation made her catch her breath and hold it as she strained to grasp relief. Almost…she arched her back slightly, pressing her soft woman folds against the damp material of her under garments.

She hovered between agony and ecstasy while an unknown man toyed with her. Every one of Eden’s nerve endings screamed for release. Her fingers curled against her palms and nails bit into flesh to keep herself from making a sound.

He ran a finger up and down the crease behind her ear, caressed the shell and then captured her earlobe between finger and thumb. One hard pinch was all it took. Ahhh….She stifled her groan of pleasure as her climax rippled through her.

The is the second book in my bounty hunter series. The first, Wolf's Tender, featuring Charlie Wolf McCallister, is available now in both print and ebook.

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Mary Quast said...

*sharp intake of breath* Oh...yeah...great excerpt! Congrats on your signing!!!

Gem Sivad said...

Thanks Mary. It shocked the socks off of me when I received the offer.

I am looking forward to the release date.


Savanna Kougar said...

Gem, yeehaw congrats!

Yep, the ear done right can give that kind of much needed relief... great sex-stirring scene!

Gem Sivad said...

Thanks Savanna.


Chloe Waits said...

Gem, that is absolutely fabulous, congratulations!!
always love your excerpts!