Sunday, April 2, 2017

Six Sentence Sunday - Taming Rachel by Mary Quast

We interrupt your lazy Sunday to bring you six...yes, only sentences from the latest release from Mary Quast. Check out this tempting teaser from Taming Rachel.

Rachel Willis signed up for a 1Night Stand with hopes of finding something that is missing in her life. Is it a coincidence her date is scheduled during a class reunion? And why did the one person she’s avoided for years have to show up?

Dusty Stiles never recovered from the one that got away. Madame Eve is his last hope to get her back.

Will one night be enough to erase the pain of the past and rekindle the passion they once shared?

He elevated her foot and kneaded sensual pressure points. Finishing with a nip on her toe, he moved his attention to her leg and removed her stocking. He picked up her other foot and repeated the process. Once free of her stockings, he gently massaged her legs and placed warm kisses as his touch traveled upwards. Deep growls and soft moans told her of his enjoyment at lavishing her with the attention. Heat radiated off his body, warming hers. 

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