Friday, June 25, 2010

FLIRTY FRIDAY ~ I bat my eyelashes flirtatiously.

Pic ~ Wolf on Guitar ~ Pyrograph by Dumitru Muradian

I bat my eyelashes flirtatiously. Something I don’t ever recall doing before. But, hawt damn! He is tall. His swashbuckling mane is dark golden from what I can see in the dim bluish illumination of the upscale bar. And, he’s wearing some seriously sexy leather.

As he waits for his drink, he’s turned toward me. His gaze appears to ravish me from on high (I did say he was tall). However, I’m not fooled. He’s the lead guitarist of the band performing tonight and part of his job is to make women drool and fantasize about being with him.

Oh yeah, earlier, as I sat and sipped on my strawberry daiquiri, I noticed all the ladies vying for his attention. They looked like a gaggle of over-eager vixens...though, it could be argued that over-eager is a redundant description. In this instance, I don’t think so.

For gawd’s sake, I could hear the singsong cooing. From the corner of my eye I could see the choose-me posturing of all the young things clad in tight, tight clubwear when they surrounded him during the band’s last break. Yep, with their hips thrust and their shoulders swaying, they each hung on his every word.

I smile, answering his smile, a mere upturn of his mouth. Did I mention he has ultra-tempting lips? Worse, I ignore my drink, and angle toward him. Doing my own posturing, I rest my elbow on the bar, then tilt my head and lean it against my palm. No, the smile hasn’t left my face.

“I have a feeling, beautiful woman, you like wolves.” His speaking voice is as sinfully sexy as his singing voice. Gee, yeah, big surprise. I certainly feel my hormones singing loudly.

“Wolves?” I arch my brow. “Wolf as in sheep’s clothing, Nope, that can’t be it. No sheepskin least, not that I can see.”

“But, I am in disguise.” His sensual drawl is both invitation and challenge.

“Are you?” I ask. “Hmmm...maybe, it’s the obvious. You’re the big bad wolf disguised as a musician and I’m about to be dinner.” about dining on me? The thought hits me before I know it. I almost blush.

“Dinner,” he growls, a low intimate sound. He faces me fully and his virility smacks me between the eyes. “First, may I buy you another drink?” He pauses half a beat. “I want you to stay.”

Before I can think, I blurt out, “Yes.”

Well, what the hell, why not? It’s not like I have any real chance with him. If he wants sex, the infamous one night stand, he has a whole bevy of panting female worshipers to choose from.

As if it’s difficult, he looks away from me to claim his drink. “Another one for the lady. On my tab.”

“Thanks,” I murmur, once he gazes at me. His eyes are dark, intense, and glow in a way I’ve never witnessed.

He salutes me with his drink, his manner casual, yet debonair. Not taking a swallow of the dark liquor, he holds his glass like a talisman that stops him from coming closer to me. “I want to be your big bad wolf.”

I chill madly. An instant later, my body over-heats feeling like a furnace. Wow, I must be ga-ga, goo-goo over him. Annoyed at myself, I find my I’m-in-control voice. “Devouring included, I assume.”

“I promise howls of pleasure.” Slow and easy, he takes a swallow of his drink. Slow and easy and primal, his gaze sweeps down my body. I swear it feels like his lips are brushing over every inch my skin.

About to melt into a take-me puddle at his feet, I rise up and reach for my drink. Hastily, I take a large sip of the icy concoction. “Howls?” I manage, then think fast. “Then you’re a wolf as in being a womanizer.”

His gaze glints while he raises his drink. He smiles seductively, then throws back a large swallow. Lowering his mostly empty glass, he locks his gaze with mine. The power of it stuns me. “I am a wolf.”

I hesitate at the sheer force of his words. “Your totem animal? Are you into shamanism?”

In the background I hear his band warming up. I’m surprised since I’ve lost awareness of everything and everyone, but him.

“Shamanism,” he repeats, his tone shuddering me inside. Faster than I can blink, he’s leaned close to my ear. “No. I’m not into shamanism.” His breath possesses my neck exciting me wickedly. I close my eyes. “I am into you, beautiful woman.” His potent raw-hot scent envelops me as he nuzzles beneath my ear. “Later, my little red riding hood,” he softly growls.

Did he just nip my earlobe?



Savanna Kougar

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Serena Shay said...

Mmm, sexy alpha male shifters mixed with musicians, that is just so...right! If the lead guitarist is a wolf, what might be the singers special talent?? ;)

Mary Quast said...

Delicious. I'm hooked.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, since it's a multi-shifter band, what about a dragon lead singer... his voice is raspy smoke and explosions of fire.

Savanna Kougar said...

Mary, I think my heroine is hooked, too. Smiles...

Serena Shay said...

Dra..dra...dragon you say? I'm geared up and ready to hit the road. I'll sing back-up, shake my maracas or just be one heck of a groupie for a dragon singer! ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

I'm certain Mr. Dragon Singer will scorch his own insides over your shaking maracas.


I am putting this on my TBR list. I have to stop reading these blogs because I am spending too much money.


Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Loretta, in this case, your purse is safe. This is just a flirting scene I wrote. Of course, I'd love to write the entire story.