Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sinful Saturday: Sexy Spartacus!

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Today’s Sinful Saturday features a Sinful Man from history…Spartacus!

Yes, doff those togas and come to Rome with us. Spartacus, circa. 109–71 BC was the most notorious leader of the slaves in a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic. Not much is known about him beyond this, but a lot has been fantasized, I mean imagined.

And did someone say slave? Wouldn’t you like him as your slave? Or taking control over you? I mean Rome! What a naughty boy, fighting against those Romans. How dare he want his rights! Bad, bad boy.
The legend of Spartacus is still with us today thanks to the new series Spartacus: Blood and Sex... I mean Sand! But there is plenty of sex. Starring Andy Whitfield and...some other people. Not important.

  Andrew Whitfield plays Spartacus. Spartacus 
can store his sword under my bed anytime

This series is set before the slave revolt, and focuses on him losing his freedom and being enslaved by the Romans. He is made to fight in the gladiators arena in order to live, and in order to show him barely dressed as much as possible. He hopes to one day win his freedom and be reunited with his wife, which is very romantic and noble. I give this series two decadent thumbs up; my only complaint, a bit too much blood, like the series title says. Apparently I want Spartacus: Flesh and Sand. Believe me, there is plenty of that too! ( and if you have PVR you can just watch those parts). I’m just saying.

Spartacus looks a bit sad here. Would you comfort him?

This series is on The Movie Network and worth the price just for this show, and comes from Starz entertainment. The photos are from there as well as you can see. Thanks Starz! For Everything.

         This is Spartacus waiting to break out of his cage to ravish you

Okay, ladies what did we learn today?
Spartacus: hot. Andy Whitfield: hot. Togas: hot. Slaves: hot Breaking out of slavery: hot. Fighting for love, hot.
AND Full Frontal male nudity on TMN....SINFUL.
( so far not Andy but wait there's time)

Spartacus: killing people, slavery, sex, pretty SINFUL times for sure. Thanks Roman Empire!

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Dee Carney said...

No. No. No!! Spartacus isn't the star of that show (despite it having a resemblance to his, yanno, name.) CRIXUS is the hottie I drool--I mean, root for! ;)

Tina Burns said...

Now Dee, we all know you're just watching the show so you can see Crixus' root. ;) Spartacus is where it's at and he need some loving arms right now after last episode. Come to mama...

Savanna Kougar said...

Hmmm... fascinating concept. Since I can't get TV where I am unless I allow my own enslavement to to Dish... and even then, my beautiful trees will be in the way of reception... well, I can only hope somewhere there is a Spartacus breaking free and coming to ravish me...
Personally, I always found the original Spartacus, you know, way back when... damn sexy and I want him.

Chloe Waits said...

Crixus is very hot, and very naked I agree Dee. Now, to be fair, he should have his own day. lol. (good idea) And, you know it was his full frontal I was celebrating too! hehe
(Tina, I am glad you want to comfort Spartacus!)

Savanna, do you mean Kirk Douglas as the original? That was a great movie! Everyone should see it!

Jeanne St. James said...

Love this series! It dies have a lot of graphic scenes! But I'm not complaining! Great post!

Jeanne St. James said...

That's what I get for using my iPhone keyboard! I meant it DOES have...

Hales said...

God it's on Stars isn't it and I don't have Stars but I'd take em both. Really I have a crush on Marcus Aurelius.

Becca Simone said...

You had me at "full frontal nudity."


Amanda Leigh said...

Man another channel I don't have with a show that I apparently need to see. sigh. Damn overpriced channels! I will see it eventually!

Kayelle Allen said...

I hates basic cable... but I loves me some DVDs when they come out.


sensual kitten said...

For all those who said you dont have tv. Thats ok i watch this hot show on netflix watch instantly.

:) all you need is the internet for that. or your video store might have it later on in the tv section if they are smart.

I agree with the vote for less blood and gore.
I hope Nivea ends up with Crixus and I want him and Spartacus to be friends. Apparently they later lead the revolt together. So that might happen