Friday, April 28, 2017

Holy hell, look what showed up on our door step

                              Paranormal Romance


Could they hospitalize her because of the voices in her head? Every day they grew louder, and she grew more concerned. If that wasn’t enough, she needed a job and a place to live pronto. None of that seemed to be happening fast enough to keep her off the street.

Enzo crashed to earth with his battalion four hundred years ago; now his life was avoiding the government and taking care of his people. He never expected Deja to be able to breach the barrier and stand on the doorstep of his club looking for a job. His carefully planned life was going up in smoke and each new day was now better than the last.

Neither of them realized she was being hunted by both humans as well as other aliens. There was a battle brewing, and the only thing they had to fight with was the love growing between them. Deja told him love conquers all, he hoped she was right, but just in case he’d bring his beast to the fight.

Welcome to The Wolves Den where anything can happen.

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“Hello?” she called out. No one was in the bar area and how was she supposed to get this job if no one showed up.

A door beside the bar opened. She hadn’t realized one was there until she caught the movement out of the corner of her eye. Two of the biggest men she ever saw came out.

Football players?

That voice was her libido; recently she’s been ready to make a move as long as it was living and male.

Not football players. I think it’s illegal for males this big to play sports.

They were tall, big, and wide. Deja felt like a little person the closer the males got to her. Seven feet maybe or close to it. She wasn’t sure all she knew was she needed a job, and they had a job available.

Let’s not forget they are hot. The voice in the cage growled.

She tried to ignore that voice. A simple glance at what she kept hidden in her mind was enough to scare the daylights out of her. Which is why she kept it in a cage, it didn’t help that her libido had decided to become the best friend of the voice in the cage. She refused to give it another name because insanity might be real if she ever defined it.

The voice in the cage was growling in her head. Her libido was demanding they get laid. Why couldn’t the other parts of her realize without a job there was a real chance they might be sleeping on the street?

Damn, they are hot. They were both wearing jeans that had that well-worn look to them. The kind that hugged just enough to keep your eyes on their dicks and not on their faces. They were wearing tees, when did a t-shirt start looking this good. If she weren't desperate, she’d try to talk to one of them. Okay, she’d try to talk to that one. The one with the green eyes. She groaned they both had green eyes. The tall one, she thought. Yeah because maybe there was an inch separating them in height. The one of the left she thought in desperation with the bedroom eyes and the kiss me now lips. He had muscles for days, and all she wanted to do was touch him. His brown hair was a little long at the temples and shorter in the back but still long enough to hold onto. She bet she could be on top without him accusing her of trying to kill him.

The one on the right was just as good looking, but the one on the left was making her wet. Shit, she needed a job, not a roll in the hay.

Why can’t we get both? Yep, she was ignoring that.

“Hi, I saw your help wanted sign and came in to apply for the position.”

“You want to be a waitress?’ The guy on the right said forcing her to take her gaze away from his friend.

“No, I don’t have any experience but you said you were willing to train a bartender, and I’m willing to learn. Sounds like a match made in heaven.”

Darn it when would she learn not to say stupid things. It’s a wonder she ever landed a job.

“I’m not sure about that position.”

No, hell no. She was tired of being rejected. It didn’t matter if it was skin color or body size she wasn’t putting up with it anymore.

“So what’s your issue? Is my skin too dark or is my body to big? Do your patrons only like women who look like Barbie? Or do they like them with just a little meat on their body but not full figured like me? Maybe somebody forgot to tell them that black is beautiful. Go ahead surprise me. Tell me which one you have a problem with or it is both of them.”

Why Deja, why? Do I ask for a lot? Okay maybe I ask for a lot, but only recently and then you threaten to lock me in the cage with my friend because you say I can’t keep my hands to myself.
For once she felt sorry for her libido. It was unfair to meet someone as hot as this and find out the male was a pig.

It wasn’t her libido that was concerning her it was the voice in the cage. She was practically growling now, rubbing her body against the cage like she was in heat. That feeling she got like sometimes there was something just a little bit different about her came back.

“Why don’t we start over again. That’s Declyn, and I’m Enzo. Declyn’s in charge around here, but I usually handle the hiring.”

Enzo she would so be dreaming about him tonight.

“I’m Deja, and all I want is a job.” She lifted her chin and stuck her chest out saying without words that she was proud of who she was.

“Pity, I want so much more,” Enzo gave her a wink.

“Enzo,” Declyn’s voice held a warning in it.

What’s his problem all her voices asked at once?

“Declyn the law of the land says we can’t base our hiring practices on preference. If we can’t hire her, we need a viable reason. Forgive him this is sort of new to both of us. Neither of us has a problem with your size. In fact, I would say you’re just about perfect. We’re big men, and scrawny women don’t appeal to us. Nothing against them either it’s just that I want to know my female can take my body.”

God help her now because she could feel a line of wetness trickling down to her panties. Her libido was presently rolling around and enjoying the sensation as if she never felt pleasure before.

Anger was killing her joy, though. It kept pointing out if it wasn’t her size then it must be her color they had a problem with.

She opened her mouth to blast him.

“I’m not finished yet.”

She closed her mouth and waited she could blast him in a few minutes.

“You mentioned your color. You are an enticing brown. I want to lick you, everywhere.” He threw her a quick grin. “Your color does not put me off it doesn’t even put Declyn off. What worries us about you, and personally excites me is that you are female.”




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