Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sons of Tallav Books on Sale 30% Off - Plus the Series Photo Albums

Both Shane: Marshal of Tallav and Maon: Marshal of Tallav are on sale at Loose Id at 30% off the cover price. Scoop them up while the sale lasts.

Thus endeth the promo part of this post. Now on to the Sons of Tallav photo albums.

Shane: Marshal of Tallav Pinterest Board
I love finding images that relate to my stories. So, each of my books has its own Pinterest Board. Shane’s board includes some amazing rope bondage by rope master Lew Rubens. He helped me on the rope scene at the club. If you’re interested in rope bondage visit Or google Lew Rubens. He’s all over the Interwebs.

Shane’s board also has my picks for a fantasy cast, images of the various settings like the Whip Hand, a BDSM club, and some pics that resemble two of the outfits that Adrianna, Shane’s love interest, wears in the book. Lots to look at.

Maon: Marshalof Tallav Pinterest Board
This board has my fantasy cast choices and images of important places and things in the book. It also has pics of a real life family that resemble Maon and Selina and their kids, whom you meet in Shane: Marshal of Tallav. The mom has her own fashion blog. Bonus! Best of all are the pics that make up two of Selina Shirley's signature outfits in the book, her Domme costume and her flaming evening gown. Since this book involves a Domme, I’ve added several drool worthy pics of handsome, built men submitting to the women in their life. I don't blame you if you have to spend a minute or ten on those pics alone.

Selina – Houseof Shirley Pinterest Board
Maon’s love interest is a fashion designer in the far distant future. I built this board to show the garments that may have influenced her own sense of style. I post everything from shoes to head gear for men, women, and occasionally children. This board is my excuse to read about the latest runway shows.

Shane: Marshal of Tallav #1
Maon: Marshal of Tallav #2

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