Thursday, June 3, 2010

13 ways to get rid of outside distractions

Hi everyone, sorry my post was late today but life has been a little intrusive lately. Which brings me to my blog today about everyday distractions that can get in the way of writing and how to make them go away. For me, personally, I've just signed a loan on my first rental house this week and I've been busy moving, moving, moving! So that's why I've been distracted today. So here goes, thirteen ways to get back in the writing zone and out of distractions:

  1. This first one is pretty simple, pick up a book like the one your currently writing, and read it. Immersing yourself in a book that could be inspiring to your creative muse could easily drive out the other distractions in your life and get rid of stress. Also, the sexier, the better!
  2. Write, just write. It doesn't matter what's going on unless someone's bleeding or you have creditors bashing down your door. No matter how hard it is, sit down, and plug out the words, one at a time, until it flows and your not thinking about how crummy it is anymore.
  3. Use a hand-held mini back massager and light some relaxing aroma candles.
  4. Get rid of the music. So many writer's and other creative people rely on music to get the muse flowing. But, sometimes silence can invigorating when trying too hard to find the perfect song that fits the mood. Plain old silence can drive away distractions much better than regular music during high times of stress during deadlines.
  5. Meditation. When it doubt, break out some chanting and deep breaths. A couple of "ohm's" will do just fine. Center yourself, center your mind, and concentrate on the white space you see in your mind or a place that is more relaxing than where you are currently.
  6. Look up hotties!! Lots and Lots of eye candy to soothe the soul and get your fantasy engine revving up big time! All it takes is a few searches on the internet and you could be with a prime hottie on a deserted island drinking tropical drinks--in your mind, of course.
  7. White noise tends to really help me in times of stress or when my husband is playing video games that are just too distracting to my muse. Normally I'll throw on the television to reality tv or something equally brainless or I'll reach for a water fountain that makes gurgling noises that will drown out his "pew, pew" gun noises.
  8. Go for a walk and clear your head. Often exercise, even low key exercise, can ward off everything that is distracting in your life. Plus with the summer just starting the weather is perfect for a simple walk or jog around the block.
  9. Drink lots of coffee. Although coffee isn't good in massive doses, a few cups a day can keep you focused and centered the majority of the day, whittling out any influences that aren't directly related to a project.
  10. Find or create private space, whether that be a room in the house dedicated to alone time and your work or it's just a table in your dining room. Let people know when your there, no one can bother you or make lots of noise. It is your place to be alone and in your own head.
  11. Take a shower. Much like white noise, a shower can be invigorating to stuck thought processes and drown out stress and distractions and it can be as short or as long as needed.
  12. Take a few shots before you start work. Enough to give a slight, tiny buzz, but not enough so that you won't write decent work.
  13. Masturbation. I think this one's a little self explanatory.


Mary Quast said...

Wine, chocolate, and incense get me in the mood... to write too.

Chloe Waits said...

Use a hand-held mini back massager and light some relaxing aroma candles.

Alright Elise! awesome list