Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Heightening the Senses

Well it's Wicked Wednesday, and here are some ideas to get you over the um, hump!

My post today is about heightening the senses.

I got this idea thinking of something today. Not too far from my house, there is a healing arts centre that features a sensory deprivation tank. You get into a tank of water, that envelopes you with darkness, and lie down on a few inches of highly salinated water. It is sometimes called a float.  They market it for meditation.

I have always thought this would be a great place to make love. Isolated from the world, two people in a sensory cocoon could focus just on eachother and each sensation. By isolating the senses, you could heighten others. They have restaurants  too where diners dine in the dark. It is a sensory adventure!

                               Think of the sensory adventures you could have! in your own home!

What about agreeing to having a silent encounter together? Rely on your eyes to read your lover's mood, with no vocal encouragement or feedback? Rely on their movements to tell you what you need to know. Learn to better read their responses through movement, or sound, or visual cues. Whatever you are left to rely on. You can become better acquainted and tuned in with your partner, and even your own responses.

I have heard that we all have one dominant sense. What is yours? What is his? I read a great book, wish I could remember the name, that suggested using the 'language' your partner sees the world in. So discover what they talk about to figure out their dominant sense, and describe things in the same sense to them.
Eg: Do they describe what they saw today? talk about music? are a musician? painter? You can determine whether they are visual or auditory dominant if you pay close attention to certain details. There are also feeling dominant men, that are less common, that are stimulated more by feelings. They wear their heart on their sleeve!

So ladies here is your assignment! Find out what dominant sense your partner sees the world with, and also, explore and isolate other senses for both of you!

Here's to SENSE-ual awakening! Happy Wicked Wednesday!


Dawne Prochilo said...

Scent- that is the ultimate sense my partner has. Essence is the favorite word- scent dominates us

Samantha Hunter said...

Dh's is touch, for sure. I'm not going into any more detail than that, LOL.

Mine is probably taste.

I really enjoyed this blog -- Lori Wilde had a wonderful book where the way the heroine first meets the hero is through smell (they are in the dark) and I love using sense of scent in books. Sometimes I think the way taste is described in a lot of love scenes is really out there, though, unless you are using some kind of flavored oils or lotions, not to many people taste like strawberries, etc. LOL



Chloe Waits said...

I have to try to find that book I was referring to~
Really glad you both picked up on other senses than I mentioned. I left some out because I wondered about focusing on a few different ones for another blog, lol!! But the blog feels incomplete not celebrating others...~!

Savanna Kougar said...

Chloe, great blog. I think I read the same book or one similar. It's true in my experience. We are one sense dominant. Although, I think, also, there are those who simply feel everything, every sense at a deeper level.
My dominant sense is the most common, sight.
And, I like making love in silent mode.

Elise Hepner said...

Awesome post! Now I'm gonna listen to DH talk more haha