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Magic and Mayhem, Interview with Jacquelie Paige

A: Today I’m talking to Jacqueline Paige. A mother of five, paranormal and suspense author and budding herbalist, she’s someone I might just call crazy!

Knowing you have kids, it’s probably a little hard to get too kinky (although you might have some interesting stories about how your children came to be ;>) But when you’ve had time, what’s the kinkiest, sexiest thing you’ve ever done:

JP: Me personally or my characters? My characters definitely have more fun than I have – okay, not really, but my older children might read this so I have to pretend to be old and boring…

A: How bad do you get with your writing, are we talking just suggestion or down right bondage?

JP: That would depend on which publisher the book is for and the theme of the book. My novellas tend to go into much more detail than the full length stories.

A: I see I’m going to have to track down a copy of one of your books to get the answers… hehehe… I love to read. I especially love it when good plot, character development and writing all come together for memorable reads. Part of that are quotables…

Do you have a most quotable line or one that you just can’t believe you wrote?

JP: My own opinion is my story Salvation is the best I’ve written. I like ALL of my stories, but this one challenged me. To have someone from over 200 years ago see things that we look at every day, without giving them a second thought, was quite interesting to put into words.

“She clicked the small rodent object and hit the letter board with fingers moving faster than he could read….”

“She had walked back over to the bed and was putting tiny drops with wires attached to them in her ears. He’d noticed most children of her age walked around with wires coming from their ears…”

A: So you like older men… LOL (200 is old!) If you could have any movie star take on a role as one of your heroes, who would it be?

JP: Gerard Butler – he’s my Colin in Twice Cursed.

A: Aha.. I’ve seen that one before. It begs the questions…rough and tumble or sophisticated—who do romance readers like better? I think I know the answer… Of course, size counts to a lot of girls too :>… on average how loooooonnnnnggg do you like your (um, how do we put it delicately) manuscripts to be ;> ( in words silly, not inches) and how steamy?

JP: I actually prefer the story to be 50,000 words or longer – I had a very difficult time writing the novella’s and staying under the allotted word count. For me longer is better…

A: What are the hardest scenes to write for you?

JP: As silly as it sounds, the first kiss is the hardest for me to write. Once I can get beyond that, the characters seem to take over and lead me in the direction they need to go – just making that first kiss perfect.

A: I love those first kisses… the sweet ones… the hard and aching ones… the fast and furious, I’m-about-to –claw-my-way-into-you-and-you’re-going-to-like-it kisses… Ahem… I just like kisses :>

The fantasies we writerly types have. Back to reality. How close have you gotten to one of your fantasies?

JP: Fantasy? I’m not sure which type of fantasy we’re talking about. If it’s the one where I never have to wash another dish in my life – I don’t think I’ll ever get close to that one! As for other fantasies, I suppose I’d write non-fiction if I’d achieved every single one of them.

A: What would you want other writers and your readers to know about you?

JP: I am a busy person. I’m a mom and work 60-70 hours a week in addition to writing – so please don’t ever feel I’ve ignored a comment or email, I just have to find a few free minutes of silence from time to time to stop and respond. I love hearing from people!!

Other than that I’m extremely sarcastic, quite like many of my characters.

A: And finally… anything you would like to share with us, an excerpt, a tidbit, or anything else about yourself?

JP: This is one of my favorite scenes from Book II in the Magic Seasons series – Solstice Heat.

Chris came out of his library to see the three men sitting in his living room. He paused and

looked around. “Did I forget about a meeting?” Where were the women? “Where is

everyone else?”

Dade leaned forward and rested his elbows on his legs. “We were instructed they were

coming here after work, and they have been locked in your little magic broom closet for the

last hour.”

Chris raised his eyebrows. “Doing?”

Owen lifted his hands. “Won’t say.”

Steven slumped down on the couch. “They’re not too pleased being driven to and from


“I see.” Chris turned and started down the hall. “Lets see what they’re up to.”

The men got up and followed him.

He tried the doorknob to find it locked. “Kase, unlock the door.”

“Soon,” she called to him through the door.

He stood there glaring at the door. They’d locked him out of his own room in his own

home! We’ll see about this. He stepped back and slapped an invisible command at the door.

Sparks flew off it, and the door remained closed. “What the . . .”

Dade grinned. “Quite the little witch you have there, Larkin.”

Steven whistled out a breath. “Just how much trouble can they get into with all your stuff in


Chris still scowled at the door while he answered. “A lot!” He tapped the door with his

hand. “Kassandra, unlock the door.”

A gentle breeze blew over all four of them.

“That would be a polite no,” Dade said quietly.

“Like hell I’ll be locked out of my own temple room.” Chris hissed. Stepping back, he stared

at the door. The handle shook. When he thought it was going to open, it started to pour rain

on the four of them. He waved a hand to stop it and looked at the men beside him. Dade’s

long hair was soaked, and the expression on his face was similar to how he himself was

feeling about the whole thing.

“And that would be a mind your own damn business,” Owen said, sticking his hands in his


Chris looked at Steven. “You have any ideas?”

Steven shook his head trying to get the water to stop dripping in his face, then took a step

away from the door. “Oh no. I’m plenty happy enough to wait until it opens on its own.

You might like lightning striking you, but I’m not too open to trying that.”

Chris shook his head. “Are you all afraid of them?”

Dade nodded. “I’ve seen what each one can do alone—especially your little innocent there,

my friend. The four of them together scare the hell out of me.”

Chris sighed and looked back at the door. “Kasey?”

“Yes, Christopher?” Her voice came through the door again.

“You’re making me angry, and I don’t want to do something I’ve promised you I wouldn’t.”

A gentle breeze ruffled his hair. “I know you won’t, Chris. Now go away. I’m trying to

concentrate here.”

His jaw dropped. Sighing, he looked at the others. “Beer?” They nodded and followed him

down the hallway.

“Seems you’re a bit afraid of their wrath too, counselor,” Dade mumbled behind him.

“Shut up,” Chris growled and walked into the kitchen.

A: Sounds like the woman have their men well under control in your book—good to see :>

For anyone wanting to learn more about Jacqueline or get one of her books, check out her website at

She’s also on Facebook but I don’t go there… it’s a scary place. Someone hold my hand!


Savanna Kougar said...

Jacqueline, great witchy excerpt! Nice to get to know you.

p.s. Facebook is a scary place. I don't go there, either.

Savanna Kougar said...

This was on an author chat loop. And she asked that it be passed along.

Facebook is Showing Your Phone Number
Posted by: "D. Renee Bagby"
Sat Jun 26, 2010 12:14 pm (PDT)

Not a joke!!

Log in to your Facebook account and go to the top right hand corner "Account". Click "Edit Friends". It'll take you to your friends list. In the left hand column click "PhoneBook". viola! Everyone's phone numbers.

CHANGE THAT if you value your privacy.

Your phone number is being broadcasted for the world to see. Go to your privacy settings and set your phone number and address to "only me" unless you want everyone to have it.

Pass this along to everyone else.


D. Reneé Bagby
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Jacqueline Paige said...

Thanks, Savanna!

Lynne Roberts said...

Hi Jacquelie,

It's nice to meet another mother of five! Congratulations on your new release. solstice Heat sounds like a book worth reading!!!