Thursday, April 20, 2017

WANTED & WIRED post-release hangover

My first-ever book released a couple weeks ago, and that means a few things:

1. I've been spending way too much time on social media. Bonus is that now I know much more about Serena Williams's procreative plans than I needed to. (But how cool that she won a flippin major when she was ten weeks gone. Yep, she's a goddess.)

2. I am not looking at rankings or reviews. Other people are doing it for me and just giving me the highlights. Bless those people.

3. Release day involved some significant wine. Wine-punch, even. This is a thing!

4. I have, however been paying attention to emails, so

gigantic thank-yous and smoosh-hugs to all my friends and family who not only bought the book -- and read it! -- but then also emailed or tweeted or called to say they enjoyed it.

5. Finally. I'm feeling a teensy bit like a rock star because blessed folk from item 2 of this list have generally had good news, I went around and signed books at all my hometown B&N stores, and also there was this:

Wanted and Wired was named by the editors of
Amazon as a Best Book of April for romance.
That's my little book, right there next to J. R. Freaking. Ward. *am ded*

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