Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cailin Briste's Tuesday Tease - Not!

I'm late! And, no, I'm not the white rabbit. I'm Cailin Briste, and we're not going down a bunny hole. Quicksand is more like it. The old first thing that's always certain type of quicksand. Taxes.

Through a serious of events sad and complicated, we ended up filing five tax returns, two for us and three for parents-in-law. Add in theft by fraud, a death, and dementia...well, it wasn't easy.

That's my excuse for posting late. Just sent Dr. K to the post office with an assortment of stuffed, and I do mean stuffed, manila envelopes.

So no Tuesday tease this month, but I do have a new Pinterest board to share about. Romance, Love, and Such. Here's the first three pics:

The Fashion Maven will have some petits délices to share tomorrow. Her theme is L'enfant fashionista. You'll adore these little ones.

In the A to Z Blogging Challenge today is letter O, A Maker Makes. Guess which fashion designer and win brownie points. (They're redeemable for virtual brownies at will.)

That's all for now. Please stop by my website, read my blog, buy my books, and have a lovely time on this depressing annual turn-more-money-over-to-the-government day. (Unless you're getting money back, and then you've probably filed your taxes way back in February, and I have a mini-hate for you, but not if you buy my books, (serious unabashed flogging).

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