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Flash Fiction ~ Year of the Rabbit Goddess

Meet the hero ~ Commander D’Hythur

Yes, in honor of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, that began on Thursday, February 3rd, I wrote a flash scene. Given I love most everything paranormal, fantasy and history, I set the scene in antediluvian times, when goddesses and gods ruled the Earth.

It also occurred to me that with the rise of the feminine during the Aquarian Age, the rabbit as a symbol is perfect. One of the best resources I’ve found, so far, is The Symbolism of Rabbits and Hares by Terri Windling ~ ~ of course, this is wonderful info for all of us shapeshifter authors, as well.

Year of the Rabbit Goddess

Shishaza stepped from the intergalactic jet onto the silvery granite platform. Standing high above the landing-port city, she sniffed the paradisiacal air of Atlantis.

Her nose quivered with the abundance of blossoms. She adored their fragrances, and planned on nibbling a banquet of petals at her leisure.

Raising her tall furred ears, she swivelled them listening to the subtle and symphonic bell tones that maintained the energetic harmony of the city. Made out of limestone and granite, the architecture resonated with the lovely sounds. As well, the added frequency of sunbeams on the stone naturally warmed the high altitude area.

With a quick shake of her rabbit tail, Shishaza slid her hand onto her thigh. Sensually enjoying the satiny feel of her pearl-blue bodysuit, she swayed down the long stairway.

Taking her time, Shishaza gazed at the impressive surroundings, both the city’s circular layout and the untamed mountain spires that appeared endless. That is, until she caught sight of Commander D’Hythur, Atlantean Liaison to the Otherworlds.

Her heart thumpity-thumped as she paused and gave him a wave. While Shishaza had arrived in her official capacity as representative for her planet federation, she had first met the Commander aboard a galac-tation cruiser.

Their attraction had been immediate, and a wild carnal force to be reckoned with the more they encountered each other. Yet, circumstance had conspired against them time and again. Their few kisses had been hypernova hot. Even now, Shishaza trembled as she recalled his seductive handling of her ears.


D’Hythur saluted a wave. His cock gave it’s own strong salute to the beauty who had him tamed to her slim hand. Surprising, since they had been unable to consummate their gale-force passion for each other.

By the gods, he’d given up his voracious rutting appetite because all he could do was envision her beneath him. On top of him. Her long, cinnamon and gold tresses tickling his chest as they mindlessly bucked, climbing to the heights of pleasure.

Edging to the front of the small crowd, he watched his gorgeous rabbit goddess glide down the platform steps. Every languorous movement of her curves seduced him, especially the shape of her thighs -- blatantly long and lush.

The landing platform’s marble stairway was designed to acclimate a new arrival to the vibration of Atlantis. D’Hythur observed her aura energies shift and swirl. The colors were the same vibrant shades of the blooms she cultivated and dined on, with deep violet being predominant.

Beneath the shimmer-white sun, the dark cocoa fur of her ears shone. Their elegance always bewitched him. How he ached to stroke them now, and watch her topaz colored eyes transmute to desire. Just as he desperately wanted to caress her velveteen skin, only creamy shades lighter than her ears.

Briefly, D’Hythur shut his eyes, remembering the sassy twitch of her buff tan tail. She’d relentlessly teased him during the cruise, shaking the silky puff just for him -- whenever she’d caught him looking in her direction.

Once Shishaza gracefully stepped onto the walkway, a smile lit up her soft captivating features. She strolled toward him, her hand lightly placed on her hip.

D’Hythur mentally groaned. Torment was a mild description for the way his rabbit woman’s sleek, but stunningly curvaceous body affected him.

Once they stood face to face, he grinned at her in a manner that was rare for him -- except when he’d spoken with her via a primitive talk-screen. It had been their only form of communication since they’d parted over a year ago.

Early on, they had chosen not to meet as lovers on the astral plane. It would have meant the denial of her appointment as a federation representative.

Now, she was finally his, even if he could not officially court her. However, D’Hythur had conceived a plan after spending months researching a way for them to be together.

“Commander D’Hythur, Atlantean Liaison to the Otherworlds,” she formally, but huskily greeted.

“Federation Representative Shishaza, welcome to Atlantis, empire of land and sea.” He pressed her extended hand between his hands, as was the custom. “I shall escort you to your residence.”

Hoping he appeared merely professional, D’Hythur placed her arm atop the length of his. Her hand squeezed his wrist for an instant.

“Shishi,” he rasped above a whisper.

With his blood pumping fierce as a volcanic tidal wave, he moved them toward the temple portal that would transport them close to his estate.

“My Shishi bunny,” he crooned, once they were out of earshot.

“Dhyth,” she sang in her low dulcet voice.

Wild as a beast, D’Hythur whirled her inside a temple antechamber. He crushed her mouth beneath his, and his rabbit goddess beauty leaped against him, clinging. Their lips fused for long moments, then frantically slid and tangled.

Unlocking their lips, he fondled the plumpness of her mouth with tiny nips. She vibrated a moan, and when he didn’t stop her entire body shuddered against him. Fast and hot.

Hearing the approach of others toward the portal, D’Hythur forced himself to release her, and step back.

“Ohhhhh,” she whimpered. “What are we going to do?”

D’Hythur drank in every soft, moon-round contour of her impassioned face. He waited until her eyelids fluttered, and she gazed at him. Her eyes were huge, a bright haze of desire for him.

“I have a plan, my Shishi,” he growled. His voice would do nothing else.

“What...oh, please.” Her small fingers clutched his hard.

“I have found a place for us to visit, and remain unknown. A pleasure club for shapeshifters. It’s in the far future. Near a town called Talbot’s Peak.”



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