Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cole: The Wolves Den

                                         The Wolves Den
                                                Book Two

“Why are we here?”

“Deja said Mia needs girl things if she was going to stay. She suggested I come here.”

“She doesn’t need anything.”

“Mia can sleep in the normal bed?”

It was too big for her. She got scared during the night and would fall off the bed. Her hand went through her hair tugging the strands.

“Jessie let me help. I’m not asking you to make a commitment, and I know you might leave. Just let me help while I can until you make up your mind.”

“Thank you.” She’d been fighting alone for so long to have someone who could see a little bit into the darkness that surrounded her made her feel like there was a chance.

“Mia sleeps in a crib I found in a second-hand store. She’s big enough for a little girl bed. Something like the one in the back room of The Wolves Den.”

He walked over to her and helped her out the car and took her hand as they made their way into the store. They waved at a sales person standing on the floor.

“Can I help you?”

“We're looking for a bed.”

“How old is the child?”

“She’s sixteen months.”

“We have a great selection of toddler beds.”

They followed her to the beds as they looked around.

“I always wanted to come in here. I never did even after I got a job at the club.”

She walked towards the beds looking at each one of them. “Is there one you like?”

“I don’t know anything about beds.”

“Yet you brought me to this store. Which do you like?” She walked over and hugged his arm leaning against him.

He walked her over to the one he liked. “This one. There are railings on three and a half sides.”

“This is a daybed, and it’s perfect. I like this one the color is espresso. Look it even has a drawer in the bottom.”

“That’s the color I would have picked.”

They moved on and picked a mattress as well as anything Jessie thought Mia might need. Then there were the things that Cole picked out, stuffed animals and toys. Games that would help her learn.

“You can’t get her all of this.”

“Why not?”

“She’ll be spoiled.”

“Spoiled? Like bad meat?”

Her head was shaking as she smiled at him. “I keep forgetting only one baby lives with all of you. That seems odd. When you spoil a child, you give them whatever they want. Then they want more and more.”

“Did you have a stuffed animal when you were a child?”

“No, my mother didn’t believe in spoiling us.”

“Did you have toys?”


“I watched television with Enzo, Deja, and Ven. I have seen many little girl’s rooms with animals and toys they did not seem to be spoiled.”

“You’re right, but Mia isn’t used to having anything.”

He nodded and walked away from her leaving her standing at the checkout counter. She was embarrassed as she looked at the cashier. Did he leave the store? What was she supposed to do?

“We want this one too.”

Her eyes widened when she saw the size of the bear. “Mia will love it.”

“This one isn’t for Mia; it’s for you.” He placed it in her arms.

“When can I get the purchases?”

“The next day I have open for delivery is Wednesday.”

“If someone can come get them can you have them ready? I really need the bed tonight.”

She looked from him to Jessie who was hugging the bear like it was made of diamonds.
“Parents come in here, they’re happy but harassed, and I’ve never seen one do that. I need three hours, but I’ll have all of it ready for pickup.”

“Thank you,” Jessie told her as she walked towards the door still hugging her bear.

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