Monday, March 8, 2010

NEW RELEASE TODAY: College Trouble by Elise Hepner

I'll be giving away two copies of College Trouble today here and at my regular blog to random people who comment. College Trouble my Excessica new release chronicles the trials and tribulations of two college woman and best friends finding their way through their sexuality with a little help from a strict college professor. It's an erotica short-short bound to ignite the wicked wanton ways in sixty seconds flat. Here's a blurb and the excerpt:

College Trouble is available in Kindle and other e-book formats

Clair and Marie have been best friends for years. As college roommates their late night study session for biology becomes an exploration of their biology when these drunken slackers need some relaxation. During their test they are faced with the consequences of not passing when their professor gives them a crash course in extra credit.

Warnings: This title contains f/f sex, threesomes, forced sex, strap-on play, and a sexual student/teacher relationship.

“Chick, chilax, we’ll make it. We always do this time of year. Besides, if we flunk completely we can just offer an old-fashioned fuck to Miss. Mouse.”
“You're not serious?” Clair’s chipped nails stopped midway from delivery at her lip glossed mouth.
“What if I was?” Marie arched an eyebrow.

Before her roommate could be scandalized forever Marie plucked herself from the bottom bunk and crawled over near the open cooler of beer. It wasn't as good as liqueur but beer was easier to hide in suitcases while riding up the dormitory elevator.

“Here, you need one before your new haircut and color explodes” Marie tossed one in Clair's direction and she yanked it out of the air.
“Hair doesn’t explode, it’s the skull itself.” Clair rolled her eyes before popping the unsettled beer can. Beer spritzed out all over the floor as she held the can away from her body, squealing with delight.
“Well see, you’re learning for the Bio final already, now drink up before it’s daylight”

The girls began to shuffle through the mess they’d made, re-organizing purple and green highlighted notes. Another four hours of studying would be in order before they could even begin to grasp the comprehensive exam. Marie scratched her overly bleached skull happy that she had provided enough refreshments for their cram session. Only nine more beers and Clair would actually be calm enough to hit the books, or so drunk off her ass she wouldn’t stress anymore. Whichever came first.

Marie watched her down several more light beers over the course of their studying before making her move. Crawling on her hands and knees towards her mumbling, drunk roommate, Marie giggled as she crushed popcorn under her palms. Clair's head was reclining back against the wooden bunk bed closest to the floor and she was gesturing towards a magazine in her lap. The v-neck pajama top parted open at her throat as Clair clutched her sides, giggling and revealing to Marie the supple cleavage underneath. Marie drew in a sharp breathe midway towards her friend on her hands and knees. Clair was gorgeous and this had been a long time coming.

Underneath her tacky purple skull pj's Marie's ass and hips continued to swivel as she stalked her prey. She felt way too sexy for a dorm room. Imagining herself crawling across a stage at a strip club lit with florescent lights her face morphed from carefree to completely lust laden. Her eyes zigzagged over Clair who had swallowed six beers in a matter of minutes and was now tapping her nails along the wood of their bed to a Britney Spears slow jam.
Without a care in the world the girl placed her cavalier sway right in the way of her drunken friend’s face, slowly wiping a stripe of hair from her cheek.

"You doing okay, hun?”

Clair slurred a little trying to pout before giggling and falling to her back on the floor. This was her chance. The one she'd been meaning to take with all these weekly sleepovers for years.

With ease Marie crawled up Clair's body before sliding her hips in a straddle over her friends. Before Clair could stop her chaotic blinking, her eyes large, chest heaving, Marie lay her lips along her best friends collarbone. She was barely breathing, afraid of making her skittish.
Clair smelled of tangerines and clove cigarettes. Her skin was pressed with Urban Decay sparkle powder that twinkled in the low lighting from their room's lamps. Marie’s fingers skimmed over her roommates exposed shoulders taking away chunky sparkles on her fingertips. She knew it was flavored when she popped her fingers into her mouth and tasted Gimlets. Sparkles clung to her tongue like pressed squares of bursting lime.


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