Monday, February 14, 2011

Atypical Valentine's Day

For most people, Valentine's Day equates to flowers, cards and chocolate. I'm not much of a flower person (unless you give me a potted one I can plant in my garden), nor cards or chocolate. Well, I take that back, I love chocolate, but I don't need a special day set aside to get it. Instead of those things, show me love in another way.

Here are a few of my favorites to celebrate differently:

Clean my house

Tick a few items off the To-Do List

A day at the spa

A night away

A couple of good books

What about you? What's your idea of the perfect Valentine's Day treat?


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Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Sara, about any fantasy escape works for me these days.


Vivien Jackson said...

Am with you on the anything-but-flowers thing. My husband got us a nice bottle of wine, which we plan to share and chat over after the kiddos are asleep. Kind of low-key, but I'm really looking forward to it.

Sara Brookes said...

Viven, to me that sounds like the *perfect* day.