Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday 13: I Love You

Here's a fun challenge -- find 13 things that you can do to tell the man in your life that you love him. Below are 13 ideas to get you started.

1. Stay in bed and read the newspaper with him.
2. Have sex every night for two weeks.
3. Using a non-permanent marker, write "I love you" on the underside of the toilet seat.
4. Give him a coupon book with things like "good for one backrub", "help washing the car" or "popcorn and company watching a movie of your choice."
5. Plan a party for him around an event he likes, such as bowling, fishing, baseball, or car races. Invite his friends and don't over-plan it. Give them freedom to enjoy the time together.
6. Pick an item on his honey-do list and do it for him.
7. Enjoy a candle-lit bath together. Use a neutral fragrance or a non-scented soap rather than floral and bubbles.
8. If you have children, arrange for a slumber party for them with a friend's children, then return the favor so each couple gets an adults-only night at home.
9. Make a photo album for him. This is especially effective for online photos. Never cut his old photos - they may have more significance to him than just the picture.
10. If you can spend a little money, order him a custom T-shirt, hat, or jacket from his alma mater.
11. Place lightly scented candles around the bedroom and welcome him home by wearing a smile -- and nothing else.
12. Call him when he's away from the house and tell him what sexy things you're going to do to him when he gets home. Make sure you're not on speakerphone first... unless that's your thing. ;)
13. Try wearing lingerie for him, a skimpy costume like a sexy nurse, or a hot cowgirl. Play to his particular likes.

Keep the romance alive by finding new ways to express your love. Tell him how much you appreciate it when he does something for you. Let him know you think he's the best man in the world. Stare at him from across the room until he catches you looking, and then smile and blow him a kiss. And don't forget the simplest way to say I love you: say it out loud.


Xakara said...

Go to your favorite lingerie store and let him or her pick out something they like with as little limitation as possible!

Happy TT,

13 Things

Savanna Kougar said...

Great list... but, geez, would I ever fail big time.

Cara Bristol said...

One thing I do is cook his favorite meal and buy him "treats" I know he'll like when I go grocery shopping.

Savanna Kougar said...

Good moves, Cara

Bratty said...

Hmmm..interesting ideas here.

Kayelle Allen said...

One time when his parents were visiting with my hubby's godparents, I did a "This is Your Life" tape, and had all of them tell stories about him when he was a kid. He loved being the center of attention and hearing how they thought of him. And he was very appreciative later. ;)

Gem Sivad said...

Kayelle, the "This is Your Life" tape is such a great idea.

Thanks for the neat possibilities.


BrieCS said...

Just ask him what HE wants in bed. :)