Monday, March 1, 2010

Raven Bower-- Horror and Fantasy Writer

Today at Romance Writers Behaving Badly, we are interviewing Raven Bower. Raven writes horror and fantasy. She's absolutely gorgeous and talented (and a bit mysterious). Join us as we talk about her favorite things to write and the sexiest things she's done.

Name: Raven Bower

Genre: Supernatural suspense, horror, urban fantasy, fantasy

What’s the kinkiest, sexiest thing you’ve ever done:

Must I choose? Hm. I’d say wearing slinky gear (or nothing!) under sexy clothes while going out to eat. One time I went into a department store for a last minute wine purchase wearing a negligee and thigh highs under a trench coat LOL That was fun!

How bad do you get with your writing, are we talking just suggestion or down right bondage?

I’m a character writer so the answer depends on the characters involved and the particular story. Like all of us, some characters are private and others are more open with their sex lives. Some stories lend themselves well to the highly erotic scenes and others don’t. My Bailey series is more romance than sex as Bailey is a private person and would certainly object to displaying her bedroom time. My Storm Moon series (up and coming) is down and dirty and shows all. But then, the characters are that way too so it fits.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever written—the best line?

Every project I work on is my best yet.

If you could have any movie star take on a role as one of your heroes, who would it be?

Ooooh another that I must choose? Can I have two? Pretty please? The two actors I find most drool-worthy are Karl Urban (he looks sooo hot with long, unkempt hair) and Vin Diesel. I’d so love to have either or both as starring roles.

Size counts… on average how loooooonnnnnggg do you like your (um, how do we put it delicately) manuscripts to be ;> ( in words silly, not inches) and how steamy?

Lol Here I was thinking I’d have to go into the effect of girth too. For me manuscript length depends on the story. Some of mine wrap up well in 90k and others are heavier and surpass 100k. Again, the steamy part depends on the book. I aim for the most interesting story told in the very best way. If it calls for heavy steam…my study turns into a sauna! If it calls for more romance then roses and wine baby.

What are the hardest scenes to write for you?

The endings. Ah parting is such sweet sorrow…especially with a smoking lead male. Could you imagine walking away from Karl or Vin? I’d much rather chain them up and keep them around.

How close in real life have you gotten to one of your fantasies?

All the way!

What would you want other writers and your readers to know about you?

Good question. Whatever they’d like to ask I’ll answer, unless not answering is more fitting. You know, like answering with an evil laugh or flirty smile. Muahaha

And finally… anything you would like to share with us, an excerpt, a tidbit, or anything else about yourself?

My work does have dark elements and scary scenes – so it’s not for the fluffy bunnies. When I do decide to get hot it scorches so do mind your fingers whilst turning the pages please!

Other than that, hm. I’m a bit of a workaholic and obsessive. I love chocolate and wine – dry red wine specifically. Did I mention I’m a bit picky? LOL

Interested in learning more. Check Raven out at

Raven Bower enjoys writing in the horror and fantasy genres. Writing has been her passion since early childhood. She has a keen interest in the supernatural, the occult and world religions from Christianity to the obscure. Her insatiable interest in the metaphysical and culture drives her to express ideas in multiple forms of writing.

Raven is an avid role-player and loves to design mythical and diabolical creatures and cultures. She serves as co-author/designer and project manager of Team Farath, a new epic fantasy world and game system.

A trained herbalist, she loves gardening and concocting home remedies. Her love and passion for her family knows no boundary and often leads her to seek rich wisdom in health, spirit and finances. As a result, she lives a sturdy and vibrant domestic life which never ceases to inspire her family.

Raven graduated from Richmond High, in Richmond Michigan. She currently lives in northern Michigan with her husband, four children and hell hound.


Jeanne St. James said...

Great interview, Raven!

Chloe Waits said...

Raven, I found out so many unique things about you I didn't know! Trained herbalist? That is so cool. I love natural health.
Good interview, Raven (and April!)

Dawne Prochilo said...

Awesome- loved the interview and witty answers. Never knew you were from Michigan too.

Raven Bower said...

Thanks :)

Herbalism has been great. Especially when you get not just better health but learn to make luscious body butters!

I love Michigan, a very mysterious state with our lovely Great Lakes and, truth be told, rather sordid history. Tons of story fodder!

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Raven, nice to know more about you. While I'm not a trained herbalist, I've been studying herbs and supplements for the past thirty years... Not only because of a passionate interest, but because I had to for my health.


Christa Paige said...

What a great interview I am glad to get to know Raven a bit better through this post. Such a diverse amount of things to be studying or involved in from herbalist to study of all things supernatural, I bet it makes writing all the more fun.

Becca Simone said...

Go Big Blue! My DH's family is from Michigan. :)

Great interview, and so nice to get to know you better.