Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Movies that make you go hmmmm….

There are so many interesting movies being released this year. From the action packed, drama, animated, horror, and to the comedies there is something for everyone. I have noticed a pattern to many of the movies – love. They all seem to have some underlying theme of love. Love of friends or family, intimate love or even the obsessive “if I can’t have you no one else will” or “I will have what you have or be you”.

It is interesting that the exploration of love can be done in so many ways. As an author I find this so fascinating. This exploration of love in so many vastly different ways. This is why my TBR pile is so large and my book library even larger. This is why there are so many writers with so many stories to tell. Stories that one reader may love while another may hate or be ambivalent to.

The same goes for movies. If you different movie viewer's how was a movie you get a different response. The gush that is was great and then the details of why. The shrugs that it was okay then a vague description of movie. The it was sucky and then the lament of all that was wrong with the movie. No matter which opinion the moviegoer has they have one. The same as readers do.

I listen to the thoughts on the movie but then I make my own decision on whether to see it or not. I’ve had movie critics or people who have seen a certain movie say it was the best thing ever. Yet when I saw it if I decided to go it was fantastically sucktastic. In my own humble opinion. The like or not of anything goes by the person. That persons taste or what they like. It even goes by the mood you might be in when you see it.

Movies have evolved year after year. Getting more great, weird, fantastical, special effecty, animated, worst or on and on of what you think. So the next time you go to the movies think of what your hmmmm reaction was and share it with someone.

There are lots of more movies releasing this year and each year forward. I’m going to enjoy going to see various movies and seeing no matter good, bad or indifferent what kind of hmmmm reaction I will have. After all a movie at least for me it’s all about the hmmmmm….


Taige Crenshaw is a multi-published author with books available at Ellora's Cave Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, Loose Id, and Total-E-Bound. Taige has been enthralled with the written word from time she picked up her first book. It wasn’t long before she started to make up her own tales of romance. With novels set in today, in alternate dimensions, or in the future she writes with adventure, fun sassy heroine’s, and sexy hero’s. Always hard at work creating new and exciting places Taige can be found curled up with a hot novel with exciting characters when she is not creating her own. Join her in the fun, frolic, interesting people and far reaches of the world in her novels. You can find out more about Taige at her website: http://www.taigecrenshaw.com or blog: http://www.taigecrenshaw.com/blog.


Christa Paige said...

You are so right about that love theme. It makes my romance novelist heart fill with glee. I saw Letter's to Juliet this weekend and while I went in expecting one plot and theme throughout, I was totally surprised at how much the storyline touched my heart. Even my twelve year old got a little teary eyed at the touching moments. And the hero was such a smart ass in the beginning, so I fell in love right off.

I usually prefer the movies I go to see have some romance in them. I am like you in some ways, I try not to let the reviews or comments sway me from going to see a film. Unless there is gory torture scenes, then I will pay attention. I can watch romance all day long. However, I'm a total baby when there is grizzly horror going on. LOL

Savanna Kougar said...

I always like love in movies, regardless of the form it takes.
I think one reason, among many, that the movies have made such an impact on me over the years... there's an intimacy there, a unique kind of intimacy that isn't present in other media art and even, books.