Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sexy Calorie Burning.

Did you have a great Valentine’s Day yesterday? Have you lost count of the chocolates or in my case caramels you might have consumed? Were you lucky enough to get to go out and eat at some snazzy restaurant where indulgence was the theme? Are you regretting any of it? I know I am. So, now what?

Well, I thought I would list a few sexy ways to burn off those Valentine’s Day extravagances.

  • According to Women’s Day magazine, the simple act of kissing can burn 68 calories per hour. They suggest that you should: “Have the guy on his back and do ‘plank pose’ or a push-up on top of him, coming down to kiss him and then pushing back up. Push-ups burn 171 calories in 30 minutes.”

    • They suggest giving a nice sexy massage, as well. You can burn a minimum of 80 calories an hour when you give a sensual rub-down. At the same time do some toe-raises and that will boost the fat burn even more.

    • Did you know that oral sex and/or sex can burn 100-150 calories an hour? Mix and match, have some fun, get lost in the pleasure while working off those chocolate truffles.

      • The positions make it even more of a work-out. If you are curious, this tongue- in-cheek webpage lists many various sex related ways to count off those calories being burned during sex. ttp://www.c4vct.com/kym/humor/csex.htm (I LOLed when I read you can burn 124 calories if having sex while in traction….)

    • Have you seen those pole dancing and lap dancing classes for fitness instruction? Around here we have one called Stiletto Shimmy. Sheknows.com claims that you can burn 400 calories an hour and it is supposed to be the hottest fitness craze around.

    • They also suggest sweating it out with a striptease. That’s a more low impact form of exercise that almost anyone can do.

    • My close friend, Jillian, suggested belly dancing. So, I looked it up and sheknows.com says that: “A typical hour-long class can burn 300 calories and works your core muscles as well as hundreds of other muscles as you sway, shimmy and shake to the pulsating music.” Then, you can bring what you learning in class home and show your lover what you learned. That would be a double wammy on the fast track to burning off the sweethearts.

    At least we have a whole year between now and the next Valentine’s Day. That’s about 364 days to make sure that the lingerie gift from Victoria Secret’s will still fit in 2012.

    I’m going to get right on this regimen of sexing for burning off the caramels...right after I go eat a few more and smell my beautiful bouquet of roses. Can one burn calories by admiring flowers and devouring candy? If not, well, they will be gone in no time….then, I can get sweating to the oldies.

    Have you any suggestions for sexy exercise? Please share. My Valentine's dinner was great and super rich. It will takes weeks to burn it off.



Vivien Jackson said...

What a timely post! I think you got all the main ones covered here, but working out together is also a winner. Hubs and I went to the gym last week and just walked around the track for an hour, talking. Don't know how many calories we burned, but it was very nice, romantic.

He's also been keen on taking me out dancing, which I imagine is a sexy way to burn off calories. Unless you're like me and replace all those burnt-off calories with tequila.

Cara Bristol said...

Years ago I took belly dancing lessons--it's a lot of fun! My husband and I often walk together. We hold hands and talk.

For a fun read, check out "The Dieter's Guide to Weight Loss During Sex" by Richard Smith. It's a humorous fictional look at how many calories are burned by various sex acts. FUNNY.

Savanna Kougar said...

Christa, did you know that you can burn almost as many calories by simply imagining that you're exercising?

While I'm all for fun and sexy ways to use your body!!! as has been talked about here... and YAY! FOR ANY FORM OF DANCING... this calorie obsession thing does nothing for your health. Heck, you can burn fat by eating the healthy fats called essential fatty acids.

Mary Quast said...

Hubby says that one burns alot of calories while having sex. I like the way he thinks. Hmm.. add a little strip tease and some dancing...is my kind of work out!