Saturday, June 5, 2010

SINful Saturday-SINful men on TV

For this edition of SINful Saturdays I would love to look at some hot men on television that make us think wicked, SINful thoughts to get our weekend off to a wicked start.

 Oh yes, the tube has many tantalizing delights to feast our eyes on, let's start with the men of Friday Night Lights since there were so many hotties from this show alone I almost spontaneously combusted trying to do this post! Friday Night Lights is about a high school football team in Dillon, Texas, led by Coach Taylor. Really, I think it's an excuse to watch sexy men squeezed into snug pants throwing a ball around. Nothing wrong with that.

Scott Porter -Where are you going with that ball? Please tackle me! uh, please?

Taylor Kitch from Friday Night Lights. I would say something witty if I could stop drooling

Gaius Charles: He's man enough to handle two women at a time! Hubba hubba!

Zach Gilford's green eyes could be classified as dangerous weapons! I just fell right into them

Coach is played by Kyle Chandler, proving more than the football players are yummy

Michael B Jordan joins the cast of Friday Night Lights more recently, and what a nice addition he makes!

Well, I know I will be dreaming of tackles, and tangling with superbly muscled hot jocks this weekend. Hope you do to, or have another SINful things in mind this Saturday. Have fun!


Christa Paige said...

Kyle Chandler, I have loved him since he first showed up on the scene. I believe he was in a show called Early Edition before it got axed but I think I saw him play a soldier in Tour of Duty, a series on TV about Vietnam war. He looked good decked out in combat gear. I have never seen Friday Night Lights but looking at all the eye candy you have shared with us has made me rethink not watching it. I just might have to check it out, specially if there area any shirtless, abolicious scenes!

Savanna Kougar said...

Definitely, the sexy men of TV! Thanks for the pics! Perfect for a Saturday.