Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sultry Sunday- a tempting taste

Years ago, when I first started writing romance I was unsure how descriptive to be in sex scenes. Well this was my first attempt...needless to say if you read some of my more recent writings and blogs- you see my style and descriptions have dramatically expanded and improved.

As his tongue danced on her flesh, she began thrashing. Her back arching, she lifted her hips to meet his tongue’s performance.

“Malone,” she gasped breathlessly.

He climbed onto the bed and straddling her he slid his hands under her robe. His hands found her breasts and his fingers manipulated her nipples to complete arousal.

She groaned under his touch, “Oh.”

She felt his member growing hard and moaned again.

“Malone, I want you,” she growled sexually.

“I’m coming, babe,” he replied and spread her legs to allow him in.

Without warning, he plunged into her. She reveled in the feeling and gasped as she felt him enter.

With each thrust their rhythm took hold. They moved as one, their bodies meeting each other’s demands. Their cadence picked up.

Both were panting beyond belief when Sadie felt her first orgasm. She delighted in the feeling.

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Savanna Kougar said...

Writing good sex/passion/love scenes has been an evolution for me, too. In this day and age of romance, unless you're writing sweet or sensual, you need to constantly learn, experiment and create new ways to express what is happening.