Monday, March 1, 2010


Today marks my new release for my erotica e-book short-short Sex Tool from Excessica Publishing! Yay! In honor of my spanking hot BDSM novel I've decided to give away three copies today to the first three people who comment on the Romance Writer's Behaving Badly Blog. I'm also running a similar contest over at my own personal blog so there won't be any shortage of prizes! Here's a blurb and excerpt:

Sex Tool is available for Amazon Kindle as well as all e-reader formats and pdf.
Everyone knows "that guy" at a party. The man who hits on innocent women all night with all the moves in the world but he just screams sleaze. Marcia goes to her friend's parties specifically to teach these men a lesson. She see's her mark from across the room and outwits him in confidence and speed, then she takes him to bed with her to earn and learn some respect for females everywhere.

At a Halloween party she's met her match, a gorgeous player that just doesn't know when no means no. He's the perfect specimen for an experiment dealing with a lose of control, and he's going to be her lab rat for the night. Marcia takes her dominatrix duties by night as seriously as she takes her lover's. There is always room for reform.

What unfolds is a searing session in BDSM that whips her one night stand into shape and right into Marcia's arms. He is caressed with pain, as well as want, from a woman who opens his eyes to the power of female sexuality. Rounds of sexual gauntlets and consent join these two together in their lesson on gender balance. Tip the scales and bend over boyfriend.


My scalp had already started tingling from the tinsel wig when cocky boy got in over his head. His hands spanned the nice ass of a girl in bunny ears in front of him. Short brown hair curled out, that must have taken time, and a sprite form. She was packing a push-up bra underneath all that wire and mesh holding her in--complete with tail. I giggled at my small inner joke and heads careened towards me from different directions around me. Ignoring them I watched the muscular jaw work over nothing, a nervous gesture I was sure, while his fine hands traveled along her ass. She didn't slap him but her pink lined mouth nearly dropped to the floor like an Elf ready to give Santa a blow job. It would have made me laugh but right now it made my breathing tight. The girl looked like she would cry, as if these kind of advances along her ass were new. I could see her green eyes well up from here.

I couldn't do it. My hand gripped his wrist and wrenched upwards. His skin slicker than I had imagined, almost feminine in it's softness. The juice from the peppermint glittering behind his teeth met my nose as he scrambled to get me off him.
        “Excuse me? What the fuck, lady!”
Not the formal protest I was expecting but it would do with his arm struggling under my tight gaze. I watched the hairless forearm twist before letting him go and shooing the little girl away from the punch table. She bounded away in her bunny suit every bit scared shitless.
        “You're a turn-off tonight.” I drawled and leaned against the buffet table. The feeling of cold metal leaking into latex encasing my waist.
        “I don't get you! Where do you come off doing that?”
        “I'd do it again. She didn't like you.”
        “We were getting to know each other better.” He gave me a look that said he bought into the lie. Pathetic.
        “You're pathetic.” I was never one to mince my words around strangers
        “You're a bitch, fuck you!”
White neckband of his collar arched out from his beef head neck and I could hear his rasped breathing. I gave him a solid once-over. The tan on his skin had started to fade sharply at the corners making me think fake. Bleached- blonde gel tresses float over his fierce brown brows. It smelled like pineapple as I moved closer, our heads almost level with one another. He was skinny. Nice arms, thickly developed, good for cable rope lining his wrists. The brown eyes narrowed during my assessment. I gave him no time for a retort.
        “What's your number?”
Now it was his turn to gape. The hard candy fell out of his mouth and almost hit my forehead to which I quirked an eyebrow before pilfering a sharpie from my purse. The green little marker sat in the fake cauldron I had been toting around all night. I offered an arm now free of turpentine smelling green paint.
        “Number.” It wasn't a question. His bluff was called.
He scrawled several babyish squiggles along my arm, shoved the pen in the top of my outfit at my breasts, and shuffled off looking defeated. I watched the way his ass moved in the black priest pants and my pussy clenched at the chiseled submission and secret promise.

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Great excerpt

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"There is always room for reform." Woot Elise! I couldn't agree more. Can't wait to read this.


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Congrats on the new release!!! ;D

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