Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fashion Maven of the Future


You've heard the expression fashion forward? I your Fashion Maven of the future bring you the designs of today that will influence Selina Shirley, the top designer in the Tallavan sector of Federation space. In the centuries to come, haute couture will transform again and again, but the past will always influence the direction individuals like Selina take the garments they create for a new generation of those who love clothes, shoes, and accessories.

With my fashion crystal ball, I can point the fashionistas of today to the cutting edge designs that will make an impact on the far future. My exclusive revelations are posted on Cailin Briste's Pinterests Boards: Dresses, Skirts, & Skirted Suits; Evening Dresses; Pants & Short Outfits; Outwear; Accessories & Odd Bits; Swimwear; Lingerie (ooh la la); Shoes (who could live without them); Men's Fashion; and Children's Clothing. Visit my own little corner of the blogging world: Fashion Maven. Now you can join the ranks of those whose personal style is cutting edge.

Just for the readers of Romance Writers Behaving Badly, I've reposted my very first report here. (Prior to this journalistic endeavor, I posted many, many delightful finds on Pinterest. Lots to see!)

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The Michael Kors Collection Fall 2017 Ready to Wear Show was A-may-zing! I’ve added my favorites to the following boards:

Dresses, Skirts, Skirt Suits
A female musketeer anyone?!?

Wild for this coat!

Pants & Shorts Outfits
Two pins. One with a faux fur coat and the other just looks so comfortable and elegantly understated.

You can read all about the show at Vogue or visit The Impression for more stunning photos.

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Fashion Maven of the Future

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