Friday, March 12, 2010

Flirty Friday: Victorian Fan Flirting

Today we're learning the art of flirting with a fan like all our favorite saucy Victorian heroines. In the Victorian era many men and women were loose with their morals outside of polite society, but inside a ballroom or polite function it wasn't proper for a woman to show indecent sexual interest in a man. Here we stumble across the art of the fan, a somewhat discreet language to tell a man your true feelings without lifting up your top ala Girls Gone Wild. The secret code messages for meetings or dalliances:
  • The lady appears briefly at the balcony, slowly fanning herself, and returns inside, shutting the balcony means: I can't go out
  • If she appears briefly at the balcony, excitedly fanning herself, and quickly goes inside, leaving the balcony open it means: I'll come out soon 
  Communicating with a fan on or near the body:
  • A fan placed near the heart: You have won my love
  •  A half open fan pressed against the lips: You may kiss me
  • Resting the fan on her lips: I don't trust you
  • Hiding her eyes behind an open fan: I love you
  • Fanning slowly: I'm married
  • Fanning fast: I'm engaged
  • Twirling the fan in her left hand: You are being watched
  • Running her fingers through the fan's ribs: I want to talk to you
  • Hitting her hands palm: Love me!
  • Looking closely at the painting on the fan: I like you
  • Dropping the fan: I belong to you        
And my personal favorite, probably the one I would use the most often:
  • Hitting any object: I'm impatiant
Who knew fan work was such a creative, lusty art? Maybe think of bringing a fan next time you and your lover hit a crowded dinner party and make some of your own sexy signals. Use them all night long to let your significant other know just how you feel while others are oblivious to your lust. Or it could even be added to a night of roleplaying! The opportunities are endless just keep your mind open and your fan handy!


Chloe Waits said...

fantastic post, I loved hearing about this flirting language with fans!

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, those Victorians... if we really knew what they were about and up to... talk about an interesting time travel adventure.
Fantastic post, indeed, I knew they used fans, but never knew how.

Mary Quast said...

I received a fan as a gift. Now I know what to do with it!

Amanda Leigh said...

Love this post! I would probably use the impatient one the most as well...