Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sinful Saturday ~ Mae West, Sexual Rebel

When caught between two evils, I generally pick the one I've never tried before.

~ Mae West

One of my favorite all-time sinners is the actress, author and so much more, Mae West. Long, long ago I read Mae West’s autobiography. For her times, she was one brassy, *do things her own passionate way* lady. Yes, she was a sexual rebel. She went against all the conventions, and paid dearly for it many times. She also earned my undying admiration because she was one brainy broad and a true rebel in so many ways, other than her well-known and well-advertised lustful appetite.

I think we women owe her a debt of gratitude. I doubt the current erotic romance and erotica genres would be as vigorously accepted without her influence, and without her personal courage. I doubt we would have as much personal freedom as we do now, to express our individual sexual natures.

I say individual because we are all different. We have the right to be shy and retiring and say no to ‘sex’. Just as we have the right to be outrageously *out there* erotic. We have the right to be who we are, to live our true sexual natures as women.

Mae West was notoriously known for having her brand of fun, her kind of good time. Here’s an unedited snippet of Stacy and Zyrru, my heroine and hero, having their kind of *getting to know each other* good time. They star in a short tiger shapeshifter story I’ve written recently.

And, yes, Zyrru is doing some ‘sinning’ since he’s supposed to remain in human form while vacationing on Earth. However, he and his shifter brethren are letting their real tiger ears and stripes show, as if they’re in costume, for the Masquerade Call of the Wild Ball. What bad tigers they are, too! Chasing after all that sumptuous human woman tail.

Unedited snippet from my WIP ~ The Tiger’s Masquerade

Stacy jumped at his light nip on her neck, totally unprepared for what he’d done--actually how he’d done it. Her eyes flew open.

She felt him steady her by gripping her upper arms firmly. Already, his tongue laved her stinging flesh, the strokes so incredibly passionate she moaned, and let her head loll back.

The sexy strong licking of his tongue tripped her clit into a spasm. Stacy whimpered with pleasure, with her need for more, the sound a blissful rush up her throat.

Stacy wasn’t certain why she trusted him, given her rotten sexual experiences with most men. Maybe it wasn’t a matter of trust, but of wanton desire. Maybe, it was her fantasy of him.

He turned her around slowly, pressing her against the wall. The deceptive strength of his body overwhelmed her senses, and made her an easy capture for him.

He turned her around slowly, pressing her against the wall. The deceptive strength of his body overwhelmed her senses, and made her an easy capture for him.

Like the rake she accused him of being, he gripped her gown skirts and lifted them above her waist, exposing her naked throbbing pussy. Stacy had worn no underwear of any kind, preferring the satin-sensual feel of the gown.

He thrust without compromise, cradling his hard cock against her feminine apex. Still covered by his trousers, his beastly shaft seared a brand on her swollen mound. Stacy gasped for breath, and struggled for a hold on her sanity.

“Ripe for my taking.”

Dangerous, soft, his growled words thrilled through her.

“Zyrru,” she managed between pants.

Her head spun while her body begged like a tramp for his ‘taking’. Stacy slumped against the wall and became conscious she gripped his forearms. Her nails dug into the ultra smooth fabric of his jacket.

Attempting to blink her way back to some sort of rational thought, she glimpsed the descent of his lips. Lost inside the wildfires of passion, she met the trapping slant of his mouth.

Her mouth yielded and he took the kiss he wanted. It was the kiss she wanted to give him, sultry and wicked. And unending, so it felt, until their lips parted with a gentleness that surprised her. Their mingled breaths whispered a promise to each other.




Savanna Kougar

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Great way to wake up on a Saturday morning- thanks Savannah, you got my heart racing.

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Yes Savanna got my blood pumping too! Great for having Mae West and also enjoyed your yummy excerpt!

Jeanne St. James said...

I love Mae West. She has some great quotes!

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Brassy is a great word for Mae West! Loved the excerpt. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Dawne, nothing like a good heart race to get things going.

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Savanna Kougar said...

Jeanne, Mae West has great quotes! I love her spirit, too.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, you should have seen the way she tamed a young Cary Grant... thanks!