Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Tips for the Best Sex

Has your sex life hit a road bump and just limping along? Between kids, work and the stress of everyday life can turn great sex into a fantasy. Here are just a few little booster to get back in gear and on the road to Hot Romance.

1. Create a sexy space. Make your bedroom feel like a place for romance not an office or nursery.
2. Use a form of birth control you are confident with.

3. Talk to your doctor about the medications you may be taking. Some prescription drugs can dull your sex drive.

4. Make time in your schedule for sleep. When you're tired, you'd rather sleep than have sex.

5. Remind yourself that you deserve to have fabulous sex. So what if you haven't dropped that baby weight, or that certain body parts aren't as perky... your partner isn't worried about little imperfections.

6. Make a date. Hey... you plan when you run errands so why not plan a special time with that special someone?

7. Get connected. Start sexting your partner or send some yummy photos of yourself. Leave love notes under the pillow or in a briefcase. Little racy vibes you give can lead to titillating anticipation.

8. Get fit. I'm not talking working out, but maybe some yoga or Pilates or something as simple as Kegels. This type of fitness will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles thus giving you more feeling and control.

9. Don't let physical conditions impact your sex life. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, work with your doctor on concerns you might have so you may have a healthy relationship.

10. Improve your libido Eat more fish such as salmon or lake trout or start taking supplements. Fish oil boosts the testosterone in your body for a quicker arousal. Check with your local health food store for other libido improving suppliments.

11. Sex shouldn't be painful. Many women have the issue of dryness. There are many lubricants available on the market right now so experiment what works. The right one can really help! Try different positions as well.

12. Remember: Porn positions are for the pros. Your man is turned on by YOU. Tell him what you like. Don't be bossy, be sensual by taking his hand and leading him down the path. Show him where and how you like to be touched.

13. Get a little adventurous. You don't have to get all crazy but start out slow. Visit a local shop for lovers. Pick up a simple game. Think seriously about things such as lotions, blindfolds, hand cuffs, feathers. and vibrators. When you pick items out together, you'll laugh, open up to each other more, and enjoy some out of this world sex!

Mary Quast is the author of the sensual Soul Series. Check out her blog, Romantic Interludes during the month of February as she celebrates the 2nd anniversary of her 2nd book, Tormented Soul.

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Kayelle Allen said...

ooh fun advice Mary! My dh and I visited a "toy" store and had a blast looking at all the various things. I also discovered some things to try and a few things that were turn offs. ;o This is a good list, and I'm glad you mentioned health issues. That can have a big impact.

Xakara said...

I think the couples outing to an adult store is one of the absolute best suggestions. It opens a dialog and allows couples (or triads, whathaveyou) to rediscover themselves and learn things they never thought to ask each other.

Happy TT,

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Darla M Sands said...

Fabulous and serious advice. Thank you!

Hazel said...

"not an office or a nursery" cracked me up, yet that's so true. Good advice going on. Thanks.


Cara Bristol said...

Reading erotic romance or erotica together or alone can also help to spice things up!

I am Harriet said...

Yeah! I don't have to worry about birth control!

Have a great day!

Paige Tyler said...

Great tips!


My TT is at

Daria Black said...

Those are great tips. I agree that a trip to an adult store or reading erotica together can certainly get you both in the mood. I'll even add write a short sexy story for you partner to set the stage.

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Alice Audrey said...

But our best sex tends to be in the home office.

Rogue said...

*Sigh* tell me.... what is sex again?????? LOL been to damn long. Great list and happy T13!

Savanna Kougar said...

Great suggestions. I will caution everyone to be careful about using commercial lubricants. There have been studies linking them to serious health problems. Try organic coconut oil. It's good for internal consumption, and for external use. Before using vaginally try just a tiny bit to find out if you're sensitive.

Bratty said...


Vivien Jackson said...

So what if you haven't dropped that baby weight, or that certain body parts aren't as perky... your partner isn't worried about little imperfections.

This is such great advice. It took me a long time to believe it, but it's so true.

A. Catherine Noon said...

I love these, Mary! I need to work on the birth control one. I don't have a method I trust at the moment, because I had to come off the pill. Still trying to figure out what I want to do next.

We shall see! ~plots~