Friday, February 4, 2011

Flirty Friday- Bringing Back the Passion in a Relationship

Over the course of years of marriage or getting too comfortable can cause a relationship to appear stagnant. Well, it's time to spice up that predictable sex and love life.

* Role play- dress up yourself as well as the bedroom play by acting out some fantasies. If you've always imagined your man as a sexier-than-sexy cowboy then buy him a pair of tight-fitting jeans and cowboy hat to wear when seducing you. Or maybe you've wanted to act out the naughty librarian. Put on that short skirt, the tight revealing sweater and give a little swag to the rear-end. You'll have him begging for a library card before you know it.

* Dinner is served- no one says you have to eat in the kitchen. Bring the kitchen to you bedroom. Serve up those enticing foods in bed. Or better yet, take the bed onto the dining room table. Kitchen and dining room table heights are perfect for making love and great for a change of pace.

* Forget the flowers- instead of wasting money on frivolous flowers and cards, use your imagination. Create a coupon book with special sexual favors as the gift. From back massages to breakfast in bed, these little romantic ideas will get you more than just a smile and a thank-you *trust me.

*Build up the pressure- nothing says "you turn me on" then a sext message with those exact words. Little sexy text messages throughout the day building the desire is all it takes to get some men and women ready for a night of active lovemaking.

* Play a game- make up your own erotic game with its own naughty rules. Put a new twist on Truth or Dare, play the traditional Spin the Bottle or even adapt an adult version of Twister. once you get started the possibilities are endless. Take the game into the bathroom and see how soapy you can get the other person. Gentle touches, soapy rubs and the attention received or given are guaranteed to pay off, whether you're the winner or loser of the game.

* Date Night- find an evening (or afternoon when you can spend the time alone with your partner. Slow dance, eat a light meal and reminisce or just take a meandering walk talking. *Remember to hold hands when walking.*

Dawne Prochilo is an erotic romance author with her newest novella, Room 11, released on Feb 2. Room 11 is available at Secret Cravings Publishing.


Mary Quast said...

I'm a true believer of adding a bit of spice to a relationship. Great post, Dawne!!!!

Savanna Kougar said...

Dawne, that is a great post. My heroines and heroes will take advantage of your ideas.

William Kendall said...

Terrific post, Dawne!